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Magic or sorcery is the use of rituals, symbols, actions, gestures, and language with the aim of exploiting supernatural forces. The belief and practice of magic has been present since the earliest human cultures and continues to have an important spiritual, religious, and medicinal role in many cultures today.

The belief that one can obtain supernatural powers or paranormal influence by prayer, sacrifice, or invocation dates back to prehistoric religions. It can be found in early records such as the Egyptian pyramid texts and the Indian Vedas.

Magic and religion are categories of beliefs and systems of knowledge used within societies. Some forms of shamanic contact with the spirit world seem to be nearly universal in the early development of human communities. They appear in various tribal peoples from Aboriginal Australia and Māori people of New Zealand to the Amazon, African savannah, and pagan Europe.

Magic is sometimes practiced in isolation and secrecy and often viewed with skepticism and suspicion by the scientific community. In non-scientific societies, a perceived magical attack is sometimes employed to explain personal or societal misfortune.

The term "magical thinking" in anthropology, psychology, and cognitive science refers to causal reasoning. This often involves associative thinking, such as the perceived ability of the mind to affect the physical world (see the philosophical problem of mental causation) or correlation mistaken for materialist causation.

The concept of magic, considered distinct from religion, was first widely recognized in Judaism. This defined the practices of pagan worship which was designed to appease and receive benefits from gods other than Yahweh as magic. Wouter Hanegraaff argues that magic is in fact "a largely polemical concept that has been used by various religious interest groups either to describe their own religious beliefs and practices or—more frequently—to discredit those of others."

Modern Western magicians generally state magic's primary purpose to be personal spiritual growth.

                                                                                                                                                (from Wikipedia)

And that boys and girls is bullshit, Pure Bullshit, written by people who have no more magical talent than an amoeba. You are here today, the first day of the rest of your magical lives, because magic is real. Magic is all around you.

And you, all of you young men and women, sitting here in this auditorium, are Sorcerers.

Welcome to Ravenhurst, America's premier Magical Academy.

Each of you in recent weeks has discovered that you are special, that you are able to sense the unknown, able to touch the ethereal, able to do things you only read about in fantasy and science fiction books or see on the TV or the movie screen.

In short you can make Magic!


Socerers: Ravenhurst is a game of teenagers coming into their powers as Sorcerers and navigating the often perilous halls of High School.

Ravenhurst is a magical academy in the United States ( 1 of 2) where all kids (age 13 – 18) who display the ability to “Make Magic” go to learn the art of spellcraft. To the outside normal world it is a prestigious and elite boarding school located in central Vermont.


Players take on the roles of young students between the ages of 13 and 17 who have recently discovered that they are Sorcerers and have been whisked away to Ravenhurst to receive training in the sorcerous arts.

Sorcerers is an original setting which borrows inspiration and in some cases tone heavily from books and tv and movies such as the Harry Potter Series, The Magicians, The Craft, The Circle, The Covenant, everything on the CW network and other Urban Fantasy and Modern Witchcraft stories. As well the Game system is a kludge (most notably White Wolf's Dice Pool system) of several differtn systems with some original content. The emphasis will be on story telling and the game mechanics have been designed with RP in mind.


If there is sufficient interest in this small teaser and proposal I will continue development.

Please post any questions in this thread



this is Nina btw




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magic can do pretty much anything so yes it can both external and internal but magic is the center point of the game well aside from the teen drama...which i belive there will be more of here than in AWS since well this game we arnt facing the destruction of the human race so more time for dating


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The Sorcerer's: Ravenhurst


Rules Characters are made up of a number descriptions, numbered attributes and a number of Advantages and Drawbacks.

Character Descriptions/Backgrounds -These fall into the three following categories. Each should take no more than a few sentences to convey a sense of the character. Below you will find the Categories you need to describe for your character each comes with some questions. Your descriptions don't have to include all of the questions and can include things not covered here. Don't just make a list write it it out like in the examples, make it live. But keep it short. I don't want a two or three page back ground. None of your characters will know each other before the game begins so let keep it a journey of discovery for everyone.

1. The Basics

- Name: (first, middle, last, and nickname)

- How old is he/she?

- What does he/she look like?

Example: Jane Jennifer James, called 3J by her close friends, is a 15 year old overweight girl. A rather average looking young lady, she dresses in uncomplimentary baggy clothes to hide her bulk but it doesn't do very good job of it really. She keeps her red hair short and it's usually messy and her large framed glasses help show off her nicest feature, her sparkling icy blue eyes.

