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Primeval Thule - Combat Thread


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Action: Using Reckless Attack, Attacking the creature with blunt side of Mace-Axe, wielded in both hands (Versatile weapon, deals 1d10 damage in both hands)

[Asarasa] 6:32 pm: Attack Rolls (Using Reckless Attack)
Asarasa *rolls* 1d20: 9+7: 16 = HIT!
Asarasa *rolls* 1d20: 1+7: 8

[Asarasa] 6:34 pm: Damage 1d10 (Using Mace-Axe in Both hands)
Asarasa *rolls* 1d10: 1+7: 8 damage (Bludgeoning damage)
[Asarasa] 6:34 pm: Balls

HP: 32 (+1 temp)/32 (+6 temp) [Temp HP from Heroism spell]

The creature's tentacles flailed at Tharra, drawing thin lines of red across her thickly muscled arms and shoulders, but the sting of pain was inconsequential under the heat of her primal fury and the bolstering of Neeva's encouragement, and the scratches were already beginning to fade.

Tharra stabbed her greatsword point first into the ground and grabbed the tumbling mace-axe from the air. The haft smacked hard into her calloused hands. The towering amazon whirled, gripping the heavy mace-axe in both hands, and brought the smooth, bronze ball of the weapon down on the horrific creature in a crushing blow. Her lips were peeled back in a silent snarl and her eyes glittered in satisfaction.

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Forgot to save it when I rolled, but got 3 for throwing more lightning at the monster. Asa witnessed.

Yngvar growled in annoyance. The lightning, while originally making a decent impact was showing a diminished capability of harming. With one final pulse, he allows the spell to die. Perhaps more fire would do the trick. Though hopefully the thing would be dead before it would be needed

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Aridha pursued the creature, hacking at it with her swords as she dodged and wove around tentacles. Its alien flesh was tough though, and she couldn't quite get enough leverage while still avoiding its flailing limbs!

"AH!" she cried out, "just DIE already!"

(Cataclysmically bad attack rolls in chat; two misses. :( )

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ok i dont think any one can roll lower than the monster (3) so we will go with the same initiatives for the heroes.

please post your actions make sure you read  the notes.

Tharra, aridha, and alberich need to make dex saves to keep from falling down

let get er done

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[Asarasa] 3:59 pm: Thule, Dex Save
Asarasa *rolls* 1d20: 9+5: 14
     [Nina] 4:01 pm: tharra stays on her feet

Action: Pick up her Greatsword right at her feet and attack pulpy-McCthulhu. (Attack with mace-axe is just fluff, taking literary license)

[Asarasa] 4:07 pm: Attacking with Greatsword (have advantage
according to notes)
Asarasa *rolls* 1d20: 11+7: 18
Asarasa *rolls* 1d20: 19+7: 26
[Asarasa] 4:08 pm: Bah, so close to crit

[Asarasa] 4:08 pm: Damage
Asarasa *rolls* 2d6: 3+4+7: 14 Damage
[Asarasa] 4:08 pm: Average

HP: 32 (+6 temp)/32 (+6 temp)

Tharra flexed her knees, balancing readily as the ground cracked and heavily while the horrific creature split its hide once more, swelling and contorting into an even larger and more disgusting form, one that hurt the eyes even to witness. The abomination roared and the huge woman roared back, bashing once more with the blunt end of her mace-axe, but it just sank in and then slid off the creature's slick, pulpy flesh.

Tharra tossed it to the ground then grasped the hit of her greatsword just as it began to topple from the shaking ground. She adjust her hands on the leather-wrapped hit, ducked low under a flailing tentacle and brought her around in a heavy, horizontal slash, cutting into a monstrously thick leg. Ichor and pus of unnatural colours welled up from the deep cut, but the creature's mass was so great, it would take more such wounds to lay it low.

So be it.

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Dex Save: Jeremy *rolls* 1d20: 14+4: 18
[Jeremy] 7:24 pm: Anyway, mace-axe attack
Jeremy *rolls* 1d20: 11+7: 18
[Jeremy] 7:25 pm: Damage roll
Jeremy *rolls* 1d8: 4+5: 9

"This is like that trip with the scholar elf that didn't get drugged up," Alberich frustratedly reminisced, "but even worse." The mace-axe chopped this time, biting into the pulpy flesh and releasing slick.. fluids from the injury, but it was a minor one. And hurrah, the whole city would notice it - which was not necessarily a good thing.

