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You guys know what to do.

A word about OOC/IC info:

You are not required to post every little secret about your PC.  However, if you choose to, then anything that is not hidden content will be considered general info that anyone can find (unless it's protected by the Cipher Benefit, but that's for me to worry about).  If it is in a hidden box then I will consider it protected, but not impossible to find out.

If for some reason someone uses info that you don't think should be general knowledge (we all goof), simply inform them of that and allow the player to fix their mistake.  Don't fly off the handle, we're all adults, mistakes happen.  If they are a jerk about it, then let me know so that I can help address the issue.

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Name: Curtis Shane
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 160 lbs.

Curtis was adopted as a baby by gay couple Jesse and Jeff Shane. Growing up in San Francisco, Curtis demonstrated disturbingly high intelligence even as a young child, and a frighteningly prodigious aptitude for science and technology. Uncomfortable with other children his age - and exposed to more than a few homophobic slurs, Curtis withdrew to focus on his studies and projects. He was already on track for a guaranteed pick of colleges and ability to name his own price in Silicon Valley when his powers manifested at 15.

Studies later indicated that there was at least some connection between his electrical generation and the enhanced nerves that allowed him to think at supercomputer speeds. However, the majority of his energy generation was shunted and channeled through his neural system, meaning he would be permanently limited to minor scale-usage. A formal analysis by researchers associated with ASTRO Labs also pinpointed his IQ as off the charts, being in Daedalus' ballpark. Jesse and Jeff decided this was an opportunity to get him to socialize more - by sending him to Emerald City Claremont, once they learned it quietly accepted only superhumans.

Curtis loves his dads, but why couldn't they have left well enough alone?!

Strength 0, Stamina 0, Agility 0, Dexterity 0, Fighting 0, Intellect 12, Awareness 5, Presence 2

Dodge 6, Parry 6, Fortitude 6, Will 10, Toughness 10

Deception 3 (+5), Expertise: Science 4 (+16), Insight 3 (+8), Investigation 4 (+16), Perception 3 (+8), Persuasion 3 (+5), Ranged Combat: Gadgets 6 (+6), Technology 4 (+16)

Eidetic Memory, Improvised Tools, Inventor, Skill Mastery (Expertise: Science), Skill Mastery (Technology)

Superhuman Intellect
Rapid Neural Processing: Quickness 10 (Limited to Mental)

Low-Level Electrical Control
Charging: Feature 1 (Can power any device without a battery)

Equilibrium Field Projector [Removable -2 points]
Immunity 7 (All Environmental Conditions, Suffocation)

Electromagnetic Field Belt [Removable -3 points]
Sustained Protection 10
Immunity 2 (Critical Hits)

Datalink Tablet (Easily Removable -4 points)
Comprehend 2 (Machines)
Radio Communication 1 (Rapid 2)

Energy Gauntlet [Array] [Removable -5]

  • Energy Bolt: Ranged Damage 10
  • Energy Pulse: Ranged Affliction 10 (Resisted by Fortitude; Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated)
  • Energy Capsule: Ranged Affliction 10 (Resisted by Dodge, Overcome by Fortitude; Hindered & Vulnerable, Immobile & Defenseless; Limited Degree, Extra Condition)
  • Energy Shockwave: Ranged Burst Area Damage 6

Initiative +0
Energy Bolt +6, Toughness DC 25
Energy Pulse +6, Fortitude DC 20
Energy Capsule +6, Dodge/Fortitude DC 20
Energy Shockwave, Dodge DC 16 & Toughness DC 21/18

[Abilities 38 + Defenses 23 + Skills 15 + Advantages 5 + Powers 44 = 125]

Arrogance: Curtis is easily in the top 10 smartest humans on the planet. And knowing that gap can make it harder for him to work with others, especially when he didn't have the best social skills to begin with.
Relationships: His parents, Jesse and Jeff Shane.
Secret Identity: Curtis has to maintain a secret identity.


Shocking Biology: Though he does not know it, Curtis is the biological son of Dr. Gordon Shockley, now the inhuman Dr. Shock, from whom he inherited the latent electrical abilities. Unlike his father, Curtis' body adapted itself and the manifestation in a fashion that would prevent the breakdown that nearly killed Shockley. It's only a matter of time before he comes to the attention of the obsessed cyborg, one way or another.


