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ABERRANT: WEIRDER STUFF - CHAPTER II "Sometimes Eating the Cake Just Isn't Enough"


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The silver disc shimmered into existence, the room was dimly lit with an odd purplish glow coming from within the rough hewn rock which made up the walls and ceiling. A tall Asheen stepped out of the disc onto the cold metal floor as he cleard the portal it collapsed leaving him alone in the chamber. With a slight shudder the sexless being began to walk down the  hall toward the solid rock several meters away.


The thought slammed into the Asheen's mind from multiple wave lengths as if dozens of beings were simultaneously sending telepathic messages even though the originator of the thought was only one.

The Asheen, Kliptiphhor Haad, A second level Designer of the Biomatrix Assembly staggered under the thought. " A million million Pardons Omnipotent One, my disturbance of your solitude is inexcusable, but even though my existence is forfeit by entering your presence without summons, still my duty to you and yours must be obeyed. I have brought news from the Seventh Galaxy."

<WHAT NEWS?> The thought is more focused yet still comes into Klipiphhor's mind from  a dozen sources, blood leaks from the corners of it's eyes.

"We have discovered a Threat."

b8cf2464ca96ff6c8101715a0da0273f.jpg An Asheen



Chapter two begins tomorrow this is a tease, please do not post


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The Indian summer was over and temperature were slightly lower than usual for this time of year.

The lightning storm incident was over by a week and a few days and the chaos it had wrought was largely over.

At least as far as the public were concerned.

The mass lightning strike of the 32 students had filled the headlines along with the train derailment over that weekend but by Monday night the headlines had been replaced by international tragedies and the looming and contentious presidential election slated in a few weeks.

Online was another matter. Conspiracy Theorist latched onto the improbability of the incident and posted every sort of scenario from Alien Abduction (some truth), Government Experiment Gone Wrong (again some truth), to Mass Suicide Attempt by End of the World Fanatics (completely false).

Nothing was done to curtail the conspiracy theories which allowed them to simple fade into the background but a quiet monitoring was put onto those which may have strayed a little close to the truth.

Back In Shelly, The irregulars had been allowed to return home that Sunday evening. Before being sent home Col Pryor and Dr Mizuki met with the seven enhanced children. They were informed that they would have to continue to cooperate with the Project but that interference in the daily life would be kept at a minimum. Each one was given a special Government Id which gave them access to the base just as if they were military. Which would allow them to come and go to make appointments and such. They were also instructed to not use they're powers out side of the supervision of the Project Doctors.

School had been canceled for that week to allow the students hit by the “lightning” to fully recover and all activities were rescheduled. A couple of new teachers came to work at the school. These were actually personnel from the project assigned to monitor the kids at school. The kids were informed of this.

Blitz had returned home with Abel and his family but was picked up daily by the newly promoted Sergent Sanchez and taken to the base were he was now an integral part of the project. He was returned home every evening usually by Julio who became some what of a fixture at the Cross home.

One of the biggest changes came the following Saturday when Felix showed up unannounced at Sean's house. There he informed Sean that he was leaving Shelly to go to Art school in New York. He gave Sean is Notebook full of drawings, said his good byes and was gone. While the other members of the Irregulars were still Linked to Felix he never reactivated his link or allowed them to connect with him.



OCT 24

It was cold Monday morning the thermometer read 36* F, the wind was blowing hard out of the north and the morning was cloudy and grey. One by one the kids returned to school there was a strange pall over the whole place.

The kids who weren't at the party seemed slightly on edge and the ones who had been and had no memory were equally on edge and seemed a bit unsure.

The day first surprise came when Chet's red Camaro pulled into he parking lot and when he got out his goon squad wasn't with him, but he wasn't alone either. Chet in plain view of a dozen or so kids rushed around to the passenger side of his car and opened the door for his passenger.

The leg that first appeared was virtually bare despite the cold and it was god awful beautiful. Followed by the rest of the girl jaws dropped. Courtney Adams was wearing a dress that was probably against the dress code of every school in every state and city including Hollywood. Always she had been a knockout but today after her ordeal she looked like a billion bucks.

Two sophomore boys were walking by Chet's car when Courtney got out both stopped and stared, one of them dropping his books. Chet grimaced and whispered something to Courtney as he helped her on with her coat. If looks could kill Chet would have keeled over and hit the ground. She turned her attention to the two boys. “Hey take a picture you can hang it on your walls.” she said a bit contemptuously as she flashed them a bit of boob, then walk passed them bumping one, almost knocking him down, who was trying desperately to take her picture. The boys didn't even notice that she had walked all over the dropped books.

“Courtney!” Chet hissed between gritted teeth

“God Chet I was just having some fun.” she sighed and closed her eyes for a brief moment.

Then the two walked into the school on they're way to the cafeteria, now the only looks they were drawing was because they were together.


Alec and Talena were sitting at the table that had been the Irregulars for as long as Sean had been going to school in this building. But today there was something different about the table about the empty chairs waiting to be filled by his friends. He glanced over at the teachers table and saw Mrs Reynolds talking animatedly with the new biology teacher, Mr Carmody. Or rather Dr. Carmody one of two base persons, along with Lt. Grace Sissiano, a military Policewoman pretending to be a new girls gym and health teacher, assigned to keep an eye on them while they were here with the normal kids. Alec swallowed, he wasn't normal any more. As if sensing his tension Talena took his hand and squeezed.

She seemed less phased by all of this than most of them and more importantly she seemed sensitive to his needs and more than willing to accommodate them.

About that time Abel came into the cafeteria with Kia, Lilly and Sandy and came to their table. Abel notice the missing members of the group, Sean had told him about Felix leaving for New York but he wasn't sure if the others knew yet, He was a bit surprised that Sean and Sara weren't here yet Sean was usually the first here in the morning unless he was being picked on. She he corrected himself.

The group made their greeting and sat down for breakfast.


Driving her mother's car, Sean pulled into the student lot and parked into the space assigned her, a senior and Shelly High's newest student. She had objected even needing to attend - she knew more than what she could learn - but had been over-ruled, much as she had about skipping grades. Her size and physical underdevelopment weren't an issue this time, anything but, but her parents and the Project believed it would help her adjust and socialize.

