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Scion:Supernatural Among Us Character Thread

Justin OOC

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Name- MIA JANINE GÉROUX   1-1-of-1-5-copy.jpg

Age- 18

Height- 5'4”

Weight- 110 lbs

Hair- Black (dyed)

eyes- Grey

handedness- Right

Divine Parent- Hel

Pantheon- Aesir


There are ghosts in New Orleans. That is fact. Mia can tell you, she can even show you, she might even turn you into one.

Mia was born in Germany, her Father Roman, was an enlisted soldier in the US army serving there. He was from New Orleans Louisiana and had been in the army for ten years a decorated soldier this was his career. His life. Her mother was a woman named Helen. Roman didn't know anything else about Mia's mother. Other than that she was a hateful bitter bitch. He had encountered her one drunken night soon after arriving in Germany. He vaguely remembers having sex with her. He can recall that she terrified him she was aggressive and cold , she had been cruel in bed, sadistic. It was the best sex he had ever had and ever would have. She had kicked him out of her bed after and he didn't see her again for nine months, then she showed up with the baby claiming he was the father. The Army made him take a paternity test. Once it was proved he was the father, Helen left leaving the baby with him. He received a Discharge soon after due to the fact that Roman was a single father and had to tend to an infant. His career in the army ended, he returned home to New Orleans, where his family could help raise the daughter he never wanted.

Both of Roman's parents were deceased having died many years before. His father killed in an industrial accident his mother after taking a bottle of pills and drinking herself unconscious. But he had a large extended family including his maternal grandmother an old mixed race self-styled swamp witch named Ruth.

Ruth, though in her seventies, took on the responsibility of raising the child and was for all intents Mia's mother. Her father unable to find work turned to drink and drugs and before Mia saw her second birthday ate a bullet while sitting on his mother's grave..

As a child, Mia was cold and distant. The only person she was close to was her great grandmother, her mawwmaw, whom she loved with all her heart. But Mia was an innocent at that time and didn't know any better.

As for Ruth, she was half black and was raised in that way so prevalent in old Louisiana brought up with a mixture of Catholicism and voodoo. As a young woman like so many of her kind she had made attempts to explore that spiritual realm to become a power in those circles only to discover that while she had some gifts for card reading and fortune telling and a twinge of the second sight she wasn't in the league to compete with the real swamp royalty. So instead, Ruth had found a husband and started making babies. It was safer. After her first husband died when she was still young enough she had snagged Mia's grandfather and made even more babies. After he died she had stopped making babies for good. Now at the age of seventy-eight she had had thirteen children, only six of which were still living, and over forty grandchildren and numerous great grandchildren most of whom she had never seen. When Roman had brought the child home, Ruth had seen the darkness about her, knew she was different, knew that she was special. She didn't know what it was that was in Mia, it wasn't like anything she had ever seen or felt from when she had been young. It was old far older and it was cold.

Ruth raised Mia as if Mia had been her own. Taught her all the things a mother should teach her daughter and quite a few she shouldn't. She taught how to read the cards and how to tell folks what they meant and make them believe it.

Mia, for her part, relished the weird occult things her grandma taught her. But beyond that Mia also saw things grandma had only ever glimpsed. She was the ghosts. And they talked to her.

When Mia was fourteen Ruth took her to a Voodoo Witch Queen. The witch Queen had real power for she served the Loa and had done so with much success. When she saw Mia her blood had frozen. Her sight saw that death walked with Mia but not the death that she knew. She sent Ruth and Mia away and went to her master and told him what he had seen. Her master a man with a face painted to look like a skull sat in silence for a good while his eyes rolled up in his head. Then he suddenly stood and pranced around the room speaking in tongues. The witch queen was frightened then the master came and put his hands on either side of her head and squeezing so tight it hurt he looked at her eye to eye his all turned back in his head, her's wide with fear. “Go Mizzy to Ruth bring her to me but not the girl. Go now!” The Witch Queen was scared and did as she was told.

Ruth came before the skull-faced man sitting in his high-backed chair that looked like a throne. There were many men and women in the room, naked, all swaying to music only they could hear. The masters hand rested on a skull with gold teeth perched on the arm of his throne-chair. Ruth was frightened she had heard of this man, this master when she had been young. She went to her knees before the master. “I come as you called master.”