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Sebastian “Bastion” Stone PL8

STR 10 | STA 10 | AGI 2 | DEX 0 | FGT 6 | INT 0 | AWE 0 | PRE 0

Leaping: Leaping 8 (1,800 Feet) • 8 points
Invulnerability: Immunity 10 (Life Support), Impervious Toughness 10 • 20 points
Super Senses: Senses 6 (Extended 2: Sight (x100), Microscopic Vision 2 (cell-size), Ultra-hearing, Ultravision) • 6 points
Superhuman: Enhanced Stamina 10, Enhanced Strength 10, Enhanced Strength (Limited to Lifting) 6 (1,600 tons) • 46 points

Holding Back 6, Interpose, Ultimate Effort (Toughness check)

Expertise: Popular Culture 4 (+4), Perception 4 (+4), Ranged Combat: Throw 6 (+6)

Initiative +2
Unarmed +6 Close, Damage 10

Dodge 6    Fortitude 10
Parry 6      Toughness 10 (Impervious)
Will 6

Power Point Totals: Abilities 16 + Powers 80 + Advantages 8 + Skills 7 + Defenses 9 = 120

Motivation—Responsibility: Bastion takes his powers very seriously and believes he must use them wisely.
Accident: Bastion is on guard against causing damage to his surroundings, but sometimes he slips.
Enemy: There were two children rescued from the lab that day, unfortunately Bastion's half-sibling is not as altruistic as he is.
Identity: Bastion keeps his powers and abilities a secret.
Power Loss: Viridian Stones have a strange effect on Bastion's unique physiology. Depending on the color of the stone, he may suffer a strange series of effects or become incredibly sick or weak.
Weapon of Mass Destruction: Bastion is a clone of Omega's Alpha Centurion project. Embedded deep in his genetic coding is a killing machine waiting to set loose upon the world. Although he was never activated by the Alpha Centurion Project, his programming lies deep within his genetic coding and during bouts of stress or heavy use of his abilities that coding has the potential to take him over.

[[[Any information having to do with Bastion's origins of reference to his being related or cloned form The Centurion is considered OOC.]]]
     1993, The Terminus Invasion. During that tumultuous time many super heroes teamed up against the invading forces of Omega. Although they eventually defeated him and his forces, it was not without a cost. The Centurion, Earth's most powerful hero was lost, sacrificing himself to defeat Omega. All of the heroes of Earth, and it's people mourned the tragic loss.

     In 2002, The Centurion returned to Earth, claiming to have been trapped in the Terminus for all the years of his absence. It was later revealed that he was a clone, a creation of Omega to infiltrate the heroes of Earth and weaken their defenses. “Alpha Centurion” was defeated and expelled to the Zero Zone. An investigation revealed that Omega's minions launched the attack from Earth, not the Terminus.

     When the Freedom League raided the various labs of Omega's minions they discovered two more clones, two more 'Alpha Centurions' ready to be released upon the world. Luckily, the clones were still in a state of growth, both still just children. The debate as to what to do with the children raged on among the members of the League, but it was finally decided that they would be tested to see if they were a threat and if not they would be allowed to live a normal life.

     One of the children was given to a foster family, the Stones, in Montana where they raised the boy as their own, naming him Sebastian. As he grew older, however, it was obvious he was not normal. He was stronger, faster, and possessed a myriad of super human powers. The same strange cosmic energy that bestowed great power to The Centurion also seemed to pulse through Sebastion's physiology.

     Bastion has grown to be a simple, polite country boy who loves his mother, respects his father and hasn't told a lie since he day he was 'born'. He's well aware of his powers and both his parents know what he's capable of and they have done their best to raise him into a responsible young man who makes good and honorable decisions. While the Freedom League has kept tabs on him over the years (especially The Raven, who feels something is just off about him), they've not seen any signs that the young clone of Alpha Centurion has grown up to be anything more than a corn-fed Montana boy who is as wholesome as apple pie and loves America.

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Keiko "Kitsune" Ichimura
PL 8 (125)

Abilities: 32pp
STR 0 (0pp) STA 2 (4pp) DEX 3 (6pp) AGI 4 (8pp) FGT 0 (0pp) INT 2 (4pp) AWE 3 (6pp) PRE 2 (4pp)

Initiative: +4 (4 agi)
Melee Attack: +0 (0 fgt)
Ranged Attack: +3 (3 dex)
Specific Attacks:
- Photokinetic Laser: +8, DC22 (multifire), 250' rng (indirect 4)

Defense: (12 pp)
Dodge: +8 (4 base + 4 agi)
Parry: +0
Toughness: +2 (2 sta) (+8 when using TK shield)
Fort +6 (4 base + 2 sta)
Will +7 (4 base + 3 awe)

Skills: (24 ranks) 12pp
Acrobatics +5 (1 ranks + 4 agi)
Deception +8 (6 ranks + 2 Pre)
Insight +5 (2 rank + 3 Awe)
Perception +7 (4 ranks + 3 awe)
Sleight of Hand +7 (4 ranks + 3 dex)
Stealth +8 (4 ranks + 4 agi)
Technology +5 (3 rank + 2 int)

