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Primeval Thule - Combat Thread


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Upper left hand corner is the stair where you are at

The center is the tree

The red circle is the cult leader

the alter/fram is where the vitim is

the X's around the alter are the other cultists and the squares are the guards.

Aske any questions here if you have any, other wise tell me what you are doing

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more or less i'm not that concerned with that degree of gameing detail. it will take one round if you want to posotion your self or you can launch distane attack or you could charge but chargeing will give you disadvantage becase of the bushes


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Basic idea I'm going with, if people don't mind deferring their actions till after Yngvar, I can see about getting close and dropping one of my AOEs on them. From the second round onwards, I plan to Witchbolt the leader while buffed with Potent lore, meaning I should do 3d12 damage a turn to him, provided I can maintain concentration.

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Tharra will let Yngvar do his initial attack without interference. That will give her time to move stealthily through the foliage and around their targets and come at them from the right, aiming for the top two of the guards.

Btw, with those AoEs, do try to avoid hitting the victim/captive bound to the frame/altar, eh? ;)

Move: Moving around the cultists/guards/etc to the right. stealthily
Action: Continue movement, stealthily

Stealth Roll (+7)
Asarasa *rolls* 1d20: 14+7: 21

The towering, exotic Dhari woman gave the Nimothan Warlock a tight nod of assent, though her lip curled with faint contempt at relying on his foreign witchery. Slipping her mace-axe into her shield hand for a moment, she used her empty to give Neeva a series of sharp gestures in the manner of the Dhari Hunters, conveying her intention to sneak around their prey to come at them from the right, to split their focus and attention.

Not wanting to waste any time getting into position, Tharra left Neeva to explain her actions to the others and stalked into the verdant, uncanny foliage blooming on the tower top. Concealing ointment or not, the enormous woman disappeared into greenery with eerie ease, her fluid steps surprisingly silent despite her size and mass.

With a Hunter's keen instincts, Tharra kept their targets position fixed in her mind, and proceeded to circle around them, keeping anything she could between her and them. Her expression was remote, calm, but her aquamarine eyes flashed with fierce eagerness. She prowled through the brush and trees, just until she could see the back of the helms of two of the guards. Then she sat back in poised tenseness, her hand tight on the haft of her mace-axe, waiting with predatory patience to strike the moment after Yngvar worked his sorcery.

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At the top of the stairs, Yngvar pauses, taking a brief moment to survey the area before beginning quietly.

"A suggestion, if you would humour me. Allow me to get close before attacking. I have several abilities that, once you are engaging I would be loathe to use. They are rather indiscriminate in their effects on those caught within. While I can target it to avoid the sacrifice, I would not be able to say the same for you."

A flicker of electricity crawls over one hand, dancing between his fingers.

"Also, Alberich, if you would see fit to accompany me, I would appreciate you keeping them out of arms reach to the best of your abilities. I work best when I have the space to concentrate. My follow up spell will require me to stand still, though the effects should be worth the lack of mobility."

A brief smirk passes over his features before setting back into calm neutrality.

"It will be obvious when to strike, but do please await it."


Yngvar will move forward till he is standing in the square diagonally adjacent to the cultist leader, just by the tree.


When everyone is in Place, Yngvar will drop Thunderwave. It affects a 15 foot cube originating from Ingvar, so he should be able to hit the Cultist Leader and 6 Cultists on the left side of the circle formation. It requires them to make a Constitution check which, if failed, will deal 2d8 Damage to everyone and push them 10 feet away from me. If they pass, they only take half damage and are not pushed.



[Kaoleth] 12:04 am: Nina. Rolling 2d8 for damage on my spell. If any of them pass a con check, that person only takes half 
[Kaoleth] 12:04 am: So, rolling now.
Kaoleth *rolls* 2d8: 3+6: 

Nina started roflcoptering, so I'm assuming she's all right with that. :P

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round 1.png

y&a is yngvar and alberich

n is neeva

the single a is ariddha

and t is tharra

red x marks the dead cultists and the two red circled guards are the prone wounded ones.

If anyone is not where they wanted to be let me know so i can put you in the right place before we proceed

initiative is as follows

Alberich 20

Cult leader 19

Neeva 12

Aridha 7

Yngvie 7

Tharra 6

cultists 4

cultist have an AC of 10 and 4 hp

guards are ac 12 and 11hp

the leader is AC18



Remember I want to post the next round no later than Wednesday

thank you

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Neeva will let Yngvar do his attack as well. She will circle around to the left, Once Yngvar's attack hits she will toss the orb and then hit the cult leader, tree/plant-thing and any other blood-sucking plant-thing (or the guard nearest her) with a Bane spell.