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Aridha leaps up onto one of the thicker tentacles, and runs three steps up it towards the monster's trunk before jumping off as it curls back around towards her. She tucks her legs in and uses her momentum to aid her as she slams sword-first into the creature...driving both blades into its rubbery, unnatural hide! It roars and shakes like a wet dog, flinging her off.

The halfling rolls back onto her feet as soon as she hits the ground and holds her swords up, ready to charge again!

[SalmonMax] 10:12 pm: Nina, ok. I shall make some rolls.

[Malachite] 10:13 pm: Hehehehe....I have fun with Mage. It's effing rediculous.
SalmonMax *rolls* 1d20: 11+7: 18
SalmonMax *rolls* 1d20: 11+7: 18
[SalmonMax] 10:13 pm: Random!
[Asarasa] 10:13 pm: Matter
[SalmonMax] 10:13 pm: Assuming those are hits...
SalmonMax *rolls* 2d6: 2+5+5: 12
[Malachite] 10:13 pm: Matter! Yes. So matter and life if you want to give her a mudball to exist on.
SalmonMax *rolls* 2d6: 5+3+5: 13
     [Nina] 10:13 pm: your advantaged
[SalmonMax] 10:13 pm: Okay, rolling to see if there's any crits...
SalmonMax *rolls* 1d20: 19+7: 26
SalmonMax *rolls* 1d20: 14+7: 21
[SalmonMax] 10:14 pm: The dice doth tease.
[SalmonMax] 10:14 pm: But 25 damage ain't bad.
[SalmonMax] 10:14 pm: Even if it's halved to 12.

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Neeva's brow furrowed as the abomination began to twist and contort, assuming a larger, even more disgusting form. That vile... thing... was a twisted and vile mockery of natural life. It did not belong in this world. It's very existence an affront to the Forest Gods.

Defiantly Neeva stuck her spear into the 'ground' keeping to close and ready to grab. In fluid motion, practiced over many years living in the Dhar Mesh, Neeva slid off her bow with one hand while the other fetched an arrow from her quiver, drew the bow back and fired. The arrow found its mark in the flesh of the beast, near the wounds Tharra and Aridha has inflicted, causing even more ichor to spill forth.

"Be it with spell, steel, bronze, stone or bare fists, this abomination must be purged from our world, and we are the ones this task has fallen to, and I have no doubt that we are up to the task!" Neeva encouraged. 



Bonus Action: None

Move: None

Action: Drawing bow and shooting the monster.

HP: 20/20

Arrows: 19/20


Noir] 10:02 pm: shooting with bow
Noir *rolls* 1d20: 10+4: 14
Noir *rolls* 1d20: 12+4: 16
[Noir] 10:02 pm: woo. hit
[Noir] 10:02 pm: thank you Advantage
[Noir] 10:02 pm: so damage is 1d8+Dex mod?
[Noir] 10:04 pm: rolling damage
[AceWildcard] 10:04 pm: what monster is that?
Noir *rolls* 1d8: 6+2: 8
[Noir] 10:04 pm: woo!
[Noir] 10:04 pm: I did 8!

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Using burning hands to hit the creature with a cone of fire. Angling it to avoid the rest of the party.

Yngvar scowled at the creature. Of course it wouldn't be that easy. With a barked command a circle of flaming runes flares to life around his hand, unleashing a torrent of fire against the creature, sailing cleanly over the rest of the groups heads. Nonetheless, the sudden heat was intense, beating down in waves on the party.

[Kaoleth] 9:05 pm: All right.
[Kaoleth] 9:05 pm: Here we go.
[Kaoleth] 9:05 pm: I'll take my chances.
Kaoleth *rolls* 1d20: 19+7: 26
Kaoleth *rolls* 1d20: 1+7: 8
[Kaoleth] 9:06 pm: Heh. Guess I know which one I'm taking.