2. Family Background

- Where did your character grow up?

- Are her parents married or divorced?

- Does she have siblings? If so, is she the oldest, youngest, middle?

- Which family member is she closest to?

- Which one does she keep secrets from?

Example: 3J grew up in a predominately working class Irish-American community in Chicago. Her dad is a teamster and a union man through and through, her mom teaches grade school. Her parents have been together through thick and thin (a lot of thin) since they were in high school. 3J has two big brothers and a sister one year younger than her. Margery, her sister, and her share a room in they're old 2 story house and even with the age difference, they are really best of friends. She gets along good with her brothers who are protective of their sisters, and with her mother. Her dad is another story, he drinks a lot and while he doesn't hit or abuse any of them he can be heavy handed and just doesn't understand his kids and he would never understand 3J's abilities to make Magic, so she has kept that part of her life hidden from him.

3. Self Image

- What is her strongest personality trait?

- What is she most proud of?

- What does she wish she could change about herself?

- How do other people see her, and is it different from how she sees herself?

- What is she most afraid of?

- Like/dislikes

- Skills and Hobbies

Example: Being 15 is rough for any kid, being a 15 year old fat girl with red hair and thick glasses is a comedy of errors just waiting to happen. But 3J doesn't give in to despair even before the magic came, 3J defied the stereotype. She has always been physically active and even plays sand lot sports with the neighborhood kids and no one can touch her imagination. She began playing dungeon and dragons when she was little, introduced to the game by her brothers she quickly out stripped them and by the time she got to high school she was the best DM in the area. Not to shabby for a 15 year old chubby chick, not at all. But still she wishes she could find a diet that works, when she sees the other girls wearing pretty clothes and looking thin and sexy, that's when her weight bothers her but up to now diets just haven't worked, well maybe Magic can.



There are 4 magical Attributes which are used in the casting of spells and one called Fitness which governs everything else a character does. Usually each attribute is rated from 0 to 5 dots except for Fitness which is derived from the total of 3 of the other attributes.

The attributes are:

Knowledge – the chief attribute of the Sorcerer. This is what you know about magic the formulas and the theories. Sorcerer's use intricate formulaic spells to cast magic.

Conviction – The power of Faith or the Strong belief in Magic or Self is used by many Sorcerers to power their spells through force of will

Talent – this is the sorcerers primal innate power, his magical self. sorcerers with great talent can work wonderful magics even if they have no clue as to what they are doing.

Technique – how well you understand and practice the Art and Science of Magic

Each Attribute except Technique contributes dice to a dice pool equal to its score. The dice are rolled against a target number, usually a 7 but modifiers can raise it as high as 9 or lower it to a minimum of 3. If a dice rolls equal to or better than the target number one success is counted. If a 10 is rolled on any dice that counts as 2 successes.

If a spell is linked to an attribute (see Magic and Spell Casting) any Dice that meets or exceeds the TN is counted as 2 successes and any 10 rolled with those dice count as 3 successes and explode, which means they may be rerolled for a chance at a second success. 10s on linked attributes may be rerolled as long as a 10 is rolled and each 10 always counts as 2 successes.


Fitness – this is the sorcerers version of health, well being and capability in the normal world. A combination of both the mental and physical it governs all non magical things whether it be a task calling for strength, dexterity, or stamina, or one that relies on cunning, intelligence, perception, or the social graces such as Charisma and Manipulation. It is an abstract concept and doesn't describe your character in literal terms, it just gives you a dice pool for non magical tasks.

It is an attribute that is derived from the total of a characters Knowledge, Conviction, and Talent

This attribute governs any normal mundane, non-magical activity a sorcerer may need to perform,

Any normal mundane activity that a sorcerer needs to do will be assigned a difficulty (usually a 1), The character rolls a dice pool equal to his current Fitness score, any dice that rolls a 6 or greater counts as one success, with 10s counting as 2 successes. Fitness dice do not explode. If the number of successes are equal or greater than the difficulty the task is accomplished. Any success scored over the difficulty are applied as extras.

When a character is damaged in any way whether it be Physical, Mental, or Spiritual, that damage is taken from fitness reducing it.

Other than affecting mundane rolls, reduced fitness has no game impact beyond role playing until a characters Fitness is reduced to 0, at that point the character is incapacitated and probably dying.


Technique – This is the only magical ability that does not add to your dice pool. Instead the dots in Technique can be spent on spell casting for a number of different things pertaining to said spell casting. In addition to it's use in spell casting Technique is also the only attribute which can normally be raised above 5 dots.