Stealth Roll (+2)
[Noir] 12:13 am: wanna witness what passes for Neeva's Stealth roll atm?
[Seanette] 12:16 am: Sure
[Noir] 12:16 am: stealth check
Noir *rolls* 1d20: 4+2: 6
[Noir] 12:16 am: thankfully, we have Advantage
Noir *rolls* 1d20: 14+2: 16
[Noir] 12:16 am: much better



Throwing the orb and then casting Bane on the cult leader, guard closest to Neeva and the tree.


Neeva nodded to Tharra and turned to the others as her tribemate crept off into the brush. She quietly explained Tharra's plan to the others and indicated the route she would take to the left.

Neeva slipped through the foliage quietly. This place, however a nefarious place it may be, was at least green, and thus far more familiar to her then the stone and brick of the city. The blonde dhari woman crouched and reached into her sachle and slipped out the glass ball filled with swirling gas and waited for the signal. She scanned over the assemled cultists for a moment before the rolling thrunder hit, obliterating several of the cultists like burst grapes. Taking that as the signal, Neeva reared her arm back and threw the orb at the center of the stunned crowd, taking the opportunity to add confusion to the mix from the orb... and followed by fear.

She stood up and stepped from the foliage, warspear in hand and held it over her head as she shouted at the cultists with fire in her eyes.

"Behold worshippers of things most foul! No longer shall you prey upon those weak and alone, stealing their lifesblood for your dark sorcery. You are naught but does in the company of wolves! Now YOU are the prey and under these befouled stars it is YOUR lifesblood that shall be spilled this night!" she shouted at them, sending the lionshare of her vitriol at the cult leader, the guard nearest her and even the strange tree.



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Among the booms and orbs and shouting, one might be forgiven for not noticing the small, quick and quiet form of Aridha coming in low and fast with a sword in each hand. Forgiveness would change nothing though. With frightening precision, implying long practice, she cut the back of one of the guard's knees all the way through, finding the weak point in his armor. He cried out and fell, and Aridha fell on him, driving her other blade into his heart...silencing his cries.

Blades in hand, covered in blood, she whirled to face the other guards and find her next target.

[SalmonMax] 4:00 pm: Just gonna make some rolls for D&D here...
SalmonMax *rolls* 1d20: 9+7: 16
SalmonMax *rolls* 1d20: 17+7: 24
SalmonMax *rolls* 1d6: 1+5: 6
SalmonMax *rolls* 1d6: 6+5: 11

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Alberich will hold position and delay his action, guarding Yngnar. If any cultists or guards approach within striking range, Alberich will let em have it.

For the rolls if/when that triggers:
- (Attack): Jeremy *rolls* 1d20: 16+7: 23
- (Damage - if guard, since cultists are auto-dead): Jeremy *rolls* 1d8: 1+5: 6

Alberich braced up, shield ready and mace-axe gripped in classic dwarven wall fashion. Yngnar counted as his 'second rank,' and the freeblade waited for any assaulter to dare head for his charge.

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Bonus Action: Rage!
Move Action: Move toward the Guard that is directly below the Altar, then pass him toward the cultist after her Attack.
Action: Using Hunter's Strike (Must be used before opponent has acted in combat or while still unnoticed - grants Advantage on the Attack roll, if hits, deals maximum damage.

[Asarasa] 9:16 am: Attack
Asarasa *rolls* 1d20: 19+7: 26
Asarasa *rolls* 1d20: 13+7: 20
[Asarasa] 9:16 am: So close to a crit.    
[Asarasa] 9:17 am: damage is 15

The sound and concussive force of a furious thunder clap washed over Tharra, ripping leaves from the foliage and ripping cultists to pieces. The time to strike was clear. The huge Dhari called upon the primal fury of Dhar Mesh and burst from concealment. The guardsman, looking towards the Nimothan Warlock who was the source of the thunder and lightning, barely had time to note the disturbance behind him before he knew no more, nor would know anything ever again.

The heavy, bronze ball of Tharra's mace-axe crashed into the base of the guard's helmet, caving in the rim and severing his spine at the neck, killing him instantly. She didn't slow in her terrible rush, stalking towards the cultist between her and the altar bearing their sacrifice in terrifying silence, her aquamarine eyes were almost glowing with their intensity.

