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Character Thread for AWS


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This is where we will put character profiles for the game. I will also put up important npcs here as well.

As your characters are approved you can place them  make you you put your game mechanics in a spoiler box

If at all possible use pictures of real people as opposed to drawings, either actors or models, to represent your characters, thank you.


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name- Abel Cross
Height- 6'2"
weight-180 lbs
eyes- grey

Abel Cross is something of an oddity in his school.   Those who knew him prior to highschool knew a friendly, if somewhat nerdy young man who was always in the background of things.  Son of one of the doctors in town with a better reputation than others, both for being correct with his diagnosis, his fair practices, and genuine desire to help others, Abel also possesses a keen academic mind, and has always been a bright boy.  This didn't so much change after his freshman year, but everything else about him did.   While always friendly, he grew nearly six inches over one summer, and came back looking less like a boy and far more like a young man.  He was lean and atheletic, with an easy smile and even smarter it seemed than he had been.  All he would tell people is that his growth spurt was quite kind to him and he'd spent the summer studying and running.   Immediately after tryouts were announced, he joined the track team, blasting away the rest of the field by several seconds, seemingly without real effort.  Baseball, and old favorite of his, was another sport he applied himself to, and he made the varsity team, having an uncanny ability to read the pitch and connect.  Once on base, his speed helped him steal bases and make it round quite well, and he soon became a star player.   Some allegations were made about steroid use, especially given his Father's occupation, but these were quickly dismissed as he submit to drug tests, which found nothing.

On the other side, he's still brilliant academically, posting top marks across the board, his love of the sciences is still present, and while he's quite atheletic he still holds to all his nerdy passions as well, loving science fiction, anime, video games, and gaming in general.   It's been quite a change for those close to him, but they only know what they see, A young man who applied himself to atheletics as much as academics and remade himself.   What they don't see is the rest of the story.

As a an Quantum enhanced human, Abel  owes much of his atheletic and academic success to his enhanced dexterity and intelligence.  The ability that causes him the most issues, both external and internal, is somewhat unconfirmed by others.  He is a telepath, able to effortlessly read the surface thoughts of those around him.  Indeed, it's taken getting used to to tune out the constant assault of other thoughts.  His ability leaves no trace of his presence, and further, he's fairly judicious in its use.  His moral standard does keep him from using it for cheating on tests, but sometimes it probes deeper than he intends, and he learns things he'd rather not know.

LIkes and hobbies
Abel is still an avid gamer, loving vintage and modern video games, RPG's with friends, and board games.  A dinosaur fanatic since early childhood, until becoming a QEH he dreamt of becoming a world-renowned paleontologist.  He does enjoy anime and manga, mostly the shonen genre.  To the surprise of many of his gaming group, a veritable collection of nerds and misfits,  he still plays with them as much as in years past, he doesn't even bother hiding his geek.  He does get some ribbing from his fellow athletes, but so long as he performs on the field like he does, they "Allow" him to indulge the misfits without too much hassle.  Another love of his is kungfu movies, he's got a fair library of books, and styles himself as a selftaught martial artist.   This was actually tested after his return surprisingly, and he won in a rather startling display of skill.  He hunts and fishes with his father.  He drives an old jeep patriot, bought for him by his parents when he got his liscense.

Abel's home-  

The Cross family home is quite large, having six bedrooms and 3 baths, A living room, den, dining room and kitchen.   The front yard is well kept, while the back is large and fenced in, containing in the summers, an above ground pool.  What was once a secondary garage has been cleaned out and turned into a club house of sorts for Abel and his friends, it does have all the amenities, mostly in his mother's words. "We know where they are, and they aren't disturbing anyone."  It is here most often that Abel and his friends do their gaming, where they're not bothered by anyone.  His mother refuses to get a fridge or microwave for it, on the principle that a little human interaction in forcing them to come inside for those things isn't a bad thing.

Abel's family

Father-Dr. Sebastian Cross, one of the more successful General practicioners in town, a man with a serious demeanor, and a kind heart.  He is known for being a very fair man, and very good at helping people heal.

Mother- Cornelia Cross, a beautiful mother of three, Cornelia is Kindergarten teacher at Shelly Elementary and has taught there since attaining her degree.  She indulges her children, though she is also more effective at disciplining them all as well.  She has established the rules of the house, and expects everyone to obey.

Sisters- Mellysa and Dalia Cross identical twins, with their mother's golden blonde hair and bright blue eyes, the terror twins as Abel calls them are seventh grade middle school students.  both run track and play basketball avidly.  Despite some sibling rivalry, they get on rather well with Abel.  They don't fully share his nerdiness or academic virtuosity, but they do well enough in school and he helps when he can.

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Personal Information

Real Name: Sean Fionn Cassidy
Nicknames: Finn, Cassidy, Cassy, PC Genie/Apple Genius, Nerd, Shrimp, Pipsqueak or Squeak, Sissidy, Sissy Boy, Faggot, Shorty, Millennium Baby, and less pleasant names
Nature: Somewhere between Explorer and Survivor
Concept: Prepubescent Teenager/Fully Grown Superior Woman
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Jack Cassidy (Father; Renovations/Landscaping, Electrical, and Plumbing contractor; 6'), Carolyn Cassidy (Mother; Homeworker, part-time accountant; 5'7''), Teagan Cassidy (Sister; 20; Joined the Military after graduation, planning on being a US Ranger; 5'9''), Laurelei Cassidy (Sister; 14; Freshman; 5'6'')
Date of Birth: January 1, 2000
Nationality: American
Home Region: Shelly, MT, USA
Occupation: Junior at Shelly High School; Freelance web-design and programmer, exclusively online
Allegiance(s): Friends, Family

Physical Traits

Gender: Female
Ethnic Background: Caucasian (Irish, German, Norwegian, French-Canadian)
Age: 16
Apparent Age: About 18
Height: 6'1''
Weight: 163 lbs
Eyes: Large, exotic, tilted eyes of vivid turquoise
Hair: Deep auburn with purple, pink, orange, and yellow highlights; faux-hawk
Handedness: Left

Appearance: Anyone meeting Sean for the first time could be forgiven for believing he was the youngest of the Cassidy children instead of the middle, and it wouldn't be the first time they were thought to be all daughters. Sean is very short and slight for his age and gender, barely five feet tall in shoes and not even a hundred pounds soaking wet. His hairless body used to tan darkly but since he started spending more time inside, his skin has returned to a natural fairness, with an enviously smooth and clear complexion that has never known the ravages of Acne, or even a single pimple. While waiting for his growth spurt to arrive, he tried to jump start things by eating as much as he could, fast food and sugary sweets, just to put on weight, but with his high metabolism, he didn't put on a pound. His sisters kind of hate him for that.

His fine features are cute and androgynous and mobile, able to pass for those of either a boy or a girl of about twelve or so, depending on what he is wearing. Any girl or woman would kill to have his sculpted cheekbones or large, exotic turquoise eyes with their thick, dark lashes in his heart-shaped face. Like his facial features, his voice can likewise be mistaken for a young boy's or a girl, in either case, high and silky sweet. He's asked (or commanded) to join the school Concert Choir all the time. For a while, he tried to speak in a rougher/lower register, but just ended up with a sore throat. He keeps his bright auburn hair cut short - shaved on the back and sides, and two or three inches long on top - since when he had it longer, he felt like he looked even more feminine.

Like most teenaged boys, his clothing ranges rarely from jeans, running shoes, and t-shirts, sometimes layered, to which he adds a hoodie. Since he generally has to get kids' sizes, he prefers plain styles and solid colours, since his finds the patterns and designs on kids' clothes childish and stupid. Regardless of what he is wearing, it always seems to be at least a size too big. He kids around town on a bike, the same one he's had since he was about nine.