“Ruth you are a good woman who has given the world many children all good. But the luck of life has not been truly kind to yours. And now a curse has come to your house. Your daughter she was damned when she took her life going against the Loa and against God. Your grandson he was cursed and brought home a cursed child. You familiar is cursed Ruth by evil. Roman took his life and more will follow until none of your family breath except you Ruth. Unless you do as I say, as the Loa say, As God say. Dis girl she not a girl she a demon sent by Satan, Ruth to ruin you. But DA Loa and God don't want you ruined Ruth they got good things coming to you. Take this knife Ruth.” He holds up a thin dagger. “Take this holy knife and you cut that girls throat while she sleeps, send that demon back down to hell where it belong. Then God will reward you so the Loa promise.”

Ruth stares at the dagger held ou to her. “God, God wants me to kill my Mia?”

“She, not your Mia, Ruth, she hell's daughter and she must be sent back. This is God's command to you. If you don't Satan will get all your children and their children to all down the line.”

Ruth looked long at the knife thinking of her grandchildren. “Gods will.” She takes the knife.

Mia was sitting in the living room of the old rickety house watching the tv. Her cards were on the table she had been playing with them thinking about the old voodoo queen that maw maw had taken her too. She had been scary and then Maw-maw had gotten a phone call and had Uncle Delbert take her somewhere. It was late and it was growing cold, unusually cold so she went and got ready for bed she had wanted to wait up for maw maw but she was cold and sleepy so she went to bed.

Cold seeped into the house, death walked the creaking floors. She had felt the interest another had taken in her offspring. One whom she despised. She cared nothing for the child caring was beyond her but it was not in her nature to give up a possession. She entered the room and gazed upon the sleeping form. She remembered the father a slight smile touched her lips making the mishappen side of her face grimace. Amusement touched her cold gray eyes, not at the fact that she had rutted with the mortal but that her touch on him had doomed him, linking him to her through fate and that even now he rotted in Hel in torment for his inglorious death. She looked at the sleeping child and whispered her name. “Mia.”

Mia's eyes fluttered open, Gray eyes the same as Hel's. At that instant Ruth arrived.

Mia had thought she had seen a woman with a horribly scarred face standing over her bed but it must have been a dream for Mawmaw had just entered the room and there was no one else. Ruth froze upon seeing the child, no , the demon, awake. A test god is testing her. “Demon go back to Satan!” she screamed spittle flying she rushed at Mia knife raised!

Mia's heart pounded but she didn't scream didn't panic, she grabbed her pillow and used it to block the slashing knife. It was an old down pillow and feather flew everywhere. Mia tried to fight free of the covers but she was too tangled and Mawmaw was too strong. The pillow was gone Ruth was about to plunge the knife into the child when something caught her eye, she turned and looked and stopped.

Hel Stepped from the shadow and stared into the murderous woman's soul. Transfixed Ruth couldn't move. Mia waited for the knife, eyes tightly closed when it didn't pierce her breast she looked and saw the scarred woman standing, staring at her Great grandmother. “Take the knife Mia.” Said the apparition in a cold accented voice. “Take the knife and use it my child, my daughter. Send this miserable murderous cunt to Hel and claim your birthright as my scion.”

Mia stared at the maw maw unmoving yet breathing rapidly, at the deadly knife she had come at her with, at the disfigured woman whose voice awoke...something in her. She saw her father though how she knew it was him she didn't know a ghost standing with the woman, the back of his head gone from the bullet he had put in his mouth when she was two. And she knew. Knew who she was who this woman was as her blood awoke. She knew she was this beings daughter, the daughter of Hel, Goddess of the Underworld.
The knife came out of maw maw's hand readily, Mia looked at it at he sharp edge, she could feel it squirming in her hand trying to get away from her.

Hel spoke her voice barely a whisper. “It belongs to a rival, The Baron, a gift to his son, who foolishly gave it to this, thinking it would help send your soul to his father. Stupid scion. Use it daughter, claim it as your own as you free this wretch from her damnation.”

Mia felt the handle squirm and then with a single jerk slashed the blade across mamaw's throat. The razor sharp blade sliced deep opening her jugular cutting tendons blood sprayed everywhere covering Mia in the hot coppery liquid. Hel released her gaze and Ruth grasped her throat stumbling back as her life bled through her fingers. Mia just watched. The knife had stopped squirming. It was hers now.

