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Aberrant RPG Mega-Attribute Enhancement: Universal Appeal (Mega-Appearance)

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Aberrant RPG Mega-Attribute Enhancement: Universal Appeal (Mega-Appearance)
Prerequisite: Two or more dots of the Shapeshift power
A nova with this enhancement is retains his superhuman beauty (if sometimes in a weird way) no matter what form he assumes. While often provoking commentary on the nova's personality, this can provide a number of unexpected benefits - most beings don't feel threatened by something they consider beautiful.

System: The nova's Mega-Appearance and most enhancements will apply in whatever nonhuman form the nova takes (unless the nova wishes otherwise), be it animal, alien, plant, mythological beast or inanimate object. Mega-Appearance enhancements dependent on sexual appeal are never "carried over" by this enhancement, for obvious reasons. This enhancement is permanent, has no quantum point cost and is only available to Mega-Attractive novas.


This is a part of the Aberrant RPG book Aberrant: Nexus. Aberrant is a role playing game that shares a common universe with the Adventure! RPG and Trinity RPG game lines. Download the sourcebook for Aberrant: Nexus.

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