Sean has transformed into a spectacularly attractive and statuesque woman. Even more disconcerting is that she's still easily identifiable as Sean, clearly the woman the boy would grow into, if he'd been born a girl and had been stupendously blessed by puberty

The shape of her face is similar, except even more refined and symmetrical, her features exquisite and perfect. Her lips are the same, except fuller and a deeper, more enticing pink. Her stunning, large turquoise eyes are unmistakable, but even more vivid and blazing with intelligence and wit. And her distinctive voice is still recognizable, but now has a richer, even more mellifluous timbre and undoubtedly belongs to a woman.

Also, rather than looking like a prepubescent boy or girl, Sean now appears to a be young woman who should be a High School Senior or starting College.

Sean has the tall, elegant lines of a supermodel, standing just over six feet tall with remarkably long and shapely legs, the sleek, firm muscle tone of a professional dancer or yoga instructor, and curves that belong to a comic book superheroine or video game character. She moves with eye-catching, fluid coordination and economy of motion, no action wasted and exudes palpable self-assurance and competency in all she does that many find alluring and sometimes intimidating.

Her hair is somewhat longer, razor cut on a side and the colour of sunset. A deep auburn at the back, there are highlights of  shifting hues of purples, reds, oranges, pinks, and yellows moving towards the front. Hair is similar to this colour and styled similar to this or this.

  Hide contents

Hair is coloured similar to this except more vibrant

And Styled similarly to this

Or this


Abilities/Special Skills: Sean has a natural and impressive talent with computers, both with programming and assembling them, enough so, that when there is a technical issue regarding them at Shelly High, most people go see Sean to deal with it than the faculty. As well, since helping his father from a young age and from general curiosity and experimentation, Sean is more than handy when it comes to electrical and mechanical devices in general. That homemade drone almost worked! From being stuffed into more than one locker or trunk, Sean picked up how to pick locks, and if he can get a good look at it, believes he might be able to get around other security systems.

By necessity, Sean has learned how to be aware of his surroundings as well as how to move through them surreptitiously. While he doesn't like backing down to his tormentors, most times, it's just better for all involved - but mostly him - just to avoid them in the first place. He used to take the AmTrak for over an hour each way on the weekend to martial art classes to learn self-defense until he decided it was too much trouble and a waste of time. Lately, Abel Cross has been showing some moves that he can use despite his diminutive size and slight build.

Sean is considered a very good Gamemaster - at least by those who enjoy Roleplaying Games - a creative and animated storyteller with a versatile voice, who never has to refer to any of the gaming books during a session. He's a decent artist, drawing pictures - usually digitally - and painting miniatures of his players' Characters, and writes his own campaigns and modules, or heavily modifying existing ones.

He's also accounted the resident king of video games, can do advanced math in his head, and seemingly never forgets a thing. He's also a pretty good cook, especially with baking, but doesn't like people knowing, since he sees it as girly thing, despite the fact his parents share cooking duties.

Personality: Sean is a sarcastic and stubborn young man, always having to bite his tongue - and not always succeeding - to refrain from giving sharp retort to any insult. With his small size and androgynous looks, he's regularly bullied, but rarely backs down and hates having to ask to help, wanting to deal with any shit himself. He doesn't forget and rarely forgives, but since direct confrontation usually ends very poorly for him, Sean can take the long view to get revenge. He's still bullied of course, but people don't try to cheat him anymore after he built one of them a PC and they tried to refuse to pay him for it.

Since he's bullied and tormented so much, Sean is very loyal to his few close friends and highly values their good regard, willing to do nearly anything he can for them. Hates being treated like a child or girl, specifically because he can be mistaken for either and is in fact, neither. With school is such Hell, Sean coasts by on his natural talents rather than making any real effort, resulting in him being a relatively good student over all - if at times sharp-tongued and challenging - instead of an excellent one.

Sean relishes figuring out how things work and has an innate curiosity that has gotten him in trouble more than once.

Background: Sean's life hasn't been an easy one, though it started out with promise. With his father a general contractor who did renovations, landscaping, electrical and plumbing work and his mother, who took care of the books and worked part-time as an accountant from home, Sean grew up solid middle-class in an old, converted farmhouse on the outskirts of town that had belonged to the Cassidys for generations. Most of the associated land had been sold off long ago, but they still had a small barn that Jack renovated into a play-room/den that Sean soon claimed, and indeed practically moved into.

Very smart and clever, school was easy for him and Sean took an early interest in computers, which at the time, was used mostly by Carolyn to keep the books and her accounting business. They got him his own computer and soon where starting to regret it, as he was always fiddling with it, trying to make it better, which at first, resulted in needing to get new parts or take it in to get fixed. But it didn't take long before others started coming to Sean to fix their PCs or get him to build one for them.

Like his older sister Teagan, Sean helped his dad out on his building sites after school and on the weekends. Always a bit small for his age, he couldn't do any heavy lifting, but could do gopher work and he was always good with his hands, showing an aptitude with electrical and mechanical devices, always wanting to know how they worked.

Things started their downward turn as he moved into Junior High. Hormones and puberty were affecting everyone, everyone but him. As his peers began growing taller and developing more mature builds, he remained infuriatingly small, showing practically no adolescent growth. Formerly, if he hadn't been the best athlete, he was still decent enough that he was never picked last and was a pretty good goalie, but soon, he couldn't keep up, and started absolutely hating and dreading phys. ed.

When he was thirteen, he almost lost it when his younger sister Laurelei, at only eleven, was as tall as he was, and he got to watch her grow taller and taller each year and she twitted him about it as he stayed the same, puny size. He stopped helping his father on contract jobs and Laurelei starting taking over. His older sister had always been bigger than he was of course, but this hurt. A year later, his parents took him to Dr. Cross, who ran tests and bloodwork on him and sent them off to specialists out of state.

While healthy and a fully functioning male, Sean's secondary sexual characteristics remained woefully underdeveloped, leaving him small and slight of stature, hairless of body, high of voice, and enviously clear and smooth of skin. He assured Sean and his parents that his caffeine intake wasn't responsible. From the tests and bloodwork, Dr. Cross' best conjecture was that Sean was suffering from a case of Mild Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome. Normally it was caused by a mutation in the Androgen Receptor Gene, but that didn't seem to be the case with Sean, and without knowing the underlying cause, Dr. Cross was uncomfortable prescribing supplementary testosterone to treat his condition.

Being different and being small, even child-like in appearance, Junior High and High School turned into absolute Hell for Sean, as he was teased and bullied constantly, likely not helped by having a quick wit and a large mouth that let him make cutting retorts for every insult. A dangerous quality to have as the smallest boy in school, hell there was only a single girl who was shorter than he was. The Mayor's son Chet took especial delight in tormenting him, with the faculty naturally being ineffectual in stopping him from doing so for any length of time. His older sister Teagan, one of the more athletic girls in school, graduating and leaving to join the Military and become an US Army Ranger also didn't help.

It wasn't that he wasn't willing to stand up for himself, he was, but when you don't even weigh a hundred pounds soaking wet, fights generally ended up one way, and he did not give as much as he received, even when he started it. After Chet pants him in Phys. Ed  and mocked his size in all respects, Sean went beserk. At first, his surprise attack seemed to have given him an advantage, but it didn't last, and had the shit beaten out of him. After that incident, he was suspended for a week, since technically, he had started the fight.

