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Name: Triessa Elrich
Concept: Mystic
Motivation: Exploration
Affiliation: ?
Essence: Questing
Demeanor: Activist
Nature: Benefactor
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Exp: 0



Attributes: 7/5/3
Strength **
Dexterity ***
Stamina ***

Intelligence ***
Wits ****
Perception ***

Appearance ***
Manipulation ***
Charisma ****

Arete 5
Willpower 5
Quintessence 5
Paradox 0

Abilities: 13/9/5
Talents 13
- Alertness ***
- Athletics **
- Awareness ****
- Empathy ***
- Streetwise *
- Subterfuge *
- High Ritual *
- Lucid Dreaming *

Skills 5
- Meditation **
- Stealth *
- Survival **

Knowledge 9
- Academics *
- Enigma *
- Esoterica ***
- Medicine *
- Occult ***

Backgrounds 10+
- Arcane Cloaking **
- Cult *

The Knitting Circle - Triessa has been in New Orleans to have gotten a small following of local new-agers and wiccans who've realized she seems to have some real power. They don't know anything about 'true' magic, but their belief can help Triessa work magic on occasion...and they sometimes offer hospitality, in exchange for occasional help from Triessa with their problems.

- Demense *
- Dream ***

- Mentor ** (free)
- Library *** (free) Triessa has access to the Chantry library, as any member in good standing does.
- Chantry *** (free) She has joined the local New Orleans chantry.
- Avatar ***** (3 free) The Goddess Abides - Triessa's avatar is an image of the Green Lady, with flowers in her hair, muddy feet, and red in tooth and claw. The Goddess has many names, many aspects, and can be as terrible in her wrath as she is infinite in compassion.
- Contacts ** (free) Triessa has had the good fortune, and good sense, to make a friend in the New Orleans Police force; Hank Warwick, the husband of one of her Knitting Circle buddies. She also knows a gal who's in her residency at a major hospital in the city, Gail Cramer.
- Wealth * (Free)
- Wonder *** (2 free)
 *** The Page (Arete 3, Mind 3) - A simple sheet of paper, slightly yellow around the edges, with lots of nicks and creases worn into it, The Page looks thoroughly unremarkable unless a Mage who has attuned to it presents it to someone as being something that would be written on something at least slightly paper-like. In that case, the viewer will project their expectations onto the Page, causing it to appear as exactly what it was stated to be. It can imitate any kind of document in this way, potentially. There are limits to this effect however. If it's presented as something that the target has no idea what to expect it to look as, the Page will reflect only a childish, obviously false concept of that document. Similarly, if it's presented as something that's obviously fictional, like a license to kill or an official report on UFOs, then the target would see it as what they think such a thing would look like...but can probably figure out that there's no such thing.

If it's ever held by someone who is not in the presence of the one attuned to it, it creates a subtle feeling in the one findign it that they should return it to its owner. This feeling escalates slowly over time, though it in no way offers advice or control in how the subject responds to it. Some might try to get an address and mail it...others might try to deliver it by hand.

Finally, when fully unfolded and pressed to someone's forehead, the Page can draw a picture of the dominant image in the subject's surface thoughts. In this way it could draw a scene from a dream, or of a memory currently being relived. The image looks like a very well-done pencil sketch...without color but in excellent detail up to what the subject's mental image allows.

Paradigm: Creation is Innately Divine and Alive
Practice: New Age mysticism
-Incense,candles and Enya CD's
-Blessings and curses
-Books and scrolls (never electronic)
-Celestial Alignments
-Circles, Pentacles, and Other Geometric Designs

Life ****
Matter *
Forces *
Entropy *
Time *
Mind ***
Prime **
Spirit *
Correspondence **


Life 3 - Hard Labor - Triessa does a thing, and inflicts a condition on her target in which any physical activity causes greatly accelerated fatigue, quickly forcing them to stop whatever they're doing to catch their breath. Subjects lose 1 dice from physical pools per point the spellcasting roll succeeded by. This spell is resisted by Stamina, not Willpower.

Life 3 - Myoclonic Twitch - This spell causes the subject's next physical action to be interrupted by a violent muscle spasm. This causes no direct harm to the subject, but causes the interrupted action to fail as if a critical glitch was rolled. The spellcasting roll is contested by the subject's Dexterity roll.

Mind 3 - Cloud Senses - The caster makes a spellcasting roll against the Willpower of anyone who can see her. If the successes rolled are greater than the subject's Willpower, the caster's presence is masked from their senses. This is not physical invisibility, but rather altering the subject's mind to ignore the presence of the caster. If the caster calls attention to herself by presenting a clear threat, or causing visible disturbances in the environment, the spell ends.

Life 3/Correspondence 2 - Breath of Life - The caster can heal other people, plants or animals over any distance so long as she has a way to target them.

Mind 3/Correspondence 2 - Projected Presence - The caster creates a mental illusion of herself in the mind of a subject that can be targeted at a distance. She can converse with this image, and even see through its eyes. Individuals other than the subject however cannot perceive the image in any way.


Exp Expenditures 0

Freebie expenditures 35
+3 Arete, 15
+1 Life Sphere, 7
+1 Str and Dex, 5
+1 Charisma and Manipulation, 5
+1 Alertness, Awareness, Empathy, 2
+1 Willpower, 1


Triessa had a troubled past in her family, with the early tremors of her future Awakening being misdiagnosed as psychological conditions that required medication and treatment. Fighting with her doctors, fighting with her family, and fighting with her own mind and body...by the time she was a teenager it seemed to Triessa that she'd never know peace. Desperate and despondent, she did the only other thing she could think of, and ran away from home.

It's likely her story would have ended tragically, as so many similar ones do, but Triessa had help from unexpected locations. First, her Avatar, finally unshackled from the prison that drugs had created for it, began to exert its guidence. She experienced powerful dreams that showed her visions pressing her onward. While she slept, she began to Awaken.

On the way, she hunted for some idea about what was happening to her, and happened across a New Age bookstore. Despite having little money, she spent most of it in that store, as several of the books seemed to describe -exactly- what she was feeling, what she was seeing. Hungry for meaning, Triessa also found cause for hope in the buoyant optimism of the philosophy of it all.

She crossed the country, following visions and seeking questions for the answers she couldn't understand. Though she ran out of money fairly quickly, Triessa learned to live without it. Hitchhiking, and staying with people she met along the way...sometimes for a night or two, sometimes for as much as a week before moving on. Sometimes working to earn her keep, but usually skating by on charm and shortlived romances; skipping out just before the welcome was worn out.

But the dreams were getting more intense and harder to follow, and sometimes distorting reality when she was awake. The Awakening, gentle at the start, was building up steam and her reality was breaking under the weight of it. By fortune, perhaps...or the genius of her Avatar...she encountered a woman in New Orleans, living a serene and solitary life. An older woman in her 50's, who also happened to be a Mage, though one who had largely retreated from the world for reasons of her own.

Triessa stayed with the woman, whom she dubbed early on as 'the wise old crone' for a time and from her finally learned the missing pieces to understand what was happening to her. When she'd recovered enough, she resumed traveling, but always returned to talk and learn and just socialize. The 'crone' became one of the few more-or-less stable relationships in Triessa's life and even convinced the young mage to join the Chantry there in New Orleans...this opened a new chapter for Triessa, that she has been cautious about embracing.



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Name: Cade Michael Allistair
Concept: warrior/adventurer
Motivation:  Self-improvement
Affiliation: Independent
Essence: Questing
Nature:  Survivor
Gender:  Male
Age:  23
Exp: 0






Strength 2
Dexterity 5 lightning reflexes
stamina 2  
Perception 3  
Intelligence 4 analytical
Wits 4 level-headed
Charisma 2
Manipulation 2
appearance 2

Alertness 3
Awareness  1*   3
empathy 2
expression 1
subterfuge  1
streetwise 2
Athletics 5 dodge
Drive 1*
Etiquette 1
Firearms 5 handguns
Martial Arts 5 kung-fu
 Melee  5 swords
Meditation 1
Survival  1
Stealth 1
Technology 1

Academics 1*
Computer 1*  
Occult  5
Enigmas   2
Law  1
Investigation    3
Medicine  1
Lore  4 Vampires

Arete 5
Willpower 7
Backgrounds 10+
Arcane 2
Resources 5
Mentor 3   Kandal Leshp
Avatar  5
Chantry 3
Contacts 2
Library   4
Wonder   5 "Lawgiver"
Affinity sphere- Forces
Forces 4
Time 3  
Correspondence 3
Prime 3
Life 1
Spirit 1

Enemy 3 In the course of his travels, Cade has made an enemy of the Vampire Vysago, a Nosferatu who's sire Cade slew  Vysago wants Cade Dead, as his sire was also his lover.
Amnesia 2  Cade wasn't found until he was ten years old and remembers Nothing of his life before being found by Adrian Allistair.
Nightmares 1 Cade suffers chronic nightmares, which are distorted versions of what he suffered in the care of the vampire he was found with by Adrian.
Laguages 2 French, Latin

Paradigm: Everything is Chaos

Practice: Chaos Magic, Martial Arts, Combat

Tools: Armor, Energy, Language, Meditation, Music, Weapons, Voice

Contacts- Cade's made the acquaintance of Captain Alan Hillerman, of the New Orleans Police Department.  After meeting on parallel investigations into a series of gruesome deaths in New Orleans, Cade saved Alan's life, and helped detain the perpetrator of the crimes, allowing Alan to take all the credit.  Alan will sometimes pass on information about cases to Cade, as well as ask him to consult if it's warranted.