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Yngvar hummed at the carnage of his first spell, a satisfied expression on his features.


Allowing Alberich to take position ahead of him, he begins laying the groundwork for his next spell, the tang of Ozone growing. Barely a second later, he hesitates, something uneasy curling in his gut. Perhaps it best to keep that in reserve. Assume the worst, that this wasn't the height of resistance to be expected. Idly dismissing some of the gathered energy and reshaping the rest, an ember flickers to life in his hands, before bursting into true fire with a click of his fingers. With a casual gesture, he sends the mote sailing through the air at the cultist leader.


Casting Firebolt at the Cultist leader.

[Kaoleth] 12:18 am: So, in the interest of setting someone on fire.
Kaoleth *rolls* 1d20: 18+7: 25
[Kaoleth] 12:18 am: That should hit cultist leader guy.]
[Kaoleth] 12:18 am: I think.
[Noir] 12:18 am: and my Bane will be hitting him before this attack, Kao
[Kaoleth] 12:18 am: Nina?
[Noir] 12:19 am: so he will be at -1d4 to saving throws. heh
     [Nina] 12:19 am: yes
[Kaoleth] 12:19 am: Excellent.
[Kaoleth] 12:19 am: Damage is 1d10.
[Kaoleth] 12:19 am: So,
Kaoleth *rolls* 1d10: 9: 9
[Kaoleth] 12:19 am: *nods*
[Kaoleth] 12:19 am: Not too bad.
[Kaoleth] 12:19 am: One firebolt. Express delivery.

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[Noir] 10:09 pm: speaking of which, Nina said we all need to make Perception rolls DC 10
[Noir] 10:10 pm: I get a +6 Woo!
[Noir] 10:10 pm: wanna witness?
[Seanette] 10:11 pm: Sure
Noir *rolls* 1d20: 19+6: 25
[Noir] 10:12 pm: sweet

25 n the Perception roll


Bonus Action: None
Move Action: Move toward the Guard that is closest to her (who was one of the targets  of her Bane spell).
Action: Attacking the guard with her warspear (unless information from the Perception check leads to that being changed).

[Noir] 3:40 pm: Stabbing guard with her warspear. she gets +4 from Strength and she has Proficiency with it, so that is another +2  for a total of +6
Noir *rolls* 1d20: 9+6: 15
[Noir] 3:40 pm: they are AC 12, so she hits
[Noir] 3:41 pm: do we add Proficiency  bonus to damage too?
[Noir] 3:41 pm: or just attacks?
[Asarasa] 3:42 pm: Just attacks
[Noir] 3:42 pm: okay
[Noir] 3:42 pm: she stills gets +4 from strength and the warspear is 1d8
Noir *rolls* 1d8: 8+4: 12
[Noir] 3:43 pm: woo!

15 to hit and 18 damage, so that's a 1 shot kill on the guard!


Neeva shrugged the mantel from her shoulders, letting it fall to the ground, and burst out from the foliage, charging at the guard nearest her. The Dhari woman's athletic physique served her well, closing the distance so swiftly that the guard barely had a chance to grab for his sword before she was one him like a great sabercat on a doe. She lowered her warspear and bought it up sharply, the blade finding its way through the guard's armor and catching the top of his lung before the point pierced through his throat and spine, the bloody tip poking out the back of his neck. Neeva stepped closed and looked into the man's eyes, her own filled with fury as he gargled on the blood filling his mouth and lungs.

"No deity shall hear your calls this night." she taunted him before yanking her warspear from him.

She stood there for a moment and watched his body teeter and then slowly fall to the ground like a tree that had been felled, landing in a limp and useless heap. She then lifted her gaze from the body to the scared and confused cultists that were just beyond and pointed at the body with her spear as the guard's blood trickled down and dripped from the point.

"You see.. THIS is what the worship of foul things brings. You need not worry though, you will understand just as he now does soon enough..." she snarled.



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Action: Dropping Mace-Axe and Shield, Drawing Greatsword and Attacking Guard that had attacked Tharra last round.
Move Action: Just moving around altar to keep herself between the guards/cultists and the sacrifice.