Sean began withdrawing even more from school. They placed him in more advanced Math and Technology courses to keep him engaged, but all it did was emphasize the difference in apparent age between him and his classmates. He certainly never had a girlfriend. Some girls found him adorable he knew, like a little brother or a little kid they baby sat, but he was actually of an age with them and didn't want to be treated that way, and barely found it more tolerable than the girls who teased and mocked him

He eternally regrets losing a bet to his sisters last Halloween, which let them chose his costume. The really sad part was, he had made a really good American McGee's Alice, and practically no one had recognized him, or even realized his was a boy, when his sisters introduced him as their cousin. He didn't speak to them for a week afterwards, especially since pics got around school.

So Sean withdrew into the online world of the internet and video games, where if they thought he sounded like a girl or a little kid, at least they didn't know the actual situation. He also focused on running his weekly Roleplaying game with a small group who, if they teased him about his issues, at least they weren't mean about it. Now he's just bidding his time to get out of Shelly, Montana. He isn't under any delusions that looking like a boy in a man's world will go any better for him elsewhere, but at least he might be able to get a new start with people who don't know him.

Character Theme



Original Song




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Lilly "Vanguard" Pryor


Personal Information

Real Name: Lilly Ann Pryor
Nicknames: Lil, Lills, Lil' Monstah
Nature: Survivor
Concept: Super Athlete/Defender
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: William Pryor - Father (Air Force), Cassandra Pryor - Mother (Nurse)
Date of Birth: September 9, 1999
Nationality: American
Occupation: Junior at Shelly High School
Allegiance(s): Friends, Family


Physical Traits

Gender: Female
Ethnic Background: Caucasian/Mediterranean (English, Irish, Spanish, Greek)
Age: 17
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 140 lbs
Eyes: Black
Hair: Dark Brown
Handedness: Right

Appearance: For a teenage girl, Lilly is a near the pinnacle of physical fitness. Her physique is well defined, with abs nearly chiseled from stone and hardly an ounce of fat. Through it all though, she still maintains quite a feminine shape. Her hair is dark brown and long, generally worn down except for when she is training or competing, when she ties it up or back.

She wears anything from running shoes, jeans, tank top and a hoodie to athletic wear, depending on the situation. And aside from a formal occasion, like a dance or wedding, she is never seen in a dress or high heels.

Lilly is attractive, having a lucky mix of traits from her parents', and is quick to laugh or flash a warm, friendly smile. The exception to this is when she is competing, where she focuses intently.

She has her own transportation, an old, beat up 1962 Ford F-250 pickup. The truck has more than it's fair share of rust, but in a small town like Shelly, the used car selection is rather scarce. It serves her well though, hauling her athletic equipment, and friends, and is surprisingly reliable for it's age.

Abilities/Special SkillsLilly is a natural athlete who began with gymnastics, but then moved onto track & field, lifting and even wrestling as she matured, quickly rising to the top of any team she was on as the family moved around the nation, and world, following her father's different assignments.

She is an avid hunter as well, with rifle and bow. Hunting was always a passion of her father's, so she took to it as a way to spend more time with him. In return, he taught her how to hunt and and survive and found her natural athleticism served her well.

Personality: Lilly is generally quiet and reserved, a habit she developed as a way of protecting herself from loss, but despite her efforts, she came to relax in Shelly and make friends. She is friendly and a devoted friend with an occasionally goofy sense of humor. When around her friends she is quick to smile and laugh, letting her guard down and relaxing. She is a natural leader, and often led by example to rally her teams in her younger years, when she still played team sports.

Lilly has never liked bullies or mean girls, something she has had to deal with from time to time, usually due to jealousy.

Background: William Pryor and his wife, Cassandra, had tried for some time to have a child, but were constantly met with difficulties and failures. After years of trying, Cassandra was finally pregnant and William looked forward to the birth of his son, Liam. Instead, William and Cassandra welcomed a daughter into the world. Liam was off the table, so instead they named their new child Lilly Ann

As an only child, Lilly had no shortage of attention, though it was mostly form her mother. Her father was disappointed at the lack of son, but did not resent Lilly. He has always loved his "Lil' Monstah" dearly, he just simply did not know how to handle or raise a daughter and always hoped to have a son. 

Lilly's athletic career began with gymnastics and martial arts at an early age, but as she matured and began to bond more with her father over the course of hunting trips, she moved into 'less girly' sports like track & field, lifting and even wrestling. She excelled in any athletic endeavor she attempted, and was not afraid to put in the time and hard work to train and improve. "The real workout begins when you want to quit" was something her father instilled in her at an early age, and that work ethic has served her well.

She took such a strong interest in athletics, especially non-team sports, since it was one of the things she always had no matter where her father was stationed. Some might have thought that she disliked working with others or forming bonds, but the opposite is actually true. Her friends were always very dear to her and she grew to hate having to say goodbye to her friends and teammates each time she had to move, so she began insulting herself and keeping people at a distance.

That changed when her family moved to Shelly, Montana though. Her father was stationed at Bulwark a few years ago and she was far from thrilled at the sight of Shelly when they arrived in town. Over time though, she has actually grown to rather like the small town feel of Shelly. Even though she has lived in Shelly for several years, she is still seen as 'the new kid' to most, since few people move to Shelly.

In Shelly, Lilly slowly dropped her guard and began to make friends. There were difficulties though. The school was small, her class was smaller still. Her physique led to persistent rumors of steroid use, spread by jealous girls, and some boys occasionally find her intimidating, though it is usually just due to their own insecurities. She met Abel on the track team, and through him Sean and others. She relaxed, made friends, and began to enjoy herself in other ways that just athletics. She found she enjoyed gaming with her new friends, hanging out, bowling and doing all manner of things any normal teenager should.

Lilly still trains hard though, and quickly became a standout on the girls track team and in her weight class in both lifting and wrestling, letting her secretly harbor dreams of possible Olympic contention in the future.

More recently, after repeated requests by the coaches, Lilly has joined the football team. She resisted initially when she first moved to town and the coaches saw what she could do, but the small town life of Shelly combined with being told by her father that Bulwark is where he would be stationed for the next several years, has allowed Lilly to relax and once again consider team sports. She always enjoyed watching football with her father, and though he never said anything and certainly never resented her, Lilly knew her father had wanted a son who could play sports like football, so Lilly finally agreed, to make her father proud. The initial dislike from the team about having a girl on the team quickly disappeared after Lilly demonstrated just what she could do on the field. All of that training for Track & Field, Lifting, and Wrestling, combined with her natural athleticism and understanding of the game gained from countless Saturdays and Sundays watching football with her father, proved to be a potent combination.


Lilly's Theme 




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Name: Hikialani Mizuki
Nature: Hedonist
Gender: Female
Age: 18

Kia has asian features, and is fairly small in stature. She has big expressive eyes and straight black hair that she loves to style and fuss with. Her involvement in various sports have kept her fit and trim, and her face is adorably cute, with just a little childlike roundness clinging to her cheeks. She is fond of bright colors in her wardrobe, but doesn't wear a lot of jewelry after learning the hard way that it can be perilous to one with an active lifestyle.


Hikialani is irrepressibly sunny and optimistic in outlook. She recognizes the limitations of herself and others, but rarely lets setbacks get her down and never for very long. Kia is highly empathic towards others and tries to consider their viewpoints before judging them. She can sometimes seem 'overly' nice, or indecisive because of this. Her demeanor is usually either calm and pleasant, or excited and exuberant.

Kia was born March 14th on Oahu in Hawaii, the daughter of a naturalized Japanese father and a native Hawaiian mother. Her father is a researcher working for the Department of Energy, previously in a small research facility attached to the naval base there. The upheaval and move to Shelly, Montana has been the biggest upset of her life to date. She loves Hawaii, with the tropic climate and the awesome beaches, and was really popular at school with lots of friends. She was on the soccer team and cheerleader squad, AND swim team! She went snorkeling and surfing! The shopping was awesome (if maybe kind of pricey)! Outside of school she had lessons in dance and martial arts.

