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Ravenhurst Character Thread

Ravenhurst ST

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Jane “3J” James


Jane Jennifer James, called 3J by her close friends, is a 15 year old chubby girl. A rather average looking young lady, she dresses in uncomplimentary baggy clothes to hide her bulk but it doesn't do very good job of it really. She keeps her red hair short and it's usually messy and her large framed glasses help show off her nicest feature, her sparkling icy blue eyes.

3J grew up in a predominately working class Irish-American community in Chicago. Her dad is a teamster and a union man through and through, her mom teaches grade school. Her parents have been together through thick and thin (a lot of thin) since they were in high school. 3J has two big brothers and a sister one year younger than her. Margery, her sister, and her share a room in they're old 2 story house and even with the age difference, they are really best of friends. She gets along good with her brothers who are protective of their sisters, and with her mother. Her dad is another story, he drinks a lot and while he doesn't hit or abuse any of them he can be heavy handed and just doesn't understand his kids and he would never understand 3J's abilities to make Magic, so she has kept that part of her life hidden from him.

Being 15 is rough for any kid, being a 15 year old fat girl with red hair and thick glasses is a comedy of errors just waiting to happen. But 3J doesn't give in to despair even before the magic came, 3J defied the stereotype. She has always been physically active and even plays sand lot sports with the neighborhood kids and no one can touch her imagination. She began playing dungeon and dragons when she was little, introduced to the game by her brothers she quickly out stripped them and by the time she got to high school she was the best DM in the area. Not to shabby for a 15 year old chubby chick, not at all. But still she wishes she could find a diet that works, when she sees the other girls wearing pretty clothes and looking thin and sexy, that's when her weight bothers her but up to now diets just haven't worked, well maybe Magic can.








I Have One!, Gypsy Curse (this is what got her noticed as she was using it rather frequently to curse her tormentors), Steady Hands, Library (Bought a box of D&D books at a garage sale found several rare magical volumes mixed in with the game books)


Bad Eyes (needs to wear big thick glasses to see anything more than a yard away), Overweight

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Kaitlin "Kat" "Garfield" Vandussen




Kaitlin Vandussen is a cute 15 year old girl with pretty, spunky facial features, a natural fair golden tanned complexion, and unusual amber eyes. She's a bit taller than average at 5'7'' and her loose, baggy, second-hand clothing camouflages a husky, chunky build. In fact, Kaitlin hides a body that combines the best features of a Crossfit Champion and an Olympic gymnast and freerunner, powerful yet graceful, while retaining exuberant and surprisingly firm curves. Considerably more developed than a 15 year old girl should be, Kaitlin has very broad shoulders with hard, thickly muscled arms and legs, a tight waist and thighs nearly as big, and chiseled 8-pack abs.

She has pale blond hair with black roots and tips that falls just past her shoulders that she wears loose or tied back in a short pony-tail, and almost always wears a battered US Army Ranger or USFS Cap. Though she was often called 'Kat' back home, at Ravenhurst, she got tagged with the name 'Garfield' as a play on her obvious nickname because of her supposedly overweight build and the fact she always eats big meals in the cafeteria and seems to always be snacking besides.

Kaitlin grew up in the tiny mountain town of Dubois, Wyoming, population 971. Her father is a former US Army Ranger, discharged on disability, her mother was a USFS Ranger who died when Kaitlin was young. With her father unable to work much - idly making microbrews he sells to a local saloon, but mostly drinks - and most of their funds going to medical bills, they never had much money, but Kaitlin didn't mind much while she had the mountains and forests to run through, climb, and explore. With his injury and death of his wife, her father has grown bitter and angry and drinks more than Kaitlin would like, and while she has been taking care of herself more than he did since her mother died, Kaitlin loves him dearly still and hopes with magic, she can fix him so he can be the man he once was.

Kaitlin is a stubborn, driven young woman, generally honest and straight forward, sometimes to the point of bluntness and values her independence and self-sufficiency almost to a fault. Often remote with those she doesn't know and doesn't call someone friend easily, but when she does, she is extremely loyal and will defend them against anything, as long as that loyalty and friendship is returned. With friends and those she knows, she is more easy-going and exuberant. She despises boredom and laziness and loves running, climbing, and jumping around, working out and just generally being outside and physically active. Having to take care of herself, and sometimes her father, since she was young, Kaitlin is a decent cook, hunter, and fisherman, and rather handy around the house, fixing things.

Since coming to Ravenhurst though, she has been morosely homesick for the mountains she misses and is pissed that she didn't get to go to Summerwild instead. And while proud of the physically impressive build she has forged in the last year, in the rarefied air of the Vermont Magical Academy, it and her rustic upbringing has also made her self-conscious about it to and she has been trying to hide it much as she can, while sneaking out late at night or early in the morning to get a good run in.