She glanced in the rear-view mirror, checking her hair, the shiny, sunset hues falling just so almost to her chin, and smirked to herself. It had been over a week since her transformation. While she was still adapting to all the changes, she believed she had mostly adjusted and gotten used to the new her. It would be everyone at school who would be adjusting to her. It wasn't like they had any experience with a woman who looked and sounded like she did.

"Are you ready, Sean?" Laurie asked with nervous excitement from the passenger seat.

She grinned over at her sister - or cousin for now - and winked. "I'm fine, it's just the first day of school. And look at me, already a senior."

Laurie giggled and climbed out of the car, swinging her backpack over her shoulder while Sean did the same on the driver's side, her satchel on her shoulder and a large cup of coffee from Bunnies Burgers in her other hand. Already, she could see eyes turning her way, her height and the color of her hair making her stand out even at a distance. With snug jeans, wearing a fitted fleece-lined hoodie and thermal vest and the ankle boots Laurie had picked out, Sean's gender was unmistakable.

As they walked towards the main building, her keen ears caught the whispers and she couldn't miss the looks. She was wrong - it was different. What was being said wasn't entirely new, though a good deal more crude than what the airmen at Fort Bulwark had used, nor the looks of lust, desire, envy and hate. She had seen those too, on base and off, when she'd gone up to Great falls for more shopping and supplies, and she understood them. She could hardly blame them, she'd be staring too under any other circumstance.

But those had been from strangers for the most part. This was coming from people she knew, many of them for years, for most of her life. True, they saw a stranger, if an oddly familiar one even if they were sure they had never seen her before, but they weren't strangers to her, and that made all the difference. Though she kept her expression relaxed and casual, nodding in greeting or flashing a friendly smile, inside she was growing faintly tense in a way she hadn't after being brought to Fort Bulwark, interacting with the adults there, and the testing.

She had felt more than capable of holding her own with them, and while she had no doubt she could with her peers - she knew them after all, picking at the seams in their psyches and attitudes to manipulate them wouldn't be difficult, she was reluctant to do so. Her familiarity with them made it seem almost... sordid. Which wasn't to say, there weren't a few she would be more than willing to make an exception for.

"Good more Laurelei," Mrs. Reynolds said as the Cassidy's walked into the cafeteria. "And who is th-- oh my, but you're a... a tall one, young lady." What the elderly woman had been about to say wasn't hard to guess, considering the History teacher was nearly eye level to Sean's bust-line. "Who might you be?"

"I might be Sean Cassidy," Sean replied in her smooth, melodious voice, which made the few who hadn't turned to look at her to do so now.

Mrs. Reynolds brows arched up high at she glanced up at Sean over the rims of her glasses. "While I'll admit to some superficial similarities, I hardly think so."

"She's my cousin, Mrs. Reynolds," Laurie explained. "She's staying with us for now - for reasons - and just transferred in as a Senior. I know, I know, Sean's a family name among the Cassidy's, though she's from the East Coast." Laurie chuckled, though Sean thought only she noticed that it sounded a bit forced. "Would you believe it, when they were both younger, my brother and my cousin could have passed for twins?"

While Laurie made up more story than was necessary, Sean handed Mrs. Reynolds her Student ID card. "I... see." She handed Sean back her card. "Welcome to Shelly High then, Ms. Cassidy. We strive for excellence here. I do hope you will thrive here." She gave a small sniff before turning away. "And know we do have some dress regulations."

Well, that was hardly necessary, Sean thought with a bit of pique, standing up straighter and arching her back just a bit. She grinned down at her sister. "Try not to make up too many stories, hmm?" she said softly. "It'll get too easy to stumble over them and more importantly, if I haven't heard them, it'll be harder to corroborate them."

"Kay-kay," Laurie said blithely as she practically skipped over to her friends to inevitably gossip.

Sean sighed, kept the throttle down on her pheromones and sauntered over to the Irregulars' table. "Hi! I'm Sean's cousin... Sean. Laurie pointed you out as his friends. Would you guys be able to show me around? I'm new in town and just transferred to Shelly High."



Welcome to Chapter two. It is breakfast on Monday morning one full week after the incident. feel free to post. acknowledgement part of this post was written by Sean



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Abel sat there with his friends and watched the spectacle of Sean's entrance and when she gave her name, he nodded.  "Welcome then Sean.  I'm sure we can show you around town."  his voice carried a little teasing in his tone.  "I'm Abel, this is Kia, Lily, Sandy, Alec, and Taleena.  We're all friends of Sean's, so at least it's not a new name to learn.  Hopefully we can make you feel welcome, and part of the community. "   He gave her a genuine smile, and nodded.  "Perhaps you wouldn't mind telling us a little about yourself?"

He gave her a conspiratorial look as his voice dropped to a whisper.  "Honestly, we're gonna need to be able to give everyone else an answer, judging by how many heads turned when you came in."

Over guild chat, where everyone could hear he chuckled.  <Seriously Sean,  a girl named Sean?  Couldn't you have gone with a more traditionally female name, like Sonja?   You already stand out physically, but with your name being the same as your male "cousin"  isn't that hitting the nail on the head abit too much?>  There was no malice in his voice, or ill intent, just an honest question.   

< I mean yeah, I get that we call you Sean here, and it simplifies things, but it's sorta odd for the rest of the world you know.>

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< I think it's the perfect name > came Sara's thought with a sense of a smile as she entered the lunchroom at that.

Abel looked that way and did a little double take, everyone else's gaze followed his.

Sara was making an entrance too and a lot of people were looking.

She had cut her hair again into a sort of bob and it looked lighter than her usual dirty blond. There was an unmistakable hue of sexy red lipstick that noone on earth had ever seen the girl wear before. Her clothes were markedly different as well. She was wearing a light blue pastel T-shirt with a fairly low cut v- neckline, black Capri jeans, and tasteful yet comfortable flats. She finished off the new look with a dark but very warm looking short fleece lined winter coat and a scarf wrapped around her neck. She looked very nineteen fifties car hop and well...cute.

In her arms she carried a large bakery box. which she placed on the table in front of Sean.

"We are really going to miss our little Sean, but I want to make sure you know that you are more than welcome in our little gang," Sara grinned widely,  "I brought you Cake!