Advantages: 2 pp
Languages (Japanese) 1
Ranged combat 1


Appearance Array 12pp (11pp pool + 1pp alternate power)
Morph 2 (humanoids of roughly the same size and gender, can become Attractive as part of morph, Illusion), 11pp

  • - PF: Invisibility (Concealment +4: All Vision, PF Precise)

Super Senses (Radius (Sight) 1, Low Light Vision 1, Infrared vision 1) +3 3pp

Photokinesis Array 36pp (31pp pool + 5pp alternate power costs)
Illusion 6 (Normal Vision + Hearing, Independent, Dynamic; 4pp/rnk + 1 alt power) 25pp
- Environment 1 (Light: Bright, Selective, Attack, Ranged, Perception; 6pp/rank); 6pp

  • PF: Damage +8 (Ranged, Multiattack, PF Accurate 2, PF Precise 1, Indirect 4, Dynamic) 3pp/rnk + 7 power feats
  • PF: Affliction (Dazzle) +7 (Ranged, Burst Area, Selective Attack) 4pp/rnk * Affliction inflicts Vision Impaired, Vision Disabled, Vision Unaware
  • PF: Affliction +7 (Perception range, targets Will, Concentration duration, Extra Condition, Limited Degree) 4pp/rnk * Affliction inflicts Vulnerable/Perception Impaired with first degree success or Defenseless/Perception Disabled with two degrees

Telekinetic Array 14pp (11pp pool + 3 alternate powers)
Leap +3, Speed +2, Super Movement: Wallcrawling +2, Safe Fall +1, 11pp

  • PF: Telekinesis (Perception, PF Subtle, PF Precise; 3pp/rnk + 2 power feats) +3, 1pp
  • PF: Enhanced Str (sustained, subtle 1; 2pp/rnk + 1 power feat) +5, 1pp
  • PF: Protection (Sustained, Subtle 1) +6; Linked to Enhanced Trait: Parry +5 (1pp/rnk each), 1pp


  • Power Loss: Psionic inhibition effects  - Keiko's control over light and telekinesis are psionic abilities, and can be interfered with in several ways.
  • Physically Blind - Has congenital condition rendering eyes useless; is completely blind if powers aren't working.
  • Center of Attention - Likes to feel important, to be noticed; tends to showboat.
  • Motivation: Fame and Fortune - Wants to be a celebrity, known to all, and to have whatever she wants without having to answer to anyone.

COST: 32 Abilities + 12 Skills + 2 Advantages + 65 Powers + 12 Defenses = 123/125

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Atumn "Mulan" Evermore / Spellstone


Name: Atumn "Mulan" Evermore / Spellstone
Real Name: Na'Atem
Marital Status: Single
Date of Birth: Unknown
Current Occupation: Student, Sorceress


~ Physical Traits ~

Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Asian (Mu)
Apparent Age: 17
Actual Age: 12,000+ (her best estimate)
Height: 1.65 m / 5'5"
Weight: 60 kg / 132 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown/Black
Handedness: Right


'Known' Background

Atumn "Mulan" Evermore was adopted adopted by the Evermores in Emerald City after some sort of accident left her without family. She picked up English quickly and with the aid of her adoptive sister, she began learning the ways of western civilization, though she is occasionally something of a fish out of water. Being an intelligent girl, she learned and adapted quickly. 

At some point in her teens she discovered that a family heirloom, the Spellstone, one of the few things she still had from her birth family, called to her, and through it she could call on powerful magics. Her dabbling caught the attention of Dragoneye, who after finding Autumn and meeting with her and her parents, explained that she may be a descendant of the people from the lost continent of Mu, and suggested she attend the Academy where she might learn to master the Spellstone.

It was not long after hearing of her possible heritage that her adoptive sister became teasing her from time to time, calling her "Mulan" because of it and her clearly Asian appearance. In time, she more or less accepted the nickname, There were certainly worse things to be called. Whereas when it came to being a hero, she adopted the name of Spellstone for herself, using the power of the ancient artifact for good.


Secret Background (Only known IC by a handful of individuals, such as Dragoneye.)


Na'Atem was born over twelve thousand years ago, on the now lost and forgotten continent of Mu.

Her father, Na'Ba-ut, was a decisive, some would even say brash man, but more often than not, he succeeded at that which he attempted. As a Sorcerer, he wielded magic that had near unparalleled strength, which often enough gave him an edge over less powerful Sorcerers, though his magic lacked a degree of refinement. Even still, he often represented his Greater House in disputes, typically settled through a form of non-lethal, magical dueling. 

Then one day, unbeknownst to him, he met his future wife in one such duel, a woman named Du'Huret.

