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Aberrant RPG - Elemental Mastery: Eufiber?


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Can you choose eufiber colonies as an elemental anima/ mastery? If so, in the power elemental mastery, it states that you can create matter or energy (whatever you chose when you bought the power), but does that matter/energy stay present? If so, when using yur elemental mastery: eufiber technique, can you continuously create colonies to protect you over and over? That would be a bit too powerful, eh?

JTF Malice

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Churning out "raw eufiber" probably isn't as good as using the refined stuff that finally makes it onto the rich novas out there.

Of course, the game makes no real distinctiopn between raw, refined and synthetic eufiber - but you can bet there would be in my game if someone did buy the power you suggested.

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In my opinion I would not allow EA/EM of eufiber because "eufiber colonies" is created by one specific person. That is what made him different from other novas. The chances of another nova having the exact same ability would be 1 in a million. But to answer your question. yes with EM you can create it but what you are looking for is Matter Creation. I would say that useing EM or MC you would have to something like spend a Temp Willpower to make it permanent for the real stuff. The lesser eufiber that is used in baseline clothing I would say that MC is all you would need.

Now if other people think that I am way off base here, please let me know. I never really put much thought into it until now and I am sure that someone in my group will think of it later.

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As Deeth is actually made of the material (Body morph-always on) I have chosen to give him anima to represent his ability to "talk/manipulate" other eufiber. He has no creation abilities for it as I felt that would be too powerful as you indicated.

Saying that one nova's ability would not be avaliable to other novas doesn't hold water. Otherwise there would be only one winged nova, only one that could read minds, etc...

In Deeths case, he was "killed" by eufiber, so his defensive reaction was to become the material so to save his life.

Not sure if the question had Deeth in mind, but since I noticed the thread, I figured I would jump in and at least try to defend the position wink

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Not the same thing.See the idea of nova powers, based on the need of the nova,and the wants of the nova. Me I kinda frown on Deeth, but I just do not see the need and want that it would take to make eufiber.The needs and wants to read minds, or have wing well those are pleanty.You just have to look for them.

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Deeth I can live with. I actually think the concept is cool. I've even wondered a time or two if he didn't really 'become' EuFiber ... maybe he possessed an existing colony. Maybe there was a real body in that coffin he 'woke up in' belonging to the nova who killed him....

I can even accept the idea of a power to control existing EuFiber.

But I don't think that Elemental Mastery or Anima is an appropriate template power to use for this. Too few of the techniques really seem to match. Now one or two, like Imprison seem OK, but most are out.

IMO a custom level 3 power would be needed and ‘creation’ of new EuFiber would be out.

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Well, I'm not sure if this is something you would be intrested in, but here's a power I picked up off of a site titled The NovaNet

Eufiber Control(Developed and approved by Todd

Bowes, submitted by Ronin)

Level: 3

Quantum Minimum: 4

Dice pool: variable

Area: special

Range: special

Duration: special

Multiple Actions: Yes

Description: The nova can control

and manipulate both her's and another nova's eufiber colony This exceedingly

rare power gives a nova control over other novas' eufiber colonies. Most

of the techniques here can only affect another nova's eufiber, but some

allow the nova greater control over her own eufiber. The nova can only use this power on novas who possess eufiber. As with other suite powers,

the nova may freely use one technique per dot in the power, and may use

abilities she does not know by paying double quantum and rolling at a difficulty.

Eufiber Revolt

Dice pool: Manipulation + Eufiber


Range: (Quantum + power rating)


Duration: Instant

This basic power allows the nova to make a target's eufiber turn on

its host, inflicting damage. She must have a target within her line of

sight in order to use this ability. The nova rolls Manipulation + Eufiber

Control. The target may resist with Eufiber + Weave. Each net success counts

as one level of lethal damage that cannot be soaked.


Dice pool: Wits + Eufiber Control

Range: (Quantum + power rating)


This power allows the nova to manipulate another nova's eufiber, causing

it to change shape. Similar to the Shaping technique from Elemental Anima,

a nova can use this for a variety of purposes, from changing a eufiber's

colour, to having words spelled out in the fabric, to even binding the

target. In any case, the target resists with Eufiber + Weave. Each use

of Morph costs three quantum.


Dice Pool: Variable

This power allows allows the nova to physically separate a target's

eufiber from the host body, and animate it. To separate, the pays three

quantum and rolls Wits + Eufiber Control, the target may resist with Eufiber

+ Weave. If the nova wins, the eufiber colony is successfully separated

from the host. To animate, the nova must roll Intelligence + Eufiber Control.

The eufiber colony can take any shape from humanoid to a blob, and has

Physical Attributes and Initiative equal to (target's eufiber rating +

the nova's Eufiber Control) - (target's base attribute rating) down to

a minimum of one. If the Physical Attribute ratings go above five, each

dot above five becomes a Mega-Attribute. The separated colony also receives

a Weave rating equal to the nova's Weave rating. The nova can only retain

control over the separated eufiber colony for as many rounds as she has

dots in

Eufiber Control. The nova can also use this ability on herself and

may choose to not resist separation.