Welcome to The Irregulars, Sean!"


new hairdo and color  blunt-bob-haircuts-2017.jpg


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Kia couldn't help but giggle at Sean's appearance. Not his actual appearance-appearance, but his entrance. Yeah, entrance. And the name.

<Maybe it's short for something?> she offered over the mental link. She was giggling in that too.

Then Sara came in, and she was absolutely astonished at the change in style.

"Sara, you look awesome!" Kia gushed...and as was still kind of common, she said in the link too, simultaneously. "I love your hair!"

She couldn't quite contain her eagerness on seeing the box, and asked, "What kind of cake?"

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Lilly had talked to Sandy, but was glad to finally see him. He had been very worried about her, and the others, when he had heard that they were taken to the base, which was closer, because they were more badly hurt, so he was relieved to finally see her and find out she was doing fine. Still, the whole lightning incident had freaked out Sandy and his parents, so some good news was helpful. He could not help but hug her when they were finally face to face and a short time later the pair was seated with Abel, Kia, Alec and Talena at their usual table with well wishers occasionally stopping by for a moment as they passed.

Lilly watched as Sean and Sara made their entrances. She bit her lip unconsciously as a thought crossed her mind. She was concerned about her friends and these changes in them. She had been afraid that she might have a changed, and here some of her friends seemed to be going out of their way to change. She knew it was a reaction to stress for some and that things might pass in time, but it was still a cause for concern. Lilly's friends were important to her and she worried that they were losing themselves.

Pushing the thought down with a sigh, Lilly put on a happy face and smiled. 

"Pleased to meet you, Sean." she said, offering a hug.

She then then turned to Sara and looked her over, with the smile still present.

"I love your hair. That cut looks awesome on you. Sweet jeans. Are they vintage? Wait. Did you sake cake?"

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"Oh! You're a hugger," Sean said with what sounded like genuine surprise as she returned Lilly's hug. "You hear about how friendly small towns are. It's cool to find out it's actually true. I've mostly moved around East Coast cities with my mom. Thanks for the warm welcome. Things must've been rough if my cousin had to leave Shelly when he had friends like you. I'm sure he'll miss you more than you can know."

Though Sean was doing a superb job portraying a new student new to town, it had been a near thing for her not to react in surprise to Sara's new hair cut and wardrobe like the rest of the Irregulars. Female Sean after all hadn't seen her any other way, but it certainly wasn't what she had been expecting. She sat down with inherent grace, angled slightly to give her long legs more room and gave Sara her own big smile, her appreciative and appraising once-over quick but thorough.

"She did say cake, which is a much better greeting than what I usually got being the new girl after we moved for the umpteenth time," Sean claimed as she opened the bakery box. She leaned over to glance inside the box and inhaled deeply. Her grinned widened even further as she returned her turquoise eyes back to Sara. "Mocha Buttercream Chocolate Espresso Cake, just about my favorite kind. How'd you know?"

"I have my ways," Sara practically chirped, giving a small twirl to give the girls a full look at her outfit, before setting out paper plates  and plastic forks for everyone and sitting down next to Sean to cut the cake.

<I asked your mom, to be honest> Sara admitted.

<It's great!> Sean replied, refraining from reaching over to give Sara a tight hug, though the sentiment flowed through Guildchat. <Something feels off you not having your leather jacket, but you look adorable and more delicious than the cake.>

She glanced over at Abel as she took her first bite of cake, making a tiny moan of delight. Sweet but not ridiculously so, moist, and just the right balance of coffee and espresso to not be overwhelming. <No worries, we came up with a cover, and Facebook and Instagram will back it up. And Sean is fine. It can be a woman's name too, if not common, and you underestimate people's ability to rationalize anything they find really incongruous.>

The rest of the Irregulars could feel Sean's almost weary mental sigh and shrug. <And yeah, I've changed a lot, physically of course, and in other ways too. Though I want to assure you, despite my outward looks and affectations in playing the part of my cousin, inside, I'm still me. Mostly at least. But really, I just wanted to keep something of mine from before, something the same. With little else, I kept my name.> She gave a wry, delicate snort. <To be totally honest, the Airforce didn't really ask me when they were arranging my paper-work and I decided not to make an issue of it.>

"Something about myself, well that's fair enough. I gotta get some of the truth out before my cousin Laurie makes up all sorts of nonsense," Sean drawled around bites of cake. "My parents divorced when I was a kid no bigger than Sean and I ended up staying with mom as she moved around the East Coast with one boyfriend or husband or another. I've lived in several places in Maine, New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, a few other places. Spent a few years in Germany when mom was chasing after a footballer."

<The multiple cities thing is so if anyone asks me something about them I don't know, I have a valid excuse. But I did a shit-ton of reading over the week, so it shouldn't be a problem.>

Sean affected a melancholy expression and pretended to hide it behind a sip of coffee. "After mom's latest divorce, she was forced into rehab. I hadn't seen dad in years and his current girlfriend is a stripper barely older than I am. I guess I could have headed out on my own, but my uncle and aunt offered me a place to stay to finish out high school and figure out what I'm gonna do afterward. So, that's how I ended up in Shelly." She gave her friends a teasing grin. "At least it isn't really a one-horse town. I saw several when I was coming in."

Sean finished her piece of cake with a sigh and pushed back the plate and huddled up with her coffee. "Not the best reason to end up in Shelly, but life wasn't all bad. There were good times too. This one time in Boston..." Sean spent several minutes making up funny, amusing, or self-deprecating anecdotes and stories about the places she had lived. Despite it all being fiction, Sean described them with such panache and sincerity, it was easy to believe them and the Irregulars couldn't help but laugh along with her. It was also obvious that more than a few in the cafeteria were doing their best to eavesdrop.

"... and that's why I think the Germans have the best words. Now, one more thing." Sean's eyes danced with playful mirth. "What's this Irregulars thing?"


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Alec offered a wave to Sean from where he was sitting, his other hand loosely intertwined with Taleena's.

"Huh. Didn't know Sean was a girls name too. Either way, glad to meet you. As Abel said, I'm Alec and this is Taleena. Was nice of Laurie to send you our way. We'll be happy to show you around."