[Kaoleth] 9:06 pm: Heh. Guess I know which one I'm taking.     
[Kaoleth] 9:11 pm: Now. How much damage does burning hands do.....
[Kaoleth] 9:11 pm: 3d6 fire damage.
Kaoleth *rolls* 3d6: 3+3+6: 12
[Kaoleth] 9:12 pm: So, it takes 12 fire damage, unless it makes a successful save, in which case it takes 6

[Kaoleth] 9:12 pm: So, it takes 12 fire damage, unless it makes a successful save, in which case it takes 6
[Kaoleth] 9:16 pm: And Posted.
     [Nina] 9:17 pm: it takes double damage so roll the dice twice
[Kaoleth] 9:17 pm: Ohhhhhh.
     [Nina] 9:17 pm: sorry
Kaoleth *rolls* 3d6: 4+4+6: 14
[Kaoleth] 9:18 pm: So, either 26 or 13 damage, if it makes a save.

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Neeva's eyes went wide at the sight of the growing opening beneath the bound girl. It was a portal of some sort, hovering in the below the girl at roughly ground level, over an actual hole in the floor through which she could see some of the next lower floor of the tower, and the portal was growing. She stared for a moment, caught in disbelief as her mind tried to grasp what she was seeing. There was something.. some stomach, maw, tentacled... thing... she could see through the portal, moving toward it, ready to grasp the proffered girl.

Neeva finally snapped free with a shake of her head, her eyes falling on the tree and the cracks growing in the floor with every step of their current foe. The between this new hole and the stomping of the massive abomination they were already locked in combat with, the roof could not take much more of this.

"Sorcerer! If you have been saving any arcane power, then I suggest you make use of it now! Trust in yourself and let your ancestors guide you!" Neeva yelled to Yngvar as she pulled her warspear from the ground.

With several deft swings Neeva cut first the bonds securing the girls's legs, then arms from the frame and reached out, pulling her from it. The Dhari talespinner then shouldered the girl, or carried her if needed, and moved from the growing portal as fast as she could manage.

"Dispatch this abomination quickly, lest it be joined by it's thrice-damned fellows!" Neeva yelled to the others.



Bonus Action: Giving Bardic Inspiration dice to Yngvar.

Action: Cutting the 'sacrificial' girl free from the frame/altar

Move: Moving away from the 'gate' with the girl if possible, shouldering or flat out carrying her if needed.

HP: 20/20

Arrows: 19/20



[Noir] 1:25 pm: can I get a witness for some rolls real quick?
[IronLady] 1:25 pm: Am I able to function as a witness?
[Noir] 1:25 pm: if you are have eyes. heh
[Noir] 1:26 pm: first is a sanity check, DC 12
Noir *rolls* 1d20: 7: 7
[Noir] 1:26 pm: d'oh
[Noir] 1:27 pm: if it is a wisdom save, then I might be good
[IronLady] 1:27 pm: Well, I'm wearing my glasses. So I do have eyes

Neeva gets a +4 on Wisdom saves, so that is a total of 11

[Nina] 3:51 pm: rather what is her charisma save
[Noir] 3:51 pm: one more point and I get another inspiration dice
[Noir] 3:52 pm: ohh
[Noir] 3:52 pm: at lvl 2 it is +6
[Nina] 3:52 pm: then you saved
[Noir] 3:53 pm: and she is proficient
[Noir] 3:53 pm: Woo!

[Nina] 3:56 pm: no you can skip the perception roll
[Nina] 3:57 pm: on second though make a wisdom check
[Noir] 3:57 pm: so is the girl still standing?
[Noir] 3:57 pm: okay
Noir *rolls* 1d20: 2+4: 6

[Nina] 4:06 pm: make neevas wisdom check
[Noir] 4:06 pm: well, I am out of spells and only have 1 Inspiration to give out, so I may as well. not as if I am wrecking the monster with my 1d8+4 arrow damage
[Noir] 4:06 pm: another?
[Noir] 4:06 pm: okay
Noir *rolls* 1d20: 6+4: 10
[Noir] 4:06 pm: bloody hell!
[Nina] 4:07 pm: good enough