[Asarasa] 7:53 pm: Thule - Using Reckless Attack (Grants
Advantage to Attack, but opponents have Advantage to Attack Tharra)
Asarasa *rolls* 1d20: 6+7: 13
Asarasa *rolls* 1d20: 18+7: 25
[Asarasa] 7:53 pm: Hit
[Asarasa] 7:53 pm: Using Greatsword - Damage 2d6+7
Asarasa *rolls* 2d6: 2+2+7: 11
[Asarasa] 7:59 pm: Dead Guard.

[Asarasa] 8:49 pm: Oh, right, need to make a perception check
Asarasa *rolls* 1d20: 13+5: 18

The guardsmen and cultists were dropping fast, their numbers dwindling. A spear thrust past Tharra's shoulder, thunking into the wooden frame. Tharra threw her mace-axe and shield to the ground and with a low growl, she spun around with furious aggression and drew her greatsword with a soft shurring of bronze on wood. The heavy blade and powerful muscles behind it cleaved the guardsman from shoulder to hip.

The guardsman fell to the ground in two pieces, but Tharra's attention was already on the cultists and guards still standing. The huge woman stalked about the altar, interposing her mighty stature between the sacrificial girl and the remaining cultists and guards. If they wished to reach the girl, they would have to suffer her wrath.

A basso thumping sound rolled through the clearing, like the sound of a beating heart growing faster and faster. Tharra's eyes narrowed, glancing around for the source of the sound, but she did not allow it to distract her from her opponents still standing.

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Perception Check
Jeremy *rolls* 1d20: 14+6: 20

Again, keeping his readiness and will strike anyone who gets too close.

Attack check (if needed):
Jeremy *rolls* 1d20: 2+7: 9

The rumble made Alberich frown and stare around from his guardian position, even as his boot lightly knocked the butchered body of the cult leader aside. The wildling trio were carving through the guards and cultists, but that left the remainder on the other side, where he and the northerner mystic were still under pressure, so he shan't move forward.

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Witnessing the ferocity that the Neeva unleash on the guards, Yngvar turns his attention to the minor cultists. Best to get rid of as many of them as soon as possible. With the guards otherwise occupied, there should be no one to interfere with his further dismantling the ritual.

A snap and another ember flares to life, sailing almost lazily into one of the ritualists, his robes catching light as the smell of burning meat fills the air.

[Kaoleth] 2:39 am: People here willing to witness roll?
[IronLady] 2:41 am: witness?
[Asarasa] 2:45 am: Go ahead
[Kaoleth] 2:53 am: Cheers.
[Kaoleth] 2:54 am: One one of the little cultists. Leaving the Guards to the Neeva. They seem to be having fun with it.     
Kaoleth *rolls* 1d20: 6+7: 13
[Kaoleth] 2:54 am: No idea if that hits or not. xD
[Kaoleth] 2:55 am: But in case it does, damage:
[Asarasa] 2:55 am: Yeah, it hits
Kaoleth *rolls* 1d10: 5: 5
[Kaoleth] 2:55 am: Which should be enough to kill, iirc.

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No sooner had she gotten her blades free of her first victim than Aridha was dashing at the next. She ran past, stabbing his thigh as she did, then spun around and sank her sword into a kidney as he cried out and went to one knee.

But then the rumbling started. She hesitated on hearing it, and looked away...trying to tell where it was coming from.

(Rolls! [SalmonMax] 4:31 pm: Perception first...
SalmonMax *rolls* 1d20: 10+7: 17
[SalmonMax] 4:32 pm: That's to hear the rumbling, I expect.
[SalmonMax] 4:32 pm: Now some attackytakky
[Jeremy] 4:32 pm: Hey Max
[SalmonMax] 4:32 pm: On the nearest guard!
SalmonMax *rolls* 1d20: 14+7: 21
SalmonMax *rolls* 1d20: 5+7: 12
[SalmonMax] 4:33 pm: Hit anna miss
SalmonMax *rolls* 1d6: 1+5: 6
[SalmonMax] 4:33 pm: Ah well.)


Edit - Turns out the second attack actually hit!

SalmonMax *rolls* 1d6: 4+5: 9

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Action: Using Reckless Attack to attack the last guard.

[Asarasa] 9:41 am: Anyway, Tharra attacking the last guard. Using
Reckless Attack again
Asarasa *rolls* 1d20: 12+7: 19 HIT!
Asarasa *rolls* 1d20: 2+7: 9
[Asarasa] 9:41 am: Damage
Asarasa *rolls* 2d6: 1+5+7: 13 damage - FATALITY!
     [Nina] 9:42 am: split him in twain...again
[Asarasa] 9:42 am: Yup! He really shouldn't have hesitated.    