<It's fine, Abel. While it's extremely unusual, Sean can be a girls name as well, though Shauna is more common. Either way. We can work with this. Lets face it. Who's going to run up screaming that Sean is Sean. People don't spontaneously change gender or grow a whole lot at once.>

Of course, Alec had grown as well, but thankfully enough with his practical experience with clothes, he knew how to disguise the near foot he himself had gained. Baggy clothes certainly helped, and if slouched, it helped to disguise that he was taller than most of the Seniors. He figured that if he could keep it up, he could gradually straighten up and make his growth spurt appear far more natural. The darker colours he was wearing also helped to disguise just how much his frame had expanded after enhancement. Was gonna be difficult to keep it hidden on the field, but he could figure out something for that later.

Seeing Sara walk in the door, he nodded to her, turning back to the rest of the group before doing a double take.

"Damn, Hutch. Wasn't expecting this. Looking good."

She was, as well, even if he was somewhat bewildered to see her without her ubiquitous Jacket. Huh. Maybe he should make one of his own at some stage? He'd probably need a stronger needle. And a Thimble. Might end up putting the needle through his finger otherwise. What to use for the lining though?

One handed, he reached into his bag, pulling out his own sketch book. While he'd never drawn like Felix had, he did have it for sketching new outfits, flipping it open to a new page, he begins to rough something out, Taleena watching from where she was resting her head against his shoulder, offering suggestions here and there, gesturing with her free hand while the other remained clasped. He nods in thanks as a piece of cake is plopped in front of him, taking a bite as he thinks.... what to use for lining? Silk would be nice, if not wholly decadent. Though from what he recalled, wore down quickly and had a tendancy to rot. Polyester was cheap enough. Maybe Nylon Taffeta or some other synthetic?

He looked up at Seans last question.

"Ah. The Irregulars. That's us. It's what Seans gaming group is called. No idea where it came from, you'd have to ask someone else. We meet up once a week or so at either Sean or Abel's place to play games. Dungeons 'n Dragons at the moment, but we do others. You're welcome to come along, I'm sure. We're missing our regularly allocated Sean, and the more the merrier anyway."

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Abel took a bite of cake and immediately noticed when all the sound and movement in the room ceased it was as if time had stopped for everyone.

For everyone except him and the girl.

She was wearing the same plain dress as she had at the dance with Felix. Thinking of Felix caused a brief intense stab of pain in his head.

“He is off limits to you Abel” she said out loud, “do not try to influence his development or things will go very badly for you and yours.”

“Who are you?”

“Doesn't really matter now does it, who I am, you can't do anything to me and I can't do anything, well not much of anything, to you. But there are others now who can and if you don't tread carefully and let things develop naturally then I might just have to let them off the leash.”

She smiles at Abel, and he gets the impression of a shark about to feast.

“Tell the teddy bear I said hi.”

Abel's teeth bit down hard on the fork. Everything was normal again the sounds of talking and laughter the taste of the cake. Before he could  say anything though a wave of silence once again rolled through the cafeteria but this time its was because of someone everyone could see coming inside.

Courtney, now pretty much covered by the full length Black Leather coat Chet had helped her into in the parking lot, stepped through the doors and paused like a runway model.

Courtney had always been attractive counted as the most beautiful girl in Shelly before Lilly had moved here, and then by Kia. But she had never looked this good before.

She was still the same but somehow better everything had a more symmetrical look. Her hair glowed her eyes which had been a dark blue scintillated now, she looked healthy and well stunning. Her skin was flawless and blemish free. In fact she was one of the most beautiful persons anyone in the building at ever seen to only ones drawing greater looks and stares being Alec and Sean whom both looked otherworldly.

Stares went back and forth from her back to the Irregular table and the incredible good looks on display there. Courtney's face started to twist but Chet came into the room behind her and put a hand on her arm. She took a deep breath and composed her self and headed straight towards the irregulars.

Silence this time because everyone thought that this could be the gunfight at the ok corral version of breakfast.

Courtney stopped at the table, Chet about a yard behind. He nodded at Sandy but couldn't take his eyes off of Sean as he openly and lewdly checked her out.

“Hi guys,” Courtney started he voice quiet and somewhat meek sounding, “I'm glad you guys are all okay I know this was a real crappy way to end homecoming for all of us but I am glad you are all okay.

And Sandy, Lilly, I want to apologize to you two for the horrendous way I acted at the dance. It was inexcusable and I am very sorry, I hope you guys can forgive me. And congratulations. You guys make a nice couple.”

Courtney's eyes slide away from Lilly and Sandy and come to rest on Sean. For a millisecond her facade falters and her inner ugliness shows through.

"Do I know you? You look so familiar." she coos.



The bit between the girl and Abel was between them alone none of it was heard or felt through guild chat

Courtney seems very sincere. is she acting ? or is she really sincere?  hmmm

Alec and Sean You are both getting incredible amounts of attention no matter what you do. you both have awe inspiring and well everyone is really watching the two of you. even when drawn away by something else the norms all eventually go back to at the very least sneaking looks to some blatantly staring at the two of you.

Alec if you thought the sexual thoughts of teens were bad before well lets just say you were not prepared.


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Abel didn't react outwardly, but deep within his mind, a part of him scowled darkly.  His thoughts were his own and went no further than his own head.   She did it to me again.  Bypassed all my defense, spoke to me alone, and this time threatened me, and she knows about the bear.  Just great.    So either she's another enhanced who's been running around for awhile, with her own allies, or perhaps an alien masquerading as a human, sent to garner information.  Either way, she's got real interest in Felix.  We can't abandon him, but there's no way we're ready to deal with whatever the hell she is.   I'll find a mundane way to keep in touch with him, to let him know we're still here if he needs us.   Then it hit him.  She'd spoken to him, not in his head, he actually heard her, but to everyone else, she wasn't there, it was as if the whole thing was a mirage for just him.  That just made it even worse, for a moment, he wondered if he was going insane, then shook it off.  He had to deal with this, and the situation in front of him.   

a cursory evaluation showed that chet's mind was the same as ever, enthralled to carnal urges concerning Sean.  A small part of him wondered what would happen if he knew the truth.   Courtney, for her part was being nice outwardly, and was still the evil bitch she'd been before.   Anger and jealousy flavored her thoughts, directed at Lily, Kia, and Sean.   

