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Aberrant RPG Mega-Attribute Enhancement: Medium (Mega-Perception)


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Aberrant RPG Mega-Attribute Enhancement: Medium (Mega-Perception)
Although it's not anywhere close to being common knowledge, certain Mega-Perceptive novas have developed the ability to perceive and communicate with the "quantum echoes" (also known as psi forms) of deceased people - ghosts, essentially. Other spirits may be encountered - including those that were never human - but beneficial interaction with those entities is far more difficult. Novas with this capability typically choose to keep it a well-guarded secret, as it's an invaluable source of otherwise inaccessible information. They also don't want to be deluged with requests to speak with Elvis Presley.

System: The nova can both see and hear "ghosts" without having to make an Awareness roll or spend quantum points. He can also speak with them silently by means of "quantum transmissions" from his M-R node. Once the ghosts learn that the nova can perceive them, most will eagerly hang out and talk with him. This isn't as useful as it sounds; for every ghost with information the nova would find interesting and/or useful, there are at least thirty who will pester the nova with trivia and demands to perform tasks for them. Fortunately, this enhancement can be turned on or off at will as an automatic action that costs nothing.

If the nova wants to "summon" a particular ghost, or one that has specific information that the nova desires, he can spend 1 quantum point and make an Awareness roll. One success will result in the arrival of the ghost in question, but does not ensure that the ghost will be willing to speak with the nova. If the Storyteller deems it fitting, the nova may have to make a bargain with the ghost in order to gain the information. Typical tasks that may be required of the nova include ensuring the survival and well-being of the ghost's living loved ones, publicly exposing past injustices and even solving the ghost's own murder. (Note: This experience should be roleplayed when possible.) Further successes on the Awareness roll will result in the ghost being increasingly willing to speak with the nova or willing to settle for smaller favors in return for the information. Alternatively, summoning a particular ghost can negate the worst-case scenario - placing the wrong ghost into a resurrected body - when attempting to use the Resurrection quantum power (Aberrant: The New Flesh, pp. 235-237). In this case, each success gained on the summoning roll will negate one failure made on the Resurrection power roll.

If a second level of this enhancement is taken, the nova can reduce the ghosts' Perceptions ratings by (Perception + Mega-Perception) dots as an automatic function. This effect only extends to the nova himself and anyone connected to him (family, close associates, etc.) and can be selectively dropped or restored as an automatic action. This allows the nova to insulate himself and those he cares for from ghostly pestering.

This enhancement has no quantum point cost except where noted above.


This is a part of the Aberrant RPG book Aberrant: Nexus. Aberrant is a role playing game that shares a common universe with the Adventure! RPG and Trinity RPG game lines. Download the sourcebook for Aberrant: Nexus.

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