The guardsman may have hesitated, but the terrifying Half-elven Dhari woman did not. She ignored the spear cast her way and rushed the guardsman, remarkably fast despite her great and muscular stature. He took a step back despite himself, then braced himself, bringing his short sword up to block, knowing it would not be enough.

It was not. Eschewing finesse for brute strength, Tharra brought her great bronze blade down in a diagonal slash, cleaving through sword, arm, and deep into the guardsman's ribs. Shards of shattered metal blew past the huge woman or bounced off her bronze, hard muscled flesh and she pulled her blade free with a savage yank. Viscera of pink, purple, and red spilled from the rent in the guardsman's side as he was from his feet.

Tharra's lips curved minutely in a grin of satisfaction as she slowly turned, scanning the rooftop for any other prey that may remain. Her brows lowered as she noted the drumming beat has subsided, wondering what, if anything, it portended.

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One the cultists, eyes wide in terror, turn and runs from Neeva as she speaks, standing over the guard's body.

"Lost your taste for spilling blood when you fear it will be your own?" Neeva taunts as she tosses her spear in the air, reversing her grip to hold it over the shoulder.

The Dhari woman then stepped forward, using the skills honed from a lifetime in the Dhar Mesh to hurl her spear with every bit of muscular strength her athletic body could muster. The point caught the feeling cultist in the thigh, causing him to tumble to the ground in a heap. With pure panic he kept clawing at the ground, trying to scramble away from the slaughter as Neeva ran up to him and grasped the shaft of the spear, shoving it down into the ground to staple the man there. The cultists's confusion and fear was too powerful though and he kept scrambling, tearing his thigh off of the spear, leaving a massive wound of rent flesh gushing with crimson.

"Where do you thing you are going to misbegotten wretch?" Neeva asked as she stepped forward and drew her obsidian knife from the belt sheath, "Let us see how this befouled soil likes YOUR blood." she snarled, grasping the man by the hair to yank his head back as she drag the dark blade across his throat, sending another torrent of crimson spilling forth.

Unceremoniously, Neeva dropped the man's head and stood up, sheathing her knife and then turned to her spear, pulling it from the ground and the lump of flesh it still pinned as her gaze rose to focus on the sacrifice on the frame. The lack of the thumping caught her attention, as did the lack of drummers..

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Attack check: Jeremy *rolls* 1d20: 11+7: 18
Damage roll: Jeremy *rolls* 1d8: 3+5: 8

Alberich stared back at the thing that had gotten from the remains of the cult leader, determined to be unimpressed. "Yes, yes," he grumbled sardonically, "I can be loud too." He shifted his grip and brought the blunt end of the mace-axe onto the creature's skill. "SHUT UP!"

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Neeva looked up, her hazel eyes growing wide and the sight before her as the body of the cult leader bulged and distorted, birthing some massive, twisted, horrible... thing. Her mind raced and her gaze shot to her tribemate and the Nimothian sorcerer.

She ran to Tharra and placed a hand firmly on her shoulder. The talespinner called on one of the stories she had learned, one known to all the Dhari about a great hunter who showed indomitable will to protect his tribe.

"I can take her." she said, motioning to the intended sacrifice, "Your blade best is best served spilling the entrails of that abomination. Like Rokka slew the Great Black Wolf, show this thing what Dhari Hunters are made of!" she sang out, reminding Tharra of the story and steeling her resolve.

She then looked to Yngvar and called out,

"If you have any sorcery left, then unleash it now and make this thing rue the day it ever dared set a cloven foot in our world!"


Move: Moving to Tharra.

Action: Casting Heroism on Tharra.

For 1 minute Tharra is immune to fear and gains 6 temporary hit points at the start of each turn.

Bonus Action: Giving a Bardic Inspiration dice (1d6) to Yngvar.

Once within the next 10 minutes, the creature (Yngvar) can roll the die and add the number rolled to one ability check, attack roll, or saving throw it makes. The creature can wait until after it rolls the d20 before deciding to use the Bardic Inspiration die, but must decide before the DM says whether the roll succeeds or fails. Once the Bardic Inspiration die is rolled, it is lost. A creature can have only one Bardic Inspiration die at a time.

