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OK since y'all did so well with the first project (theme songs) I have decided to give you another project for easy XP.

I need some Quantum Enhanced Humans and I don't want to make em myself so i'm passing them off to Y'all.

I don't need fluff just the crunchy numbers. I do need powers fluff, IE if the person has quantum bolt tell me how it manifests/what it looks like, if they have elemental Mastery what element, and so on.

The first submission from each of you will earn you 10 xp the second and third will get you 5 xp for each and that is all i need for now. there is a time limit i need all submissions done by Sunday evening.

so that's a potential 20 bonus xp

use the following guidlins for creating these npcs


Character creation is as per the core rule book except as noted here. Only the Core Rule book and the Players guide are going to be used. Mega Enhancements from the Three Splat books (New Flesh, Brainwaves, and Forceful Personalities) are allowed but nothing else.

* All NPCs start with Quantum 1 and get 30 np, Quntum can be raised to a maximum of Q4. (see below for cost as they are different than in the book)

You may use taint to buy powers and Megas as well as quantum score per the rules, but Taint handled in a completely different manner from baseline Aberrant. In this setting Taint is a hidden stat, there are no aberrations caused by Taint it's basically a storyteller tool.

You may only buy powers at character creation, these NPCs may not buy Latent powers.



Creation Points

Trait Points

Attributes  Total of 15 points place in any attribute

Abilities 23

Backgrounds 7 (no eufiber, If none of the back grounds feel fitting you may trade unspent backgrounds for Bonus points 1 for 1)

Willpower (Stam + Wits + Cha) divided by  2 round down Megas add 2 per dot before division

Quantum 1

Bonus Points (15)

Trait Cost per dot

Attribute 5

Ability 2

Specialty (max. 3 per Ability) 1

Background 1

Willpower 2

Initiative 1

Quantum costs 7 BP

Nova Points (30)

Trait Nova Point Cost

Mega-Attribute 3 (Receive one free enhancement for each odd numbered dot in a mega-attribute)

Enhancement* 3

Quantum (to a maximum of 4)  quantum must be bought at the cost of the level listed here. character must already have the previous Q level to purchase any level

Q2 - 5

Q3 - 7

Q4 - 10

Quantum Power (Level 1) 1

Quantum Power (Level 2) 3

Quantum Power (Level 3) 5


Quantum Pool ½

3 Attribute dots 1

6 Ability dots§ 1

5 Background dots 1

Willpower dot 1

This will produce QEHs that are considerably less powerful than the PCs but that is by design

I reserve the right to modify any or all submissions. but you will still receive your Bonus Xp as per above.

Remember this is optional there is no requirement

Thank you.

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