But then, over the last summer, they moved out to Montana. Now she's the new girl, in a place where it snows in the winter and BOTH oceans are thousands of miles away. The town is small, with hardly any kids, and their idea of shopping is antique stores and dollar markets. Their idea of swimming is horrifyingly chlorinated public pools and frigid runoff rivers and lakes full of murky water. Surfing? Don't make her laugh. It's a huge change, and she's coping with it with all the optimism she can muster. It helps to see that her dad has really been re-energized by the change. He's not allowed to talk about what he's researching now, but it seems like it really just fascinates and excites him, which makes all this worth it!



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Connections and Cliques

Shelly is a small town and the High School which you all go to is very small. This being the case your characters all know each other and have connections to each other just from the simple fact that you live and go to school here. What I am going to do here is show some of those  connections this list is not exhaustive nor set in stone if you disagree or think i should add something let me know by posting in the ooc thread. I encourage you all to  elaborate on these if you wish.



Lived here all my life - This is the connection for those characters who have lived here their whole lives. There are not a lot of kids in this town so those who have lived here all their lives know most everything about the other kids they have grown up with.

Able, Sean, Alec, and Sara. These character's have lived here all their lives and know each other in a way that kids who grow up together do which means pretty much everything.


The new kid in town – Not a lot of people move to Shelly and even less of those are families with kids.

Lilly, Kia, and Felix are all connected due to the fact that they are the new kids.

Sports – High School Sports, especially football, is very big in Montana. In many cases it is what bonds the communities together. Shelly is no different however like many small towns it has a limited number of athletes. More populous towns and cities have different levels of sports, varsity, junior varsity, 9th grade, and so on Shelly doesn't have that luxury. Fielding teams have always been hard for Shelly so any student regardless of grade is eligible for the various teams. This isn't to say that anyone who wants to play automatically gets a spot the School has very stringent academic requirement and the small coaching staff is very good and dedicate to teaching and winning. Able, Lilly, and Alec are all involved with sports and have positions on several teams. Kia the newest member of the school is a cheerleader as well as training for track.. Sports players (including the cheerleaders) form the most cliquish group in school. As a rule the “jock” don't mix with non jocks. This is pretty much the usual regardless of where your school is while associating with people out side the clique is ok actually befriending them is not. The jock who is friends with the nerd isn't going to be kicked out of the jock circle but she will be looked down upon (not necessarily to their face) because of their oddity.


The Popular Kids – even a school as small as Shelly high has them. They might not be 90120 level but they fill the same niche. These are the kids who are really good at sports, who really look good, who dress right, who have money (mainly aren't dirt poor here). The best jocks often find themselves in this crowd but not always. In our group Able and Lilly are the only Popular kids. Kia is to new to the school and a military brat so she has a lot to overcome to be popular. Jocks and Popular kids get along and often date.


Brains, Nerds and Geeks – These are a lot alike. The smart kids, the kids who like tech and science and the kids who just don't fit in, You know the type. Brains are the really smart kids who are more popular and don't fit the sterotype of a nerd or geek. Able is a Brain. Most nerds and geeks are gamers but not all that's why I have them as separate group. Sean and Felix fit in the nerd and geek catagory for different reasons.


Sk8ers, Potheads, Goths, and Metalheads This is a catchall for the fringe groups in Shelly. It is one of the smallest and has a lot of overlap. Sara is firmly in this group (s) and Alec is starting to hang with the Sk8ers.


Military Brats The smallest group at Shelly high. Bulwark AB has a small military population and families with kids are few, and most of those kids are much younger than high school or even middle school. Lilly and Kia are the only Characters in this group in high school along with one other kid named Dan and a couple of more in middle school. The Military brats are on the outside many do not feel or treat them as part of the community. A lot of people believe, wrongly, that the military brats look down on the rest of them. They tend to have more money, better cloths and nicer things. (the average military household makes about 20% more than the median income of the locals). There is a resentment from the locals that is carried over from the parents to the kids.


Gamers – this covers both video and tabletop in its many forms. It was once a looked down upon group but not anymore. Most everyone is at least in part a video gamer but only a few in Shelly are tabletop gamers. All of our characters with the exception of Sara belong to the tabletop gaming clique. This group is led mostly by Sean and meets weekly at either his gaming room or Able's. During football season they meet on Saturday nights and off season they meet on either Friday or Saturday


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Sara Hutchins

Code-name: Avenger

Birth Name: Sarah Abigail Hutchins

Identity: Sara, Hutch

Occupation: High School Senior, Drug dealer

Legal Status: American

Marital Status: Single


Physical Traits

Height: 5'5”

Weight: 120 Lbs

D.O.B: July 10th 1999

Age (apparent age): 17

Gender: Female

Ethnic Background: Caucasian

Nationality (place of origin): American

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Hair Color: Dirty Blond

Handedness: Right


Appearance: Attractive but messy and unkempt. Sara has a look that is both feminine and masculine at the same time. Her dirty blond hair is short and messy and while not a boys cut does have a sort of unstylish androgynous look. Her eyes are a dark dark brown almost verging on black in certain light It is often hard to see her pupils unless really close and in a well lit place. She wears makeup infrequently and when she does its usually heavy dark eye makeup (making her eyes look even darker and eerie) and pale lipsticks that resemble natural colors. She never wears gloss. She also never wears perfume or heavily scented deodorant preferring just soap mostly. Her nails are trimmed short, she used to bite them but doesn't anymore except if she is stressed, and are either unpainted or painted black with one pinky nail being red (either pinky never both). She has tattoos (in violation of the law but she got them on the Res so oh well dad) but they are rarely seen except when she is working outside during the warm summer or when she showers after gym class.


Her clothes are best described as grungy rocker cloths. She wears loose jeans always worn and often ripped. Ususally unwashed. For foot wear she has a collection of heavy work and combat boots and a couple o fpairs of gym shoes. She never wears any thing else in the summer she goes barefoot if she isn't working a job. Shirts she wears t-shirts often with various heavy metal and rock bands on them or just plain white. She may wear a flannel shirt like a jacket or a hoodies depending on the weather. She finishes out her look with an old leather jacket with the Motorhead name and emblem on the back and a big oversized leather bikers wallet with chain. 



She never dresses up for anything. She has not worn a dress since she was twelve and doesn't even own one now.

Personality: Introverted. Exudes a tough don't give a fuck attitude but inside she is very insecure and scared because she doesn't fit in. She has an artistic streak that no one knows about, she is a very talented self taught musician (guitar, piano) and songwriter. While not being OUT she is thought to be gay by her peers due to rumors of her being seen kissing an Indian girl the summer before her freshman year. With her looks and the way she dresses and acts she has only reinforced those rumors which she has never denied or confirmed. This question of her sexuality has set her outside the circle of her fellow students as she is thought to the only gay kid in the small Montana school. As a result of this and other issues ranging from being abandoned by her mother while a child to having an Over bearing father who drinks to much and just happens to be the county sheriff makes her a very lonely girl who tends to act out.