<it's an act don't be taken in.   Still probably best to not cause a scene.>

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"It cool, Court. After what happened at the lake, I think we're all just lucky to be alive and okay. Something like that lightning strike kinda helps you put things into perspective, you know? I never had an issue with you or anything, so I think there was some big misunderstanding to something. I dunno. Either way, no big. It's squashed now, so we're cool. The important thing is that we're all alive and okay." Lilly replied with a smile.

"Yeah, this is Sean's cousin. After the near death of the lightning strike, I think it put things into perspective for him too, so he decided to take up an offer to get into an advanced computer program out of state. It sucks he's gone, but we're happy for him." she explained.

"Anyways. Nice to see you are okay and nobody was really hurt."

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Courtney looks at Lilly, back to Sean, then she looks at Chet whose eyes have gone wide.

It's like a light bulb has gone off

She looks back at Sean.

"Sean Cassidy's cousin, wow. That's the resemblance, I can see it plainly now. Wow. Nice to meet you, I'm Courtney ."

She swings her arm back gesturing at Chet Her eyes never leaving Sean's.

"This is Chet Walker, He and Sean go way back."

Courtney's grin is ear to ear.

Chet looks mortified.

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Though she affected a languid regard, Sean had watched Courtney and Chet approach with sharp attention. The two of them had been high on her list of who she wanted to see at school since her metamorphosis, but in an instant she was reevaluation the situation. Quick of thought that she was, though she revealed nothing on her face, Sean was still surprised by the sudden surge of vindictive delight she felt upon noticing Courtney's flash of vicious jealousy when she'd looked at her.

<It's not just an act> Sean added to Abel's comment. She sent the Irregulars side-by-side images of Courtney and Chet, as they appeared now and as they had appeared at Homecoming, red circles, notations, and measurements demarcating every minute change. She even sent them the mental equivalent of a ..gif file, noting the change in the movements and gait, her keen observation and crystal-clear memory making the differences clear to her. <They're different, too, like us or something like us. Stay sharp.>

"People have been remarking on the resemblance ever since I got to Shelly," Sean replied drily, her full lips curving faintly in amusement.

Where Courtney's voice was a suggestive coo, Sean's was a rich, silken, and melodious thrum that was as exquisitely alluring and ravishing to hear as she was to look upon. Though she kept her enticing turquoise eyes on Courtney's scintillating blues, she was still aware of the bulge in Chet's pants getting bigger with each word she spoke.

"Which is fair enough, considering you can barely tell our preadolescent pictures apart. My name is also Sean, as it happens. I love your coat, by the way, you must tell me where you got it. The shopping in Shelly seems... limited from what I've seen so far."

Sean sounded like any other teenaged girl sizing another up as they exchanged idle, seemingly friendly, banter. She glanced at the clock on the wall of the cafeteria and used it as a pretense to stand up, as the bell was going to ring shortly. She settled her leather satchel on her shoulder, turning to give Courtney and Chet a good look at her dramatic profile. For the first time, Chet managed to pull his eyes of her tits to leer at her legs.

With her chunky-heeled boots, Sean was imposingly tall and was using the psychological advantage of much greater height as she looked down at her long-time tormentors. But there was something else she noticed. She had scoured the internet looking at pics of women to see if any compared to her and the only ones she had found that came close had been photoshopped and digitally enhanced to without an inch of their lives.

So she was well aware of just how attractive she was. She also had a presence, the looks and voice, that drew - almost demanded - awe and captivation. She hadn't paid for a coffee since that night without having to insist vociferously. And while Chet was ogling her as much as any other lust-stricken  boy she'd come in contact with, combined with a growing embarrassment as he discovered who she was purporting to be, there wasn't any of the unconditional admiration and near-deference she had grown used to. Then again, her friends didn't evidence it either. Something to do with quantum enhancement or familiarity?

"Yes, Sean did mention Chet to me once or twice," Sean said, her own smile growing cool, and her tone colder still as she kept looking down at Courtney and outwardly ignored Chet. She had unzipped her hoodie and vest when she sat down to eat, revealing a ribbed, white cotten-blend t-shirt wrapped around her impressive curves. She gave a distinct shrug that made her breasts bounce. "And as you boyfriend has clearly noticed, unlike my little cousin, puberty didn't skip me."

Sean's grin turned back to a neutral friendliness. "Now, while I gather there's been issues between you and Sean's friends, I don't think I have anything against you. But for now, I think it would be best if Chet Walker avoided me for the time being, don't you?" Sean bent over slightly to bring her mouth closer to Courtney's ear, but her whisper was meant to be heard by everyone. "And for God's sake, if you're not going to teach him better manners, at least get the poor boy a bib for all that drool."

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Chet turns red and Courtney doubles over with laughter.

"Oh god no darling," she pats Sean on the arms, "Chet ain't my boyfriend, oh lord no, I used to date Sandy here but he and Lilly are much better together. My man goes to college in Great Falls."

She chuckles a little more.

"It was nice meeting you Sean, I'm going to see how the guys are." Grumbled Chet as he moved off but not before giving Courtney a icy glare.

Courtney chuckles and then takes a deep breath as Chet walks away, " He is such a dick, I would never go out with some one like him. No I just had to get a ride I had to take my car to his daddies shop."

Courtney tilts her head looking a Lilly, no, not at Lilly, but at her chair where her satchel was hanging.

"Aww that is so cute did Sandy get that for you?"

Everyone's eyes went to the satchel which had come unlatched and saw the head of a Teddy bear with Black Button eyes poking out

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Lilly raised an eyebrow and looked at her satchel hanging off the back of her chair, the flap unlatched with the teddy bear's head poking out. She blinked.

<I didn't bring him. I left him on my dressed. This is weird.>

"Oh yeah. Sandy got it for me when were down in Great Falls. He's so sweet." Lilly replied.

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"Thats so sweet, well I better get over to the girls See in class later Kia." Courtney gave a little wave to the smaller girl and spun away and almost skipped off the the table shared by the Cheerleaders and the main Football players.

Sara had sat stiffly while Courtney and Chet had been there, she had avoided looking at either of them her anger at how that asshole had treated Sean made her want to burn them both to a fine ash. She had wanted to grab Sean's hand but she couldn't that would have just made things worse and that had just upset her more, so she sat and smoldered inside, the temperature riseing around her by several degrees Then Courtney had pointed out the Bear in Lilly's satchel.

