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Dave ST

OOC: Fate Bindings

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Rachel Cooper

  • William 'Billy' Troup (???) (Level 1) ...the bully from her childhood.
  • Todd Swain (Unrequited Love) (Level 3) ...the friend zoned nerdy kid she saved from Billy Troup and he has since fallen for her.
  • Michael Cooper (Balm, 'Father') (Level 1) ...one of the Dads.  A logical thinker and balm for Rachel's emotions.
  • Robert Grant (Family, 'Father') (Level 1) ...Dad number two.  Honorable and honest, keeps Rachel noble and on the right path.
  • Joanna Mason (???) (Level 3) ...blood calls out to blood.


Grace Trinity

None.  I need background for Grace.  Give me something to work with.


Fisher Capra

  • Philip Capra (Family) (Level 1) ...the dad whose body is alive, but heart is broken.  Living, but dead inside.
  • Devenne Darcy (???) (Level 1) ...smart, pretty, nerdy... but where in all of it does she fit in?


Austin Lange

  • 'Mom', Randal, Sarah, Billy (Family) (Level 2) ...perfect family.  Shame if something were to happen to them...


Nadya Moonbaby

  • László (Family, Father) (Level 1) ...good ol' dad.  Lying, cheating, stealing, conning ol' dad.  Role models don't come like this anymore.
  • Mercedes Rhodes (Nemesis) (Level 4) ...bitch.

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