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The Scarred Lands - Character Generation

Asarasa ST

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For this game, we will be using the D&D 5e rules, which from all I've read and seen, is a very well designed and elegant edition of the game. I will still take liberties with it and make adjustments, as I see fit and at my arbitrary and cruel whim. Mwahahahaha!

I mean, players are free to propose suggestions to me, if they want to switch or substitute powers or abilities in a class, archetype, or possibly even a race.

PCs will start at 8th level.
Ability Scores: We are using Point-Buy for Ability Scores. Each Ability Score starts at 10, each increase costs 1 point, and you can buy it up to 18 (apply racial/feat/Ability Score Improvement adjustments last). Let's start you guys off at 30 points - may adjust later, Thule might have spoiled me.

While you can only use your starting points to buy up to an 18 Ability Score, you are not limited to a score of 20 after you apply your Racial Modifiers or any bonuses granted by Feats or Ability Score Improvements. Though naturally, having an Ability Score over 20, or more than one, means you are particularly noteworthy, if revealed or obvious.

Available Races: Dwarves (Scarred Lands subraces), Elves (Scarred Lands Subraces), Halflings, Half-Elves (Add the Combat Training or a Skill possessed by their Elvish or Human Parent), Half-Orcs (Add Aggressive or Orcish Combat Training from the Orc to their abilities), Orcs, and Tiefling (They look more or less human just with an oddity or two, just have something in their blood from the Titans, usually Mesos. They can choose another Cantrip known from the Sorceror or Warlock list).

I find the Human +1 to all attributes boring, and the different lineages in Scarred Lands interesting, so giving them some more specific qualities.

All Humans: Gain One Feat of your choice (prerequisites apply), Gain One Skill of your choice.
Albadian (Applies also to Karria, Keltai stock, and some from Darakeene): +2 to Con, +1 to Str or Cha, Cold Resistance and Cold Acclimatization (Albadians)  or Hardy (Others; +1 HP/level)
Elzan (Many from Calastia also fall under this category): +2 Cha, +1 Dex or Int, Choose Expertise in Deception or Persuasion
Gascari: +2 Int or Wis, +1 to the other one, Gain training in Arcana and a Language of your choice
Ledean: +1 to three different attributes, Gain one Skill of your choice
Humans of mixed backgrounds choose which set of bonuses to pick.

Backgrounds: Choose one Social Background and one Regional Background from the Scarred Lands 5e book, but select only one of the Special Features, or choose one Background from the Player's Handbook. Selections from Fanmade Backgrounds possible on a case-by-case basis.

Classes: All available, though some flavour for certain classes and/or Archetypes may need to be adjusted for the setting. Druids, even if they worship other gods, pretty much all get their powers, and give respect to Denev (or the other Titans, just don't let anyone else know). Arcane casters (except Bards, due to a different tradition), generally give off palpable heat after caster spells (thanks to a side effect when Mesos was torn apart), but I'm just using this as fluff and applying no actual game mechanics to it (except under very rare and narrative driven circumstances).

For Saving Throws, instead of the set two granted by a Class, you can pick one they grant, and the other one can be any one you want.

Hit Points: Maximum at 1st level as normal, then add 2 less than the maximum per Hit Die, applying other modifiers as normal. Therefore , 4 for d6s, 6 for d8s, 8 for d10s, and 10 for d12s.

Feats: The Feats Optional Rules are being used in this game. Humans get to choose one as a racial quality, noted above under Available Races and I have given you all a free one of your choice as an bonus as well, listed under the Experienced Adventurers heading in the Character Creation guide.

At the appropriate levels, instead of an Ability Score Improvement, you may select a Feat you have the prerequisites for. Can be selected from the Core Book and the Scarred Lands 5e Books. Also, you can possibly choose a feat from another source, but those will only be allowed on a case-by-case basis.

Experienced Adventurers: Everyone gets Ledean (Common) in addition to other starting Languages. If you already get it, choose another. Everyone gets a Bonus Feat, from either unique training or a gift, magical, divine, or otherwise.

You get your normal starting gear, from the Class and Racial Packages in the Scarred Lands 5e Book (p.124-125) and your Background. Duplicate items can be kept or sold back for half their value. You also get 500gp + 1d10x25gp as starting money and an Uncommon Magical Item (from the Scarred Lands book or the DMG) - you can tell me what you are looking for or interested in and I can look up or make a suitable item, if your prefer. I'll also probably end up giving you an item or other benefit or two of my choice or whim.

You may buy Common Magic Items with your starting gold, at 100gp each, plus any base cost for weapons, armor, or tools, if applicable. There are all of 4 in the DMG, but several more in the Scarred Lands book. I don't see an issue with most of them, except for the Wood Elf Fetishes, those are way too good as is for Common items. They are changed so they don't recover the charges, essentially turning them into scrolls or potions with 2 uses, and at that, they are still very good. Otherwise, I think most other things are okay.


Feel free to ask or suggestion other things, if you like. The worse that can happen is I'll say no... and write a note to myself to do something terrible to you in game. I mean, there will be no other repercussions other than a polite refusal. :P

It is not necessary to use this, but here is a simple Character Sheet I wrote up to log D&D characters.


XP For Next Level:





Hit Dice:
Hit Points:
Armor Class:

Racial Traits

Ability Scores

Proficiency Bonus:

Saving throws 


Skill Proficiencies
Acrobatics (Dex)
Animal Handling (Wis)
Arcana (Int)
Athletics (Str)
Deception (Cha)
History (Int)
Insight (Wis)
Intimidation (Cha)
Investigation (Int)
Medicine (Wis)
Nature (Wis)
Perception (Wis)
Performance (Cha)
Persuasion (Cha)
Religion (Int)
Sleight of Hand (Dex)
Stealth (Dex)
Survival (Wis)

Passive Intelligence (Investigation):
Passive Wisdom (Perception):

Tool Proficiencies



Class Features




Gems/Jewelry/Art Objects:


Weapons and Armor

Magic Items

Weight Carried:


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