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[OpNet] Digigeist

Lemmy Chillmeister

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Okay you pointy-eared pussy, you keep threatening Wakinyan and I will track you down and beat the ever love shit out of your limp-wristed, badly dressed, phallic-object swinging self.

You hear me fuck boy?

You..hehe. you..heheheheeh.

Oh fuck this. I can't say this.

How can anyone talk like this and not realize what a total dipshit they sound like.


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I'm not threatening him, Lemmy. I'm WARNING him. If he starts flying right, and does the proper, intelligent thing, then I'll not only think differently of him, but perhaps we can start being on talking terms.

Untill then, he's going to have to step lightly. First sign of that crazy pidgeon going apeshit, is when I start getting concerned.

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