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Scion:Supernatural Among Us Proposal

Justin OOC

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The Gods have always walked among us.  Their Ichor has mixed with our blood, and given us new heroes, people to uplift humanity from upright ape to apex of normal life on earth.  Worship of the Gods gives them their power, though in the last five centuries, Reverence for the old ways has worn away, Gods are myths, as are many of their progeny, and the many things they fought that they consigned to the Shadow.

Until Now.

The monsters returned in force, all across the globe.   It began simply as people began disappearing, but now there have been occirences across the globe, things billed as natural disasters to keep the general public from panicking.  What was even more surpising was the emergence of people  who could not only see the threats for what they were, while alive, but also combat them on equal or even superior ability.

In the past five years, more and more people, these "Scions" have emerged, Children of Ancient Deities of Myth, blessed with the ability to see the monsters, and cursed with the fate to fight them when others cannot.   

They possess power, inherited from their divine parent, and access to relics of forgotten ages.  Some can even empower others to fight alongside them, allowing them to see the threats, but  as with all things there is a price for such empowerment.  Some of these Scions control some of the very legendary beasts that many fight.

Across the world, every continent has its struggles, but like some sort of Fate-cursed magnet, the United States seems to have drawn more attacks than any other area.  Perhaps this is due to the Diverse cultural makeup, the  fact that in the US, all are represented, All the bloodlines have mixed, and the imaginations of its people know little limit.  Several major thefts of cultural relics from across the globe have recently occured, and All the trails lead back to the United States, but end there.

This is what The newly mInted "Supernatural Investigations Agency" lives for.  Based out of  To learn and research these mythic creatures, The Gods, Their children, and the implements with which they fight.  A Civilian Agency, It serves as a clearinghouse for information on the supernatural,  Boasting at least thirty native-born scions, but led By one man, Director Hamilton Croft, Formerly a chief analyst for the CIA, who retired to Teach History at Stamford.  Asked to head up this new agency, he has recruited people from all walks of life, who are vetted by the NSA, FBI, and CIA, as well as those scions he could, to help combat these mythic forces that seem to be gathering in the United States.  While largely focused on Academic research, sifting the mountains of ancient legends for kernels of truth, going over reports regarding millions of artifacts, There is one Branch of the SIA that is solely devoted to action, The Special Operations Division.   

SpecOps is the direct intervention arm of the SIA, made up of Scions and those who follow them who combat the monsters in the shadows.  It is they who retrieve lost artifacts, and destroy threats to the human world.  SpecOps is Lead by a Scion of Odin, Agent John Smith.  A nondescript man, few would guess him to be one of the more powerful Scions alive, and perhaps the only person able to reign in the myriad egos and and eccentricities of the people under his command.  SpecOps maintains three ready teams at any given time, Featuring 3-5 scions normally.   

You the players Comprise SpecOps Team 3.  This team is the only one lead by a non-US native, which while unorthodox, does have the blessing of the Director and President.   Your Team Leader is Major Hideyoshi, who is on detached Duty from the JSDF.  Not a stickler for Rules, and considering the agency is civilian, He does not insist on ranks, answering to either name or rank, and expecting his teammates to do likewise.  Understand that you may be military, but you will also be considered on detached duty for the time you are part of the SIA.

Chargen rules
9/7/5 for atts
36 dots for abilities
6 dots birthrights
6 dots virtues
Starting Legend 4
Starting purview/epic atts 15 dots

Starting Bonus Points 30

Because of certain issues, I ask that everyone create a new PM with your characters and send them to me at Justin OOC, so I have them for record.  I Will be making a character thread so we can post them there.  I know it's sorta a pain in the butt to do this all again, but it's what we gotta do.

I will not be using the tick system for combat, we'll simply be rolling initiative (Wits+awareness for our purposes) and posting in order.

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