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OOC: L5R: Blood & Jade - New Techniques, Methods & Spells

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In this thread I will be listing the New (and/or Improved) Techniques, Methods, Secret Spells and so forth created by or possessed by characters. It is easy to have them in one place and they can also give ideas on Methods and Techniques and such. The PCs are all pretty special people, so the creation of Methods are not unlikely.


Kakita Zoyu

~ Kakita Dueling Academy Method ~

Stillness of Motion - By clearing one's mind and remaining calm and perfectly still, sometimes barely even breathing, before the start of an iaijutsu duel, a user of this method make themself  'unreadable' and no information can be gained from the roll to 'size up' the user before an iaijutsu duel.

A character must have the Balance advantage to learn and use this Method.


~ Zoyu's Personal Method / Kakita Dueling Academy Method ~

Speed of Lightning - The user of this Method gains a Free Raise on all Iaijutsu rolls against any opponents with a lower Initiative total than the user.

A character must have the Quick or Combat Reflexes advantage to learn and use this Method. 




Mirumoto Rin

Mirumoto Bushi School Technique Improvement (Thanks to Mirumoto Rin)

Rank 1 "The Daisho Technique"
The Mirumoto School teaches bushi a radical technique that uses both the katana and the wakizashi. Because opponents have to deal with two weapons instead of one, the TN to hit an initiate of this school is raised by 5 plus his School Rank any time he's using both weapons.




Shosuro Toshi

~ Jade Magistrate Method ~

Signs of the Dark One - With this Method the Magistrate learns to look beyond the obvious for the more subtle physical, social and mental signs of the Shadowlands Taint in another. The Magistrate must spend at least 15 minutes talking with and/or observing the target to use this Method. Afterwards he may spend a Void point to make a Perception (or Awareness) roll against a TN of 30 -3 per Rank of Shadowlands Taint of the target to detect the Taint within the target. 

If the target is actively trying to conceal their taint then the Magistrate must first win a contested Perception (or Awareness) roll with the target. If successful, the Magistrate gets a rough idea of the level of taint (minimal, moderate, significant, severe). Failure in either roll means that the Magistrate did not detect any signs of Taint in the target (aside of painfully obvious ones). Each additional hour spent speaking with and/or observing the target reduces the TN for each roll by 2.

Some forms of magical taint concealment may trump this Method.

To learn and use this Method the character must be a Jade Magistrate and have at least one rank in a Courtier or Magistrate school.




Isawa Akiri

~ Jade Magistrate Method ~

Fortification of Jade - The magic abilities of the shugenja among the Jade Magistrates are well documented. Drawing on backing of the Son of Heaven himself when dealing with the kami, the shugenja learns to fortify his own spells. The shugenja may add his Honor to the result of all spellcasting rolls and any attempt by others to counterspell or remove any of the shugenja's spells have their TN raised by the same amount.

To learn and use this Method the character must be a Jade Magistrate and have at least one rank in a Shugenja school.


~ Jade Magistrates Secret Spell ~

Element: Basic (All)
Base TN: Varies
Casting Time: 1 Action
Duration: Instantaneous
Mastery: 4
Concentration: None
Raises: None

This spell works much like counterspell, but it can be used to break enchantments after a spell has been cast. The shugenja must first be aware of the enchantment (having seen the spell cast or through the use of Spellcraft or appropriate spell). The shugenja must then use a spell slot of an opposing element to that of the enchantment, in order to cast the spell. 

The TN to successfully cast is equal to the TN of the spell it is breaking, including it's caster's raises, +5.

This spell has no effect on nemuranai or anything with a "permanent" duration (like Immortal Steel). 



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