<oh my god that's the teddy bear from my dream>

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Abel was actually frowning now, his eyes had moved to the bear.  <well, that's definitely thing.  That bear seems to be a part of what has happened to us, and whatever is to come.>   He'd actually seen anime like this, and it generally didn't end well.   Despite his misgivings, Blitz had said for them to trust the bear.  This left him abit unsure, simply because the bear here, and the bear in their dreams couldn't be the same.   There was something else at work, and he was growing annoyed, thinking he was someone else's pawn.  

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Sara's exclamation through the link was finally enough to draw Alec's attention from the feigned focus on his drawings. He recognised that Sean and the others were more than capable of taking care of themselves, but the revelation that Chet and Courtney had been improved his focus unwavering on them through the link, even if his eyes didn't move from the sketchpad. The Light thrummed in time with his heart, ready to respond if it came down to it, and he had to remind himself where exactly he was. Escalation wouldn't be a terrible idea here.

The bear gave no reaction to the scrutiny it suddenly found itself under.

<Trust the bear. That's what Blitz said, yeah? Sorta hard to do that when he's a horrible pervert....>

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Sean's eyes followed Courtney to the Cheerleaders and Football Players table. More than a few eyes were turned her way and she gave them a small nod and smile of acknowledgment. She may have acted friendly with Courtney, but she certainly hadn't forgiven her for all the shit she'd put her male self through. Sean hadn't decided how she would get back at her yet - and if Courtney was truly enhanced as they were, it would take extra consideration - but usurping her position as Head Cheerleader wasn't off the table.

She couldn't miss Sara's bridling anger, nor the way the temperature rose around her. But  Sean was playing a part, and like Sara, couldn't show her affection in the way she truly desired. Not yet anyway. Sean leaned over and casually placed a hand on Sara's shoulder, and used the contact to circumspectly give her a small squeeze of reassurance.

"Thanks for the cake, Sara, and all of you for the warm welcome," Sean said, then straightened up. "This has been the best first day in school I've had in a long time. Now, which way is it to room 201?"

<The Teddy Bear that I think spoke to all of us in our dreams> Sean agreed. <And you're right Abel, it does seem to have a direct connection to what happened to us> She definitely recalled it manipulating the keyboard in her dream as she generated a character she ended playing for real, and likely forever. She cocked her head slightly to side, as if waiting for an answer to her verbal question, as she mused. <The airforce never mentioned anything about mental links among the other Enhanced they have, either.>

Sean didn't turn her head, but she glanced at the Teddy Bear from the corner of her enticing eyes and directed her thoughts at it along with the potential to form another, more direct, if limited, mental link. It could be just a stuffed animal, or it might be some manner of construct, along with the images from their dreams, the entity used to contact them.

<Can you hear me? Hear us? Give us a reason to trust you as Blitz has suggested>

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“I am not a Pervert!”

The voice was strangely warm and mellow it could have been male or female but it was definitely the voice from they're dreams. It took several ticks for everyone to realize that it had come from the bear and not from inside they're heads.

As they watched it grasped the side of Lilly's satchel and pulled itself up til it was balanced on the opening then it deftly jumped onto the table making a soft thumping sound when it's rounded legs hit the surface.

The kids looked around almost in a panic, but the world was frozen, silent, nothing moved.

Sean saw Courtney suspended in the air halfway to putting her ass in the seat only one hand lightly touching the table supporting her weight. And impossibility. At the table next to them a kid was pouring his milk into his bowl of cereal except the milk wasn't moving it too was suspended in the air.

“hmm I feel fuzzy.” The bear crossed to the center of the table and did a slow spin looking at all of the Irregulars gathered. It's button eyes usually lifeless had a weird luster and sparkle that had never been there before.

Alec suddenly conscious of Talena beside him darted a look her way only to find her as unmoving and silent as everyone else. Lilly did the same with Sandy and found him the same.

Only the six of them, the six who were changed could move, were aware.

“Don't worry,” came the calm soothing voice again,”they are all fine just not experiencing this moment, as you are.”


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"Ha! Made you talk!" Lilly teased.

She glanced around and took in the strange scene for a split second and shrugged.

"If you are alive and sitting on my dressed, then you totally say me change and that's just gross."

Lilly leaned closer to the bear, trying to get a better look at it.

"Blitz told us to trust you, so who or what are you and what is going on?"


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Abel smiled at Kia's outburst, having been preparing his own barrage of questions for the bear the moment before.   "Out of all the things that have happened to us in the last week, this is what makes you say that in disbelief?"   he turned his attention to the bear.  "We'd all like some answers. The questions Lily asked are pretty fair ones to start with."

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The bear looks at the box of cake and sighs wistfully then pops down beside the box.

"Yes...way..." it smiles at Kia. "And no Lilly I have not been spying upon your material form. In fact this is the first time since connection has been established that I have made a Material Manisfestation. And only because of the disturbance with in the Quantum Fold created By Xecssess. I apologize if the thought has caused you distress but there is no need for worry.

As for what or who I am, that I cannot say, let it suffice that I am a friend and that our interests coincide."

The bear bows its head and spreads it's stubby arms.



Xecssess is pronounced   Yeks - see - Ess


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Bear nods quickly in agreement with Abel

"Yes, that would be the *her* you have experienced. And actually no we are not the same. I have to have a focus and a vessel," he taps his furry little rotund chest, "to manifest into.  *She* creates her own. Be very careful *she* is dangerous and does not share your interests."


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"She certainly made that clear this morning."  Able looked at the others.  "I was going to say something, but other things happened before I could."   His gaze turned again to the bear.  "What's her interest in Felix?   Does she really have her own group like us, because that's certainly the impression she gave me.   Also, do you have a name we can address you with, as opposed to "hey Bear?""

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Bear lets his eyes rove to all of the Irregulars who are staring wide eyed.

"You may refer to me as *Hoolii*, although Bear was perfectly acceptable. and yes *she* has brought into existence six enhanced beings but they are not as powerful as each of you individually nor do they share your other strengths. and *her* communication with them is limited."