Background: Sara is the daughter of the county sheriff. She was born and raised in Shelly and was a mostly normal kid until she was ten. That year her mom, who was only eighteen when Sara was born, walked out on them. Her dad, then a deputy threw himself into his work and drinking instead of being a good father and helping his daughter understand and cope. Sara from that point until she entered high school Sara was the epitome of the troubled acting out self destructive child. Smoking (which she still does), drinking (still does but only beer and not to excess), drugs (Used to smoke pot and take pills, now she just smokes pot), stealing, depression, even suicidal thoughts because she blamed herself for her mom leaving. Caught several time doing petty crime and whatnot she always got off because the deputies knew her dad and her circumstances so the just brought her home to her dad. Puberty just made things worse as she realized that she was attracted to other girls which led to confusion and even more self loathing. As much as she tried to fit in and get over her mental and emotion problems all she did was spiral in toward inevitable ruin.

During her dark days Sara even at her young age had roamed the streets looking for trouble and a way to ease the pain. One of the places she would frequent that didnt care that a eleven or twelve year old was hanging out was the bowling ally. The bowling ally served as the central hub for the younger people in the town nad had a arcade as well as the bowling lanes. It also had its rough element some of whom would have loved to show some attention to an attractive child. Luckily for Sara the Shelly bowling all was also the favorite destination of a group of young boys and girls from the Blackfoot Reservation. One night when her dad was on patrol and she had snuck off to the ally she almost got into more trouble than she had bargained for.

She had just turned twelve and while still a child was looking much more woman like. It was the highest point where she had been struggling with her attraction to girls and she had gone to the Ally to find some fun and trouble. There she had coaxed a couple of rough necks into giving her some beers and the two men , well aware of who she was were going to get her drunk and take advantage of her. As the two men were leading her from the bowling ally a group of Res kids were arriving, some of them saw the men with the little girl and having seen her in the ally before intervened. The two men didnt want any trouble and took off alone and Sara who was pretty inebrated was taken back to the bowling ally where the sheriff was called and she was taken home. But she had made friends with those res Kids and that would be something else she held dear over the next few years.

That summer, before eighth grade changed things for her, after her close call at the bowling ally she found an old beat up guitar at a yard sale and bought it. She had never shown any talent for music but for some reason that guitar became a focus for healing. All that summer she would go off by herself and teach herself to play it. The guitar became her lifeline and her way back from the brink. And it's something she shared with no one.


When she returned to school for eighth grade she wasn't the bright eyed child sh had been at ten but she wasn't the self destructive kid her peers had come to know over the last few years either. She was some where in between. Her grades improved and she even started trying to make friends again with the kids who had distanced themselves from her during her dark years. By the end of the year things were somewhat back to normal, even her relationship with her dad was better and she hadn't been brought home by a sheriffs patrol once all year. It was at this point that she started spelling her name without the h and even had her dad have it changed legally. This was one of the ways to seperated her self from her long gone mother (who had named her) and her troubled past self.

That summer she kept up with teaching herself how to play and even expanded her instruments with a cheap second hand electric keyboard with which she learned piano. She also continued going to the bowling ally to visit with her res friends whom she had gotten closer too after the almost incident. The Native American kids were of course looked down upon by the majority of the whites in the county but there at the Ally they were welcome and Sara fell in with the small group of kids which consisted of several boys and a couple of girls. She felt more at ease with them than she did with her own kind they were way more accepting and the steered her away from alcohol and the harder drugs that she had toyed with while sharing their potent weed with her. It was with one of these friends that she shared her first kiss. A beautiful raven haired girl named Samantha Whitesong. She had been in the group who had rescued her from the roughnecks and was a couple of years older than Sara and Sara simply fell in love with her. Saantha was openly bisexual and was dating one of the boys but she was flattered and gave a lot of attention to Sara when they were together at the Ally. They did a lot of hugging nad touching and eventually kissing but never had sex. Unfortunately they had been seen one night at the Ally kissing and some one had snapped a pic with their phone.

By the time the new school year had come around Sara was a new freshman and the picture and rumors were already flying. No one ever owned up to being the one who took the picture or sent it out to damn near everyone's e-mail the day before school started but the damage had been done. While the pic that made it around wasn't the best in terms of photography it was obviously that Sara was the blond girl but it was impossible to determine who the other person was. That it was a Res kid was easy to see. And while it looked like a girl from the angle of the picture her features couldn't been seen and no one could really be one hundred percent sure it was a girl since most of the boys had long hair too. And so when Sara got dropped off at the frist day of High Scholl she was greeted by a lot of strange looks and not just from other kids. The pic had made its way pretty much everywhere except to her. The first day was horrible her “friends” showed her the picture and asked if it were true with horror hiding behind their eyes. By the end of the day even her dad knew about the picture and he asked her about it that night. She just went to her room and played her guitar.

Being gay or bi wasn't bad at least not to her she had excepted that and could live with it even embrace it sometime down the road. But being gay in Shelly Montana was not cool. There were two gay men, who were out and open but they were older and retired and had both had long straight marriages and had only came out after their spouses had passed away and they moved in together. Of course there were the people everyone thought were gay but in a town like Shelly being gay was like being a leper. Sara thought hard about the whole thing that night she barley slept. In the end it came down to one thing. She didnt like the Sara she had been after her mom had left, but she did like the Sara she had become last year and over the summer. And she wasn't going to let who she was be a problem. She wasn't going to live here all her life she already knew she would leave Shelly as soon as she got out of school so she made up her mind.

When she got up and ready for school the next day Her dad questioned her again about the picture, her only reply was “so what?” and she went to school.

“So what?” became her catch phrase. She never denied that it was her kissing a girl never admitted to it either. She became that girl at school. She stayed to herself and just went about marking her time until she could leave for someplace else some place better. She had her friends at the Res and while Samantha had moved on she stayed friends and even went out with a few of the other Res kids, both boys and girls, unofficially of course.

Her Indian connections proved fruitful in other ways too. By the time she was sophomore she was supplying weed to other kids at school. She could get what the kids wanted from the Res and sell it to her “peers” cheaper than what the real drug dealers from Great Falls could and all without the pressure to try other more serious drugs. By then Her dad was the under-sheriff and would get elected sheriff during her junior year, so she actually had a bit of protection. Everyone knew she sold weed but they seemed willing to turn a blind eye because, one, she had had a hard child hood and the kids would get it from somewhere anyways, and two, because her dad was the sheriff and everyone liked him and the job he did. Sort of hypocritical but that's small town for you.

Back in Shelly She stayed apart from everyone instead keeping to her self. She didn't become depressed as much as determined to just get through school and the small town ignorance. The image she projected showed this. At first while a freshmen she had sort of done the Goth thing with all black cloths and heavy make up but that didn't last even till Christmas break. Slowly she turned more toward a metal rocker look still with a lot of black but way less makeup or none at all and a nice vintage leather jacket she had picked up at the flea market in Conrad. The jacket was old biker jacket with the Motorhead logo and name on the back. She wore the jacket everywhere even during the summer. With she heavy boots she wears and a penchant for rock band t-shirts she has a tough butch look that only reinforced the assumption that she is a lesbian. An assumption she seems to embrace.

Aside from the weed business she also did odd jobs during the summer working for individuals doing things like roofing or fence repair digging ditches pretty much anything in the physical menial labor category In winter she shovels snow never asking for money but not turning it down if it's offered. All the physical labor gives her a more masculine build again reinforcing the lesbian stereotype. She kept up her playing and had even begun making her own songs up. by the time her last year of school approached she was even writing lyrics although she only sang and played them to herself. She never shared her musical talents with anyone except her small circle of Res friends, not even her father gets to hear her music except through the walls of their house.

