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Ravenhurst ST

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First bit of news.

I have three confirmed players




 a couple of more have shown interest but have not jumped off the fence.

if you wish to join please submit a character by this Friday.

Second Bit of News

I intend to start this game next week as it has been on hold for too long.

Last bit of News

I will be posting some magic rules and sample magic over the coming weekend. there will also be a revision of the Game mechanics that i had previously posted... nothing that effects character creation just clarifies some of the confusing things.

Thank you,


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Last post in this game by anyone other than Sean was June 28., almost a month ago.

if there is any interest left please post. I know that there are other games with a similar bent going now (HA and Justin's forthcoming FT) so the field is a bit crowded, but i 'nt want to leave one player hanging waitng for others I would rather just close the game and allow that one player to move on.

Let me know what y'all want to do

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