The second acquaintance is  Amelia Harstone,  a Verbena who is one of many information brokers in the city.  While visiting her to get some help on a case, she was attacked by another client who'd not made good use of her work, and blamed her.  Cade easily handled her attackers, and the two forged a mutually beneficial friendship.   Not an ally in battle, who'd risk her life for him by any means, she'll do some legwork for him in regards gathering intel, within the city at any rate.   (kinda envisioned her being able to speak with animals and gather intelligence this way.  sure he can scry, but she can talk to bugs and such, who can cover alot more of the city at once.)

Mentor- Kandal Leshp is a moderately powerful independent mage.   A highly skilled combatant, he has honed Cade's skills to near perfection, using this training as another means to focus him, and teach him the fluidity of reality.  Often referred to as "Uncle Kan" by Cade, he also helps see to any artifacts cade can't keep and use himself.

Wonder -"Lawgiver"  a heavy pistol that has been mastercrafted into a powerful wonder of arcane power, This was the same pistol that Adrian used in his career.  Kandal will not relate how he came to possess it, only that now it belongs to Cade.   It serves as a battery for a large supply of quintessence, and has several other abilities.  Able to convert whatever ammo is loaded in it to any other type, it's a versatile weapon to be sure.  It holds the ability to damage ephemeral foes and physical foes alike, and is even able to damage patterns directly. 

Library- Adrian had his own library, and I'm raising this background to reflect that he has access to it as well.


Cade Allistair is a Private Detective.   Blessed with Intelligence speed and grace, he has a discerning mind and often takes jobs to recover objects, or people.  Sometimes these people have to live, othertimes, proof of death is needed.   He works hard to become equal to the man who was his adopted Father, Hermetic Mage Adrian Allistair..  

Adrian found him in a Florida Mansion belonging to a Vampire he'd been sent to dispatch.  In a moment of pity, he halted his purging of the premesises when he came to a young boy, no more than eight years old.  Sensing there was more in store for this boy, Adrian took him in, adopting him.   His move was Prescient when Cade awakened to the higher truths of Reality at age fifteen.   Sadly less than six months into his training as a mage, Adrian was slain by powerful vampires while on a mission in Cairo.   Not a day later, Kandal Leshp, A powerful mage, and ally to Adrian, showed up to continue the young mage's tutelage.  For the last seven years Cade has trained with him, learning to master many forms of combat and has shown himself adept at Temporal magic in addition to the Sphere of Forces that Adrian Favored.

Kandal noted that Cade was not a people person, often preferring the solitude of a library, learning all he could, and the training grounds on the large estate Adrian had left him to the company of others his own age.   Perhaps this left him somewhat awkward, but as he matured, Cade ventured into the world more often, if only because he'd have to to continue His Father's work.  

Kandal serves as Cade's fence for any object he recovers and cannot make use of, as well as supplier for goods that aren't so easy to get.  In Return, Kandal has a permanent room in the large well appointed home that Cade inherited, and Cade will perform requests for his mentor to repay any sense of debt.

Cade uses music to focus himself, and Kandal has taught him Golden Gunplay, once he was ready for such training.
Personality- Cade's a quiet generally soft-spoken man of simpler tastes than someone with his sort of money usually possesses.   Having come out of his shell abit more recently, he spends time with his fellows of the chantry, and has managed to make two acquaintances, who at the very least, can get him information when he needs it.

Appearance-  Cade is wiry thin young man with pale skin and light blonde hair.  His eyes are sky blue, and seem to lighten and darken with his mood.  He does wear glasses, though mostly this is to read.  He is impossibly graceful and quick, his training has mostly been to avoid being hit as opposed to taking a hit, and he is only of moderate stamina or physical strength.





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Name: Cheshire
Concept: Mage Magath
Motivation: Experiences and proving herself to the Euthanatos
Affiliation: Euthanatos
Essence: Questing
Demeanor: Kid
Nature: Visionary
Sex: Female
Age: 24
Exp: 0


Name: 		Cheshire (formerly Julia Alexander and a kami) 
Concept: 	Entangled Awakening
Nature:		Survivor			Demeanor: 	Visionary
Essence:	Dynamic

Str	3					Cha	2			Per	3
Dex	4 (Quick Reflexes)	Man	2			Int	2
Sta	3					App	2			Wit	3

Alertness		2
Art			2	(Cooking)
Athletics		2
Awareness		2
Brawl			1
Empathy			1
Expression		1
Intimidation		2
Leadership		1
Streetwise		2
Subterfuge		2

Crafts			2	(Weaponsmith)
Drive			2
Etiquette		1
Firearms		2
Martial Arts		3
Meditation		3
Melee			2
Research		1
Stealth			2
Survival		1
Technology		1

Academics		1   
Computer		2
Cosmology		2
Enigmas			1
Esoterica		1
Investigation		2		
Law			1
Medicine		1
Occult			1
Politics		1
Science			2	(Chemistry)

Arcane			3	(“I’m always between here and there now.”)
Avatar 			5	(Her avatar appears as her spirit-self.)
Chantry			3	(“Do the dead get to have homes?”)
Companion		1	(“It followed me home.” “From where?” “My dream.”)
Contacts		2	(Underworld, Euthanatos)
Demesne			5	(“It feels strange, to only visit and not belong here.”)
Library			3	(“Worlds within worlds.”)
Mentor			2	("They say I am free now, but still Lurline watches me.")
Resources		1	(“I have what is needed.”)
Sanctum			2	(“Sanctuary is a balm for the body and the soul.”)	
Correspondence		2 		Entropy		2		Forces		1
Life			1		Matter		2		Mind		1
Prime			2		Spirit		3		Time		1

Arete 			3 (5 FP)
Willpower 		5
Essence: 		Questing
Paradox 		0

Paradigm: The Infinite Permutations of Spirit and Form Make All Possible 
Practice: Manipulation of the Connections Between Realms
-Fractal Images
-Martial Arts

Merits and Flaws  
Natural Channel - 3 pts (Gauntlet at -1 for me and Spirits are inclined to be friendly)
Umbral Affinity - 4 pt Merit
Sphere Natural - 5 pts (Spirit, costs 75% to up)
Eye of Death - You have the ability to perceive  those who are about to die. When you look into a persons eye (this requires no special things on your part it is automatic, even a glimpse of a person walking down the street where you momentarily catch their eye can show you their imminent death), if they are going to die within the next 24 hours you will see this. The persons Left eye will glow with an inner light only someone with this ability can see. If the glow is soft and white the person is going to die by natural causes and at their appointed time. If the glow is blue or green it means that  their death is going to be caused by accident and can be avoided. If the glow is splintered and Red it means that their death is not natural nor accidental but that they are going to be murdered. 

Allergic - 3 pt flaw (Any type of mint. No spirit significance here, she’s just highly allergic to mint.)
Weirdness - 3 pt fl (Spirit, creates temporary Gauntlet 0 area that spirits can cross into Earth from, but not the other way around. Even when spirits don’t cross, they’re drawn to the area.)

Julia Alexanders was born contrary. SHe was a week late, but her mother's labor was less than an hour long. Julia was born in the hallway just outside of the maternity ward. As a child, she would wait to show off a new skill until she had mastered it to her satisfaction. Her parents worried that she was slow, but after an evaluation by Head Start they were told she just had a large case of being stubborn. In elementary school she scrapped with the tough kids, played soccer and ran track, then would turn around and giggle with the girls over make-up and party dresses. In hgih school she delved into a glitter goth phase and took up theatre and art. By college she had changed again - this time it was pixie punk and alternative everything. When her boyfriend caught her making out with her dormmate, contrary finally caught up in a big way. He and his fraternity plagued the two girls, running smear campaigns online, heckling them across campus, and even vandalizing their dorm. Her roommate switched colleges and never spoke to her again; Julia took it mostly in stride, which only annoyed her ex-boyfriend even more. He hated that he couldn't shame her out of the university, and the longer she kept her cool the hotter he got. The night of graduation, he and some his more mysogynistic brothers tracked Julia down at an After Party in a drunken haze of animalistic revelry. What had started as ego-saving hazing become a full on homophobic mob of fury; they cornered the young woman and beat her to death. 

What happened next Julia can only sort of explain. She felt her soul beging to untether from her body, but at the same time there was something Other hovering just over her. In a desperate grab for her life, Julia reached out to the Other and begged for help even as her own Avatar was awakening to try to stem her death. The spirit, which had been following Julia for her entire life and feeding off her perserverence and joie de vivre, and had grown from the association. It reached back, unsure what it could do but unwilling to lose Julia; Awakening and death created a strange fissure of a moment and both the spirit and Julia died and Cheshire was born. She remembers being Julia Alexanders but she is not her. She (without true words to express it) remembers being the nameless spirit, but she is no longer that, either. The spirits of fear and rage and violence that had gathered court around Julia's attackers were let through the Gauntlet in the moment as well and rampaged through the party, killing and maiming as they went. The surge of magical power and spiritual release caught the attention of Awakened and Enlightened alike. The mages of city descended on the area, quarantining it from the larger population and herding the spirits back across the Gauntlet or discorporating them if they would not go. There was an almost scuffle between the Technocrats and the others when the new mage was found, but one Euthanotos present recognized the signs of death and rebirth; he did not argue with the others, he simply arranged a distraction for them and stole away with the girl while no one was looking. He took her to a Euthanotos training chantry and left her in their care. She was trained in her new life, both in magick and in martial skills. Julia Alexanders was declared dead after the massacre and Cheshire never desired to legally resurrect her human half. This was several years ago. 