Her association with the res kids some of whom were very much into the traditions of the tribe, Gave her a off kilter view of the universe, particular when it came to spiritualism and nature. One of the things that fascinated her was the way native traditions embraced elementalism. Not just the Blackfoot tribe but almost all of the Native American tribes and indeed almost all indigenous native peoples the world over had some form of tribal mysticism which embraced elementalism. When she decided to let her trabal friends talk her into getting tattooed she chose elementalism as her subject and picked some Kanji symbols to represent the five elements. She has four tattoos currently, one on each bicep, the Kanji for Fire and Earth, and one on the inside of each ankle, the Kanji for Air and Water. She plans on getting a fifth another Kangi on the back of her neck for Spirit or Void. Only a few people other than her Res friends have seen the tattoos. A few girls in school have seen them in the showers after gym class which of course led to gossip since tattoos are illegal for anyone under eighteen to get.








Original version



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NPC connections fall into the following catagories. Each of you is obviously conneted to your respective parent (s) and siblings, you may also be conneted to other players through your connection to an NPC, you may determin that if I don't list a connection here.


Sports – NPC is Affiliated with High School Sports program, either as a participant or as a coach.

School – NPC is a fellow student or a Teacher

Military – NPC is either a member of the military stationed at Bulwark AB or a dependent

Hospital/Medical – NPC is a doctor or nurse in Shelly

Other – NPC has a unique connection to either a character or to another connection. (for example Kia's father is a Scientist but is connected to the Military)

Law Enforcement – NPC is either a member of the Sheriffs Department in Shelly or the Police Department from either Conrad or Cut Bank

Res – NPC is a tribal member of the Blackfoot Nation

This will be added to as NPCs and connections are needed.


Lt Col William Pryor – Military - Commander of the Security Police detachment at Bulwark AB, Lilly's father


Cassandra Pryor – Hospital/Medical, Military – Lilly's mother, a nurse at the Marias Medical Center in Shelly.

Lillys mom.jpg

Dr. Sebastian Cross - Hospital/Medical - Abel's Father, the most sought after GP in town.

Cornelia Cross – School – Abel's mother. Kindergarten teacher at Shelly elementary.

Sarah Cordeaux – Hospital/Medical – Alec's mother, Emergency Medicine and Trauma Surgeon at Marias Medical Center.   Alec's mom.jpg

Anabelle Cordeaux – Law Enforcement – Alec's sister, She is a Sheriff's Deputy in Shelly 


Jacob Hutchins – Law Enforcement – Sara's father, Sheriff of Toole County


Chet Walker – School, Sports – Mayors son, High School Football player. Chief bully of Sean     Chet Walker.jpg

Courtney Adams – School, Sports – Shelly Highs head cheerleader, a senior and resident mean girl   lone-star-v-sanger-cheerleaders-with-megaphones-with-thier-mums copy.jpg

Dan Simonton – School, Military, Sports – The only other military brat in High School this year   Dan military brat.jpg

Larry Adams – Sports, School – Athletic Director and Head Football coach, father of Courtney Adams


Gina Keller - School - Junior at Shelly High.   ImATulsaKid-db30bb87.jpeg


Taleena Whitesong - School, Res - Freshman, friend of Alec's a Native American girl from the Blackfoot reservation her parents died in a fire the previous year and she is now in foster care.    163-249-MR196t.jpg


Laurelei 'Laurie' Cassidy - School, Sports - Shelly High Freshman, Sean's younger, half a foot taller, sister, who is on the girl's basketball and cheerleading teams. Sarcastic, playful, and
a bit mischievous. 

    Sean's Sister Laurelei.jpg


Sandy Caldwell - School, Sports - Head Quarter back and Senior at Shelly High

Sandy Caldwell.JPG

Let me know if you want me to add an NPC here.

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Sean's Sister Laurelei.jpg

Personal Information

Real Name: Laurelei Aislinn Cassidy
Nicknames: Laurie
Nature: A mix of Hedonist and Jester
Concept: Teenaged Girl surrounded by Superhumans
Marital Status: Single, but dating
Known Relatives: Jack Cassidy (Father; Renovations/Landscaping, Electrical, and Plumbing contractor; 6'), Carolyn Cassidy (Mother; Homeworker, part-time accountant; 5'7''), Teagan Cassidy (Sister; 20; Joined the Military after graduation, planning on being a US Ranger; 5'9''), Sean Cassidy (Brother-Turned-Superhuman Sister; 16; Senior/Government Contractor; 6'1'')
Date of Birth: December 10th, 2001
Nationality: American
Home Region: Shelly, MT, USA
Occupation: Student
Allegiance(s): Family, Friends

Physical Traits

Gender: Female
Ethnic Background: Caucasian (Irish, German, Norwegian, French-Canadian)
Age: 15
Apparent Age: 15-16
Height: 5'7''
Weight: 137 lbs
Eyes: Large, exotic, tilted Grey-Blue eyes
Hair: Coppery Red
Handedness: Left

Appearance: A somewhat taller than average, somewhat curvier than average, Laurie is a cute, if not gorgeous, fifteen year old girl with striking red hair and lively grey-blue eyes, usually with a grin that reeks of mischief and playfulness on her lips.

Abilities/Special Skills: Just a freshman, Laurie is still finding herself, seeing what interests her and what she's good at. Doesn't particularly excel at anything, but is relaxed in front of a crowd and almost always has a quick comeback or retort.

Personality: Sarcastic, playful, and a bit mischievous, as well as clever and quick-witted. Teases those she cares about, but will always fiercely back them up.

Character Sheet



Strength: 2
-Might 1
Dexterity: 2
-Athletics 1
-Ride 1
-Stealth 1
Stamina: 2
-Endurance 1

Perception: 2
-Awareness 1
-Investigation 1
Intelligence: 2
-Academics 1
-Computers 1
-Bureaucracy 1
Wits: 4 (Clever)
-Arts 1
-Biz 1
-Rapport 2

Appearance: 3
-Style 1
Manipulation: 2
-Subterfuge 1
Charisma: 3
-Carousing 1
-Perform 2

Known Languages
Native: English

Common Sense (1bp): Sarcastic and mischievous as she is, Laurie actually has a good head on her shoulders, so when she's doing something stupid and foolish, she at least knows that she is.
Patient (1bp): Though she prefers living in the moment, when she really wants something, Laurie can play the long game.
Unfazeable (Bonus): Considering how her undeveloped brother became her overdeveloped sister, going to the Winter Ball with someone who can teleport and all the other strangeness going on in Shelly, it takes a lot to faze Laurie now

Phobia - Snakes (+2bp): Look, she just doesn't like them okay, things that live on land should have legs. She'd be fine if every single snake was turned into pants, boots, and handbags.

Quantum: N/A
Quantum Pool: N/A
Quantum Entanglement: N/A
Willpower: 5
Willpower Points: 5
Initiative: 7

Walk: 7m
Run: 15m
Sprint: 26m

Stamina: 2B/1L
Total: 2B/1L

Healing Rate: Normal

Health Levels

QE Powers
Sister Whisper (Level 1 Psychic Link with Sean Cassidy)
-Pretty sweet! I can text - better than text - my super sister whenever I want with just a thought
Better Be No Dick Pics! (Level 1 Psychic Link with Devin Jauntsen)
-Not sure how this happened, but it seems like Devin set up a mental channel with me too. Hope there's a sanitation station in there to prevent any mental sewage spilling over!


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Personal Information

Public Identity: Charlie Cole
Code Name: Proteus
Real Name: Charles Lee Cole
Nature: Paragon
Occupation: None

Legal Status: American Citizen
Marital Status: Single

Hometown: Lexington, Massachusetts
Known Relatives: Hannah Furman (previously Hannah Cole) [Mother]
Deceased Relatives: Lucius Cole [Father]

Physical Traits:
Weight: 155 lbs.
Height: 5'7
Apparent age: Late teens
Gender: Male
Ethnic Background: Caucasian
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Age: 16

History: Once, Charlie had been a normal high school student, one with an interest in drama and auditioning for every open play or improv group available. But then, things started going on at home. Things where his father worked a lot late more, and his mother getting more and more pensive.

