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Aberrant RPG Mega-Attribute Enhancement: Locus (Mega-Perception)


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Aberrant RPG Mega-Attribute Enhancement: Locus (Mega-Perception)
Prerequisites: Mega-Perception 6+, Holographic Awareness and Spacetime Awareness enhancements.
Novas who manage to attain both the upper levels of Mega-Perception and develop their sensitivity to spacetime can eventually learn to literally expand it to heights lesser novas can only speculate about. In addition to an increased sensitivity to her current spacetime, a nova with this enhancement can sense the presence of intrusions to and from both parallel universes and other points in the nova's current timestream.

System: This enhancement provides the nova with the following capabilities.

Improved Distortion Sense: The nova can detect any extreme and/or unnatural spacetime distortions within (Mega-Perception) parsecs with an Awareness roll. The nova's range will increase in tandem with her Mega-Perception rating; kiloparsecs at Mega-Perception 7, megaparsecs at Mega-Perception 8, gigaparsecs at Mega-Perception 9 and teraparsecs at Mega-Perception 10. Phenomena that can be detected include but are not limited to pulsars, neutron stars, black holes, white holes, naked singularities, wormholes, temporal rifts and the use of FTL space travel capabilities and technology.

Improved Temporal Sense: As per the Holographic Awareness enhancement (see Aberrant: Brainwaves), the nova has the equivalent of the Internal Clock technique of the Temporal Manipulation quantum power. The difference here is that the nova's temporal sense cannot be affected by any temporal distortions such as relativistic effects, use of the Temporal Manipulation quantum power or time travel. The nova will also always know exactly when she is in the timestream in relation to her time of origin in exact mathematical values - an Intelligence roll is required to convert that information to a specific calendar date. This also grants the nova a bonus of +3 dice on all rolls for the Time Travel power, should the nova possess it.

Reality Distortion Proof Memory: The nova is immune to having her memories altered by changes to her own history or that of her current world. Instead, she will have both sets of memories - or more, if this has happened to her before - and will be able to differentiate between them as an automatic action. Forgetting unwanted additional memory sets (and negating their emotional impact) only requires a simple Willpower roll. The nova will also suffer nothing in the way of mental illness or psychological stress from dealing with multiple sets of memories.

Spacetime Intrusion Sense: The nova can automatically make an Awareness roll to sense the use of the Crosstime Travel and Time Travel quantum powers (and similar phenomena and/or technologies) within a range of (Perception + Mega-Perception x 1,000) kilometers. It makes no difference whether said crosstime or time travelers are either arriving at or departing from the nova's local spacetime, they will be detected. The nova can also spend 1 quantum point to determine the location of said travelers' origin or destination point as applicable, with each success past the first granting increasingly precise information on that location.

Reality Analysis: The nova can make an automatic Awareness roll to determine the nature of her local reality. At the most basic level, this lets the nova determine the "laws of reality" for her current universe. She can also sense whether her current universe is either a naturally-occuring alternate reality or a product of reality alteration created via the use of either the Time Travel or the Astromanipulation powers with an Awareness roll. Further details on either the reality alteration or the differences between the current universe and her home universe can be gained by spending 1 quantum point and making another Awareness roll. Each success past the first will grant increasingly precise information on the differences and/or alterations.

Foreign Element Detection: The nova can spend 1 quantum point and make an Awareness roll to detect any elements (living beings, inanimate objects, what-have-you) that are foreign to her current reality. The nova will also be able to tell whether said elements arrived via Crosstime Travel or Time Travel, with each success past the first granting increasingly precise information on the element's universe or time of origin.

Chronal Distortion Sense: The nova can automatically sense things that are outside the normal flow of time, becoming aware of such things and knowing that she should rightly have no knowledge of them. This is done by having the Storyteller make an Awareness roll for the nova and telling her player what the nova senses in general terms. Any specific information beyond "this being/event does not belong" can be acquired by the nova spending one quantum point and making another Awareness roll, with the number of successes indicating how detailed the information received will be. This is of most use when the past of her current timeline has been tampered with, as the nova can identify all particulars of the tampering and intuit how to correct them if need be.

Omniversal Location Sense: The nova will always know her own current location in the Omniverse in relation to her designated home universe. This grants the nova a bonus of +3 dice on rolls for all "crosstime" quantum powers and Navigation (Omniverse).


This is a part of the Aberrant RPG book Aberrant: Nexus. Aberrant is a role playing game that shares a common universe with the Adventure! RPG and Trinity RPG game lines. Download the sourcebook for Aberrant: Nexus.

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