Recently, she received an invitation to the New Orleans Chantry. It was a prestigious offer and her Euthantoi trainers encouraged her to accept. In truth, they watch her from afar to judge her fitfulness not only as a Euthantos but also as a singular kind of mage. For herself, Cheshire is curious to experience a life like she remembers and hopes she can prove herself worthy of the care the Euthantos have shown her.




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Kaitlin Vandussen




Personal Information
Name: Kaitlin Oksana Vandussen
Nicknames: Kat, Katniss, Tomb Raider, Artemis, Wonder Woman, She-Hulk (Once)
Nature: Survivor
Demeanor: Thrill-Seeker
Essence: Primordial
Affiliation: Independent
Concept: Modern Day Amazon
Motivation: Forge herself into a weapon to face the things that go bump in the night
Occupation: Martial Arts Instructor,
Legal Status: United States Citizen, New Orleans Resident
Marital Status: Unmarried
Known Relatives: Reynold Vandussen (Father),
Deceased Relatives: Hanna Oksanyshyn Vandussen (Mother)

Physical Traits
Height: 6'2''
Weight: 213 lbs (heavier than she looks)
Age: 18
Apparent age: Late teens
D.O.B.: July 1st, 1998
Gender: Female
Ethnic Background: European American (Dutch, German, Ukrainian)
Eye Color: Golden amber with coppery outer ring
Hair Color: Chestnut brown with red and blonde highlights; shoulder length
Handedness: Left

Appearance: Kaitlin is a very tall, very athletic and striking young woman. She has the fine, sculpted facial features of a fashion model and the figure of a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model... if you added over sixty pounds of lean, hard, dense muscle, always perfectly taut and delineated as if she had just left the gym and a natural, tawny tan. Firm, exuberant breasts, well-defined 8-pack abs, and long, strong legs with thickly muscled thighs, she's Amazonic by any definition. She moves with uncanny, feline grace, powerful and smooth, and exudes astonishingly vigorous health and energy.

With her intensely amber eyes with their outer ring of copper, her too perfect blend of muscle and curves and symmetrical proportions, and her eerily smooth grace and uncanny reflexes, Kaitlin has a very striking yet disconcerting appearance.

Generally wears well worn, rugged second-hand clothing suited for the outdoors or sportswear. A pair of short-shorts or jeans, a crop top or tank top sometimes under a flannel shirt and a pair of worn cross-trainers is a typical outfit. Often wears an US Army Ranger, USFS Ranger, or NPS Ranger Cap. She doesn't own a dress and has never worn one.

Personality: Kaitlin is a stubborn, driven young woman, generally honest and straight forward, sometimes to the point of bluntness and values her independence and self-sufficiency almost to a fault. Often remote with those she doesn't know and doesn't call someone friend easily, but when she does, she is extremely loyal and will defend them against anything, as long as that loyalty and friendship is returned. With friends and those she knows, she is more easy-going and exuberant. She despises boredom and laziness - find something to do!



Born and raised in a small town in Wyoming, surrounding by mountains and National Forests and Parks, Kaitlin didn't have an easy life growing up, her home a cozy log cabin on the outskirts of town. Her father was an US Army Ranger, either stationed at Fort Bragg or Overseas for most of her early life, while her mother was a Ranger with the US Forest Service. Not having much money, when she couldn't afford a baby-sitter, Hanna took her daughter with her to work.

Even as an infant and toddler, Kaitlin was active and mobile, running, jumping and climbing on anything and everything, so she didn't mind, though she was a trial to her mother, and the rare times her father was around. When she was four, her father suffered a serious injury while stationed in Afghanistan and received a disability discharge from the military. He had a degenerative nerve and muscle damage to his leg from an incident he never spoke about, but his mobility was severely limited and it made him bitter. The doctors had wanted to amputate, but Reynold had refused - it was his leg. Even at her tender age, Kaitlin noticed the change in her father, but tried not to let it affect her.

Still, Hanna and Reynold encouraged Kaitlin in her physical pursuits, both proponents of physical fitness, though they could afford to enroll her in any junior sport leagues or other athletic clubs. They even taught her to fish and to check snares, extra food to supplement what they could afford on Reynold's disability checks and Hanna's job as a junior Ranger in the US Forest Service.

Kaitlin's next harsh lesson in life was when she was six. She was with her mother, romping through Shoshone National Forest when something... terrible, horrible happened. Hanna Vandussen was found torn to pieces, some organs completely missing. Kaitlin was found a day later, huddled in the boughs of a big tree.

Kaitlin had no memory of what happened other than something telling her to run and what she called a wolf-bear charging through the trees before she ran away. Forensics showed some serious discrepancies in the apparent attack. Superficially, it looked like Hanna was attacked by a big animal, further revealed the wounds weren't made by any wolf or bear, or mountain lion or any other wild animal found in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

Theories were made that is was a human attack meant to be disguised as an animal attack. Naturally, suspicion first fell on her husband, but nothing was ever proven. Reynold was never charged in the death of his wife, but the taint of that suspicion never fully left him, partly because the cause of Hanna's death was never conclusively determined. Reynold grew more sour, and started drinking more heavily.

Now down to just what Reynold received on disability, he started teaching his daughter what he knew of hunting, physical fitness, and other skills he'd learned as an US Army Ranger. But he didn't want Kaitlin to grow to become a soldier, so he taught her to bow hunt instead of using guns. Kaitlin enjoyed learning from her father, if not the alcohol on his breath, anything that let her out of the house. With her father disabled, Kaitlin started taking on more of the work hunting and fishing by setting snares and dressing the catch, even doing more of the cooking as time went on. She started shoplifting for necessities they couldn't get from the streams and forests when money was especially tight.

School wasn't especially good for her. Kids were kids, even in small towns, and could be cruel to the outsider who only wore second hand clothing and had a drunk father suspected of murder. She was an indifferent student, got in trouble often enough, usually fighting with those who teased her mercilessly or spoke badly about her father. Smaller than most of the others, Kaitlin still excelled at athletics. Whatever else, she was always picked first when playing any sport.

When she was running, jumping, climbing, and tumbling, when she fell into the zone, and could feel the burn in her limbs, she could forget about how shitty her life was. Despite what happened to her mother, the outdoors never scared her; she often snuck out when her father was particularly drunk.

She was eight when she saw a YouTube video and was able to put a name to what she was doing naturally: Parkour! After that, she started climbing and jumping off everything, and devoured all she could about Parkour from the computer at the library. Even if she got caught shoplifting, she could usually get away... though her father wasn't terribly happy when her victims would show up to their cabin to tell him what his daughter was up to.

When she was ten, Kaitlin came to another major turning point in her life. She had stolen a bag of grocers from the back of a black sedan, only realizing too late that is belonged to an agent of the Resident Agency of the Denver Field Office of the FBI. Knowing she could be real trouble this time, she bolted, but the Agent came after her. She ducked behind a building, her eyes going wide at the sight of an older, but still vigorous man finishing a cigarette. No time to find another place to hide, she hid behind a trash bin and prayed the man wouldn't bust her.

He didn't. In fact, he covered for her when the Agent showed up. Samurai Joe had seen the tiny girl around, knew about her hard life, and could see her obvious natural athletic abilities - in another life, another place, she could have been a future Olympic Gymnast to rival or surpass Nadia Comaneci. He thought she just needed an outlet. He could also sense the potential for something more in her as well, for he was a Mage, a member of the Akashic Order. The man known as Samurai Joe ran the only martial arts student in town - Samurai Joe's Jeet Kune Do - and had as long as anyone in town could remember.

Samurai Joe could see the stubbornness and independence in the young girl and knew she wouldn't accept charity, so he made her an offer: he'd start teaching her in return for her doing some cleaning and maintenance around the dojo. He'd throw in a few bucks too or the occasional bag of groceries, but she had to stop stealing. Reluctant, but afraid if she didn't take the deal Samurai Joe would turn her in and then she might be locked up and wouldn't be able to help dad anymore, Kaitlin took the deal.

It was the best thing she ever did. She found another father figure in Samurai Joe. He didn't replace her father, but was an additional one. She took to the training easily and naturally, her inherent athleticism helped with the physical and mental discipline, though she didn't accept the spiritual lessons as well. On the other hand, she fell in love with Bruce Lee and her skill with Parkour was complementary with her lessons in what she thought was Jeet Kune Do, which in fact was Do, The Way. Samurai Joe hadn't had an apprentice in years and Kaitlin needed something. If she would ever Awaken, Samurai Joe couldn't say, but he could give her the opportunity to make her life something better than it was.

Kaitlin started doing better in school, and fought less. Most of the subjects in school still bored her and she began doing studies of her own. The physiology and mental discipline of athletes, books on physiotherapy, trying to help her father be more mobile and in less pain. She grew more assertive with him too, challenging about his drinking. She wouldn't get alcohol for him anymore and threw it out more often than not when she found it in their cabin. Sometimes, things were tense at home, but over all, it was better.