Though Na'Ba-ut's magic was indeed powerful, more powerful than Du'Huret's, but the duel was far from quick. Though she could not hope to match his raw power, Du'Huret was able to tailor her magic down to the most minute of ways, managing to counter his raw power with unrivaled skill and finesse, which in the end, led to his frustration and her victory.

After the duel, some say Na'Ba-ut manufactured reasons for new duels with her, refusing to accept his defeat. Time and again though, with rare exception, her refinement bests her raw power

Finally accepting his defeate, a rare feeling for Na'Ba-ut, he mustered up his civility and approached the woman, congratulating her, put their rivalry to an end. She could, for the first time, see an honest humility in the normally brash man. It affected her strangely. She had grown accustomed to the man, and in a way enjoyed his strength of personality and confidence. Surprisingly, even to her, Du'Huret did her best to sooth his wounded pride, which led to a friendship that blossomed into full blown love.

Soon after they were married, the pair began their family. Na'Huret gave her husband several children, three sons a daughter. The couple loved their children, and much to Na'Ba-ut's surprised, her truly enjoyed being a father. Of course his boys occupied a great deal of his time, but he always held his daughter, Na'Atem, closest to his heart.

In time all of the children were all introduced to magic, and though they all had a degree of talent for it, much like their parents, it was the youngest, their daughter Na'Atem, who proved to be truly gifted. The girl possessed both her father's magical power and her mother's finesse, even as a small child. She needed instruction and study, of course, but magic seemed natural to her. Where others could not focus or would succumb to distractions, she could still cast. And remarkably enough, when she did make a mistake while casting, she would usually notice the error and correct it mid-casting, saving the spell, something only the greatest of Sorcerers were known to do.

Aside from her magical aptitude, Na'atem also possessed a keen intellect and awareness. She could devour knowledge when it caught her attention, much to the chagrin of her tutors, and was highly perceptive, able to read people, detect magic, and notice minute details with ease. This, of course, led to her often getting her way, be it with friends or family.

Na'Atem grew up in Mu, living a mostly typical life. She studied magic and other subjects, had fights with her older brothers (which often led to their scolding by their father) and enjoyed her friends and a certain degree of attention due to her magical aptitude. Her family would take trips to the coasts, where Na'Ba-ut would tell them of far of lands and other continents, such as Atlantis. 

Though Atlantis was on the other side of the world, they were one of the very few cultures even near the level of Mu. They had contact and shared an interest in magic, but where magic was sacred to the Mu, Atlanteans coveted it. The Mu possessed a greater skill and understanding of magic, but were slow to share it with the Atlanteans, wishing to make sure they could handle greater and greater levels of power and depth of knowledge responsibly. 

Finally, in their frustration and greed, the Atlanteans launched an attack on Mu, attempting to artifacts and knowledge and then dispose of the Mu. Nobody is quite sure what magic they unleashed, technology they used, or deal they made with some deity, but Mu was fate was sealed...

As the ground shook and opened, buildings collapsed, tsunamis crashed and storms blew, the Mu tried to evacuate their home, to make it to the ships in hopes of reaching another continent where they could start anew. It was in this catastrophe that Na'Atem would see her family for the last time. Her brothers were each killed trying to serve as a magical bulwark against the oncoming ocean, along with thousands of others, protecting their home, and family, with their lives, while their parents tried to usher Na'Atem to the ships. 

Na'Atem's parents perished on the way to the docks, separated by the cataclysm and knowing that time was short, the pair looked upon their daughter across a great chasm filling with fire and molten rock, and held hands as the city was razed around them. They focused on their their daughter, their little jewel, and their love for her. With one final working they gave their lives to empower their final spells, gifting their daughter youth and immortality, and placing within her their hopes for the future.

Na'Atem screamed as she stood on the dock and watched her parents sacrifice themselves for her, tears streaking down her face. Beside the dock a building was sundered, sending bits and shard of stone hurling through the air, which caught Na'Atem in the chest and shoulder, sending her to the ground in an unconscious heap. The ship was about to push off when an old couple on board bid them stop. They looked at each other and at the unconscious girl and decided what they must do then they and there, giving up their place on the ship so that this young girl could have a chance.

As the ship pushed off, those on board could see the couple embrace, satisfied with their long life as the waves took them and swallowed the land whole.

For a week Na'atem suffered, fighting for her life against the terrible wound. Her consciousness was only fleeting and always marked by new tears down her face. Just as their reached shore to the east, the young woman finally died. It was there, upon the shores of this new land, that she was laid to rest. A coin was placed her mouth, to may her way in the afterlife, and she was crudely mummified and then buried. The rest of the survivors moved on, saddened by the death of one of their own on the day of their arrival.