The ways Technique can be spent are as follows:

  • Dots can be spent to lower the TN of a spell on a 1 for 1 basis, to a minimum of a 3 TN

  • Dots can be spent for an automatic success on a 1 for 1 basis

  • Dots can be spent as counter magic to reduce the successes on a 1 for 1 basis of a spell targeting the character or being cast near the character that she is aware of

  • Dots can be used to Link an attribute(s) to a specific casting of a spell. See Linked spells in the Magic section of the rulse.

  • Dots can be used to combine different spells into a single casting. See Combining spells in the Magic Section


Advantages and Drawbacks

Advantages and Drawbacks are things which may give bonuses and penalties but are primarily for Role Playing purposes.

The following lists of are by no means exhaustive and if you want one that isn't here just tell me what it is and what you thing it should do and I will more than likely give it a green light. Note that some of the entries have no description this is on purpose as some things do different things depending on who is writing it.

Advantages and Drawbacks may be added in game for xp much like Feats in D&D.



  • Adept – Character was born to make magic...you choose 1 of the 3 Magical Attributes and you can learn 6 dots in that stat instead of the normal limit of 5.

  • Alchemy – Lets a character prepare spells as potions

  • Alertness

  • Ambidextrous

  • Arcane Background – Character was exposed to Real magical practices before attending the Academy. Add 1 dot to a single Magical Attribute except Technique

  • Beast Buddy - Animals react favorably; attracts an animal companion.

  • Bump for Languages - Can make a Knowledge roll to understand languages she doesn't know.

  • Compensating for Something – If a character with this advantage has the bigger...whatever... than his opponent or his allies then he gets an extra dice on whatever task is involved

  • Connections - Can obtain favors once per session from someone with influence.

  • Down to Earth – Starts with one extra Dot in Conviction

  • Elemental Mastery – Gains 1 dice on any spell wich has an elemental focus

  • Familiar – Character has a magical animal or elemental companion.

  • Fast as Lightning – Character always goes first. If two PCs have this advantage the one with the highest fitness goes first if the task is non magical, if magical the highest technique goes first.

  • Fast Healer - Recovers Fitness at 2X the normal rate may be taken twice to increase recovery to 4X

  • Femme Fatale/Ladykiller – Character is a Killer in the Boudoir

  • Fish Breath - Can breathe underwater.

  • Freak Occurrence Magnet - Attracts random weirdness.

  • Gypsy Curse - Can inflict a Curse increasing the Difficulty of any Dice rolls by 1 until removed. May be taken up to three times increasing the penalty of the curse by 2 and 3 respectively.

  • Healer – Character may heal with her touch. She may a damaged creature and heal it a number of Fitness Dots equal to her Talent Stat. She may heal any number of times but only once to any specific creature. This touch cures any disease or deformity. Can cure lameness, blindness, cancer etc.

  • I Have One - Always has a useful item at hand.

  • Iron Will – Once per scene can ignore any fitness damage and make one fitness roll at full ability regardless of damage. May take more than once with each adding one additional roll per scene.

  • Jack-of-All-Trades – Add 1 dice to any normal non magic roll

  • Library - Has access to tomes which the academy would love to get a hold of if they knew about them.

  • Linguist - Knows more languages and can pick up the basics of new ones easily. Character knows a number of languages equal to his starting knowledge stat . Can learn a new language by spending couple of weeks and making a knowledge roll no xp needed

  • Luck – Character begins play with one extra Dot of Talent

  • Not Completely of this World – character is a hybrid, some where in his past his family has mixed with a supernatural bloodline giving this character access to some abilities (including magic) of the supernatural race. The character does not start with any of these abilities but may gain or learn them as he progresses. Some examples are faerie, demon, Vampire, Werewolf, etc.

  • Old Family – Starts with one extra Dot in Knowledge

  • Peak of Perfection – Add one dice to your fitness score, may be taken more than once.

  • Really Big Guy - extra dice on fitness rolls where appropriate

  • Rich – you have cash and a credit cards.

  • Rich, Filthy - Same as Rich but better.

  • Steady Hands - Allows a character to start with 1 dot in Technique

  • Strong Willed – Gains a bonus dice on any spell linked to conviction and any fitness roll that could be deemed appropriate

  • Total Bad Ass – This character is the bomb, the equal of Chuck Norris No one can compare. Character counts all successes on Fitness rolls as 2 successes and 10s explode.