In the summer before entering Grade 8, Kaitlin's life changed forever. She was thirteen and feeling moody and sore. Everyone else was growing taller and developing curves, but she was the shortest girl in class by inches and still as flat as a boy. Despite her athletic skill, her lack of size and reach prevented her from dominating in sports like she always had before. And while she was beginning to notice boys, they didn't notice her, beyond being the poor girl in junior high who looked like she should still be in elementary school. On top of that, her father was starting to slide back on his alcoholism.

It was the evening, Kaitlin had finished making and eating supper, and was on a run in the mountains behind her home, jumping off rocks and cliff-faces and flipping off trees, shoving her soreness away when she felt an odd, warm stickiness in her shorts. Reaching inside, her fingers felt a tacky moistness and when she looked down at her fingers, she could see red under the last light of the setting sun.


The sight sent her into a near panic. Intellectually, Kaitlin knew she could expect menstruating soon, many in her class already had. But she had no close female family or friends, and whatever her father or Samurai Joe could teach her, they couldn't prepare her for this. Feeling unreasoning anxiety and guilt, Kaitlin just ran harder and deeper into the woods and hills of Shoshone National Forest.

She finally stopped in a small glade high up one hill, centered on a still pond shaded by old, shaggy pines. She sat on a flat boulder, rocking slightly with her knees pulled to her chest as the dusk deepened. The glade gave a good view over the valley and town and Kaitlin had always felt a kinship with the place.

She heard a noise and turned looking into the shadows left by the fading light. She couldn't see anything then she heard it a again, a soft padding of footsteps. She spun and saw nothing but shadows as the sun disappeared and night fell. Kaitlin slowly rose from where she sat trying to pierce the darkness, the distinctive sound of a claw on stone spinning her around and she found herself staring into the yellow eyes of the largest Grey Wolf she had ever seen, less than five feet from where she stood.

She stared, frozen with fear, her heart pounding. The beast sniffed and opened its jaws, letting loose a bone chilling howl. She stumbled back preparing to run when her blood ran cold and her heart leapt into her throat. Her hazel eyes went wide, she was frozen again, her mind suddenly blank of all thought. The wolfs muscles began to ripple and its bones cracked and reset themselves as it reared up on it hind legs which were elongating. It was changing into a monster, a monster she suddenly remembered seeing before.

Kaitlin remembered! This was the monster that had killed her mother. And it would have killed her too if a great cat made of shadow that moved with primal grace and strength, with glowing gold eyes and luminous ethereal smoke spilling from its mouth had not lead her away and shown her where to hide while the werewolf tore her mother to pieces. The primordial beast, who was other, but was her as well, had taken her memory of the event as it slipped through the trees when rescue searchers had found her, though none of them had seemed to have seen it.

The great cat had been in her life ever since, leading her, pushing her, driving her, sometimes subtly protecting her. A being of her subconscious, but more than that too, slipping away like smoke and taking conscious memory of it away as well as it left. And now, it was back, stalking through trees and shadow unnoticed by the werewolf, staring at her with lambent, yellow eyes.

A new soul, it awakens for the first time, girl, a roar from the moment of creation at last heard! it purred in her mind. Time seemed to have stopped as the great, shadowy cat prowled around her, the smoke spilling from its maw tickling and tingling as it swirled around her legs. You can flee, perhaps to survive another day, but to flee forever more, the roar of awakening to go unanswered. Or you can fight, perhaps to die, but the roar will be answered and you know what it is to live!

Kaitlin was running as far back as she could remember, running and climbing even before walking, but she had never really ran away from anything in her rough, tough life, as short as it was, even sometimes when better sense said she should. She had endured the trials in her life and grown stronger for them. She'd rather die than meekly submit.

I'm gonna fight! Kaitlin told her avatar, planting her feet in a martial arts stance as she faced the towering wolf-man, even though terror raced down her spine. The great cat made no acknowledgment if that was good or bad, but simply crouched down, then pounced on her, but there was no impact. The spirit flowed into her like fog of shadow and light, seeped in through mouth and nose, her ears and eyes and between her legs.

Leaves rustled and the pond rippled under an evening wind as time started flowing once more. The werewolf charged Kaitlin, but she gasped as power and energy flowed through her and she swelled to match the monster in size and muscle, feline and terrible, furred in shadow, clawed and toothed in primal, silvery-blue light, ethereal fog spilling from her jaws.

Kaitlin, channeling a power she hadn't know she had, guided by a Spirit that had merged with a part of herself deep within her soul, and the werewolf fought in the glade under the light of the full moon. The Wolf-man had the advantage of skill and experience, a veteran of dozens of battles. But he had been expecting easy prey, not a predator on his level. Kaitlin moved with frightening speed and grace, and fueled by the quiescent energy that had lived in the picturesque glade for time uncounted, undying, waiting, her ephemeral claws and teeth tore through the meat and bone of the werewolf, tore his very Pattern, leaving terrible wounds that would not heal.

The monster tried to flee. The feline lycanthropic figure that was Kaitlin did not let him. She killed him, his death a sacrifice to her Awakening, and gorged on the Quintessence freed from the life taken from him.

Lost in the ecstasy of the power she failed to notice the others that had come drawn by the savage show. As the energy faded, she found her self on the ground kneeling over the corpse of a man torn asunder, then she noticed the Wolves. The largest wolf stepped forward, bigger even than the one she had killed, but there were six of them.

It bared its fangs and growled, then a smaller wolf moved up. The two made noises, then the others joined in and they all stepped forward. She had nowhere to run and the cat was silent. The smaller wolf came closer and began to ripple but instead of a monster it changed in to a woman, stocky and middle aged. Her dark skin in the moonlight told of the Indian blood flowing through her veins.

"You are safe child. We will not harm you for the spirit of this place has protected you and chosen you. This place is sacred to us. It is under our protection. And now it is also yours. Come here when you wish, but leave the rest alone, they are ours. Speak to no one of this, we will take care of this filth. Go now, others are looking for you. Do not bring them here, this is your place and ours."

Kaitlin could only nod gravely in silent acceptance of the vow.

Samurai Joe found her stumbling down out of the mountains an hour later, smears of blood on her cheeks and hands, feeling the echoes of her Awakening even from town. Looking upon her, upon her Aura, he was almost blinded by the power of her Avatar and the seething Quintessence she had absorbed. Hers wasn't a soul that had traveled multiple times around the Wheel, but rather one that was taking its first steps. Her path wasn't the one the Akashics followed, at least, it wasn't yet. Her ominous avatar that he could only see with his Mage Sight warned him against influencing her Path. Samurai Joe nodded, he would only give her the tools to find her own.

Samurai Joe crouched down and cradled the tiny girl in his arms and straightened up smoothly, giving the bewildered girl a wry grin. "Dunno what happened durin' your 'Wakenin', but that's yers and yers alone, if you wanna tell the tale. But Ah guess Ah still hav' some 'splainin' ta do, Kiddo, yeah?"

So, in addition to continuing her training in The Way, at least in the Limbs Kaitlin was inclined to, Samurai Joe began teaching her the hidden Reality of the world, and the Reality of Magick. And Paradox. The monsters were real, but they could be fought. Together, they learned where her magickal proclivities lay.

Kaitlin had a strong, innate affinity for Life magick. When she found out about that, she wanted to instantly to make herself taller, stronger, prettier, the whole lot. Samurai Joe admitted she might be able to do it, but the backlash of Paradox could be harsh, and then there was the fact without taking care, she could seriously endanger her physical development. At leave give puberty a chance. Kaitlin reconsidered and nodded in agreement. Along with studying Magick and Do, she began taking a deep interest in medicine, mostly advanced first aid training, along with physiology and physiotherapy, as a means to not only improve herself physically, but to help her father with his disability.

Kaitlin did have an odd ineptitude with Spirit Magic, which surprised Samurai Joe, considering the strength of her Avatar and her encounter with the werewolf. Samurai Joe conjectured that the sheer power of the manifestation her Avatar, especially considering that it looked like this was the first life her Soul had endured took all the capacity for Spirit Magic she had.

One year passed, then two and Kaitlin learned and developed. She couldn't help with her father's degenerative wound, but she could ease the pain and give him better mobility for a time. On her morning or evening runs, Kaitlin found herself returning more often to her Glade, basking in its quiet hum of power and primordial peace.

Sometimes, she would catch sight of a small, dark grey wolf watching her. There was no threat in its gaze, only curiosity, and perhaps, playfulness. Looking upon its aura, Kaitlin realized it was a boy, near her own age, one of the Shoshone werewolves she thought. Over time, while not trading any words, they grew used to each other, playing around the Glade, in the woods and mountains, playing tag and hide and seek and the like.

Puberty wasn't as kind as she had been hoping though. Finishing Grade 9, though very fit and athletic, she had only grown to 5' tall, and was quite modestly endowed - which admittedly was common among female athletes - but she had at least ensured a clear, clean, acne-free complexion and a year-round, tawny tan.

But she wanted more. There were monsters in the world. She was going to forge herself into a weapon the fight any that tried to threaten her or hers.

