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Aberrant RPG Mega-Attribute Enhancement: Hyper-Enhanced Learning


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Aberrant RPG Mega-Attribute Enhancement: Hyper-Enhanced Learning
Prerequisites: Eidetic Memory, Enhanced Memory, Fast Learner, Mega-Intelligence 3+
Some novas can learn and retain knowledge to an exceptional degree, grasping new ideas and information quickly. They never forget anything, and pick up new bits of knowledge and understanding at lightning speed. Novas with this enhancement take their capability to learn far beyond even that, mastering even the most complex ideas with ease and speed that leaves others gasping for breath. These novas can become expert in things far beyond what any baseline would be capable of mastering in years.

System: This enhancement extends the effects of the Fast Learner enhancement to other abilities beyond those based on Intelligence. The nova must possess a Mega-Attribute dot associated with that ability and the nova's player must role-play the learning process to the Storyteller's satisfaction. If both requirements are met, the nova gains two benefits. First, he may extend the maximum number of specialties in Intelligence based abilities up to his Mega-Intelligence dot rating. Second, he gets a free specialty (no experience point cost) in any Intelligence based ability he has rated at 4+. This enhancement has no quantum point cost and is always on.

Example: Brainy McBrain has Mega-Intelligence 5 with Eidetic Memory, Enhanced Memory, Fast Learner and Hyper-Enhanced Learning, he also has Mega-Wits 1 with Multitasking. He can learn the Wits based abilities of Arts, Biz, Cunning, Rapport, Meditation, Modulate, Unify and Weave with the reduced experience cost and speed of the Fast Learning Enhancement as though they were Intelligence based abilities. In addition, he has the Science ability at four dots, so he gets a free specialty with that, as long as he goes though the trouble of role playing it to the ST's satisfaction. Finally, he can develop up to 5 specialties in Science, since he has Mega-Intelligence 5.


This is a part of the Aberrant RPG book Aberrant: Nexus. Aberrant is a role playing game that shares a common universe with the Adventure! RPG and Trinity RPG game lines. Download the sourcebook for Aberrant: Nexus.

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