  • Tough as Nails – Character only takes extra damage from successes greater than his current Fitness for example if a spell delivers 5 damage, 4 of which are extras, the character takes only the 1 normal damage if his current Fitness is a 4 or greater. If his fitness is less he take the 1 normal plus however many extras that exceeded his fitness.

  • World Traveler – Never at a disadvantage when in a foreign or alien place





  • All Thumbs- Using mechanical or electronic device causes malfunction; affects repairing items.

  • Allergy - Exposure to a particular condition or substance results in penalty to all Trait rolls

  • Anemic - Has a hard time resisting sickness, disease, poison, or environment.

  • Arrogant - Convinced of own superiority and always wishes to prove it.

  • Bad Dreams - Suffers from constant nightmares;

  • Bad Eyes - Can't see too well; tech level of the setting affects the value.

  • Bad Luck - Character always rolls on less dice than his dice pool allows

  • Big Mouth - Not very good at keeping secrets.

  • Black Sheep – self explanatory

  • Broken Spirit - Captured, Abused, tortured or just plain witnessed too much, your spirit is broken.

  • Cautious - Likes to avoid rash decisions and plans out excessively. Core Rules

  • Clueless - Penalty to Common Knowledge rolls.

  • Cocky - A braggart who must announce his actions.

  • Code of Honor - Always exhibits proper behavior.

  • Colorblind - Name says it all.

  • Curious - Must look into anything that grabs attention.

  • Death Wish - Willing to risk life to accomplish something. Describe what that something is.

  • Delusional - Possesses an unconventional belief.

  • Funny Looking - People find your appearance amusing;

  • Habit - Engages in some annoying behavior constantly,

  • Hard Case - Intolerant of unprofessional behavior,

  • Hoardosaurus - Collects all sorts of things and won't let go of them.

  • Holy Roller - Religious fanatic

  • Homesick

  • Junkie - Addicted to something; penalty to all Trait rolls if addiction isn't sated daily.

  • Lyin' Eyes – can't tell a lie if your life depended on it

  • Mean - Has an unpleasant disposition

  • Nightmares - Plagued by bad dreams causing him to not sleep well, or at all.

  • Obese - Is overweight, penalties to certain fitness rolls

  • Over-Sensitive - Very high strung

  • Overconfident - Believes self to be capable of anything even in the face of common sense.

  • Pacifist - Disdains violence and avoids killing

  • Phobia - Presence of a particular object or situation causes a penalty to all Trait rolls.

  • Poverty – no cash, must beg borrow or steal or do without

  • Quirk Has a distinct foible of some description.

  • Scrawny – opposite of obese different penalties

  • Sheep - Penalty to social-based rolls because they are a follower.

  • Slow – Always goes last

  • Sort of Clueless - A bit ignorant; Common Knowledge rolls penalized.

  • Stubborn - Insists on having own way no matter what.

  • Ugly - Has an unappealing appearance which results in social penalties


Keep in mind that first and foremost Advantages and Drawbacks are role-playing tools. Use them as such. If you don't I will.





Your Character is a teenager between the ages of 13-17, do not worry about mixing ages, if you want to play a 13 year old go right ahead you will still be in the same class as the 17 year old.

Some time within the last year of your life some thing happen and you made magic spontaneously. This usually a bit of elemental magic or telekinesis or something simple and raw. An example of this would be the opening scenes of Harry potter where he accidentally made the Window in the snake exhibit vanish.

You characters magic making alerted a sorcerer who reported you to the Council of Sorcerers and they in turn did their mumbo jumbo and determined that this wasn't a one time thing but that your character has the true potential to become a sorcerer so you were approached and offered a position at the school to learn how to make magic properly and safely. There are two schools for adolescents in America, Ravenhurst in Vermont and Summerwild in the Rocky Mountains. Due to quotas your characters have been sent to Ravenhurst. Your parents have been mind fudged into thinking you have been selected for whatever reasons that make sense, to attend a special boarding school for gifted children, all expenses paid.


First write your Description/background, remember I do not want a five page novel just the high points as shown in the examples above.

Then assign your Attributes

Attributes begin with 0 dots and you have 6 dots to split between Knowledge, Conviction, and Talent. Technique begins at 0 (unless the Steady Hand advantage is taken)


Fitness is determined by the total of Knowledge, Conviction, and Talent.