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Sean kept her face smooth and unsurprised, but it was a near thing. It was like Ted, but in real life, and without the Teddy Bear being an asshole. While she'd been anticipating some manner of response, it wasn't in this way. Not actually stopping time, but our perception of it? Perhaps not the same as Guildchat, but using it as a carrier for communication... And while Hoolii claimed it could not say what or who it was, what he really meant was he would not. Unless he was some sort of mental construct they had fashioned themselves, though if so, she had no idea where the details Hoolii was spouting came from.

From her lofty height, Sean looked down at the animated Teddy Bear contemplatively, a faint, musing grin tugging up one side of her lips. "I have two questions of my own, then, Hoolii," Sean said. "Felix is part of our... 'Guild' as it were," Sean actually made airquotes, "though he hasn't... opened himself to our channel. Can Xecssess use him to hack into our... Network for lack of a better term?"

Sean extended two slim, strong fingers. "Two, you said it brought into existence six enhanced beings, and presumably you did the same with us. What about the other Enhanced beings Project Stepping Stone has observed? Is there some other entity responsible for their creation?"

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Hoolii pays rapt attention to the boy turned girl nodding as she speaks. "Yes very good questions I will answer the second first. I made a poor choice of words. Influenced the manifestation of the Divergent's is a better phrase to use, *she* did not actually bring them into existence, and no there was no outside influence in the manifestation of your group either or any of the others. Your creation was/is a cosmic coincidence. Study of the Phenomena will shed light on the causes, but as to whether or not there is some intelligence behind it, that I cannot answer for I do not know."

The bear stands looks around and moves back toward the edge of the table. "The first question, No, *she* cannot use your Quantum Connection, only the seven of you can, even I, while I can communicate when the circumstances are right with each of you individually, even I cannot access your Guild Chat as you call it. That is safe from any and all.

The Fold is unraveling I do not have long now. I am here to help you with things that you may not understand, to give you guidance but like a priest I cannot tell you what to do. You are not Pawns, Abel, each of you is free to do what ever your own conscience leads you to do.

I will come to your dreams and if need i will come if I am called. If the fold is alligned I can come and speak in person like today.

The dog Blitz, the data he brings and the knowledge of the Guatal Feem are all very very important. There are answers there to questions that have not been asked.

Now hurry my time is short."


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Hoolii bows his head after Lilly's questions as if in thought. He slowly raises his head and looks Lilly in the eye.

"I don't know why you individually have these powers, why it is you. Perhaps there is some guiding intelligence, but if there is it hasn't spoken to me, told me any ultimate truths. I am talking to you because the world, no, the universe needs you. The Aliens, as you call them are part of it yes, but there is so much more. I am here to guide without pushing, to help without taking away your own will or desires.

I know this is frustrating and confusing. but the outcome is dependent upon self determination. Trust me, eventually I will be able to reveal more. This I promise."

He reaches out a stuffed paw as if to touch Lilly's face then suddenly plops to the table.

"Oh he is so cute," squeals Talena!

Clapping her hands she bumps against Alec and smiles at him. "I want one," she says beaming at him.

Lilly stares at he bear just siting there lifeless the sparkle gone from it's eyes. Then she notices Sandy grinning at her. "You brought him to school with you."

Around them the cafeteria is back to normal as if nothing had happened.

As if no time had passed.

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Lilly reached out and picked up the bear, lookimg at him in her hands for a moment before nodding with a small smile.

"Yeah. What is said to Courtney is true though. After what happened at the lake, it kinda gets you thinking. So I have been thinking about... stuff... all week. And, like, even when I was alone, I still had him there, which was kinda like having you there." Lilly replied to Sandy, lifting her eyes from the bear to look at him with a genuine smile.


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<OMFG! We... we actually have an anime animal adviser/companion!> Sean exclaimed over Guildchat, her bemused surprise at the absurdity coming through clearly. Why that should be more unbelievable than turning from an underdeveloped boy into an overdeveloped woman, Sean wasn't prepared to say. Maybe because that was something usually regulated to animation, whereas superheroes were more frequently seen in live-action movies now. <I guess that stuffed toy has more significance than I had first thought it warranted>

"Cute," Sean agreed with Talena, glancing surreptitiously around to see if anyone had reacted or noticed their 'timeout' but no one seemed to. If any time had passed, it was such a infinitesimal amount that she couldn't measure it. Hoolii had certainly given them a lot to mull over. She smiled at Lilly. "That's sweet."

Sean's grin faded slightly as her eyes slid over Sara. When Sara had arrived, she'd been ebullient, almost bubbly, a sharp contrast to her usual self. But now, it seemed no more than a facade, a mask she was wearing that didn't fit right. Sean felt a stab of annoyance that she couldn't show her the concern she wanted to while playing the part of her cousin.

"Well, Sara, was it? Since you brought me cake, I feel like I can impose a little," Sean said, leaning over a little to speak to the still seated Sara. "Do you think you could show me how to get to my first class? First day in a new school, I don't want any first impressions be of me being late."

Sean chuckled self-deprecatingly, but honestly, anyone's first impressions of the leggy and busty bombshell wouldn't be about how punctual she was. <Are you okay?> she asked Sara on a private channel. <I know things are insane and different now, but not everything. We can all rely on each other, and if you ever need to talk, well, you don't even need to call now>

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Sara looked up into those beautiful Turquoise eyes which were the same yet so different now. "Yeah I can show you to your class, no imposing done."

She smile as she stood and through her book bag over her shoulder then picked up Sean's bag "I'll get this you grab the rest of the cake."

<I'm ok, just frustrated and I don't know, freaked that I'm not freaked like i should be. And I'm angry. I want to kiss you so bad right now and I know I can't.> Sara puts all of her emotional turmoil into her private link with Sean.

<And this mental shit is fucking weird.>

"We better go, bell will be soon," Sara purposely bumps into Sean letting their bodies touch for a moment of bliss.

"See you guys at lunch." she smiles at the rest of the gang.

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The two girls made they're way through the cafeteria virtually every head in the room turned to follow them, or rather follow the new girl and her perfect form.

Sara and Sean wondered the hall and while both girls noticed the looks, Sara was the one bothered by them. To her it seemed like Sean was enjoying the attention, basking in the spotlight so to speak, and this was pissing Sara off.