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Kaoleth *rolls* 1d20: 10+7: 17
Kaoleth *rolls* 1d6: 3: 3
[Kaoleth] 11:03 pm: So 20 all around to hit.
[Noir] 11:03 pm: so 20!
[Asarasa] 11:03 pm: Heya Jac
[Noir] 11:03 pm: cool
[Kaoleth] 11:04 pm: And damge on the first:
[Noir] 11:04 pm: I totally help
[Noir] 11:04 pm: *helped
Kaoleth *rolls* 3d12: 3+12+3: 18
[Kaoleth] 11:04 pm: So a perfectly middling roll.


Yngvar grunted an agreement with Neeva. Silently glad he had restrained himself earlier. Perhaps a slight adjustment to the spell's root, to increase the effect. He wouldn't be able to do it again till he rested, but looking at the creature, it seems it would be worth it. Gathering his concentration, he points at the creature and with a crack a bolt of lightning connects the two of them, stabilising into a beam of buzzing electricity.

He would have to remain stationary, but he could keep this spell going for a moment or two. He hoped it would be enough.

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Move: Jump/Climb onto the altar/frame then jump off at the... cthulhoid?
Action: Using Reckless Attack, attack the... things (Gain Advantage on Attack, Enemies have Advantage to Attack Tharra)

Attack Roll
Asarasa *rolls* 1d20: 12+7: 19
Asarasa *rolls* 1d20: 5+7: 12

Damage (assuming a 19 hit)
Asarasa *rolls* 2d6: 5+5+7: 17 damage!


Tharra sneered in disgust and fury as the unnatural creature burst free of the ragged corpse of the cult leader. She had never seen its like before, had no real frame of reference for what it was from her life in the jungles of Dhar Mesh, yet the need to confront the aberrant thing, to destroy it coursed through her. She held no thought for gold or saving the sacrifice, she wanted her blade to taste the foul abomination's blood!

The mighty half-elf nodded down at Neeva as she spun her tale, a tight, minute grin breaking her grim facade for a moment - the Tale of Rokka and the Great Black Wolf was a favoured one of hers. She spat upon the ground and growled with the conviction of a sworn oath. "From this day, there will be a greater tale sung!"

With one hand on a crossbeam and the powerful bunching of her thickly muscled thighs, Tharra leapt onto the top of the sacrificial altar. Two long strides brought her to the far edge, the wood creaking under her dense weight, then the huge barbarian threw herself fearlessly through the air, bringing her great, bronze blade overhead and down on the twisted monstrosity in a great cleave.

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Aridha takes a step back from the demon that's appeared, and murmurs to the spirits of the land and air.

Come to me. Help me. Show me where the blood is by the skin, where the bones and muscles meet. Show me how to hurt this thing.

Her lunge was spoiled though by a sweep of one of its tentacles, forcing her to abort the attack or be swept away! Truly this beast was a monster!

(OOC - casting Hunter's Mark as a bonus action, then attacking once.)

SalmonMax *rolls* 1d20: 1+7: 8


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Next round

this is the new initiative the monster is slower


initiative is as follows

Alberich 20

Neeva 12

Monster 11

Aridha 7

Yngvr 7

Tharra 6

The monsters is AC 16 and has 98 hp

it is currently at 64 hp

The monsters actions on its turn are as follows

att the beginning of its turn it will automatically regenerate 10 hp

it will turn in place and make a bite attack at tharra

[Nina] 11:11 am: one more
Nina *rolls* 1d20: 9+6: 15 to hit which is a miss

     [Nina] 11:12 am: lol

make one tentacle attack at Yngvar 

Nina *rolls* 1d20: 12+6: 18 to hit which is a hit
Nina *rolls* 1d6: 6+3: 9 damage

Two tentacle attacks at Alberich
Nina *rolls* 1d20: 20+6: 26 to hit which is a hit
Nina *rolls* 1d20: 20+6: 26 to hit which is a hit
     [Nina] 11:09 am: whoa
Nina *rolls* 1d6: 2+3: 5 damage
[Jeremy] 11:10 am: lol
Nina *rolls* 1d6: 3+3: 6 damage

Neeva and Alberich's actions may impact the monsters actions since those two move first.


post what your doing next make rolls and add fluff

thank you




oh kao i think you forgot to add yngvar's ranger HP to your total

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Alberich's Attack
Jeremy *rolls* 1d20: 1+7: 8

Attack of Opportunity
Jeremy *rolls* 1d20: 10+7: 17

Jeremy *rolls* 1d8: 8+5: 13
13 bludgeoning damage

Alberich raised his mace-axe for another smashing blow, but the shifting creature caused the angle of the blow to land at one of the firmer portions of the nightmare's skull, and the backlash through the dwarf's arm suggested it had not be fazed.