Technique -


Down To Earth
Fast Healer
Not Completely Of This World - Lycanthrope (Werecougar)
Peak of Perfection
Strong Willed
Total Bad Ass
Tough As Nails

Allergy - Silver
Lyin' Eyes

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Warren Jillian Verona


Warren Jillian Verona (call him Jillian, I dare you) is a 16 year old boy with a rap sheet as long as a grown man's arm. Although some would consider him handsome it's hard to tell with the way he wears his long hair covering his eyes and he doesn't take much care in his personal appearance. Jeans, combat boots, a band t-shirt and his trademark leather jacket are usually his typical choice of attire. Years of fighting in the streets and running from the police have made him very fit and athletic. His abusive father left him with several scars on his back and chest, it's for this reason he's rarely seen without his shirt. He has dark hair, piercing dark eyes.

Warren grew up on a streets of Detroit stealing, fighting, and hustling for as long as he can remember. His father is an abusive alcoholic who hasn't held a legitimate job for longer than a few weeks before he went back to petty crimes, credit card fraud, fencing and just about any other form of larceny one can imagine. He's never met his mother, his father doesn't bring her up, and talking about her earns a strong backhand at home. Warren's life to this point has been nothing more a series of arrests, petty crimes, back alley brawling and getting jumped by rivals, enemies, or his fellow down trodden. He has no siblings as far as he knows.

At 16 years old, Warren has already given up on people and life in general. His life has been hell; a series of hospital visits to mend cracked bones or stitches from a brawl. His father has only ever shown interest in his son when he needs him to steal something of deliver a 'message' to one of his rivals on the streets. All that's left of Warren is a soulless young man who is waiting until he is old enough to become his own man and finally leave and walk his own path in life. On the opposite side of the same soulless coin is a young man who resents the very person he's become. Although he'd never admit it, he feels that with every crime he commits and every charge added to his rap sheet he comes closer to being the very man he despises more than anything: his father. It's for this reason he sometimes tries to do something good under the disguise of being self-centered and too tough to care. Although not a bully, his tactless mannerisms and 'go fuck yourself' attitude usually never leave him without options for a brawl.

For the negatives in his life Warren has one thing going for him: he's a prodigy. Although raw and completely untapped, Warren is a young man with amazing potential, and not just magically. His knowledge of computers, programming, and hacking are borderline on the MIT Autistic scale. Whatever he wants a machine do to, it will do. He hacks phones, security systems, cars, if it has a satellite or wireless connection (and seriously, what doesn't these days?) he can make it his bitch in a matter of moments. What he doesn't understand is that he's manipulating primal forces, focusing those forces into his passion for tech, and the tech is simply bending to his desires. Warren, although aware that he's using magic, has never been one to grasp the 'logistics', sometimes you just have to through the science out the window and go with what you know. He posses very little knowledge of how magic works and lost his faith in the world a long time go, to date he's been coasting on pure magical talent.

Today, for those brave enough to approach him, Warren offers his services in a variety of ways, from bootlegging Blu-Rays, getting his hands on some hard to find item, or even unlocking their smart phones so they get free cellular service.  He is a legend among the nerd crew for a list of passwords to porn sites he 'let slip' some time ago.  They still dare not approach him unless they've the numbers to bolster their courage, but it's silently accepted among Ravenhurst that bullying is a sure-fire way to end up with Warren in your face, and no one wants that.  Ask Danny Lansky... on second thought don't... his jaw is still wired shut.

The Faculty still hold out hope that Warren can be rehabilitated, his quiet acts of goodwill and stepping up to battle bullies is a definite sign of hope but when he goes after something that earns his ire, he does so violently and without mercy.




FITNESS ●●●●● ●●


Adept (Talent), Total Bad-Ass, Tough-as-Nails, I Have One (he steals a variety of things), Peak of Perfection


Bad Luck (Look at his life...), Poverty (steals or hustles for the things he wants/needs), Mean (he's a dick)


-In 10 Things I Hate About You, the last name of delinquent character played by Heath Ledger was 'Verona'

-In the Faculty, Zeke Tyler (played by Josh Hartnett), was a delinquent character who, despite his crappy upbringing was a genius with a butt-ton of untapped potential.

-Watchdogs, Watchdogs 2, the protagonists use a smart phone and a variety of gadgets to make anything hooked to the grid do their bidding... like magic.

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Safyre Starr



Magic has been around a long time in the world, and the Starr family has, in their own estimates at least, been around for most of it. They trace their lineage back to some of the first recorded wizards and witches known, and take immense pride in the age and prestige of that line. They are also insanely wealthy, of course...temporal wealth is as easy to obtain as air and dirt for a family full of sorcerers.

Safyre is the current youngest daughter of the 'main' branch of the family now, with two older siblings, a brother and sister, each quite distinguished in their accomplishments in the magical world. She was raised to be a sorceress supreme, a fitting vessel for the might and majesty of their noble name. Unfortunately however, for some reason, she has been something of a 'late bloomer' in terms of magical ability. Her parents, ever conscious of the public perception of the Starr name, have kept this secret in any number of ways...even the incredibly humiliating move of having an employee shadow her invisibly and cast spells 'for' her during a particularly grueling testing season.

To her credit, Safyre has not taken her condition lying down. She works harder than three students at her level, reading and practicing and driving herself harder and harder to try to overcome her limits. The pressure she experiences is intense, not just from her family but from herself, and the expectations of everyone around her. It was a point of pride for her that she was able to qualify for attendance to Ravenhurst on her own merits, using her extensive knowledge and understanding of magical theory and technique to allow her to pass the tests without needing vulgar displays of raw magical might.