And there Na'Atem lay for millennia, undisturbed, until one day her remains were unearthed by a backhoe. Construction was brought to a halt as the archaeologists were brought in to the site. They performed their dig and collected Na'Atem's remains, baffled by them. At the university they examined her remains for over a week, even removing the coin from what was left of her mouth, baffled by the markings on it as well.

Then, one evening, Na'Atem's eyes blinked open, staring up at a strange ceiling. She sat up on the table, stark naked and looked around at the strange room, her mind foggy as the she shed the shroud of death. Confused and fearful, collected the coin, drew upon the arcane to render herself invisible and stalked the halls, trying to figure out what this place was and who these strange people in odd clothing were. Eventually she found the locker room, having noticed that women came out dressed differently than they went in, and she appropriated some clothing, after taking a few moments to figure it out.

She called on eldritch powers once more and flew up into the air where she hovered, stunned as she could see the lights of the city around her, nearly as far as she could see. The people, they looked more like Atlanteans than anything else, but there were others mixed in with them, and then she found an area of the city that looked vaguely reminiscent of Mu, but different.. derivative.. 

And then he found her. Dragoneye. For a moment she though him Mu as well, but that was cleared up with some effort and he took her to someplace safe and began to explain things, and this new world. It was then that the memories of her home.. her family.. finally welled back up. Anybody she had known had been dead millennia. From what Dragoneye explained, the Mu, as a people, seemed to be no more, but there may be those who carry there blood, at least to some degree, left in the world. 

She was alone now. The last of her people.

After some time Dragoneye placed Na'Atem with a foster family, to help her acclimate to the new world. She was given an identity to fit in, Na'Atem became Autumn, and she took the surname of her foster family for this identity, as a sign of respect and thanks. And it was not long before her foster sister, discovering Autumn was was Mu (and Asian in general appearance) because using the nickname of "Mulan" for her foster sister. 




Autumn "Mulan" Evermore / Na'Atem / Spellstone   PL 8 


Origin: Training/Experiment

Motivation: Acceptance, Responsibility

- - - Complications - - -

Power Loss: Arrays - When unable to speak and gesture

Hatred: Atlanteans

Enemy: Atlanteans (if/when they find out about her)


---ABILITIES [38pp]---


Strength 0 / Stamina 4 Agility 2 / Dexterity 2 / Fighting 0 / Intellect 6 / Awareness 5 / Presence 0


---SAVES [16pp]---


Fortitude 5   [0pp]

Toughness 6 [2pp]

Dodge 10   [8pp]
Parry 5   [5pp]
Will 6   [1pp]


---SKILLS [17pp]---


Acrobatics 1  (+3)
Athletics 1  (+1)
Close Combat 0  (+0)  
Deception 1  (+1)
Insight 4  (+9)
Intimidate 0 (+0) 
Investigation 2  (+8)
Perception 4  (+9)
Persuasion 1  (+1)
Ranged Combat 0  (+2) 1
Slight of Hand 1  (+3)
Stealth 3  (+5)
Tech 0  (+0)
Treatment 1  (+7)
Vehicles 0  (+0)

Expertise: Occult 2  (+8)

Expertise: Hyperborian Earth 4  (+10)

Expertise: Magic 9  (+15) 3, 4

---ADVANTAGES [19pp]---

[8 pp] Ranged Attack x8

[3 pp] Close Attack x3 (Mu-artial Arts!)

[1 pp] Artificer

[1 pp] Ritualist

[1 pp] Skill Mastery (Expertise: Magic)

[1 pp]  Second Chance (Expertise: Magic)

[1 pp] Improvised Tools

[2 pp] Benefit: Cipher: -10

[1 pp] Language: English


---POWERS [34pp]---


Gift of Youth - Immunity 1: Aging [1pp]


Gift of Life - Immortality 1 (Return after 2 weeks; Limited: Not when coin is placed in mouth) [1pp]


Magical Awareness - Senses 5: Magical Awareness (Mental), Accurate, Radius, Extended [5pp]


Offensive Spell Matrix  [16pp array + 3 powers - 8pp "Check Required (Expertise: Magic)" = 11pp]

Arcane Blast - Ranged Damage 8 [16pp]

Sphere of Destruction - Ranged Damage 5: Area: Burst (30' radius sphere) [15pp] = [1pp]

Counterspell - Nullify 5: Broad (Magic), Simultaneous, Extended Range x1 (Short: 250', Medium: 500', Long Range: 1,000') [16pp] = [1pp]

Eldritch Grasp - Affliction: Snare 5 (p 130) (Effect: Ranged, Cumulative Affliction, Extra Condition [Hindered, Immobile, Paralyzed], Resisted by Dodge, Limited Degree, Accurate ) [16pp] = [1pp]

   "You can restrain a target with bonds of ice, glue, webbing, bands of energy, and so forth (whatever suits your descriptors). The target makes a Dodge resistance check against your effect DC. One degree of failure leaves the target hindered and vulnerable, while two results in the target becoming defenseless and immobilized. There is no additional effect for three or more degrees of failure.