Scores may be modified by Advantages taken below


Advantages and Drawbacks

Each character has 3 advantages and 1 drawback, only 1 of the following may be taken as one of your 3 beginning Advantages : Adept, Arcane Background, Luck, Old Family, Down to Earth, Steady Hands however you may take as many as you wish if you take them as Additional advantages.


Additional advantages beyond the standard 3 may be taken but for each additional advantage one more drawback must also be taken.


That's character creation. Any questions post em here


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Wait.... Where are the skills?

There aren't any.

I trust you to know your characters well enough to know what they can and cant do, keeping in mind that they are kids. if a situation calls for a certain skill or skill set and you feel your character should have those sorts of skills go for it.

Mechanically, since most skills are non magical, they are handled with a Fitness roll.

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An example character


Jane “3J” James


Jane Jennifer James, called 3J by her close friends, is a 15 year old chubby girl. A rather average looking young lady, she dresses in uncomplimentary baggy clothes to hide her bulk but it doesn't do very good job of it really. She keeps her red hair short and it's usually messy and her large framed glasses help show off her nicest feature, her sparkling icy blue eyes.

3J grew up in a predominately working class Irish-American community in Chicago. Her dad is a teamster and a union man through and through, her mom teaches grade school. Her parents have been together through thick and thin (a lot of thin) since they were in high school. 3J has two big brothers and a sister one year younger than her. Margery, her sister, and her share a room in they're old 2 story house and even with the age difference, they are really best of friends. She gets along good with her brothers who are protective of their sisters, and with her mother. Her dad is another story, he drinks a lot and while he doesn't hit or abuse any of them he can be heavy handed and just doesn't understand his kids and he would never understand 3J's abilities to make Magic, so she has kept that part of her life hidden from him.

Being 15 is rough for any kid, being a 15 year old fat girl with red hair and thick glasses is a comedy of errors just waiting to happen. But 3J doesn't give in to despair even before the magic came, 3J defied the stereotype. She has always been physically active and even plays sand lot sports with the neighborhood kids and no one can touch her imagination. She began playing dungeon and dragons when she was little, introduced to the game by her brothers she quickly out stripped them and by the time she got to high school she was the best DM in the area. Not to shabby for a 15 year old chubby chick, not at all. But still she wishes she could find a diet that works, when she sees the other girls wearing pretty clothes and looking thin and sexy, that's when her weight bothers her but up to now diets just haven't worked, well maybe Magic can.










I Have One!, Gypsy Curse (this is what got her noticed as she was using it rather frequently to curse her tormentors), Steady Hands, Library (Bought a box of D&D books at a garage sale found several rare magical volumes mixed in with the game books)


Bad Eyes (needs to wear big thick glasses to see anything more than a yard away), Ugly (fat)

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  • 3 weeks later...

I am still working on this and intend to run it I am just letting other games on the site get underway and settled before really pushing it.

If any one has any questions please feel free to ask away.

One thing I wish to stress is that this game has few crunchy bits. and those it does have are rather overly symplified. I envision this as a social storytelling game and the rules i am making are just something to frame any action that might occur but I am not making this as an action game. that is not to say that there won't be action but it will not be the focus.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Ok this is still a game I want to run, and I was holding off while other things get going and settled into their own groove that is still the plan but those other things seem to have lost their momentum

so I am now getting ready to wok to bring this to life.

One of the things is an edition to your character creation.

As you all know High school is full of cliques, even kids who don't belong to a clique are a clique. Since all of your characters are High scool students and even though this is a new school you would have belonged to a clique in your old school and that would sort of carry over either in trying to find that clique here at the new school or in trying to distance yourself from that clique. This is sort of like nature or even alignment in some other games.

So what I want you to add to your character sheets are the cliques you belonged to at your old school and which ones you will embrace at Ravenhurst and which you will try to avoid.

Characters can belong to more than one Clique as long as those cliques are sympathetic to each other.

Here is a list of  some cliques that can be found at most High Schools in America

