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Vampire: The Long Night - OOC


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Ravenna paused, curiously narrowed her eyes and examined Artus.  He was simply standing there, eyes glossed over.  She waved her hand in front of his face.  Nothing.  "Artus?"  She asked softly, attempting to lure his attention away from whatever had enraptured him.

"Trouble there, sweetness?"  Olaf asked, as he approached the couple.

"Well, I'm not sure..."  Ravenna replied, cradling her chin in her hand.  "We were talking and then... nothing.  He just, stopped."

"Huh."  Olaf looked at Artus, opening his mouth and looking inside.  He flicked the statuesque Keeper's forehead a few times, but nope, nothing.  "Eh, that's the problem with these late-model Lasombra's.  Sure they're pretty and all kinds nice to look at, but lemme tell you something doll, all kinds of hang-ups and performance issues."

"Was it something I said, or did?"  The Italian beauty inquired.

"Nah, probably not."  Olaf walked around to stand behind Artus and inspected him up and down.  "Ah!  I think I see your problem here, Your Bleakness,"  He pointed to Artus's butt.  "Pilots out.  You find a way to light the fire under his ass, babe, and I'm sure he'll kick right back on for ya."

"Thank you Olaf," Ravenna smiled, pleased with the level of customer care she was receiving.  "You've been a great help."

"Don't thank me yet, beautiful, you ain't seen the bill."  He winked and walked back over to the table.

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