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OOC Thread for AWS Discussion


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Ok here are the characters and players

Able Cross - Long

Sean Cassidy - Asarasa

Lilly Pryor - Noir

Hikialani "Kia" Mizuki - Salmonmax

Felix Leonhart - Acewildcard

Alec Cordeaux - Kaoleth

Sara Hutchins - Nina' ST Character

I will be posting some additional material here as soon as everyone has finalized their character. once you have my clearance please post them in the character thread.

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ok the group is posted. If you have any changes you want to make or need to make now is the time to do them, after tomorrow I will consider the characters set and ready.

I have a couple of things to add here and then I will post the introduction and get this ball rolling.

so take a last look at your sheets, flesh out any of your connections with other player characters and lets see what happens.


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Basic and House Rules


Dice Rolls – A roll of 7, 8, 9, and 10 are counted as one success each.

Botch – A roll of 1 when you have no successes is a botch. 1s do not subtract successes rolled.

Qualities – Qualities do not allow rerolls on 10s, instead they add 1 dice to your dice pool if they come into play. You get one quality at 4 dots on an attribute and may select a second quality if you have 5 dots. You may select the same quality twice if you wish.

Specialties – Add one dice to your dice pool if they come into play. You may have as many specialties in an Ability as you have dots in that ability. You may choose a single specialty up to two times.

Mega-Attributes - follow the basic rules from the core book. 7, 8, 9s equal 2 successes and a 10 equals 3. A mega may also be used to lower the difficulty of a roll.


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Megas are still two successes for rolls of 7, 8, 9 and three successes for 10, right?


And what is our connection to Sara? I did not see mention of any of us in her background (but I am tired and could have missed it.)

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Another suggestion for connections -

Cassidy's Crew -- Jack Cassidy run's a one man reno/handyman business, but sometimes clients demand a rush job or need something done immediately. When it happens, Jack Cassidy isn't averse to hiring High School Students during the summer to do grunt work to get stuff like Fencing or Roofing or some landscaping done swiftly. He doesn't care if they are boys or girls as long as they can do the job, don't have an issue with heavy labor, and don't goof off or flirt while on site. He keeps costs down, pays them in cash, and is patient enough to show them how to do simple fixes and construction jobs, if they are willing to learn. He also only gives them one warning, if they break his rules or mess up, or especially if they endanger themselves or others, they are blacklisted forever as far as he is concerned.

Jack's daughters help him, though Teagan has left to join the military, and Sean used to help with small things and sometimes electrical work, though Jack doesn't trust any of his impromptu helpers to do such work for safety reasons.

I figure Sara seems like someone who might have been hired on more than once. Considering his son's issues, he would steadfastly try not to think about any rumors surrounding Sara, though he may have given her a warning glance if he caught her... looking at his daughters a little too long. Not sure if any of the other PCs would care about picking up some cash doing physical labor during the summer months (and occasionally during other seasons on the weekends).

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Graet Idea Asa and yes Sara has probably worked for your dad over the last couple of summers and no she didn't hit on his girls they are too young :)

 well maybe Teagan if she was around :P


Also if any of your characters smoke weed they can have that connection with Sara...doesn't mean they are friends though :)


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I am currently working on the opening scene. it is proving a tad more complicated than i had imagined.  a couple of things

The game will start in early October, the characters have been at school now for a bit over a month so they are in a routine. Sean runs his role playing game once a week the night he runs it is dictated by the football schedule and major social events but it is usually on Saturdays.

For various reasons none of the characters have steady boyfriends/girlfriends unless having one is integral to your characters concept. if you have one i need to know.

The game starts on Friday morning one week before Homecoming.

Notes on the school

All three Shelly schools are in the same building complex. this complex is located in the northwest part of town

there are two main buildings that form a sort of angled T.  the elementary school is to the east and sits north/south

the second buiolding houses both the middleschool and the highschool and that building sits to the wet of the elementary school and lies east/west.

Teachers parking is between the two school buildings and student parking is behind the high school on the north side.

The High school is located in the western part of the main building and the Middle school on the east. the lunch room band hall and assmebly area lies between the two and is shared by both high and middle schools.

The foot ball stadium is to the south of the school complex and has its own parking the school gym is located on the stadium grounds.

across from the stadium on the east side is the practice field and tennis courts

If you go to


this is the google earth view and will give you an idea keep in mind that the link takes you to the real place and that there are differencs for instance in Shelly the buildings have been extensivly renovated and the stadium in game is a full stadium with bleachers.

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For any number of reasons, Sean does not have a girlfriend, nor does he have a boyfriend, despite what that asshole Chet and his cronies might suggest. There might be a girl or two who find him particularly cute and adorable... like a baby brother or a doll, but Sean will hate that, especially if they ruffle his hair. Some might have joked he'd make a perfect boyfriend for Sara, since he almost looks like he can be a girlfriend, if a young one. ;)

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[Asarasa] 1:36 pm: Sean's Willpower Roll
Asarasa *rolls* 9d10t7: 6,4,10,6,5,1,2,7,4.  Successes = 2.

