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Abbyhack for OW Game

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Attributes = number of dice rolled (same attributes)
Skill = type of dice rolled (Same basic skill list, changes to specific skills will be noted)
Megas = # of d20’s added to roll
Untrained rolls are d4-2. 

Grit: Max (Dexterity + Wits)dAcrobatics + (Dex + Wits) megadice + Willpower
Guts: max (Stamina)dAthletics + (Stamina) megadice 

Grit is how much battle you can take in near misses. Once you’re out of Grit, you start taking Guts damage; this is actual wounds dealt to the character. Grit comes back at the end of each scene, Guts takes much longer to return naturally. 

Body Mod: Enhanced Attributes is not allowed in this Abbyhack. 
Megas above 5 are not allowed in this Abbyhack.

Quantum powers take Grit to activate. In dire emergencies a nova may spend Guts to activate a power, but doing so accumulates an automatic point of Backlash.

Backlash is damage to the nova’s quantum signature. A character’s Backlash rating is a penalty to all uses of quantum, from powers to enhancements and mega attributes. Backlash has three ways of being reduced: the first and only instinctive way of eradicating backlash is to manifest it into an aberration; the second method, discovered and taught by the Teragen, channels backlash into Chrysalis, and the third and most elusive method removes backlash through the use of Qu Meng.  

Aberrations list how much Backlash they absorb.

Challenge TN's    
Basic    5
Common    10
Tough    15
Difficult    25
Formidable    35
Superhuman    60
Heroic    80
Legendary    100
Cosmic    120
Godly    140

No Enhancements have multiple levels, but some may be bought multiple times.

Powers act like skills, going up in die type for the power activation roll. Some powers have additional effects at different die types. 

There are no suite powers. There is no Quantum Level requirement. Some powers have skill, attribute, enhancement, or other power prerequisites. All powers have an associated Attribute and a synergy bonus skill. The skill adds (die type)/2 bonus to power rolls; untrained skills provide no bonus. 

Megadice only add to trained checks.

1.    50     lb deadlift
2.    125     lb deadlift
3.    250     lb deadlift
4.    500     lb deadlift
5.    1000     lb deadlift
1.    1     ton
2.    10     tons
3.    25     tons
4.    50     tons
5.    100    tons

Gunnery, Heavy Weapons, & Artillery are no longer skills, but specialties of Firearms. Shadowing is a specialty of Stealth. One free specialty is granted at d8, one at d10, and one at d12. If a Skill is mastered (d20), the character gains two more free specialties. Additional specialties may be purchased at that point, at a cost equal to buying the first die in a skill. Specialties allow dice to “pop”.

Merits - Backing is also Rank
1.    Allies            Benefactor
2.    Backing        In Charge
3.    Cipher            Enigma
4.    Contacts        Kingpin
5.    Eufiber            Symbiote
6.    Followers        Legion
7.    Influence        Renown
8.    Mentor            Heir Apparent
9.    Resources        Wealth Beyond Avarice
10.    Sanctum        Sanctum Sanctorum

•    Skill Mastery brings a skill to a d20
o    Each skill has requirements to be able to purchase Skill Mastery for it.
•    Power Mastery is broken down into multiple Mastery Power Advantages
o    Quantum Cost - Each purchase halves the Grit cost of a power, rounding down.
o    Scope - Each purchase increases the range by x10.
o    Effect - Each purchase doubles the effect of the power.
o    Duration - The duration is increased by one magnitude.
•    As with skills, powers have requirements to purchasing Mastery Advantages. 

(Stamina + Intelligence + Manipulation) 
Willpower can be added a flat bonus to rolls to resist social/mental attacks. 
Willpower may be “spent” in a scene to add a die to a roll; this temporary lowers the character’s willpower, and thus the bonus to resist social or mental attacks. 
Willpower is recovered by resting. Each full night of rest restores 3 points of willpower. 

    1dTactics + (Dex + Wits)

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