  • Geeks – a group of students described as being intellectual, obsessive or socially impaired. They usually don't have the modern fashion sense of other groups, and they usually prefer chess to hoops. "Geeky" interests and hobbies usually include: fantasy movies and shows, role-playing games and technical hobbies and activities (which in some cases can include technology knowledge). Geeks are smart, but they sometimes have a hard time socially, as many teens view them as being more boring to be around than others.
  • Jocks – live for athletics, tend to be popular with many of their peers. They may be the male equivalent of "mean girls".
  • Thespians – the teens who are obsessed with Broadway musicals and more than likely aspire to do theatre professionally. They typically have a very busy and complicated schedule, spending most of their time in rehearsal for the school show or working on their craft. They generally do well academically and have a good sense of responsibility. Their hobbies include learning all the songs and dances to all their favourite musicals, singing randomly at any given time, and obsessing over a new favourite Broadway show every week. They are usually very kind and sweet to those outside of their own clique, except for the occasional diva. They are also creative and very funny, but have a unique sense of humor which is only funny to those who understand musical theatre references; their preferred subjects are in the performing arts—drama, singing, dance, acting, and musical theatre. They may also be involved in other performing arts activities, such as choir or dancing.
  • Skaters – skateboarders who came along and borrowed the long hair and slacker trappings of the surf scene, but they have always been more rebellious.
  • Outsiders – may be socially challenged and unable to fit in, or they may be independent and feel no need to join any one group exclusively. They tend to have an "I don't care about anything" attitude, and will oftentimes get in trouble for it.
  • Hipsters – make a big effort to assemble a wardrobe that seems effortless. They challenge traditional norms and modern trends. All genders wear tight jeans, flannel shirts, Buddy Holly glasses and vintage clothing. They follow the latest trends in fashion and like to be independent from the other cliques and often do what is "uncool" before it becomes "cool".
  • Scenesters – Also known as Trendies, they are ever eager to fit in. They are dedicated followers of fashion, devoted to a particular band, club or style. They dress in tight, fashionable clothing, wear sunglasses and sport wild but styled hairdos (striped, streaked or spiked). Social media platforms are totally essential to them. Scenesters sometimes get labelled posers or wannabes.
  • Preps – a subgenre of the popular clique. Preps tend to be good at being social and having fun and usually come from an upper middle class or upper-class family. Sometimes they overlap with jocks, especially when it comes to sports. In most high schools, preps are those most commonly chosen to have important positions for school events such as Class Officers, Home Coming King/Queen, Prom King/Queen and Prom Court. Maintaining the right image may even make them vulnerable. Unlike the stereotype of "mean girls", preps often get along with everyone.
  • Nerds – they are obsessed and often have superior knowledge or devotion to something, usually aren't fashion-conscious, may be introverted, and they often do well in school.
  • Mean girls – the 2004 movie Mean Girls, starring Lindsay Lohan as a girl negotiating the jungles of teenage subcultures, put a new label on this type of teen. They always embrace the latest fashions. They form exclusive cliques and frequently engage in gossip. They crave popularity, often because they feel insecure; yet they have a hard time with genuine relationships.
  • Emo kids – highly emotional. Their emotions are reflected in their appearance: dark clothing, streaked bangs, and tattoos and piercings. The emo style has its roots in punk culture, which tended to be more rebellious, and goth, which was darker and gloomier. Some emos are described as scene kids because they wear brighter neon clothes. These kids are more vulnerable to depression or bipolar tendencies. They are known for experiments with self-injury and cutting.
  • Rockers – tend to stay away from the crowd and in small groups with similar interests in music. This is a very large clique because of how diverse it is. They tend to wear band T-shirts, lots of jewelry, and baggy or tight jeans and are usually listening to music. Many of them will be in a band or know an instrument. They live according to the Rock and Roll lifestyle: Sex, drugs, and music.

In any given clique there is a social structure which is generally adhered to Your characters would have status in those structures so for each clique you should list what your status was at your old school


  • Queen Bee – Leader: rules by "charisma, force, money, looks, will, & manipulation".
  • Sidekick – Lieutenant: invariably supports the Queen Bee's opinions.
  • Banker – Gossip: collects and employs information for her own gain until part of clique, then works for benefit of Queen Bee and Sidekick.
  • Floater – Similar to a Liaison; closely associated with multiple cliques.
  • Pleaser – Can be in or out of clique: immediately adopts all of the Queen Bee and Sidekick's opinions, yet never gains their approval and is often treated with indifference by the Queen Bee.
  • Target – Outside of the clique; regularly excluded and humiliated.


  • Leader – Like the Queen Bee except well-respected: Athletic, tough, rich, & gets the girls.
  • Flunkie – Like the Pleaser, he does anything asked of him, but he also responds to any member. Inadvertently annoys others with his actions regularly.
  • Thug – Although often smarter than he lets on, the Thug communicates primarily through nonverbal bullying. He typically appears popular, but may have had a rough past or childhood.
  • The Get Wits – Groupies of male clique: respected by adults as high-achieving "good kids", but only unsought tag-a-longs to the clique.