The body fell lifeless to the floor and maw maw's ghost joined her father behind her mother. “Don't worry, I will take care of this before I go.” She said in that cold whisper as she sat on the bed. “Now listen, daughter, for I have much to teach in a short time...”

Hel told Mia all that she was showed her what she could do told her what it meant to be a scion a child of the Gods. She gave her gifts a set of earrings, a ring, and a small leather bag containing a set of Bones carved with runes for casting fortunes and magic. Hel explained what each if these things were and how the allowed her to use the gifts he blood allows. She also warned her that the dagger which now answered to her was still a gift from the Baron and that they would try to get it back and that just hiding it or throwing it away would not stop them from seeking vengeance. “But do not worry little one I won't let anything happen to you until you can take care of yourself.” She promised. Then Hel Left.

While they had talked Hel's undead servants had cleaned the room and disposed of the bodies. Leaving Mia alone after her mother departed.

For the next four years, Mia perpetrated a fraud on the state and the federal government. She pretended that her maw maw was still alive. She quit school and she went to work for herself supplementing her maw maw's state checks with her own often illegal (she was underage, unlicensed and never paid taxes) efforts. Death became her thing. she started dressing as a goth and took up that gloomy lifestyle. She also began drawing and painting. Usual morbid and gloomy subjects such as graveyards tombstones bleak landscapes and disturbing visions of Hel. She was good enough that she managed to sell her art on the streets of New Orleans. She also began doing readings using tarot cards usually but occasionally she would coerce a person into spending a lot of money for a real reading using the bones. She developed a bit of a reputation as anon voodoo witch which just made her more popular in certain circles. She did cemetery and goth modeling for local photographers and even of some who saw her picture on the internet. She also did some highly illegal modeling and even some video for private collectors which she charged a lot of money for. She made sure that anyone she did her special things for understood that they were for their private enjoyment and not to be traded, shared, or by god put on the internet. If any of that did happen very very bad things would follow. So far none of those special things have seen the light of day.

The Scion of The Baron tried unsuccessfully to retrieve his dagger from her but so far had failed. It was one of these attempts that had put her on the radar of the Supernatural Investigations Agency, and led to her eventual recruitment. The still weren't entirely sure if she were one of them or a supernatural threat they needed to contain but the powers that be figure they can use her and keep her under surveillance at the same time.


Nature- Nihilist
Calling- Goth Witch

strength 2 dexterity 3 stamina 3
charisma 3 manipulation 4 appearance 3
Perception 4 Intelligence 4 Wits 4


Academics 2

Art (Drawing and painting) 3

Art (modeling) 3
Awareness 3
Brawl 2

*Command 3

*Control Automobile 1
Empathy 1

*Fortitude 2
*Investigation 2

Larceny 2
*Melee 2
Occult 5
*Presence 5
Stealth 2
Marksmanship 1


Relic ***** Ear Rings Death Purview,  *** dots special ability "The Dead's Walk"   This power allows the bearer to walk the earth without impediment, as the dead are not bound by the physical plane.   By spending a point of legend the bearer may simply walk through any obstacle.  


Relic ring ** Darkness Purview, Health Purview (Negative Aspects only)


Relic ** Bone Runes Prophecy Purview, Magic Purview


Relic **** Voodoo dagger : Death, Darkness, Earth, Psycopomp purviews



epic attributes, knacks and purviews
Epic Appearance ** Serpent's Gaze, Compelling Presence
Epic Manipulation *** Overt Order, Stench of Guilt, Knowing Glance
Epic Perception ** Subliminal Warning, Unfailing Recognition


DEATH***: Death Sense (*), Unquiet Dead (***)


HEALTH * (Negative Aspects Only): Infect (*)

JOTUNBLUT * : Bestial endowment(*)

MAGIC ** Spell: The Unlidded Eye (*), Evil Eye (**)

Courage 1 Loyalty 1 Endurance 4 Expression 4

Willpower 8
Legend 4
Legend points 16


Bonus points 30/30

Relic Dagger 2 point (from 3*** to 4 ****)

Relic Viking serpent ring 2 points (2**)

Relic Viking Earrings 6 points (4****)

Magic 10Points (2**)

Jotunblut 4 points (1*)

Abilities 6 Points Presence **, Occult **,


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