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This project is for you to give me a side story/thread that occurs sometime after the end of foot ball season to the beginning winter break but before the winter dance which happens at the beginning of winter break and will be where the next chapter starts. it can take place during a single day after noon, weekend or over a longer period (there is basically 3 weeks which can be used).

You can explore anything you wish. have an adventure, write about your romances pretty much anything as long as it  1) doesn't expose you to the world   2) doesn't have world altering connotations  and 3) kill anyone important.

you may write this solo or together in any combination. I will be available for input but I will not join in the writing a story thread myself.

Submission must be at least 1500 words (3 pages) and needs to be submitted to me by the 15th of this month, that's a full week this is a hard deadline if you don't think you can make the deadline do not take the project. take the project and turn it in late and you will get bad karma

Accepting this project will garner your characters 15XP up front with the possibility of bonus points upon submission.

I will be available for questions

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Clarification for Project #5

This is your story

It' dosnt have to be tied tot he meta plot or anything Use any and all NPC's you feel the desire to use, write them however you want. just stick to the three rules above.

There is no wrong way to write this one.

Go to town and have some fun... trust me the rewards will be worth it.

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I have decided to keep AWS Project #5 open as a place for you to write small scenes and stories that are separate from the main thread.

Stories can be written solo or as a group effort. Each participant will receive 10XP upon posting of any story they contribute to. I will award the Xp after posting in the Bonus PMs for each character. For a story to be posted it must be a minimum of 1500 words but can and should be larger. Include a spoiler at the top of any story posted listing all contributing writers.

The stories you post can take place at anytime from before your manifestation up to the current chapter. Stories can cover any topic but must be self contained, must not cause the death of any NPC which I have created or any PC, and must not have a direct impact on the current chapter. If you use a PC in your story (use means more than just mentioning them) and that player is not helping to write it at least let them know you are using them. You may use any NPC in your story try to keep them in the character with which they have previously been written at least in the broad strokes, but other than that write them however your story demands..

I will not be directing or storytelling as AWS ST in this section so don't ask me for plot points. I will be available to answer questions or if you need Sara in a story.

Things that are off limits... The Aliens, Creating new Enhanced persons, World changing events, Hooli and Daisy. if you have a good story that needs one or more of these things ask me and we will talk about it.

also do not let writing here interfere with your participation in the main story. I still expect timely response to the main thread.

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