Kaitlin had studied, and laid the groundwork to give puberty a boost. That summer, she worked as a volunteer Fire Lookout in Shoshone National Forest, along with each summer since. Both to keep an eye for any violent incursions of Night-Folk along with the regular duties of a Fire Lookout in a National Forest, but for another reason too. In the calm, quiet, and habitual solitude, save for regular visits from Samurai Joe, she began using controlled applications of Life and Prime to alter her Pattern over time, using the heavy stock of Quintessence she had absorbed from the Werewolf to enhance the effect, along with the Tass secreted by her hidden Glade, and put puberty in overdrive, using Mind to help her adjust to the changes. She also used other applications of Life to magnify the effect of natural and regular Parkour and Martial Arts regimen and to keep her gains balanced and symmetrical, and Mind to strengthen her drive and focus,

That summer, she grew almost an inch a week, and her weight increased by nearly 50%, all lean, dense muscle. And giving in to a bout of vanity - especially after seeing a schoolmate flaunt herself in an overburdened bikini top, she gave herself a boost in the bust department. That almost ended being a big problem. They had grown too large at first, making running a trial, but before the summer ended, she managed to correct the issue. She was still larger than average, especially considering her strong, athletic physique, but they were very firm and perky and suited her frame well.

When she started Grade 10, everyone at school was shocked at the sight of her. Many accused her of taking steroids and getting implants, but she didn't concern herself with what they said. She  knew more than they did. She did concern herself with the interest the boys started showing her though and wasn't a virgin for much longer.

Her first time back to her Glade after her summer on Firewatch and the changes Magickal puberty had wrought upon her, Kaitlin got to see her silent werewolf friend's human form for the first time. He was of a height with her, lithely muscled, and roguishly handsome with his unruly black hair and dark, twinkling eyes. He was her first and most frequent lover, though she never had a steady boyfriend. Sex was another kind of intense ordeal and athletic pursuit, one where she could now really appreciate the Life and energy that flowed in and between two bodies.

That year, she also learned that some monsters were merely and entirely human, which didn't necessarily make them less dangerous. But she was dangerous too.

After school, she began working as an instructor at Samurai's Joe Jeet Kune Do, which gave her another avenue to funds. Things got a bit easier for her and her father. Many school teams started courting her to enroll or sign up, but they didn't interest Kaitlin much. She found them too structured and limiting. And also, a bit like cheating, if she did join - not she didn't like winning, she did, but she found more value in competing against herself than against others, especially now. It would be too easy to show off, and then there'd be questions and she'd always been a poor liar.

There are no limits. There are plateaus, but you must not stay there, you must go beyond them. If it kills you, it kills you. A man must constantly exceed his level - Bruce Lee

By the time Kaitlin was sixteen, she was strapping, shapely young woman over six feet tall - half a foot taller than she had intended, but she adapted - just about the tallest girl in school and undeniably the strongest. She began working on other ways of enhancing herself. Sharpening the acuity of her senses after studying the Patterns of animals, and using Mind to she could interpret the increased input - her hazel eyes turned a vivid amber. She had blinded herself for three days working on that. Studying physiotherapy and kinesiology to help her father, and magickally enhancing muscle memory, she made herself even more graceful and fluid in movement. And Life magic let her stress her muscles and bones, to make them grown denser and more resilient, making her much tougher and able to suffer injuries yet still keep going.

When she was seventeen, Kaitlin got home from school and checked the mail box on her way up the road. Graduation would be in two weeks and she was both excited and terrified. With her growing adeptness with Magick, she had finally been able to fix her father's leg, stretching the repair of muscle and nerves over the last few months and already, she noticed a marked improvement in his attitude and demeanor. His drinking was way down, and he even smiled again.

Bills bills bills and...what's that, a letter addressed to her? Her Jeep idled as she checked the envelope, the return address wasn't from a person but from some place called the Astrarium House in New Orleans. She didn't know any one from New Orleans and had certainly never heard of this Astrarium House. Curiosity eating at her she tore open the envelop and pulled out a folded piece of parchment paper. Her eyes widened as she read...

Talking to Samurai Joe about the letter and Astrarium House, he admitted he knew all about it, having suggested her himself to his old Chantry. He'd taken a Sabbatical from his old position at Astrarium House decades ago, but recently, they had contacted him about returning after suffering a lost of one of their high ranking members (up to you who is the lost member and why). He accepted due to old obligations, but suggested her to them, as a young, but very promising new Mage.

Kaitlin accepted, and started a new chapter in her life. She graduated high school and spent a long night basking in her Glade, in its comforting thrum, and a long night with her Shoshone werewolf friend, who was now notably shorter than her, his mischievous appearance heightened by a scruff of beard. They had never exchanged names, but it wasn't necessary, they know who the other was. Kaitlin would miss them both, but promised she'd be back from time to time.

She moved to the big city of New Orleans from her tiny town of Dubois, Wyoming, joined Astrarium House and began interacting with other Mages, where before, she had only known one other. It was exciting and terrifying, a time filled with limitless potential and possibilities...

Character Sheet


Strength 5 (6) [Athletic]
Dexterity 5 (7) [Feline Grace]
Stamina 5  (7) [Enduring]

Perception 3
Intelligence 2
Wits 3

Charisma 2
Manipulation 2
Appearance 4 [Hawt!]

Talents: Alertness 2, Athletics 4 (Parkour), Awareness 2, Do 4 (External Style), Intimidation 1
Skills: Acrobatics 4 (Parkour), Archery 2, Cooking 1, Craft 1 (Carpentry), Drive 1, Meditation 3, Melee 2, Stealth 2, Survival 3
Knowledges: Academics 1, Computer 1, Esoterica 3 (Body Control), Lore: Werewolves 1, Medicine 2 (Physiotherapy)

Special Do Techniques: Iron Shirt, Plum Flower Blossom, 1 Technique Unassigned


Avatar 5: Kaitlin's very powerful avatar takes the appearance of the archetype of a great cat made all of shadow save for its glowing gold eyes and the fog of Primal energy that constantly spills from its jaws. It slinks and stalks between trees or any other obstacles, suggesting or alluding to things to Kaitlin, but it can be blunt and terrible when it really wants to get something across. Often, the last thing seen is its glowing gold eyes, like a much more predatory Cheshire Cat. She calls it Pantheris.




Chantry 3: The small, but old and respected Astrarium House in New Orleans.

Contacts 2:
-Sgt. Pascal Couvillon: a police officer Kaitlin has slept with. A bit on the short side, but athletic and in good shape, quick to act, quick to anger, but has a good heart.
-Cassidy Rigby: A park ranger for the National Park Service that Kaitlin has crossed paths with during her morning runs and while hunting.

Enhancement 5 (+1 Strength, +2 Dexterity, +2 Stamina): Through prolonged use of Life Magick and the expenditure of a great amount of Quintessence during her pubertal development, Kaitlin has made drastic physical improvements to her body, forging herself into something greater than merely human, though there have been side-effects that at times can make her come across as disconcerting. Genetic Flaws: Strength - Visibly Tense Musculature; Dexterity - Freakish Reflexes, Predatory Grace; Stamina - Immunity to Minor Pain, Impervious to most weather conditions)

Library 3: Kaitlin has a decent, eclectic  collection of books, magazines, and articles, on a range of subjects, including martial arts, Bruce Lee, parkour, yoga, tantric sexual practices, biology, kinesiology, medicine, and physiotherapy, among others.

Mentor 3 (Samurai Joe): A reclusive member of the Akashayana, Samurai Joe has lived in Lander Wyoming as long as anyone knows, running Samurai Joe's Jeet Kune Do Dojo. Known only as Samurai Joe, he has always looked like a grizzled farmer or lumberjack too, gruff and laconic, but kind to those don't take things for granted and are willing to work. He only gives an enigmatic grin and snorts when asked how he got the name Samurai Joe. Has recently returned to Astrarium House after a decades long Sabbatical. Has guided Kaitlin in her initiation and growth as a Mage, and specifically in her mastery of the Life Sphere.


Node 1: The small glade where Kaitlin confronted her mother's monstrous murdering and Awoke to her Power. It thrums with quiet power. Tass takes the form of translucent quartz river stones found in the pond.

Totem 2: Pantheris, The Primordial Great Cat, the mixed spirit of her Avatar and her Node (+2 to Athletics)

Wealth 1: Has a battered Jeep Wrangler and a small, remote wood cabin outside the city when she isn't staying at Astrarium House. Earns living expenses by teaching martial arts and self-defense classes, as well as parkour/freerunning techniques discipline, supplementing her income with hunting.

Merits: Ability Aptitude - Athletics (M3), Ability Aptitude - Acrobatics (M3), Acute Senses (All) (M20), Animal Magnetism (Link), Catlike Balance (M3), Legendary Attribute - Dexterity (M3; ???), Legendary Attribute - Stamina (M3; soak Lethal Damage, add Stamina Bruised Levels)
Flaws: Primal Marks - Amazonian Archetype (M3), Sphere Inept - Spirit (M3; cost to increase sphere +25%, +1 Difficulties when using Spirit), Conditional Magic - Silver (M3; add up to +3 to difficulties to Arete rolls vs those wearing sufficient silver or when in contact with sufficient silver)
Genetic Flaws: Visibly Tense Musculature (Strength), Freakish Reflexes (Dexterity), Predatory Grace (Dexterity), Immune to Minor Pain (Stamina), Impervious to most weather conditions (Stamina), Dense Body Structure (Legendary Stamina), Increased Metabolism/Hunger (Legendary Dexterity), Too Perfect Proportions/Symmetry (Animal Magnetism), Unusual Eye Colour (Acute Senses)

Arete: 4
Willpower: 6
Quintessence/Paradox: 5/0
Health Levels: Bruised (-0) x8, Hurt (-1) x1, Injured (-1) x1, Wounded (-2) x1, Mauled (-2) x1, Crippled (-5) x1, Incapacitated (N/A) x1, Dead (N/A) x1

Spheres (Affinity - Life): Correspondence 1, Entropy 1, Forces 2, Life 4 (Improvement), Mind 1, Prime 3, Spirit 1, Time 3


There are monsters in the world, myths are real, and few of them care for humanity. And the world doesn't owe you a thing. It's up to you to a reason to life and to defend that reason and make it blossom. Magick is just another tool or skill to fight the monsters and find a meaning to existence.