When the beast began to surge back, Alberich seized his chance, and hammered on it some more.

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Neeva watched the halfling nimble avoid the sweeping tentacle, though it disrupted her swing. The small huntress had catlike grace, and to face this beast with it's lashing tentacles she would need it all it seemed.

"This is just an abomination of flesh and bone. It bleeds, so it can be slain like another other man or beast!" she shouted to the halfling as she started to run toward Yngvar with the dwarf standing before him. 

Once she had reached the Nimothan she turned to the abomination, focusing all of her spite and disgust and began speaking to it in a sing-song manner, telling it of the it's folly by coming forth and of the fate that awaited it at the hands of this band of mighty heroes... though none could hear a word of it, except for the abomination.

As the abomination recoiled away Neeva join the others, each of them stabbing, slashing and bashing at it as it turn and fled from the talespinner. Her warspear struck true and she plunged it into the beast with all the force she could summon. The point of the spear only entered part way into the beast, it's hide so thick and rubbery that the point had difficulty slicing through.



Bonus Action: Giving a Bardic Inspiration dice (1d6) to Aridha.

Once within the next 10 minutes, the creature (Aridha) can roll the die and add the number rolled to one ability check, attack roll, or saving throw it makes. The creature can wait until after it rolls the d20 before deciding to use the Bardic Inspiration die, but must decide before the DM says whether the roll succeeds or fails. Once the Bardic Inspiration die is rolled, it is lost. A creature can have only one Bardic Inspiration die at a time.

Move: Moving to Yngvar (so the monster will run away from Neeva, and therefore Yngvar and Albrich too)

Action: Casting Dissonant Whispers on the monster after the move.

[Noir] 3:45 pm: okay. Neeva is moving between it and Yngvar and casting Dissonant Whispers
[Noir] 3:45 pm: it gets a Wisdom saving throw for half damage and to not run
[Noir] 3:45 pm: I'll roll damage
Noir *rolls* 3d6: 4+6+5: 15
[Noir] 3:46 pm: woo!
[Noir] 3:46 pm: do I add anything to spell damage?
[Asarasa] 3:46 pm: Generally not
[Noir] 3:47 pm: cool

15 points of psychic damage!

[Nina] 3:50 pm: what is neeva's save dc
[Dave] 3:50 pm: 500
[Dave] 3:50 pm: Okay, I made that up.
[Noir] 3:51 pm: -Spell save DC: 14  (8 + proficiency bonus + Charisma modifier)
[Nina] 3:51 pm: heh
[Asarasa] 3:51 pm: Probably 13 or 14
Nina *rolls* 1d20: 12: 12
[Noir] 3:51 pm: woo!

Attack of Opportunity: I forgot to save the roll but it hit and was a total of 8 piercing damage which was then halved down to 4.


Dissonant Whispers


Dissonant Whispers
1st-level enchantment
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: 60 feet
Components: V
Duration: Instantaneous
You whisper a discordant melody that only one creature of your choice within range can hear, wracking it with terrible pain. The target must make a Wisdom saving throw. On a failed save, it takes 3d6 psychic damage and must immediately use its reaction, if available, to move as far as its speed allows away from you. The creature doesn’t move into obviously dangerous ground, such as a fire or a pit. On a successful save, the target takes half as much damage and doesn’t have to move away. A deafened creature automatically succeeds on the save.
   At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 2nd level or higher, the damage increases by 1d6 for each slot level above 1st.