Sean was arranging his miniatures for the climatic fight behind his DM Screen and laptop while the others took a break. He liked giving his players a release after ratcheting up the tension. But when Sara began playing the guitar, his eyes snapped up and he listened raptly like the others. From being influenced by the music his dad listened to growing up - as much as he had - Sean had always had a fondness for acoustic guitar.

He opened an app on his laptop and silently hit record. Sean knew he'd want to hear this again.

Himself, Sean wasn't particularly musically inclined. He didn't have any talent with instruments and had only futzed around with chiptunes as an aside to programming. Many people claimed he had a pretty good voice, but his singing voice sounded like a girl's, so he never used it, beyond occasionally singing along with songs he liked in public.

He hadn't known Sara played, she certainly wasn't on any of the school bands, nor that she was so talented.

"Wow, that was amazing," Sean echoed Kia. Though less ebullient, he was no less sincere in his praise. He might be able to rock at Guitar Hero, but he had no skill with an actual stringed instrument.

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[Kaoleth] 6:54 pm: Coolies. Willpower for Nina first.
Kaoleth *rolls* 8d10: 8+9+5+4+2+4+7+2: 41
[Kaoleth] 6:54 pm: Is 7 or 8 the threshold?
[Kaoleth] 6:54 pm: I've forgotten which in Aberrant....
[Asarasa] 6:54 pm: 7
[Kaoleth] 6:54 pm: It's either 2 or three, depending.
[Kaoleth] 6:55 pm: Ok. Three then.
[Asarasa] 6:55 pm: indeed

3 Successes Total.

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one more now

Sara rolls 9 dice for her performance

Nina *rolls* 9d10t7: 2,10,9,7,10,10,1,3,10.  Successes = 6.
      [Nina] 2:33 pm: wow witness please
[Asarasa] 2:33 pm: Damn!

what i would like is for you all to give me your characters reactions to her song post them in here so I can include them in the next post

also if you havnt seen already i posted a song that lets you know kind of what she plays


https://www.dropbox.com/s/9e971cl2jatnx1x/Haunted played on Leo Kottke Signature Model.mp3?dl=0


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Abel's roll
long6 *rolls* 10d10: 5+2+7+3+7+10+9+3+1+1: 48 4 successes

For bel the music was haunting, and he found himself in her head as she composed on the fly, sitting silently and listening with rapt attention.  He was by far the least injured of the group, but at the same time the one who had to be most mindful of missing health within the party. He said nothing as she played, inwardly quite glad she was enjoying herself.

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SalmonMax *rolls* 7d10: 7+8+9+2+1+6+2: 35
[SalmonMax] 7:32 pm: Threeeeeeee

Kia looks up at the unexpected sound of music, then just smiles and listens, nodding her head a little to herself on the tempo.

When the song was done she immediately clapped and cooed, "That was so goooooood!"

From anyone else it might have sounded like sarcasm masquerading as overdone admiration, but Kia was completely earnest in her praise.

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Alec lets out an impressed whistle.

"Damn. Way to make a guy feel inept. That was amazing. How long have you been playing for?"

It had been a long time since someone had played that Guitar with so much skill. For all of his enjoyment of it, Alec was still learning, doing his best to teach himself. He could have asked his mother and she would have hired a tutor, if he wanted, but this was something he wanted to do on his own merit. The time learning was between himself and his dad.

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This go brought up this morning.

For your Interlude posts I would like them to be posted in the main story thread titled/labeled the same way i do my interludes.

If your not sure how to label your post just leave it blank and i will label it for you.

I want to keep everything that bears on the main story in the main story thread. If there is some thing you wish to post that is outside the main story feel free to make a separate thread in the in character forum. again I ask that you follow the labeling conventions used in the main thread.

Any questions just ask.


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Ok i am so demanding i know I have a new assignment. this is worth a whopping 5 xp if completed before friday

You all know how much i like my music and how i like to put songs in my posts. Well What i want now is for each of you to find and post on your character sheet your characters main theme song.

It can be any style of music as long as it represents your character to you

I do have to have a listenable version of the song linked on your sheets either a youtube video or a mp3

if i have it by Friday you will earn 5xp after that xp will diminish by time till you don't get nothing.

If you don't give me a theme of your choice I will pick one myself and very bad things will happen :P


Let me know here as soon as you post so i can go check it out

Have a good day


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Listening around on YouTube and with my limited music knowledge, so far, I'm leaning towards 'Welcome To The Black Parade' by My Chemical Romance.



I am of course open, even eager, for suggestions from anyone who has a much broader appreciation and exposure to music than I do. Other than this, I was considering something by Radiohead. :D

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just to clerify

theme song/music can be anything it does not HAVE to be a popular song. it can be somehting from a sound track, it cane be a gaming song, it can be classicaal etc.

just something you would want to hear in a scene showcasing your character

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Monster is a fun one, but I think I'm gonna go with Invincible. The reason being Monster is pretty clearly about someone struggling with rage and anger, and has lines about hating themself and so on. Things I don't see being good descriptions of Kia. I know I'm overthinking what's meant to be just a fun exercise, but it's just not quite right. :)

Invincible has a similar energy, but is much more positive overall. I could see it overlaying some kind of cinematic fight scene with Kia, for example. It works.

Still looking at other songs, but I'll probably go with that. When I decide do I put it on her sheet?

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