As an actor, if amateur, Charlie could tell something was going on. Eventually he found out. When Lucius revealed that he'd a new girlfriend, Susanna, far superior in attractiveness to Hannah - and a divorce was in the works. Suffice to say Charlie's home was shattered, and he vehemently was angered at his father for this betrayal.

Unfortunately, Lucius seemed to miss that, and fought successfully to gain custody of Charlie. And in an attempt to mend ties, set up a spring break vacation to Capetown, him, Charlie and that bimbo Susanna.

Charlie was brooding on the plane when a mysterious boom sounded, the lights started flashing wildly and the plane went down. The crash would be a horrible tragedy, off the shore of the Cape, but just too sudden and far for emergency services to arrive. All would die. Almost all.

Charlie got free, and driven by extraordinary impulse to survive, swam for his life. It was a herculean effort, but the youth had no chance to make it. Until his powers manifested and a drowning Charlie found his mind drifting, before being piercing by a blinding headache and then his form becoming one with the water..

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Human Name: Jeane Hebert     Allegiance: Irregulars   Ht: 6'11                             Wt: 174 (232 Dormed Down)
QEH Name: Traceuse               Age: 16                         Concept: Ironclad Rebel   Nature: Thrillseeker
Description: Blonde-haired and blue-eyed, Jeane is imposingly tall and superhumanly graceful with the lean musculature of someone who does a lot of running and fighting,. She favors bright, 'summer colors' in her wardrobe to soften the image her size, quantum glamour, and thunderous abilities project. Of particular importance for her is the red-and-white configuration of her PAM suit, the bodyglove and long, flowing scarf emblazoned with an 'I' for her allies and a 'T' for herself. At least she got one real thing out of that whole mess with Pandora.

Personality: Always up for a challenge of the physical variety, still impatient when it comes to mental challenges despite superhuman intelligence, and stubborn to a fault, Jeane is very unfiltered in her passions and vocal about it. She strives to be friendly to others in order to downplay her size, almost always willing to spare a minute with the notable exception of military leaders and bullies. The former get cold politeness, but the latter get anger that escalates as far as she feels she can get away with, trying to not let her lingering doubts get in the way of getting what needs doing done. Everyone gets one warning before she escalates.

History: Be careful what you wish for, the saying goes, because you just might get it.

The eldest of three siblings, Jeane Hebert is the daughter of Dan Hebert, a marine officer, and Sarah Hebert, a part-time social worker. She's moved from home to home growing up, and resorted to battling the resulting social isolation and bullying by virtue of a blunt, fearless persona. Home life is tense with brilliant 13-year old Samantha and unblameable 8 year old brother Paul competing for their parent's attention. Interaction with her mother was an argument waiting to happen. Her Father invokes a combination of resent made all the more bittersweet in the deft use of the time he could spare for his eldest child.

Jeane basically quit the battle, spending as much time away from home as she could, especially after falling in love with Parkour at age 12 and badgering her first teacher into letting her learn. Through 3 moves after that, she worked her way up through the loose ranks of the Free running community, getting into the more than odd bit of trouble protecting her friends from bullies and ending up in the emergency room more than once. Life was good in the hours between school and curfew.

Which is where quantum enhancement found her walking home from Granby High School in Norfolk, VA five months ago. Jeane blacked out, woke up looking at a circle of concerned friends from the pavement, and got up feeling better than she ever had in her life, head buzzing with a fistful of new skills and abilities. She didn't do very much with them, practicing in empty parks at odd hours on the weekends for six months, afraid to lose what she had going and wishing she could just change things.

Amazing what an encounter with a homeless Key named Kyle and an intercepted text could do?

The Irregulars asking about her by name. A naval Key cloning program. Joining the Irregulars. An escalating series of quantum fights that resulted battling a naked godlike alien named Apollo. 500 people dead without a trace. Meeting the president. Getting her family sent to another planet as part of a quickly-revealed conspiracy to kill another godlike alien.

Putting on more than a foot of height due to quantum weirdness was just the cherry on top.

For the past five weeks since 'Bear Day', Jeane's been making up for lost time, sleeping as little as the elder Irregulars will let her get away with. Training with whoever has time to spare for her. Free-Running around and through the Town of Shelly, Montana to learn the people and the ground. Suffering through late night solo study sessions in preparation for the day Abel gets his promised Academy up and running. Random jaunts around the world with James whenever she can persuade the warper to take her somewhere fun with interesting people to meet. A happy ambush by a Nike representative netted her the beginnings of a sponsorship deal, removing one worry from above her head. She learned how to teleport and started putting together a catalog of 'keyholes' to jump between. Tentatively reuniting with her family once the paperwork to return them to Earth came came through.

Unfortunately, not all that happened was good. Sara, the formerly-depowered Irregular who scared off Apollo, derailed one of Abel's training sessions by proclaiming the continued unlocking of Keys like Jeane an inherent threat to the 'natural evolution of the human race'. Jeane disagreed, and as the Irregulars moved to decide on how to act about the dire announcement, she found herself digging in to oppose Sara and praying at least some of her new friends are willing to have her back.

That didn't work out, and three weeks after the Irregulars voted to block the unlocking of all future Keys, Sean and Abel did so, triggering a device to do just that, and in a series of events knocked her off her mental axis as almost all of the team since encountering the team turned out to be an elaborate simulation on the part of the Titan Pandora, a trap where she and the others were forced to experience life after life after life until an act of rage on Jeane's part enabled the actual Sara to hack the simulation and trigger the genocidal confrontation with the Titans that extinguished seven of the pillars of the universe in an orgy of quantum bloodshed. And then they got spat back out into an new twist on a new world.






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Paulina Medicine Crow


Personal Information
Real Name: Paulina Medicine Crow (Peelatchiwaaxpáash)
Nicknames: None yet
Codename: None yet
Nature: Caregiver
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Vincent Medicine Crow (Uncle), Michelle Medicine Crow (Mother)
Date of Birth: January 1, 2000
Nationality: American / Crow Tribe of Montana
Occupation: High School Senior
Allegiance(s): Her uncle, tribe and humanity in general

Physical Traits
Gender: Female
Ethnic Background: Native American (Crow Tribe of Montana)
Age: 17
Height: 5'6"
Weight:130 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark Brown/Black
Handedness: Right

Appearance: Marissa is a fairly attractive, young native american woman with long, very dark brown (nearly black) hair that she generally wears down. She has brown eyes and and mischievous smile. She is roughly average height and a little heavier than she would like (a trait her uncle says she must have got from her father). She is friendly and easygoing, though a bit quiet at times.

Abilities/Special Skills: Paulina's Quantum Expression is rather unique, and one she is still trying to fully understand. She can perceive the past, present and the possible, or even likely, future. When focusing on an event taking place, she further possesses the ability to seemingly select which of the possible outcomes of that event she would prefer. Viewers have noticed a faint send image or ghost of the event she has manipulated, possibly an echo of another possible outcome bleeding through into our reality or timeline, otherwise the events taking place around seem to simply be lock, chance of freak occurrence.

With her abilities she can get a forewarning of danger, see the past and future, express extreme luck and even affect things on such a broad scope as to manipulate weather patterns. 

Personality: Paulina is intelligent, sharp eyed and quick witted. She does well in all of her classes, including several CP and AP courses, and is a self-motivator, studying, doing her homework and chores without need for reminder from her uncle Vincent, who she affectionately calls "Nunkie", a term she has used since childhood. To her friends she is warm and even motherly at times, and is always quick to laugh. When given time, she likes to bead, weave and sew for enjoyment and to help maintain her cultural heritage.