Kaitlin believes there is a whole world of Magick in the adaptability and supremacy of the human body itself. Athletes, Warriors, Martial Artists, Monks, and others have been able to make it do incredible things, through sheer physical and mental discipline. With enough Will, Focus, and ability with Magick and the ability to see and manipulate the Primal Energy found in all things, a Mage can push 'incredible' onto the next level, into the 'impossible' and beyond.

Paradigm: A World of Gods and Monsters
Practice: Martial Arts, along with some of the physical and mental disciplines of Yoga
Instruments: Blood and other Fluids, Bodywork, Energy, Martial Arts/Dance/Movement, Meditation, Ordeals and Exertions, Voice and Vocalizations

Experience Log


Creation - +4xp
Making Nina Laugh - +1xp
Paint It Black - +15

Manipulation 2 - -4xp
Lore: Werewolves 1 - -3xp
Sphere: Forces 2 - -8xp
Intimidation 1 - -3xp

Balance: 3xp
Total: 20xp


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Name: Aja Klarfeld
Concept: Modern Magi Sherlock Holmes
Motivation: Bring the world to a better place.
Affiliation: Virtual Adept
Essence: Pattern
Demeanor: Activist
Nature: Loner
Sex: Male
Age: 24
Exp: 0

Physical Traits:
Weight: 165 lbs
Height: 5'6
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark Blond
Handedness: Left


Aja Klarfeld always grew up a little bit different than everyone else. When a baby, he was reading off words from soap bottles. In elementary school, he was put in a GT (Gifted and Talented) program and demonstrated results well ahead of his classmates. Aja was highly creative and well-read approaching a college level when he was just 10.

But he had a number of sensory issues, difficulty with social rules and picking up on cues. At a young age, he was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. While over the years he worked to overcome his challenges, it seemed that from move to move, middle school to high school to college, he became more and more without friends - at least in the flesh.

Online, he had more friends of a sort, mediated by the membrane of text and images, allowing him to communicate and socialize on his own terms. One of them was Penny. Over the strain of junior year, Aja began to see images, information and sensations that he couldn't easily make sense of. Increasingly thinking he was unwell, Aja accidentally overdosed on a bit more Advil than he would have in a less tired and stressed state.

Finally, he woke up, only to see Robert Downey Junior, in his Sherlockian role sitting in his chair and looking back at him. "Once you eliminate the impossible, what remains, however improbable, must be the truth. But you know, Aja, the definition of impossible isn't quite what you think it is." That was when Aja Awakened. In the morning, logged in on a weekend chat, Penny messaged him on face to face Skype, asking how it felt.

That was the beginning of his introduction to the Virtual Adepts a couple years back. Aja took to it all like a fish finally finding water. He began to employ his abilities to make change in the world. The young man's personality and interests did not incline him to a front seat in the spotlights - Aja gathered information and worked on more subtle applications of influence - be in in the Ascension 'cold war' against Technocratic fronts or just against organizations, people or injustices he wanted to bring down.

Penny remained his confidant and closest friend, and when an opportunity arose in New Orleans, while she knew it would cause major changes in his life, she pushed Aja to take a place in the Astraeum Chantry where she thought he would be an important asset.

Appearance: Aja is a young man of slightly below average height, wearing glasses. He is generally possess a thin mustache and definite beard, but with his irregular shaving patterns, he may range from a recent clean-shaven to more thick and profuse with facial hair. A dimple often appears in his right cheek when he smiles.

Personality: Aja possesses a vibrant kindness and passion for his interests and work that is apparent to anyone in front of him. He demonstrate a deep curiosity and eclectic interests in things ranging from various forms of fiction, drama, mysteries, history, literature and more. Yet at the same time, he is fundamentally an ISTJ personality, cemented by the high-functioning autism he possesses (and chooses to keep unmentioned).

Extended, large-scale social interaction is emotionally tiring for him, he has a number of sensory issues, and at heart he would prefer to interact with people at the one step remove provided by the Internet and information technology. And Aja is more self-reliant, trying to plan and do his best to arrange his efforts to improve the world by himself on a focused step by step, issue by issue progress, focused chunks.

Neither is it easy to step into the unfamiliar or unprepared.



Paradigm: Everything is Data (secondary element of Tech Holds All the Answers)
Practice: Reality Hacking


  • Books
  • Computers/IT Gear
  • Eye Contact
  • Languages
  • Mass Media
  • Math
  • Meditation/Concentration
  • Social Influence/Domination
  • Symbols
  • Thought Forms
  • Voice/Vocalizations
  • Writing

Aja draws on the traditional core Virtual Adept ideas that everything is information, and as such, can be learned, adjusted, modified. Unlike the high-tech habits of his fellows, Aja's primary attentions are on the more basic, often-overlooked (to him) sources of information in the word - the human language and concepts we create, modify, and change constantly, plus that which is perceived by our senses always.




Intelligence 4 (Book Learning), Wits 3, Perception 3
Strength 2, Dexterity 2, Stamina 2
Charisma 3, Manipulation 2, Appearance 2

Alertness 3
Art: Writing 3
Athletics 1
Awareness 2
Brawl 1
Empathy 2
Expression 2
Subterfuge 2

Meditation 1
Melee 1
Research 3
Stealth 1
Technology 1

Academics 3
Belief Systems 2
Computer 1
Enigmas 3
Finance 2
Hypertech 1
Investigation 3
Media 2
Medicine 1

Avatar 3 [Robert Downey Jr.]
Chantry 3 [The Astraeum Chantry]
Contacts 3 [Historians, Journalists, Writers]
Device: Virtual Adept Bafflejack 2
Hypercram 4
Library 6
Mentor 2 [Penny]
Resources 2
Status: Virtual Adepts 1

Mage Traits
Arete 5
Quintessence 3
Willpower 6
Paradox 0

[Affinity Sphere: Data]

Data 4 (Surveillance/Sousveillance)
Entropy 3
Forces 1
Life 1
Matter 1
Mind 3
Primal Utility 1
Spirit [Deficient]
Time 2

Merits & Flaws

Common Sense (1)
Concentration (1)
Eidetic Memory (2)
Encyclopedic Knowledge: Academics (1)
Encyclopedic Knowledge: Media (1)

Allergic: Pollen (-1)
Intolerance: Very Loud Area Noises (-1)

Experience Log


Beginning Bonus: +4 XP



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Personal Information
Name: Xavier Cross
Nicknames: 'Cross', 'X', You-mutha-fucka...
Nature: Rogue
Demeanor: Sensualist
Essence: Questing
Affiliation: Cult of Ecstasy
Concept: Fallen Master in need of direction
Motivation: Absolutely none.
Occupation: Professional Carouser
Legal Status: United States Citizen, New Orleans Resident
Marital Status: Unmarried
Known Relatives: None
Deceased Relatives: None

Physical Traits
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 186lbs
Age: 81
Apparent age: Early to mid thirties
D.O.B.: Feb 9th, 1935
Gender: Male
Ethnic Background: Caucasian
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Depends.  Usually black or brown.
Handedness: Left

Appearance: Xavier is an average guy in about every way imaginable.  He maintains the frame of a man who works out regularly, no one is sure how since he's never seen hitting a gym.  He claims to have a membership though.  Despite his lack of exercise, he is devilishly handsome.  He's not super gorgeous, but there is just something about him that drives the ladies at the local bars and clubs wild.  He says he's not sure what it is that makes them love him, but he blames his big feet.

Personality: Getting Xavier to do anything before 3 or 4pm requires an act of God.  Spirits of Sloth often consider themselves overachievers when they have an opportunity to see Xavier's daily grind.  When the sun goes down, however, he's back out on the streets of The Big Easy drinking and carousing all over again.  If she's pretty, he's flirting.  If it's measured in ABV (Alcohol By Volume), he's drinking.  Most people love they guy.  He's fun, outgoing, and usually pays for most of the drinks.



Background: Born in 1935, Xavier Cross is old, very old.  The Ascension War took it's toll on all sides and very few people alive today remember his story.  Xavier Awakened at a very young age, during a time when the world was in the middle of a lot of changes.  Thankfully he was discovered and trained in the ways of the Art.  Inquisitive and open-minded, he was a promising young Mage and a strong supporter of the Traditions.  He discovered his true love in a woman named Madeline and was married in 1955.  They had their honeymoon at Disneyland, which had just opened that year.