Quantum Drain/Invest

Dice pool: Intelligence + Eufiber


This allows a nova to drain or invest quantum energy into a eufiber

colony. To invest quantum in another eufiber colony the nova rolls Intelligence

+ Eufiber Control rolled in contest against the target's Eufiber rating.

Each net success represents a dot of quantum the nova may invest in the

target colony. The nova then spends as many quantum points as he wishes

to invest, giving the target nova additional stored quantum, up to double

the target's Eufiber rating, even if the target colony is already filled

with quantum. However, if the nova invests more quantum than double the

rating, each point invested over that limit becomes one level of unsoakable bashing damage. To drain, the nova pays three quantum and rolls Intelligence

+ Eufiber Control. The target resists with Eufiber. Each net success represents

one dot of quantum drained from the target's eufiber colony. It also removes

the additional soak from the Eufiber as well, until the target replenishes

her eufiber with more quantum. The nova may absorb as many drained quantum

into her own eufiber (even if her quantum is already charged) as she wishes,

up to twice her Eufiber rating. Each dot of quantum over twice her Eufiber

rating becomes one level of unsoakable bashing damage. The nova also gains

additional soak equal to dots of drained quantum up to the target's Eufiber

rating. The dots of drained quantum and levels of soak fade at a rate of

one dot/level per turn.


Dice pool: N/A

This ability allows the nova to give eufiber enhanced mobility. The

eufiber forms rolling wheels, or extends limbs for faster running, or even

forms pontoons for travel on top of water. This power cannot be used to

simulate or enhance flight or gliding abilities. The nova can use this

ability either on herself or others, provided she pays three quantum per

person. The character's movement pace is multiplied by (1 + Eufiber Control).

The nova can use this ability multiple times (each time costs three quantum)

to increase that multiplier. For instance if a nova spends six quantum,

the multiplier becomes (2 + Eufiber Control).

Extras: None.

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well, if you think about it... why would someone about to burn to death suddenly become flame? Would't it have been easier to develop armor, or flame control or something?

Deeths response to the eufiber attack was based on his rather passive personality. Rather than resist the attack, he chose instead (unconsciously of course) to become the attack.

It does fall into some of Bruce Lee's training.

As far as a new power, I like what was suggested, but that still seems to walk a parallel to Anima. I had given Deeth all the eufiber skills/abilities at max level to represent the fact that he IS eufiber. Even his fiction stories hint that he is not human, and in fact, has little human dna.

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Deeth I can live with, just because bodymorph is a more specific form of Mater Cham. He isn't a copy of anyone else (like I can talk about that) but someone with Elemental Mastery: Eufiber, would be. We have one nova out there who can make this stuff, and the rest of us are left wondering just what exactly *is* it.

And the difference between "real" and "fake" or "artifical" eufiber is that the real stuff can store q and can respond to a novas wishes. Re-read the description of the "eufiber" background.

Eufiber control is a very clever power, but B. is the only nova I can think of who should be allowed to have it, at least off of eruption. I could almost see someone with (Q-Imprint + Access to B) being able to develope it, but that would take roll playing.

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An attack that doesn't have a soak? Why would an object with a maximum structural integrity of 5 do non-soakable, lethal damage?

Headline reads: "Caestus Pax strangled by own costume while rest of T2M stands about uselessly!

Was bad hygeine to blame?"

No. Again, I say, "No."

We also get into the problem of Attunement. Eufiber becomes attuned to the user, right? Effectively, you are attacking the user him/herself, and not just their eufiber.

These are my initial thoughts, anyway.

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Going to second Master Jaeger here. Non soakable lethal levels seem a tad too powerful. Techniques in third level powers shouldn't be more powerful than second level powers on a whole.

The resistence nearly guarantees that the defender will have a significantly lower dice pool than the attacker as they are denied any potential MegaDice. I mean, even Quantum Vampire only does Bashing damage.

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Originally posted by Jager:
An attack that doesn't have a soak? Why would an object with a maximum structural integrity of 5 do non-soakable, lethal damage?
Headline reads: "Caestus Pax strangled by own costume while rest of T2M stands about uselessly!
I missed that one. You are right.

We already have rules for "unsoakable" attacks, and Hardbody *always* allows soak.
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I have been playing Deeth (in my tabletop game) that he couldn't affect eufiber that was attuned except by touch, and had to win a contest of wills with the original owner. He hasn't ever had the ability to make the eufiber do anything but melt off the owner, where it could be picked back up by the original owner, or someone else.

Though I do like the ideas that come up with "real" control of others eufiber, I have to agree that it would be like controlling the owner, not the suit. However, if you can "convince" the suit to reject its current owner, then you open the possibilities to what you can do I believe.

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I would actually try a different concept if a eufiber master is what you want, try a tainted Nova who excreets these Micr-organism parasites, that needs the quantum of Nova's (eufiber in a nutshell) and his powers are not focused o eufiber, but the micro organism that make it what it is. Several Powers fit this, plant/animal mastery, Elemental Master/anima (although if that is allowed then a Human Mastery could be argued). Flash-usable only up foes with eufiber (as the eufiber covers the head).. in essence, the microbes would live aslong as they have quantum stored in them, eventually dying off as it used it all up.. time frame set by the ST....

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