Portions of this was taken from 

Adolescent cliques

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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So, this is what I came up with... let me know if I did it right.


Warren Jillian Verona


Warren Jillian Verona (call him Jillian, I dare you) is a 16 year old boy with a rap sheet as long as a grown man's arm. Although some would consider him handsome it's hard to tell with the way he wears his long hair covering his eyes and he doesn't take much care in his personal appearance. Jeans, combat boots, a band t-shirt and his trademark leather jacket are usually his typical choice of attire. Years of fighting in the streets and running from the police have made him very fit and athletic. His abusive father left him with several scars on his back and chest, it's for this reason he's rarely seen without his shirt. He has dark hair, piercing dark eyes.

Warren grew up on a streets of Detroit stealing, fighting, and hustling for as long as he can remember. His father is an abusive alcoholic who hasn't held a legitimate job for longer than a few weeks before he went back to petty crimes, credit card fraud, fencing and just about any other form of larceny one can imagine. He's never met his mother, his father doesn't bring her up, and talking about her earns a strong backhand at home. Warren's life to this point has been nothing more a series of arrests, petty crimes, back alley brawling and getting jumped by rivals, enemies, or his fellow down trodden. He has no siblings as far as he knows.

At 16 years old, Warren has already given up on people and life in general. His life has been hell; a series of hospital visits to mend cracked bones or stitches from a brawl. His father has only ever shown interest in his son when he needs him to steal something of deliver a 'message' to one of his rivals on the streets. All that's left of Warren is a soulless young man who is waiting until he is old enough to become his own man and finally leave and walk his own path in life. On the opposite side of the same soulless coin is a young man who resents the very person he's become. Although he'd never admit it, he feels that with every crime he commits and every charge added to his rap sheet he comes closer to being the very man he despises more than anything: his father. It's for this reason he sometimes tries to do something good under the disguise of being self-centered and too tough to care. Although not a bully, his tactless mannerisms and 'go fuck yourself' attitude usually never leave him without options for a brawl.

For the negatives in his life Warren has one thing going for him: he's a prodigy. Although raw and completely untapped, Warren is a young man with amazing potential, and not just magically. His knowledge of computers, programming, and hacking are borderline on the MIT Autistic scale. Whatever he wants a machine do to, it will do. He hacks phones, security systems, cars, if it has a satellite or wireless connection (and seriously, what doesn't these days?) he can make it his bitch in a matter of moments. What he doesn't understand is that he's manipulating primal forces, focusing those forces into his passion for tech, and the tech is simply bending to his desires. Warren, although aware that he's using magic, has never been one to grasp the 'logistics', sometimes you just have to through the science out the window and go with what you know. He posses very little knowledge of how magic works and lost his faith in the world a long time go, to date he's been coasting on pure magical talent.

Today, for those brave enough to approach him, Warren offers his services in a variety of ways, from bootlegging Blu-Rays, getting his hands on some hard to find item, or even unlocking their smart phones so they get free cellular service.  He is a legend among the nerd crew for a list passwords to porn sites he 'let slip' some time ago.  Thy still dare not approach him unless they've the numbers to bolster their courage, but it's silently accepted among Ravenhurst that bullying is a sure-fire way to end up with Warren in your face, and no one wants that.  Ask Danny Lansky... on second thought don't... his jaw is still wired shut.

The Faculty still hold out hope that Warren can be rehabilitated, his quiet acts of goodwill and stepping up to battle bullies is a definite sign of hope but when he goes after something that earns his ire, he does so violently and without mercy.




FITNESS ●●●●● ●●


Adept (Talent), Total Bad-Ass, Tough-as-Nails, I Have One (he steals a variety of things), Peak of Perfection


Bad Luck (Look at his life...), Poverty (steal or hustles for the things he wants/needs), Mean (he's a dick)


-In 10 Things I Hate About You, the last name of delinquent character played by Heath Ledger was 'Verona'

-In the Faculty, Zeke Tyler (played by Josh Hartnett), was a delinquent character who, despite his crappy upbringing was a genius with a butt-ton of untapped potential.

-Watchdogs, Watchdogs 2, the protagonists use a smart phone and a variety of gadgets to make anything hooked to the grid do their bidding... like magic.

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Safyre Starr


Magic has been around a long time in the world, and the Starr family has, in their own estimates at least, been around for most of it. They trace their lineage back to some of the first recorded wizards and witches known, and take immense pride in the age and prestige of that line. They are also insanely wealthy, of course...temporal wealth is as easy to obtain as air and dirt for a family full of sorcerers.