   The resistance check to break out of a Snare is based on Damage (including Strength Damage) or Sleight of Hand, either breaking the effect or slipping out of it. This is part of the power's Alternate Resistance, with no change in cost."


Protection Spell Matrix  [7pp array + 1 powers = 8pp) - 7pp "Check Required (Expertise: Magic)" = 1pp]

Arcane Shield - Protection 7: +7 toughness, Sustained [7pp]

Shield of Life - Protection 5 + Immunity 2: No need to breathe,  Sustained [7pp] = [1pp]


Movement Spell Matrix  [16pp array + 1 power = 17pp) - 8pp "Check Required (Expertise: Magic)" = 11pp]

Step Between - Teleport 7 (1/2 mile), Change Direction, Change Velocity [16pp]

Superior Levitation - Flight 7 (250mph), Subtle x2 [16pp] = [1pp]


Developmental Spell Matrix  [(10pp array + 4 powers = 14pp) - 10pp "Check Required (Expertise: Magic)" = 4pp]

Comprehend Languages - Comprehension 5: Languages (Universal, Speak/Read/Write), Spirits (see and hear), Sustained   [10pp]

Farseeing - Remote Sensing 3: Visual and Audio, Range 3 (250ft), Subtle x1  [10pp] = [1pp]

Form Of Mist - Insubstantial 2: Gaseous Form  [10pp] = [1pp]

Invisibility - Concealment 4: ALL Visual, Precise  [9pp] = [1pp]

Restoration - Regeneration 10: Sustained  [10pp] = [1pp]



38 pp = Abilities
16 pp = Saves
17 pp = Skills (34)
19 pp = Advantages
33 pp = Powers           

123 pp


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Cosima Vandersteen - PL 8


Name: Her Highness Princess Cosima Helena Vandersteen of Denmark, Countess of Monpezat
Hero Name: Princess
Marital Status: Single
Date of Birth: March 1st, 2000
Relatives: 2 Older Brothers (Lucas [Party Boy/Executive, 34, 6'], Valdemar [Military Officer, 32, 6'2''), 3 Older Sisters (Alexis [Academic/Business woman, 30, 6'], Vida [Actress/Model, 27, 5'10''], Freja [Athlete/Tennis Player, 25, 6'1'')
Current Occupation: Student, Princess, Reality TV Star and Social Media Diva

Physical Traits
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian (Dutch, Danish, French, Italian, Spanish, Greek descent)
Apparent Age: 17
Actual Age: 17
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 118 lbs
Eyes: Violet
Hair: Rose-Gold
Handedness: Left


Strength 0, Stamina 2, Agility 2, Dexterity 0, Fighting 0, Intellect 0, Awareness 2, Presence 5

Attractive 2, Benefit - Status (Royalty - Princess of Denmark), Benefit - Wealth 3 (Millionaire), Connected, Cool: Persuasion, Defensive Roll 6, Well-informed
-Psychokinetic Assault Only: Accurate Attack, Improved Critical 4, Power Attack, Precise Attack (Ranged, Concealment)
-Psychokinetic Deflection Only: Weapon Bind, Weapon Break
-Psychokinesis Only: Chokehold, Fast Grab, Improved Hold

Deception 5 (+10), Expertise (AWE): Popular Culture 1 (+3), Expertise (AWE): Social Media 6 (+8), Expertise (PRE): Dance 1 (+6), Expertise (PRE): Singing 1 (+6), Expertise (PRE): Style and Fashion 3 (+8), Persuasion 5 (+10), Ranged Combat: Viridian Psionics 8 (+8)

Cunning Linguist: Comprehend 3 (psionic, talent, Languages - Read All, Languages - Speak All, Languages - Understand All; Quirk: Takes at least a scene to pick up a new language) [5pp]

Total Insta-Babe
   Hawt and Glam!: Enhanced Trait 1 (bestowed, magical, Advantages: Attractive; Permanent) [1pp]
   Nah! I Woke Up Like This! Honest!: Feature 1 (bestowed, magical, Notes: Always has perfect hair, perfect nails, perfect make-up, the light hits her just right. Every pic she takes looks professional done. Special Effect: +2 favorable circumstance bonus in appropriate situations.) [1pp]
   Please! I'm Much Prettier Than She Is!: Feature 1 (bestowed, magical, Notes: No one can tell that Cosima and Princess are the same person, nor which is more attractive) [1pp]