Sara was a private person and she had...fallen for Sean, a boy who had done almost everything he could to fly under the radar. But now it was like he...she was all about showing off and god she was beautiful but... ugghhhhh! Sara screamed in her head at the frustration she was experiencing, when Sean grabbed her arm and pulled her into the unused chem lab that they had once made out in in what to her felt like ages ago even thought it had been just a little more than two weeks.

Sean pulled Sara into a tight hug and leaned down pressing her lips to her. Sara kissed her back but the emotions and feelings were a turmoil in her head. God it felt so good but she couldnt shake the feeling that it wasn't good, not for them, not if they got caught, not if Sean... Not if Sean wasn't Sean anymore.



Eyes that had followed the girls shifted back to the irregulars table and settled on the golden boy Alec. Luckily the bell rang then and everyone went to class.

The day was quiet and subdued, especially among the senior class who had had the most persons involved in the incident at the lake. Even though there had been no real and lasting injuries there was still a sense of depression that went along with the marred festivities.

Abel noticed it the most during the day. His contacts with other kids who had been at the lake and suffered the attack were still somewhat confused and all of them were easily distracted. Only the irregulars and Talena who had been there as well as Chet, Courtney, and the two band kids, Dan Simonton and Gina Keller, didn't have the confused thoughts and short term memory lapses.

Abel was suspicious enough to ask everyone to meet at the foot ball practice after school so they could have a little talk.

And that's where things got weird.



Football and cheering practice took place in the stadium at the same time so most everyone was present when Abel got there. There were a few other kids there as usual boyfriends and girlfriends that sort of thing Abel saw Talena sitting on the first row watching Alec he grunted to himself once he realized that everyone was pretty much watching Alec. Hmm, he thought to himself, we are going to have to do something about that. Then he noticed that Sean and Sara had come into the stadium Sean had been spotted so now she was the center of everyone's attention. Abel noticed that Sara had a dour look on her face and her thoughts were heavily guarded.

As everyone in the gang except for those actually on the practice field climbed the bleachers away from the other kids some thing very strange happened

During a practice play Alec and Chet opposed each other Alec was on the Green team Chet the red, Alec had been running pretty much roughshod over every one today not that he meant to it was just that he didn't realize how much better he was than everyone else except Lilly and to be honest Chet had been doing the same.

Chet had been trying to tackle Lilly all practice but she had easily avoided him and this next play he changed up and went after Alec.

They clashed in the middle of the field and to Alec it felt like he had hit a wall. The sound of the practice pads slamming together had drawn everyone attention Neither player had went down they separated and glared at each other The ball in Alec's hand had exploded from the force of the impact. Chet's beady eyes glared with hatred at Alec a hatred that was palpable.

Lilly started forward when she noticed that Sandy had taken his helmet off and was staring up at the sky. Then she noticed the other players doing the same taking their helmets off and staring up at the sky, all of them except her, Alec, and Chet.

The coaches had noticed that play had stopped and were calling for the kids attention but they were ignored.

Over on the sidelines Kia, Courtney, and Sean's sister Loralie stood among the cheerleaders and were staring at the other girls who all were staring at the sky.



Ok here we go it has been a weird day at school and looks even weirder now.

Sara has not been in Guild Chat all day and has been avoiding everyone. She will respond to private links if any one wanted to talk with her.

Alec and Sean have been stared at and watched and ogled all day long have had notes of adoration and girls have been flashing alec. its a mess and it isn't just the kids and it isn't all cool there is jealousy and envy in some of those looks. when ever someone cane see either of you you become the center of attention. one such example Alec in history class the teacher has asked a question and is looking at Alec for the answer and so does everyone else. it's like everyone wants to hear what YOU say and you know that even if you give a wrong answer most of them will believe you anyway

The only people who seem unaffected by your looks are those who are enhanced and those close to you already such as family and Talena.

At the stadium once the kids stare up at the sky if any of you look up all you see is a flock of birds in formation flying south.

Post away.

If you post something from during the day before practice  label it appropriately please


All of them had been at the lake.

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Abel had been thinking since the morning on how to help the others "hide"better, but for Sean, and definitely Alec, this was going to be an impossibility.   In truth, perhaps they didn't wish to hide, either.  While Sean had changed gender, she was now nothing like she'd been before, physically, and perhaps even psychologically.  She was brilliant as always, but now Sean seemed confidant in all things, as opposed to his skills with computers and gaming.  Not bad in and of itself, but it was certainly different.   Lily and Alec, well he'd have to at least have a word with them regarding holding back on their newfound ability, as he had learned to do.  This would mean revealing the truth they all likely had to suspect by now, that he was enhanced long before, but they were his friends, and he felt a need to be honest, at least with them.

The explosive clash between Alec and Chet was surprising, he might be enhanced as well, but not to the same level.  This was going to be more and more impossible to keep quiet.    Add to it, Sara being quiet in guild chat, which while not totally uncommon, she was rarely so guarded, and seemed very ill at ease.   He had wanted to see everyone inconspicuously, but now something in the sky caught the attention of many there.   There was a flight of geese, or perhaps another migratory bird, it was hard to tell, as he couldn't hear the call.  It had nearly everyone's attention, save he noticed, those he knew were enhanced, and taleena, who perhaps by her constant association, was protected in some way.  Turning to his powers, he opened his mind, expanding the opening through which he allowed all the thoughts to pour into his mind, and he found something interesting, and perplexing.  For those who were at the lake and not enhanced,  there was only ONE thought a series of number.    He couldn't find a meaning to it, and that bothered him as well.   He commit the number to memory, and looked around to the others,   <Guys, something's not right, be ready.>


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Kia didn't notice the kids looking into the sky right away. Her attention was riveted on the clash between Alec and Chet. Though she'd noticed changes in Courtney, it hadn't occurred to her that Chet might have had something happen to him too. And it definitely hadn't occurred to her that two kids with pumped up powers might actually fight. That was actually a really scary thought!

She took a step forward, intending to go over there and try to break them up...but the silence from the cheerleaders attracted her attention. They were a chatty bunch usually.

Turning around, Kia saw everyone looking up. When she looked up as well, there were just some birds.

So she reached over to Jasmine and tapped her shoulder.

"Hey...what is it? What's everyone looking at?"

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