Background: Paulina never knew her father (his name was not even on her birth certificate), and has only vague memories of her mother. She cannot really even remember the day her mother showed up at her brother's home on the Crow Indian Reservation, and left little Paulina with him. For virtually all of her life, her uncle Vincent has been there, raising and protecting her, she is like a father to her, and in turn, she has been like a daughter to him. Caring for little Paulina was not a responsibility Vincent ever desired, but it resulted in him finally getting his life in order so as to properly raise and provide for her. Now when he looked back, he sees it as the best thing that ever happened to him.

Though she would ask, Vincent never talked much about her mother. As Paulina grew, she turned out to be quint a bright child, a trait which Vincent said she got from her mother. Aside from that, she had only ever heard bits and pieces about her mother on the rare occasion her uncle had a little too much to drink.

Now in her senior year of high school, Paulina had been preparing for college, seeking out scholarships and financial aid, when her abilities manifested. She thought she was freaking out, and showed her uncle, who calmed her down and kept her secret, knowing what others might do if they discovered her abilities. All he head ever wanted was to protect her and make sure she had a happy and productive life, and her newfound abilities did not change that.

A few weeks later, to her surprise, Paulina caught the President's speech in the rose garden, where he revealed the Irregulars to the world, along with many other revaluations in the coming days and weeks. Where Paulina once thought she was alone, she now saw others like her, with abilities that were just has fantastic. So when a 'freak chance' came to meet one of them presented itself, she leapt at the chance, and ended up meeting Lilly Pryor, or Vanguard to the press, an that meeting set her down a new path without her even realizing it.

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Name- Cade Ian Allister
Height- 6'1 (6'3 when undormed)
weight- 175lb
Eyes- Blue
Handedness- left
Nature- Thrillseeker

Relatives- Ian Allister- Father, Annette Allister- Mother (deceased) Miyako Shiba - Step-mother, Haruka Allister-half sister

Life can be really funny sometimes.  That's a lesson that Cade Allister learned early on.   Born to young parents in Seattle, Cade grew up in Tokyo, Japan.   While an outsider, Cade found his own place in the social pecking order, in part to being an attractive young man.  While not the most gifted student, He silenced many critics with his natural athleticism and maintaining near top of his class scores through diligent study.  A solid leader, he was able to break past the various barriers before him with a generally good outlook, and honest hard work.  

Like his father, Cade developed a taste for Japanese Manga and television, mostly anime and vide gaming.  Still, at least at school he hid that aspect of his life.  Indeed, the fact his father, Ian Allister, had been headhunted by Matsuda Technologies, a prominent Tech company, due to his skills at engineering and computer programming sort of paved the way for it.   His Step-mother Miyakko was a simple Office worker at the time of Haruka's birth.  By the time Cade was in high school, Miyako was the Director of the Sales Department for Kawabata Pharmaceuticals .  This of course lead to Cade and his sister, Haruka, being on their own quite abit, as both parents worked long hours.  Two years younger than Cade, Haruka is his half sister, the daughter of his Father's second wife, Miyako Shiba.  Haruka stands out almost as much as her brother.   While not as tall as him, indeed she's ten inches shorter, her hair is platinum blonde just like her Father's, and she has the same sky blue eyes, though the rest of her features are more typically Japanese.   Beautiful is often a word used to describe her, she Is far more of a socialite than her brother, and she also excels in her studies, albeit with far less hard work than her brother, as she's quite naturally intelligent.

Their parents are fairly permissive, and can be abit doting due to not being around as much, the pair seldom want for anything, Though this is all predicated upon the kids keeping their grades up with an eye to the future.

It was the near the start of his senior year (this part is mutable depending on when the actual date is) and he came across three other students accosting his younger sister.  While he had some inkling of how to fight, he was by no means experienced, but that didn't stop him in the slightest, as he dashed in to help her, bowling one of the guys over with a reckless charge, and then swinging a wild right cross into the face of the second guy.  The third stumbled back even as Cade interposed himself between Haruka and three guys.  The first two recovered and now surrounded him, at that moment his head began to hurt, his vision blurred as agonizing pulses beat relentlessly in his brain. Blinded by the excruciating pain he was unable to defend himself and was quickly knocked to the ground where they two boys and the now recovered third commenced to kick him repeatedly. White light exploded behind his eyes with every kick he could hear his sister screaming then he blacked out. Consciousnesses was gone only a few seconds, his heart thundered in his chest, and there was an air of menace, as his body seemed to pulse with power.  He rolled and dodged the in coming kicks throwing his attackers off balance then suddenly he was on his feet, unhurt the aura of his presence the perfection of his form and his striking looks all assaulted his foes stunning them putting fear into the brains. Instinctively they knew that they now face something more than human. He stood a young Adonis ready to defend his sister and more than capable. This was enough for the three, they'd all seen enough shows to know something was going to happen, and they fled, leaving Cade alone with Haruka, who looked at him with equal parts incomprehension and Awe.

The only thing either of them could think to say was "What do we tell Mom and Dad?"

For roughly three weeks now, Cade has been hiding a secret from pretty much everyone, save his sister who witnessed it.  Cade is a Key, and has some fairly impressive powers, though nothing godlike like the Irregulars.  He has kept this hidden mostly due to having a form that still looks and feels normal to regular people, nearly identical to how he was before,  at least on the surface.  Still trying to work out exactly how to break the news to his friends and parents, he has simply gone about his daily life as before.


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Name: Nul
Legal Name: Casimir Volodin
Sex: Male
Age: 21
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 170lbs
Concept: Ambitious Criminal

Known Appearance: Tall, dark and handsome, Volodin should be a lady-killer, yet there is no warmth in the deep darkness of his eyes.  Usually impeccably turned out in dark suits, he carries himself with a gravitas that should belong to a much older man and the assurance of a shark swimming amongst fish.

Known Powers:
A living incarnation of the cold, Volodin possesses the ability to quite simply kill the dance of electrons.  In purely physical terms he is able to emit deadly levels of cold, freeze the molecular bonds in objects thus rendering them brittle, and produce and shape ice to his desires.  


Casimir Volodin never knew his parents, his first memories being of the Ukrainian orphanage where he had been raised from infancy.  A gradual slide into crime was almost a foregone conclusion for the boy, who saw the power and influence even the smallest of Bratva street soldiers had as a massive step up from being poor and powerless.

He went from running minor errands to confidential messages and then to driver for a local Vor, the organisation’s trust in him growing apace.  When the police arrested him under suspicion of handling stolen goods, trying to use the threat of jail to make him testify against the Bratva, Casimir’s loyalty to his adopted family became clear as he kept silent and endured 12 months of Ukrainian prison.  When he got out, it was widely accepted that he himself would join the ranks of the Vory before long.

Unfortunately the acclaim of his criminal peers went to Casimir’s head, causing him to swagger more than was warranted... or wise.  In his pride, convinced he was untouchable, the young gangster offended the wrong man – Boris Kirylenko, a made man notorious amongst the Bratva as a torturer with a terrible temper.  Kirylenko’s career in the mob had peaked – he was considered too unstable to rise any higher than Vor and he knew it, making him resentful of Casimir’s rising star.  A cautious man would have endured Kirylenko’s belittling comments and bullying, biding their time until they were beyond his influence.  Casimir, young and full of himself, was not cautious.

So it was the young mobster found himself laying in a snowbank in the woods, in the middle of winter, beaten half to death with 3 bullets in his chest to finish the job.  But the job wasn’t finished - yet...

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