Viridian Defenses: Enhanced Trait 20 (accidental, psionic, Dodge +6 (+8), Parry +8 (+8), Advantages: Defensive Roll 6; Permanent, Notes: Instinctive, minor uses of Psychokinesis and Psychoportation to deflect or avoid various attacks that she is aware of.) [20pp]

Viridian Glamour: Feature 1 (accidental, psionic, Notes: Though her Viridian Powers are Subtle in nature, she can have them produce a visible effect at will, which makes her eyes and the subject of her powers emit an aura in shades of purple and pink. She usually does so when acting in her Princess Identity or when she wants people do know what she is doing and in so doing receive their accolades.) [1pp]

Viridian Metabolism: Feature 1 (accidental, biological, Notes: Despite any inactivity or diet, maintains ideal body proportions and muscle tone. Can eat anything and how much she likes without gaining a pound, or at least with the fat going to the right places.) [1pp]

Viridian Psionics Array (Notes: Psychokinesis and Psychoportation Powers only; Detectable by Psionic Awareness/Detection)
   -Psychapportation: Teleport Attack 7 (accidental, psionic, 0.5 miles in a move action, carrying 400 lbs., DC 17; Accurate, Attack: Will, Increased Mass 3, Increased Range 2: perception, Insidious, Precise, Subtle 1, Notes: Resisted by those with Viridian Crystals or gained their powers from them) [41pp]
   -Psychokinesis: Move Object 8 (accidental, psionic, 25 tons, DC 23, Advantages: Chokehold, Fast Grab, Improved Hold; Affects Insubstantial 2: full rank, Damaging, Increased Mass 2, Increased Range: perception, Precise, Subtle 1) [1pp - AE]
   -Psychokinetic Assault: Damage 8 (accidental, psionic, DC 23, Advantages: Accurate Attack, Improved Critical 4, Power Attack, Precise Attack (Ranged, Concealment); Affects Insubstantial 2: full rank, Extended Range, Increased Range: ranged, Indirect 4: any point, any direction, Multiattack, Precise, Subtle 1, Variable Descriptor: close group - Ballistic/Bludgeoning/Cutting/Piercing/Slashing) [1pp - AE]
   -Psychokinetic Deflection: Deflect 8 (accidental, psionic, Advantages: Weapon Bind, Weapon Break; Affects Insubstantial 2: full rank, Increased Range: perception, Precise, Redirection, Reflect, Subtle 1) [1pp - AE]
   -Psychoportative Leap: Teleport 11 (accidental, psionic, Carry 400 lbs.; Accurate, Change Direction, Change Velocity, Extended: 2000 miles in 2 move actions, Increased Mass 3, Insidious, Precise, Subtle 1; Limited to Extended) [1pp - AE]
   -Psychoportative Step: Teleport 11 (accidental, psionic, 8 miles in a move action, carrying 400 lbs.; Accurate, Change Direction, Change Velocity, Increased Mass 3, Insidious, Precise, Subtle 1) [1pp - AE]

Notes: Using Insidious to portray that Psychoportative Leap/Step and Psychapportation itself is not unnoticed, but rather that those around the teleportee don't notice her disappearance or arrival, or at least that they suddenly came out of and disappeared into thin air.

Princess Phone (Camera, Cell Phone (Smartphone), Flashlight, Video Camera, World Wide Service)

Initiative +2
Grab, +0 (DC Spec 10)
Psychapportation: Teleport Attack 7, +8 (DC Will 17) [Perception Range]
Psychokinesis: Move Object 8, +8 (DC 23) [Perception Range]
Psychokinetic Assault: Damage 8, +8 (DC 23) [Perception Range]
Throw, +0 (DC 15)
Unarmed, +0 (DC 15)

Fame: Appearing in several reality shows and splashed all over social media, Cosima is easily recognized and well known almost everywhere she goes. And while she takes time for the media, her fans and admirers, sometimes it can cause problems
Identity: Despite her own desire to let everyone know of her psionic powers, Cosima abides by the dictates of her wealthy and influential family and Claremont Academy by keeping her antics as Princess separated from her public and salacious identity as Cosima Vandersteen. Most of the time.
Motivation - Recognition: Princess is an unrepentant attention whore and engages in heroics mainly to raise her visibility and Q-rating. Especially for when she makes the big reveal that Cosima Vandersteen and Princess are one and the same. Let's see the Kardashians top that!
Not As Bad As She Seems: Though self-involved and vain, Cosima believes just because she has an awesome life doesn't mean others can't have one too. She just doesn't want others to find out she helps others out on an individual basis - too many celebrities already tout their charity work.
Spoiled Princess: Cosima grew up in excessive privilege, wanting for little, and sometimes she doesn't understand how 'common people' live.
Viridian Nature: Due to the circumstances of gaining her powers, Princess can occasionally have adverse or unpredictable effects on those affected by Viridian exposure.