In 1956, a little less than a year after they'd been married, Madeline was hit by a drunk driver while exiting a boutique.  Xavier was devastated and his entire world was spun upside down.  After weeks of grieving his friends and neighbors discovered he'd found a new purpose.  He withdrew from the sleeper community and invested all his time and energy into the Art.  Those above him grew worried but he'd not violated any tenants.  His work seemed harmless, a way for his mind to stay occupied after such a devastating loss.  It wouldn't be until 1969 that his plan would come to light.

Using the current troubles the U.S. was facing in Vietnam, the Technocratic shift was in the Tradition's favor with the current hippy movement and the severe anti-government protests taking place all over America.  Peace and love were the message of the day and with the people's favor on his side, he was prepared to attempt a ritual, a ritual that would send him back through time and allow him to change the past and bring his lost wife home to him that fateful night in1956.  His first attempt was a failure, he'd managed to make it to the boutique, but the driver had already hit her.  The price for his failure was that this time, he was allowed to see his wife die.  He held her in his arms said his goodbyes, and cried as she died.  His failure hurt worse than the first time she'd passed.  The resonance quaked through the Awakened world and the paradox backlash delivered bombs from the U.S. to Cambodia and Laos.  The death toll was staggering, thousands of lives were traded for his attempt at saving one.  After nearly a decade on the run, a forty-five year old Xavier was prepared to try again, with the Traditions hunting him for answers and the Technocracy hunting him for obvious reasons, he felt he only had one more chance left to get it right.

His obsession with traveling back to save his wife had all but consumed him.  He attempted the Ritual a second time but as it reached its apex he was interrupted by a Hermetic Mage.  The two men fought.  Spells were thrown, blows were exchanged, but the ritual itself hadn't been completed.  In a sudden burst of energy Xavier was gone.  The Mage, calling himself Jasper Opinsky, was left alone at the ritual site wondering what had happened.  In another flash, just moments later Xavier returned and Jasper felt another battle was imminent.  There was no backlash, no change in global or local climes at the result of the completed ritual, there was only Xavier, now looking like he'd been completely and utterly defeated.  Jasper knew he hadn't traveled back through time, but Xavier simply left without saying another word.

Although he was brought in later to stand before the Traditions for his crimes, there was never any real proof that Xavier had done wrong (even though he did).  Sure there was rumor and speculation, but no hard evidence that Xavier had done anything that violated any Tradition laws.  The world was in such a state of flux at the time of his first attempt that no one could agree whether his backlash did any real damage.  His second attempt didn't really yield any results, and he refused to discuss what he saw in the time he was gone, so the evidence was stacked in his favor.  That didn't spare him from being ostracized, however.  In 1981 he left the Traditions and embarked on his own, a quiet, depressed, slovenly mess.

Xavier is a man who covers up his pain with a thick exterior of carousing and faked smiles.  He drowns his pain in cheap booze and expensive company.  By making use of his talent to predict the outcomes of events he's started making quite a bit of money for himself in order to keep the party going for as long as possible.  Every so often he'd lose his ass on a horse race, maybe even let a bookie send thugs to kick the crap out of him before he'd pay up just to keep the facade alive, but in the end, he'd always come out on top.  His winnings were invested, which in turn he'd sell at just the right times, and so on.  His accounts are separate and spread through out several banks across the world.  Most of the interest is divided and placed into two accounts, one he 'lives' on while the other filtered back into investments and the process repeats.  After two decades of this practice, Xavier has more money than he knows what to do with.

And that's the rub.  He's saving, and drinking, and hating his life and he doesn't know why, on God's green Earth he hasn't just swallowed a bullet yet.  He thinks about it all the time, but something keeps him here, in the world.  In 2001, after two decades, his exile was lifted and he was welcomed back into the folds of Tradition Mages, but it was an empty welcoming.  He no longer had friends among the Traditions, and he knew it.  It wasn't until a woman named Coral came along and spoke to him at his home in New Orleans (a place that had all the booze he needed to drown his sorrows) and offered him a place among the Cult of Ecstasy.  He became more of a charity case instead of an official member, but the Cultists saw a man who had given up on life and were sure, that if he at least tried, they could help him.  That was 15 years ago, and so far nothing.  They all know he's just passing time until he ends up shived in an alleyway for sleeping with some dude's wife.





Name: Xavier Cross

Concept:	Self-Loathing Drunkard
Nature:	Rogue (Defiance/Selfishness)  Demeanor: Sensualist (Receptiveness/Hedonism)
Essence:	Questing

Strength	2		Charisma		4		Perception	2
Dexterity	3		Manipulation	3		Intelligence	2
Stamina	3		Appearance	3		Wits		2

Alertness		1
Art			-
Athletics		1
Awareness		1
Brawl			1
Empathy		1
Expression		2 (Oratory)
Intimidation	1
Leadership		1
Streetwise		2
Subterfuge		2

Crafts		1 (Automobiles)
Drive			1
Etiquette		2
Firearms		1
Martial Arts	-
Meditation		-
Melee			-
Research		-
Stealth		-
Survival		-
Technology		-

Academics		3   
Computer		-
Cosmology		-
Enigmas		1
Esoterica		-
Investigation	1               
Law			1
Medicine		1
Occult		2
Politics		-
Science		-

Avatar		5
Chantry		3
Contacts		2
Library		3
Mentor		2       
Resources		6
Correspondence	2	Entropy	1		Forces		0
Life			2	Matter	2		Mind		2
Prime			1	Spirit		1		Time		4

Arete:		6
Willpower:		6
Essence:		Questing
Paradox:		0

Paradigm: Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.
Practice: Art of Desire
-Time Pieces
-Stimulating Conversation

Merits and Flaws:
Animal Magnetism (-1) - "There's just something about him..."
Addiction (+2) – (Drunk/Stoned) "Anything is better than being sober."

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Personal Information
Name: Jeacques DuFresne
Nicknames: -
Nature: Survivalist
Demeanor: Trickster
Essence: Dynamic
Affiliation: Orphans
Concept: Orphaned Orphan
Motivation: Find out more about our Past
Occupation: Con-man and Street Magician
Legal Status: Doesn't Exist
Marital Status: Unmarried
Known Relatives: Genevieve DuFresne,
Deceased Relatives: Part of the Puzzle, isn't it?



  Hide contents

The twins do not remember much about their past, where they came from or who they even are, for they were created in an effort by some mage (or magi) as an experimental way to increase their numbers. Twins is a fairly accurate terms, but they have always felt more like they were both halves of a whole.

Several years ago though, the twins were freed from their confinement when a cabal caught wind of the 'experiment'. They freed the twins and battled their captors, but the twins are uncertain as to exactly what happened.

Among the magi that came to their rescue was Camilla, possibly the first truly kind person they had ever met. She was a former hippie who valued individual freedom and had always sought to help people transcend their reality, even if for only a short while, with the aid of sex, drugs and music. 

Their lack of memories had the effect of bringing the twins even closer together and removing any real attachments to other people or places. As long as they had each other, they would be okay and could get through anything.

The twins soon started making their own memories. The adopted names they liked, as they did not exist in any formal records, and found their own way, relying on their wits, talents and occasional magick. They stayed in New Orleans for a while, using a hidden and long forgotten speakeasy, that they found quite accidentally, as a crash pad before setting out to see more of the United States.

They traveled from city to city in their VW bus, earning money my performing on the street; Jeacques with his street magic and Genevieve with her vocal and musical talents. Of course this income was supplemented by other means as well. Pickpocketing, running cons, underground gambling dens were all common sources of additional income for the twins.

As their Magickal power grew, Genevieve discovered a talent for affecting the mind, altering perceptions and soon even began probing the dreamlands. She soon learned to guide her dreams and through them found a place in her dreams where she could exert control. Genevieve learned to let her brother fall asleep first and then guide his dreaming mind to this place, so that even when money was tight and comfort was a scarce thing for them, they had their own, small bit of heaven in their dreams.

Camilla kept tabs on the twins as best should could, occasionally visiting them and offering her aid, but careful never to force her help on them. Time and again they refused until one day Camilla showed up with a letter inviting them both to join a prestigious chantry, the Astrarium House, back in New Orleans to form a new cabal. Triessa, another young mage who they had met while wandering, would be there to form this new cabal as well.

The twins had grown in their magickal ability over the years and decided it might be time to return home and begin to nose around for some answers. They accepted the invitation and traveled back to New Orleans, joining the chantry. Not long after they searched out their old crashpad and found it had been totally undisturbed in their absence and soon established it as their sanctum. The chantry was fine, but they would always want a place of their own.

Back in New Orleans, the twins once more began to establish themselves within the area. With a surprising quickness, they ingratiated themselves into a variety of societies and social strata, acquiring contacts they felt they might need. While still relative strangers, they have made good headway and now have a couple of people they can rely on for gossip. While not holding any true loyalty,they feel comfortable with expanding from there.

On the Mage side of things, once they returned, Camilla set about introducing them to the other mages who they had not previously met. Among them was a Etherite, Alphonse. Much like Camilla before him, he took a liking to the twins. Knowing Jeacques himself had an affinity for the Prime Sphere, and no-one to offer guidance, he took it upon himself to act as a mentor, granting wisdom and knowledge where it was needed.