Even so she has a massive chip on her shoulder about the whole thing. To make sure people look up at her, she looks down on them...trading on the prestige of her family name, and on her access to its money, to avoid situations where her magical deficiency might be apparent. Her incredible skill with minor magic has convinced most of the class that she really is the incredible archmage that she pretends to be. Her disdain and mockery of people who lack finesse and technique with their spells explains convincingly why she never 'cuts loose' with her own. It's been a good smokescreen...but every day she stews in a cookpot of anxiety, wondering how long it can last.


Knowledge: ****  Conviction ***  Talent *  Technique *

Fitness: ***** ***


- Arcane Background
- Rich
- Familiar
- Library
- Steady Hands
- Old Family


- Arrogant
- Oversensitive
- Hard Case
- Stubborn

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Siobhán Berrigan



Siobhán Berrigan is a reasonably attractive young woman who frequently dyes her hair, though usually it is some shade of blond with darker roots. She has been known to go with more of a copper color and on rare occasion even black. Her hair is usually styles up or back, or tucked withing a stylish hat or simple wool cap. Siobhan's makeup is always impeccable, either adding a bit of drama or done is such a way as to hardly notice it was even there, simply enhancing her natural features. With a keen eye for fashion, she typically dresses with a personal style mixing the upscale and couture with street style, often favoring tights stockings or knee socks along with high heeled boots or the occasional strappy heel on her long legs and feet, with scarves, coats and sweaters with volume. She is somewhat on the skinny side, but not scrawny, but the way she dresses sometimes make it seem more so.



Siobahn is a very kind and compassionate young woman. She is warm and friendly, though she is still a child of modern america and can be witty and even have an attitude at times. She cannot stand the sight of suffering though, and generally does whatever she can to help ease it. This has opened her up a lot of hurt over her life, but it has never hardened her caring heart.



Siobhan was born to an Irish immigrant family who had acquired tremendous wealth in pharmaceuticals. She grew up very wealthy, with her older brother and younger sister. Her parents raised their kids to be shrewd, almost cold, but Siobhan was always kind and caring. She loved fashion, nature, animals (even considering a career as a veterinarian) and especially her family. Unfortunately her parents viewed the girl as an embarrassment to the family and a possible soft spot that could be exploited and considered what to do with her.

Her first use of magic came when her beloved horse, Aidan, broke his leg.  As she sat there, on her knees, not wishing to accept the grim reality of the situation, she touched something deep insider her heart and sent out a wave of soothing warmth over her fallen friend. Then suddenly, with a loud snort, the horse struggled back up... it's leg no longer broken, which baffled the trained that had assessed the injury. That bit of innate, intuitive magic brought her to the attention of the Council of Sorcerers, who arrived to 'clean up' the trainer's memories and offer the family a chance for Siobhan to attend Ravenhurst Academy.

Her parents eagerly accepted the offer, seeing it as the perfect way to seep their little embarrassment under the rug. They set up a generous trust fund for their daughter, ensuring she would never need to approach them for money, and sent her off, with hopes that their problem was taken care of. Siobhan could see the writing on the wall and realized what this was not just being sent off to boarding school for a couple of years. This was exile, and she was too heartbroken by it all to even fight it much. Soon found herself in Vermont, homesick and feeling so alone.


Name: Siobhán Berrigan 

Age: 16

Knowledge ●●
Conviction ●●
Talent ●●●●● 

Technique ●

Fitess ●●●●● ●●●●

Adept (Talent)
Beast Buddy
Down to Earth 
Not Completely of This World - Tuatha Dé Danann
Old Family
Rich, Filthy
Steady Hands

Allergy - Cold Iron
Black Sheep

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Cheshire was born...at some point, she's rather certain. She also probably had a normal name and parents, but that all went out the window sometime shortly after that mysterious birth time. She was bounced from foster home to foster home, not lucky enough for permanent adoption even though she'd been given up as an infant. After one too many calls with becoming a statistic or a chick flick inspiration, she split. Her last monster-by-law (as she came to refer to most of her foster parents), used to call her creepy and say she had a 'cheshire grin'. She wasn't really sure what it meant but it sounded cool and she couldn't go by her legal name anymore, so Cheshire she became. After a few years, she didn't really even remember her old name. 

The weird stuff started a few years before she came to Ravenhurst; so did the strange people poking around looking for her. Assuming they were just more DFS, Cheshire would simply clear out once they showed up, taking Grey and Blue with her. She didn't want to be thrown into juvee or a group home and she's pretty sure Blue escaped from a zoo, so it took nearly two years for her to get 'the Talk' and shipped off to Ravenhurst. 





Image result for grey rat




Image result for ocelot






FITNESS ●● ●●●



Adept (Talent),  Beast Buddy, Bump for Languages, Down to Earth, Familiar, Freak Occurrence Magnet, Elemental Mastery, Luck, Not Completely of this World, Linguist, Steady Hands,  Strong Willed



Scrawny, Curious, Poverty, Uneducated

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