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Exalted- After the End Proposal


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So after some thought I figured I'd try my hand at running a Exalted game.   First time I've run a forum game like this.


But we're not playing vanilla.  Instead here's the setting:

Earth 2045

The second age and the third age following it have ended.

In the nuclear fire that ended the Third Age, the Gods have awakened from their slumber, Ghosts now roam bombed out ruins of cities,  Fae descend from Space,  and once again...the Exalted have returned to be the saviors (and conquerors) of the new age.

Welcome to the Fourth Age: The Age of Ruin




Solars Only, sorry to people who wish to play other splats

This takes place about 10 years after the apocalypse, So backstories should reflect what the characters were doing before the world went FUBAR

Being Deliberately vague with the cause the end of the Second Age as I would like you to find out IC

We're starting in the midwest of what used to be America


Details of the World to follow


(I do this right?)

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50 minutes ago, Justin OOC said:

heh  That's the caste I always play...  they're so much fun  :D


They are at that. I've forced myself to play other Castes over the last while, but most of them pale in comparison.

Though query for Sun.

Are there restrictions that you are going to want to adhere to? Is the Errata document in play? Are Ink Monkey's charms off limits? Stuff like that. I admit, I am playing around with stats already, but I can't do that properly without knowing this stuff. =)

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Here's the rules

Charms from Errata and Ink Monkies okay

Noone can start with a Artifact above 3, and details of how you got said artifacts or the materials to make it must be given.

No Manses or Demenses above 2,  no Celestial Manses at all.

Vehicles in Shards will be allowed.  Vehicles in other books will need to be built if you want it.

Drive and Firearms abilities are allowed, Dawn and Eclipse castes Will have to pick only Five Caste abilities.

Noone Can Start with Sorcery without GM approval





We're gonna be starting in what's left of DC btw.


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I would have personally just shoved Firearms under Archery and Drive under ride. Or possibly lore. There are examples of it being done that way in the Core book, with Fire Wands, Flame Pieces and the like running off archery, while piloting Artifact vehicles can be argued for either Sail, Ride or Lore, depending on the form it takes.

The Archery one in particular because if they're split, the Charm trees are going to be nigh identical, just replacing all mentions of bows with guns.

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I'm not out yet just not happy with no sorcery probably will not play a twilight since there is little reason to now might try a night caste if I can come up with something but really need more world info and fluff hard to make a character in a vacuum

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Second Edition is what we're going with



DC is mostly in ruins.  A shadowland is growing steadily over the past few years.  Now only the pentagon and the surrounding area have yet to be absorbed into it.  Combined with sightings of Raksha scouts in the area, it’s looking like the Pentagon won’t hold for much longer.


There are plans to try to evac the population and head to New York, where rumors of some survivors having established themselves lead to.


Maryland-Virginia area

Nature slowly is reclaiming the areas around DC.   Wood Spirits are incredibly territorial.  With in Baltimore, what hasn’t been destroyed is divided up between various gangs, usually lead by dragonblooded.  Maybe of the survivors of Baltimore swear allegiance if only to avoid trouble.   Langley recently fell to army of the dead about four months ago.  Richmond is now mostly a battle ground between survivors and invading Raksha.

Figured Communications would be down so info beyond rumors of the outside is pretty sketchy.


Yu-shan:  Freaking.  The Fuck Out.  The Gods Are scrambling around trying to restore their old hierachies and positions since the Slumber.  Most pressing is getting the Loom up to code and figuring things out.  To this end the Gods issue a APB for Any Sidereals that Exalt in attempt to Drag them up the Yu Shan, get them through Basic Training and put them on duty in the BOD.


Another Pressing concerned is the spawning of new deities from all the concepts man invented during their absense,     Some of them find their elder siblings old hierachies and rivalaries distateful and would rather strike out on their own.

Fae:  the Raksha were less than pleased to be cut off from Creation, even more so to learn that a entire Universe Spawned around it.  Feeling that Earth is something of a focal point, the Fae attempt to attack it from the one place that the Wyld still reaches....Space.  The Fae arrived on earth roughly four years ago attacking settlements and creating wyldzones.

The Underworld:

The Neverborn have been deadly quiet

You can all groan.

Only four of their Deathlords have awakened in the new area, the Lover Clad in Raiment Tears, the Silver Prince, the First and Forsaken Lion and Eye and Seven Despairs.

The former three are trying to rebuild their infrestructures and forces .  And with so many dead from the War, they have all kinds of new recruits....

As for what Eye is doing...he's probably trying to get back at his old circle's reincarnations for that Kick me Sign...

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