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Reaction: Opportunity Attack when Abomination moves away due to Neeva's Spell
Move: Follow the Abomination
Action: Attack the Abomination with Greatsword, using Reckless Attack

[Asarasa]: Attack of Opportunity rolls
[Asarasa]: *rolls* 1d20: 11+7: 18
[Asarasa]: *rolls* 1d20: 14+7: 21 = Hit!
[Asarasa]: *rolls* 2d6: 1+4+7: 12 = 6 damage due to Resistance to Non-magical Piercing/Slashing

[Asarasa] 8:05 am: Attack Rolls
Asarasa *rolls* 1d20: 16+7: 23 = Hit!
Asarasa *rolls* 1d20: 8+7: 15

[Asarasa] 8:07 am: Damage Roll
Asarasa *rolls* 2d6: 5+4+7: 16 = 8 damage due to Resistance to Non-magical Piercing/Slashing

As the chthonian creature recoiled from the talespinner's mystical castigation, the statuesque Dhari Hunter struck another, snarling in fury and frustration. Despite striking true twice now, each time, her great blade twisted and slid from the abomination's rubbery, foul hide. She stalked after the retreating being, glowering at its flailing tentacles and struck a third time, swinging her blade low at it's elephantine legs. And a for a third time, her blow was more ineffectual that was her wont.

"May I never find food nor shelter again!" The oversized, over-muscled half-elf cursed. "Neeva! By the Altar, my mace-axe! Toss it to me! If blades will not cut it's hide, I will shatter its bones!"


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Quick as a viper, Aridha stabs the creature as it retreats, then chases it with a loud whooping cry!

Its hide is tough, but her blades are sharp, and draw blood one more time before she jumps back

([SalmonMax] 7:48 pm: Indeed...attack of opportunity.
SalmonMax *rolls* 1d20: 9+7: 16
[Noir] 7:49 pm: I believe that is a hit
SalmonMax *rolls* 2d6: 2+4+5: 11
[SalmonMax] 7:49 pm: 11 damage if it's a hit. 5 with resistance, I believe.
[Noir] 7:49 pm: what is the damage from Hunter's mark?
     [Nina] 7:49 pm: yup
[SalmonMax] 7:50 pm: It's included. That's why I rolled 2d6 instead of 1d6
[SalmonMax] 7:52 pm: Is it my turn?
[Noir] 7:52 pm: you still need to attack
[SalmonMax] 7:52 pm: Ok
SalmonMax *rolls* 1d20: 5+7: 12
SalmonMax *rolls* 1d20: 19+7: 26
[Noir] 7:53 pm: keep in mind
[Noir] 7:53 pm: you have a inspiration dice
[SalmonMax] 7:53 pm: Oh I do?
[Noir] 7:53 pm: 1d6 you can add to an attack, ability check or saving throw
[SalmonMax] 7:53 pm: Oh oh, bardic inspiration! Right.
SalmonMax *rolls* 1d6: 2: 2
[SalmonMax] 7:53 pm: 14...
[Noir] 7:53 pm: awwww
[Noir] 7:53 pm: ah well
[SalmonMax] 7:54 pm: Damage on the hit then.
SalmonMax *rolls* 2d6: 4+1+5: 10)

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[Kaoleth] 2:17 am: All right then. Damage.
[Noir] 2:17 am: cool
[Kaoleth] 2:17 am: For Witchbolt after the first turn it's 1d12. So here we go.
[Jeremy] 2:17 am: scrutinizing
Kaoleth *rolls* 1d12: 11: 11
[Kaoleth] 2:17 am: Woo!

So 11 damage all told.

Yngvar adjusted his stance, murmuring the incantation to keep his spell active. The beam pulsing in time with the cadence, electricity arcing around the impact.

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Neeva's lips curled into a smile as the abomination recoiled and fled from her. She could feel each of it's steps through the 'ground' as Aridha and the others chased after it.

Her attention snapped to her tribemate's call and she scanned the ground by the altar, spotting the mace-axe. With all speed and grace of a jungle cat she raced to the discarded weapon and dove forward, tumbling over it and coming up with the mace-axe in hand.

"Tharra! Your mace-axe!" as she lobbed the weapon toward her tribemate, sending it hurling through the air. 

"Do not let up! Our prey is bloodied and harried! Finish this abomination and live forever in glorious tale!" she cheered on, feeling the end was nigh for the beast.


Bonus Action: Giving a Bardic Inspiration dice (1d6) to Tharra.

Once within the next 10 minutes, the creature (Tharra) can roll the die and add the number rolled to one ability check, attack roll, or saving throw it makes. The creature can wait until after it rolls the d20 before deciding to use the Bardic Inspiration die, but must decide before the DM says whether the roll succeeds or fails. Once the Bardic Inspiration die is rolled, it is lost. A creature can have only one Bardic Inspiration die at a time.

Move: Moving to Tharra's mace-axe

Action: Throwing Tharra's mace-axe to her (assuming it will take Neeva's action to do so)


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