[Nina] 3:56 pm: you see the gate way to the thing they were summoning has in fact opened underneath the screaming girl it is a a stomach twisting opening of chaos and corruption and something is coming out. In the next round the thing they were summoning will begin to arrive. it is not at all like the monster you are fighting it's tentacles will start to come thru the gate and start attacking the girl in the round after next

[Nina] 4:09 pm: you see the gate has made a hole in the stone of the roof a real hole but the edges of the gate ar not in contact with the actual stone of the roof
[Nina] 4:09 pm: its computer dice you can't count on statistics
[Nina]] 4:11 pm: every time the thing we are fighting moves, the roof shakes and Neeva sees cracks in the roof by the tree



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Action: Attack Shuma-Gorath

[Asarasa] 8:36 am: Attack Roll (Have Advantage)
Asarasa *rolls* 1d20: 12+7: 19 = HIT!
Asarasa *rolls* 1d20: 6+7: 13

[Asarasa] 8:38 am: Damage Roll
Asarasa *rolls* 2d6: 6+6+7: 19 = Maximum Damage! :D

Tharra spared a mere flick of her eyes to determine if the source of the arrow was a new threat and another for her fellow tribeswoman, exhorting haste in slaying the foul creature, but her narrow, furious focus was locked on the Immense monstrosity. Following the distraction of the unexpected arrow and the tiny halfling woman rolling away from the creature, the huge half-elf drove forward, swinging her great blade upwards in a tremendous sweep, cutting deep into it's hideous maw, chips of its whirling teeth flying in all directions.

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Yngvar could feel the wellspring that he drew from to power his spells running dry. At the rate they were going, it was unlikely that he would have much more to contribute to the fight. Particularly if there were any more surprises in store for them. Eyes darting around, he settles on the cracks in the floor, and the summoning circle nearby, likely providing an anchor. Glancing once at the tree dominating the area, an idea takes root.

Darting towards the tree he shouts a warning

"Give me as much space as you can. I will attempt to destroy the circle. With it's bindings gone, it should prove easier prey." If not outright banishing it, he finishes silently. Best not raise too many hopes if it had the power to remain once the circle was destroyed.

Stopping in position to one side of the tree he takes a deep breath. This would either work spectacularly, or blow up in his face..... quite literally. He draws the last of his reserves to the fore, the incantation refining the energy into something more angry, straining on it's leash. With a final word, he directs the built up spell into the ground in front of him, the crack of thunder once more sounding through the night, accompanied by the splintering of stone as shards are sent scything into the dark. With a groan of protesting wood that is more felt in the bones than heard, the tree begins to topple.

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Aridha grunts, and is lashed sideways by the retaliatory tentacle strike. She brings the back of her hand to her cheek and nose and pulls it away to see the blood trickle on it. Her expression darkens, and the murmurs of the spirits in her ears grow clearer and louder. Rage was a howling gale inside her, rage at the sacrifices that this thing had demanded, rage at the injuries it delivered, rage that it simply had the temerity to exist.

She gave that howl a voice as she rushed in again, ducking under yet another flailing tendril of flesh, then springing up to drive one well-worn blade up into the tender flesh that ringed it's maw. It reared back and roared, giving her an opening to stab it again, alongside the first...and scissor the two edges apart, cutting a horrific wide wound. The sluice of ichor made her slip back out, falling a few feet to the ground to stare malevolently up at it.

She wanted to hurl threats at it, but Aridha stayed true to her people's ways. She would not honor this thing by speaking to it. For this there was only the knife, the pain and blood, and finally death.

[SalmonMax] 9:40 am: Need to make some attack rolls for Thule, one moment.

SalmonMax *rolls* 1d20: 13+7: 20
SalmonMax *rolls* 1d20: 13+7: 20
[SalmonMax] 9:40 am: lol
[SalmonMax] 9:40 am: RANDOM
SalmonMax *rolls* 2d6: 6+6+5: 17
SalmonMax *rolls* 2d6: 6+5+5: 16
[SalmonMax] 9:40 am: Oh dear god. That's almost max damage.

