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[OpNet] Tribute to the Unknown Hacker...

Sakurako Hino

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Oh yes. Last night was fun.

It seemed some fool decided to get some dirt on me. He was digging through my personal photo archive on my main server. This guy was a notorious retouch artist.

So, I found him. On the net of course, but he locked me out after downloading quite a bit from me.

So, here is a warning. If I see even one Photoshop Phriday quality pic popping up on the OpNet, your mainframe will pay the price.

I may be cute. I may be sweet. But if you anger me in the way I'm suspecting you will. Oh boy, there'll be trouble. Bank on it. I got money to spare, and I plan on opening up an S-Mart that only sells ball-stomp. Right in your digital back yard.

Raise your firewalls. Update your anti-virus scanners.

Your pathetic methods cannot withstand my talents.

I look foreward to your first masterpiece.

-Sakurako "Endeavor" Hino

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