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Aberrant: Nexus to be available for download in May


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Aberrant: Nexus to be available for download in May

Aberrant: Nexus

Look for Aberrant: Nexus only at  www.rpgpost.com.

Aberrant: Nexus  is divided into four chapters and four appendices:

Chapter One: The Aeon Continuum

This is our attempt to outline the overall metaplot for all three Aeon Continuum gamelines. A partial timeline is also provided, with the missing portions having already been presented in the core books for Adventure!, Aberrant and Trinity. Both make handy references for Storytellers, who can use them as baselines (no pun intended) for the plots and timelines of their Aberrant chronicles to either stay in line with or to deviate from as they see fit. These are meant to be metaphorical launchpads for the Storyteller's imagination, not straitjackets.

Chapter Two: Sojourns In Spacetime

Here the focus is on time travel, crosstime travel and extrasolar space. Mechanics for changing timelines are presented, along with information on the two major figures of the Aeon Continuum and other uses for time travel. Then we take a look at the wonders and hazards of the Omniverse that lies beyond the universes of the Aeon Continuum. The potential of crosstime travel is explained, and three sample alternate universes are submitted for your gaming enjoyment. Then we shift focus to the stars and what can be found out there. Guidelines for creating and using alien civilizations are given, including systems for roleplaying First Contact scenarios.

Chapter Three: Storytelling

This chapter is where we arm Storytellers with the goods on how best to use the themes and conflicts presented in Aberrant: Nexus in their chronicles. Crossover mechanics for playing Aberrant characters in both the Adventure! and Trinity settings are established. Rules for playing surviving Adventure! and Aberrant characters in the later eras of the Aeon Continuum can be found here. Finally, we are also pleased to present some much-needed material on how to run the high-powered Aberrant chronicles which focus on the second generation novas (presented in Aberrant: A Breed Apart) successfully.

Chapter Four: New Items

Here is an array of new enhancements and quantum powers that are of use in Aberrant chronicles that involve time travel, crosstime travel and extrasolar space. A new mechanic for representing the general level of a setting's technological development is presented, allowing for new backgrounds tied to that mechanic to be created. And yes, there are a few new merits and flaws that are relevant in chronicles using Aberrant: Nexus.

Appendix #1: Mega-Willpower

This appendix covers the tenth and least-known of the Mega-Attributes, complete with plenty of enhancements for novas to develop. If you want to replicate the feats of unbelievable willpower exhibited by the likes of Spider-Man, Batman and Doctor Doom, this is just what you need.

Appendix #2: Telluric Weirdness

For those who enjoy a bit of real-world strangeness in their chronicles, here is a brief overview of Fortean phenomena and guidelines on how to use them in any of the Aeon Continuum games. Also provided is the Weirdness Magnet aberration and flaw.

Appendix #3: The Discarnate

Adventure! gave us a brief glimpse of what Aeon knows as "psi forms" - namely, ghosts and various other spirits. This appendix is a guide to noetic space and its native inhabitants, complete with a new psionic Aptitude that they use against both other spirits and the living. Details on how novas interact with spirits and noetic space are also outlined.

Appendix #4: The Doyen

Finally, this appendix is the low-down on the infamous alien manipulators seen in Trinity. Get the inside information on their ancient origins, their capabilities, their history and their civilization. Advice for Storytellers on how to use the Doyen in any of the Aeon Continuum settings is given. Also, guidelines for introducing the Human-Doyen War for both Aberrant and Trinity chronicles are laid out for the Storyteller's perusal.

Preview a few pages from Aberrant: Nexus.

Aberrant Nexus-Sample.pdf

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