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Woo! Escalation! =3

[Kaoleth] 9:37 am: Mind witnessing my Initiative roll for Thule?
[Noir] 9:38 am: sure
[Kaoleth] 9:38 am: Ok. Just making sure. Think my initiative is +2
Kaoleth *rolls* 1d20: 14+2: 16
[Kaoleth] 9:39 am: Not bad.
[Noir] 9:39 am: nice

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Intiative is




When Yngvar puts the axe on the table the goons all wide eyed and  showing fear all drop teir hands to their various weapons. (mostly daggers and knives, but one has a pair of hand axes and another has a big kinife, which for our purpose is a short sword)

there are a total of seven goons.

The leader is about six feet from your table there are four men two feet behind him and spread to his sides about six feet on each. the remaining three are back about six feet from them and are close to the door. none are armored. they each have a dc of 10 to hit except the axe weilder who has an ac of 14 the first round and 16 after.

there are tables and chairs between you and them. the only one who can be charged without making a strength or dex check is the leader anyone else requires to make a check dc12 to get past or through the intervening furniture.

The patrons begin scrambling out of the way as soon as the axe hits the table.

post your first round actions and fluff as normal


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Going to have Alberich throw a chair at the leader as a ranged attack, then drawing his mace-axe as the move action.
Ranged attack: Jeremy *rolls* 1d20: 8+7: 15
Damage: Jeremy *rolls* 1d4: 2+5: 7
Alberich bared his teeth at the bastards before rising up and planting an apologetic kiss and squishing grope on Pimy. Then, faster than any of them probably ever figured a dwarf could, grabbed the hardwood chair he'd been sitting on and hurled it at the leader. Meanwhile, he bent down and drew up his mace-axe, to follow up his point with cold steel.

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Kaoleth *rolls* 1d20: 6+7: 13
[Kaoleth] 11:57 pm: Thank christ for proficiencies, is all I will say.
[Kaoleth] 11:58 pm: o.O

Yngvar snarled as the chair went flying and the men went for his knives, grabbing his axe and flipping it into a reverse grip.He dashed after the chair, landing heavily on the thugs chest with one knee, the pointed beard of his axe digging into the soft palate of the mans chin, the blade resting down the length of his throat. A single drop of blood trailed along the edge of the blade.

"Is it really worth my opening your throat? Leave, now, and the gods won't have another soul to play with." He hissed, blue eyes fever bright.

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Because of course I've been forgetting my Extra Attack.

Attack #1: Jeremy *rolls* 1d20: 18+8: 26
Damage #1: Jeremy *rolls* 1d8: 8+6: 14

Attack #2: Jeremy *rolls* 1d20: 7+8: 15
Damage #2: Jeremy *rolls* 1d8: 2+6: 8

Yngvar was looking to be a bit under pressure, so Alberich stopped playing around with these slobs. Three on him, three on the Northman. The dwarf reduced that number by a third, whipping the blunt end of the mace-axe into a skull, before slamming his shield out into the chest of a second man. That one probably had it worse, his ribs smashed inward.

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To Hit

[Kaoleth] 1:51 am: Ah.
Kaoleth *rolls* 1d20: 10: 10
[Noir] 1:52 am: I think that is a total of +7 for you
[Kaoleth] 1:52 am: Yeah.
[Noir] 1:52 am: so 17
[Kaoleth] 1:52 am: So 17 all told.

Kaoleth *rolls* 1d10: 8+4: 12
[Noir] 1:58 am: for love level people, 12 is a probably a huge portion of their hit points at least

Yngvar silently snarls in pain, one hand clamped automatically to the wound in his side. It would be so easy. Just one word and he could turn both of these wretches to twitching corpses. But it would announce to all and sundry their presence. Wizards were viewed with suspicion virtually everywhere and throwing around magic was one of the fastest ways to cause a panicked riot.

He draws his hand away from his side, it had only been there a fraction of a second, but was already liberally coated. He scowls fiercely at the apparent leader of the group, the one egging them on, and throws out his hand, flicking a stream of ruby droplets into the mans eyes. In the brief flinch that follows, he frasps his axe in a heavy two handed stance, bringing it down in the juncture of the mans neck, burying the head almost to the hilt in his chest. Pulling it out with a grunt and a wet squelch, he turns to his last opponent.

"Last Chance. On. Your. Knees."

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