Of the two, Jeacques is the more physically active. Thanks largely to the manual dexterity to pull off some of his tricks, he is also the one more likely to end up needing to run from an irate mark. A force of nature on stage, he has a presence that draws the eye and keeps it firmly riveted where he wants. Off stage, he tends to be quieter, not silent, by any means, but not someone who feels the need to fill every moment with idle chatter.

Genevieve, one the other hand, is an amazingly gifted singer/songwriter. Her entrancing voice carries through a room, even at the softer tones, rich, pure and seductive with just a hint of sultry ‘gravel’ at times. Had things been different, she would likely have already been signed to a recording contract and be a household name by now.


  Hide contents



Jeacques DuFresne


Essence: Dynamic


Nature: Survivalist


Demeanor: Trickster


Paradigm: It’s All Good - Have Faith/A Mechanistic Cosmos


Practice: Chaos/Gutter Magick


Instruments: Wands and Staves, Voice and Vocalisation, Weapons, Eye Contact, Writing Inscriptions and Runes, Cards and Instruments of Chance, True Names








Str 00, Dex 000, Stm 000






Char 0000, Manip 000, App 000



Mental (Tertiary)



Per 00, Int 00, Wits 00









Alertness 00

Art 000

Athletics 0

Awareness 0


Empathy 0

Expression 0


Leadership 0

Streetwise 0

Subterfuge 000






Crafts 00

Drive 00



Martial Arts


Melee 0


Stealth 00


Technology 0



Blatancy 0

Carousing 0






Academics 00

Computer 000




Investigation 0



Occult 0





Mentor 00
 - Alphonse: A friend of Camilla's and an Etherite. A man of quiet faith. And explosive weaponry.

Library 0000 (pooled, 3 dots from each twin for a total of 4 (3+1))
 - ?

Chantry 000
 - The Astrarium House: One of the most Prestigious and Independent Chantry's in North America. The Astraium House has been in operation since the first western settlers came to Louisiana. It is not a big Chantry, it's member mages have rarely numbered more than a two dozen or so at any given time. The twins received a letter of invitation to join in order to form a new cabal within the Chantry.

Avatar 00000
 - A double Ouroboros made of two intertwining snakes, one golden with glowing blue eyes and the other silver with glowing green eyes. The orientation is different for each twin with Jeacques' avatar having the Silver snake on the top and Genevieve having the Golden snake on the top.

Contacts 00
 - Xander: A fence. Good for getting rid of stuff in a hurry and a font of knowledge for what's going on in the Underbelly. Doesn't rip you off, either. Well. Too badly, anyway.

 - Torez: A young idealistic beat cop. They met in a bar and hit it off.

Wealth 00 (pooled, 1 dot from each twin)
 - The twins usually make money by performing street magic and singing on street corners as well as the occasional con, picking pockets, illegal poker/dice games and so forth. With their return to New Orleans though, Genevieve has been able to perform at some bars and clubs helping to bring in more income than performing on the street.

Sanctum 0000 (pooled, 2 dots from each twin)
 - The Hidden Door: The twins' sanctum is an old speakeasy that was hidden, as speakeasys often were. Over the years the people that knew of it had passed away or had forgotten it was ever there. The twins found it quite by accident one night night when avoiding and particular large and angry mark. The twins used it as a crash pad for a time before they left New Orleans and when they returned they found it had been undisturbed, so they set about making it their formal sanctum.

Arcane 00000
 - The twins have always been gifted at avoiding notice, one of the small mercies of their existence... or a reflection reality trying to shun them due to their origin.

Demense 000
 - ?


Mentor 00

Library 000

Chantry 000

Avatar 00000

Contacts 00

Wealth 00

Arcane 00000

Sanctum 0000

Destiny 0000


Willpower: 00000000



Arete: 0000






Entropy 00

Matter 00

Prime 000 (Affinity)

Forces 00

Time 0

Life 0

Spirit 0

Mind 0

Correspondence 00




Language: French Creole

Loyalty - Genevieve DuFresne: The twins are fiercely loyal to one another.

Ability Aptitude - Subterfuge: -2 to difficulties relating to Subterfuge.

Soothing Voice: Has a voice that could make reading the phonebook sound interesting.

Innocent: An aura of childlike innocence

Honeyed Tongue: Super trustworthy and smooth talker





Curiosity 00


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Personal Information
Name: Genevieve DuFresne
Nicknames: None and ESPECIALLY NOT "Jenny/Genny"
Nature: Survivalist
Demeanor: varies between Sensualist/Benefactor/Trickster
Essence: Dynamic
Affiliation: Orphans
Concept: Orphaned Orphan
Motivation: Find out more about our Past
Occupation: Con-artist, street performer, singer/songwriter
Legal Status: Doesn't Exist
Marital Status: Unmarried
Known Relatives: Jeacques DuFresne
Deceased Relatives: Part of the Puzzle, isn't it?
Sex: Female
Age: very late teens to very early twenties
Exp: 0




See Jeacques DuFresne Background above.



Name: Genevieve DuFresne
Essence: Dynamic
Nature: Survivor
Demeanor: Benefactor/Sensualist/Trickster


Physical: Str 00, Dex 00, Stm 00

Social: Char 0000, Manip 000, App 000

Mental: Per 000, Int 00, Wits 000

- Abilities -

Alertness 00
Art 000
Athletics 0
Awareness 0
Empathy 00
Expression 0
Leadership 0
Streetwise 0
Subterfuge 00

Crafts 0
Drive 0
Martial Arts
Meditation 0
Melee 0
Stealth 00
Technology 0
Blatancy 0
Carousing 0
Lucid Dreaming 0

Academics 00
Computer 0
Cosmology 0
Enigmas 0
Investigation 0
Occult 0



Mentor 00
 - Camilla: An old former hippie who is very much a "peace & love" type.

Library 0000 (pooled, 3 dots from each twin for a total of 4 (3+1))
 - ?

Chantry 000
 - The Astrarium House: One of the most Prestigious and Independent Chantry's in North America. The Astraium House has been in operation since the first western settlers came to Louisiana. It is not a big Chantry, it's member mages have rarely numbered more than a two dozen or so at any given time. The twins received a letter of invitation to join in order to form a new cabal within the Chantry.

Avatar 00000
 - A double Ouroboros made of two intertwining snakes, one golden with glowing blue eyes and the other silver with glowing green eyes. The orientation is different for each twin with Genevieve's avatar having the golden snake on the top and Jeacques having the Silver snake on the top.

Contacts 00
 - Lenny: The manager of a seedy dive bar/blues club. He met the twins before they left New Orleans and liked them well enough and was happy to see them return, especially Genevieve who is once again performing at his club.
 - Guy: Owner/operator of an illegal poker parlor. Genevieve made his acquaintance when she and her brother not only managed to talk their way in, but then did well to boot.

Wealth 00 (pooled, 1 dot from each twin)
 - The twins usually make money by performing street magic and singing on street corners as well as the occasional con, picking pockets, illegal poker/dice games and so forth. With their return to New Orleans though, Genevieve has been able to perform at some bars and clubs helping to bring in more income than performing on the street.

Sanctum 0000 (pooled, 2 dots from each twin)
 - The Hidden Door: The twins' sanctum is an old speakeasy that was hidden, as speakeasys often were. Over the years the people that knew of it had passed away or had forgotten it was ever there. The twins found it quite by accident one night night when avoiding and particular large and angry mark. The twins used it as a crash pad for a time before they left New Orleans and when they returned they found it had been undisturbed, so they set about making it their formal sanctum.

Arcane 00000
 - The twins have always been gifted at avoiding notice, one of the small mercies of their existence... or a reflection reality trying to shun them due to their origin.

Demense 000
 - ?

Paradigm: It’s all good. Have faith!

Practice: Gutter Magic

Instruments: Artwork, Blood & Fluids, Cards & Dice, Eye Contact, Music, Symbols, Thought Forms, Fashion, Household Tools, Sex & Sensualism, Tricks and Illusions, Toys, Weapons

Willpower 00000 000

Arete 0000


Entropy 00
Matter 0
Prime 0
Forces 00
Time 00
Life 00
Spirit 0
Mind 000 (Affinity)
Correspondence 0


Language: French Creole

Loyalty - Jeacques DuFresne: The twins are fiercely loyal to one another.

Ability Aptitude - Art : -2 to difficulties relating to Art.

Soothing Voice: Her voice is positively entrancing.

Innocent: An aura of childlike innocence

Honeyed Tongue: Super trustworthy and smooth talker


Curiosity: Her incredible curiosity often overrides her common sense. 


"The Twins" Jeacques & Genevieve DuFresne



The Double Ouroboros, The Twins' Avatar 



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Jasper Orinsky (aka Stuart Moore, Sabastian Artois, etc.) Hermetic Mage, Arch-Deacon of the Astrarium House.

Mentors - Time*/Forces*/Matter/Prime



Camilla -Ecstatic

Mentors - Mind*/Life



Alphonse- Society of Ether

Mentors - Prime*/Forces/Matter



Penny - Virtual Adept

Mentors - Data*



Samurai Joe - Sifu Akashayana

Mentors - Life*/Mind*

Samurai Joe3.jpg


Lurline - Dreamspeaker

Mentors - Spirit*/Forces/Life*/Matter



Kandal Leshp -  Ahl-i-Batin

Mentors - Correspondence*/ Forces/Time*

Kandal Leshp.jpg


Ana (aka The Old Crone)

Mentors - Life*/Prime*/Mind*


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