English, Danish, Dutch, Many Others

Dodge 8/2, Parry 8/0, Fortitude 2, Toughness 8/2, Will 2

Power Points (Power Level 8)
Abilities 22 + Powers 76 + Advantages 8 + Skills 15 (30 ranks) + Defenses 0 = 121

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Son of two powerful heroes, Great things were always expected from Richard Reynes. His Father was famed paragon of justice Miles "Flying Fortress" Reynes, and his mother the dynamic speedster and martial artist Jeanne "Stryker" Coudeaux. With his Father dying within a month of his birth, Richard never knew him, and he's been raised by his mother. As with many children of heroes, Richard gained powers from both parents, His father's incredible natural durability, and flight, his mother's speed, unfortunately, to achieve the limits of his power, he has to make a choice to be strong, or fast, he can't manage to balance the two sides of his power.

[Rick's parentage and the nature of his powers aren't public, In public, his mother has him call her his aunt]

strength 4 
Agility 4
Fighting  5
Dexterity 4
Awareness 1
Stamina 8
Intellect 0
Presence 1

Immunity 10 life support
"All For One" Speed 12 wallcrawling 2 waterwalking 1  Damage 1 multiattack area ( 8000 mph)
alternate power 1 Flight 9 (1000 mph)
alternate power 2 enhanced strength 4 powerlifting 6 leaping 4
Supersenses  1 Infrared vision 

Atheletics 4
Expertise 4 Academics
Perception 3
Insight 3
Ranged combat (throwing) 4
persuasion 3
Close Combat 3(unarmed)

Move by action
eidetic memory
Benefit- Ambidexterity
Judo improved grab, fast grab, Improved hold, improved trip

Fortitude 8
Toughness 8
Parry 8 
Dodge 8
Will 8
Initiative 24 (4)

Richard Reynes is a young man burdened with the great expectations of others.   Entering his first year at the school, he comes in not  as a normal student, but one with two famous parents.  His Father was Flying Fortress, one of the better known East Coast Paragon class heroes.   His mother is the Blindingly fast Female Martial Artist Stryker.  After his father was killed while Richard was an infant, his mother largely retired from the public eye to see to it that her son was better prepared for being a hero, though he did still go to school as a regular student, his powers not manifesting until He was thirteen.  Even up to that point, his Mother constantly trained him.  He did possess his father's natural endurance and resiliency, which is largely what let him endure the life he lead, as his mother wasn't particularly gentle.  Still, she definitely meant well.   

Appearance- Richard is A tall, if somewhat thin young man with bright blue eyes and a great body, thanks in part to good genes and rigorous training.   

Personality-  Despite growing up with his mother's training, her constant pushing to be better, to be more, Richard isn't so Hardcore into it that he doesn't enjoy other things.  He's quick to smile and generally a nice guy.  He doesn't back down when a situation gets tough, but he's not some stupid lunk who'll rush headlong into a situation he can't win.  He enjoys being part of a team, and while most would expect a Paragon to practically demand to be the center of attention, He does his best work alongside others.

In his natural state, Richard, or Rick as he likes to be called, possesses superhuman toughness and superhuman speed, a fair blend of his parent's superhuman abilities.   However, He did manifest another powerful ability, which allows him access to powers most paragons have naturally.  Sacrificing his phenomenal speed, He can exponentially increase his physical strength, Or conversely convert his enhanced motor skills into effortless supersonic flight.  The fact that he cannot balance the powers has lead to him calling the power "All for One."  The changes were rather jarring at first, but with time, he's learned to make the switch in "modes" effortlessly.   Secretly, he rather likes the power like that.  It might seem weaker than others, but it makes him unique, and has taught him to be more judicious with his abilities.    His other large ability seems to be his invulnerability to environmental changes,  and his heat vision.   While not some crazy laser death gaze, it is nice to be able to see in a spectrum aside visible light.  After an encounter with another teenager with powers, it was discovered that he is also immune to any sort of fear inspiring effects, as the other teenager who now goes by the name Nightmare learned with great surprise.

Due to years of training by his martial artist mother, Richard himself is very accomplished at hand to hand combat, whether using his strength, or his incredible natural speed to overwhelm foes not prepared to face someone who can change their mode of attack as needed.  He's also a fair marksman with throwing weapons, thanks in part to his mother's training, and when talking about improvised projectiles, his general love of baseball.


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