Safyre is the current youngest daughter of the 'main' branch of the family now, with two older siblings, a brother and sister, each quite distinguished in their accomplishments in the magical world. She was raised to be a sorceress supreme, a fitting vessel for the might and majesty of their noble name. Unfortunately however, for some reason, she has been something of a 'late bloomer' in terms of magical ability. Her parents, ever conscious of the public perception of the Starr name, have kept this secret in any number of ways...even the incredibly humiliating move of having an employee shadow her invisibly and cast spells 'for' her during a particularly grueling testing season.

To her credit, Safyre has not taken her condition lying down. She works harder than three students at her level, reading and practicing and driving herself harder and harder to try to overcome her limits. The pressure she experiences is intense, not just from her family but from herself, and the expectations of everyone around her. It was a point of pride for her that she was able to qualify for attendance to Ravenhurst on her own merits, using her extensive knowledge and understanding of magical theory and technique to allow her to pass the tests without needing vulgar displays of raw magical might.

Even so she has a massive chip on her shoulder about the whole thing. To make sure people look up at her, she looks down on them...trading on the prestige of her family name, and on her access to its money, to avoid situations where her magical deficiency might be apparent. Her incredible skill with minor magic has convinced most of the class that she really is the incredible archmage that she pretends to be. Her disdain and mockery of people who lack finesse and technique with their spells explains convincingly why she never 'cuts loose' with her own. It's been a good smokescreen...but every day she stews in a cookpot of anxiety, wondering how long it can last.


Knowledge: ****  Conviction ***  Talent *  Technique *

Fitness: ***** ***


- Arcane Background
- Rich
- Familiar
- Library
- Steady Hands
- Old Family


- Arrogant
- Oversensitive
- Hard Case
- Stubborn

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Arafel Richards


Arafel has a hard time fitting in, most places. Everything always seems a little off to her, in a way she's never been able to explain or properly understand. Why don't books talk? Why don't doors open all different ways, not just swing by one side? Why do roads always lead to the same places, over and over? For all the efforts of teachers and her adoptive parents to keep her focused and use that energy in constructive ways, Arafel just couldn't be contained that way. What was worse was that she was contagious. Other kids in her class tended to get swept up along with the sheer joy and enthusiasm of her, and days of instruction could be lost trying to keep things together. A solution was needed.

The solution came after some therapy sessions, when a psychiatrist diagnosed her as ADHD and prescribed a mild drug regimen to help her focus. And as it had with so many others, this worked. The manic edge and frantic colors and inane questions died down, and she was able to do well and not be distracted and be...normal. It made her parents happy, and Arafel was happy about that. She still felt a hollow ache inside though, sometimes.

It wasn't until her rebellious years started at thirteen that things took a turn. She took to skipping pills to spite her parents. When she did, she started having the weirdest, freakiest things start to happen to her. But even when it was scary, it was kind of awesome too! Right up until her folks found out and flipped their freaking gourds. Over the next several years, a war was fought in the Richards' household...with Doug and Ariana (her folks) always coming up with ways to ensure she took the pills, and Arafel always coming up with ways to avoid it. Usually they won. But those brief moments when Arafel managed to skip one were like windows opening and letting fresh air and sunlight in.

In the end, she wound up pretending to capitulate, while saving up what allowance and job cash she could. When she felt she had enough, and had reached the end, Arafel stole away, leaving a fairly long note behind explaining what was going on. This wasn't about hate for her parents...quite the contrary!...but that constant nagging sense of wrongness seemed so much thinner when she wasn't on the pills. Like it was something she could break through. Maybe to somewhere right. She was sixteen.

Ravenhurst wasn't far behind her, fortunately. Less than a month after she went cold turkey on the drugs, unconscious magical phenomena were marking a trail any sorcerer could see from orbit. Arafel herself is still adjusting to the idea of the place...still trying to wrap her head around the magnitude of the paradigm shift. Even so, it's something she always believed in her heart. It's what was always missing from her world. She hopes she can fit in here.


Knowledge: -  Conviction *  Talent ******  Technique

Fitness: ***** **


- Adept: Talent
- Freak Occurance Magnet
- Not Of This World: Fey
- Luck
- Jack of All Trades
- Beast Buddy
- Fast as Lightning


- Allergy (Iron)
- All Thumbs
- Black Sheep
- Cocky
- Curious

I'll pick one. Just needed to see them laid out side by side. I have some THINKIN' to do. :)

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