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Closest Sparx has to perception is identifying plants and animals, and I'm guessing that this is not that. So, she'll spent Intellect to apply one level of Effort to the roll, and with an Intellect Edge of 2, that leaves her with spending 1 point to lower the difficulty to T3 (or a 9.)

Charlotte *rolls* 1d20: 2: 2

For all the good it did.

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The Tunnels is four meters across. the serpent fills most of that. two of the tentacles  are holding what appears to be some sort of nemenera. The acid smell is very strong coming from the creature.

you may attempt to id the creature if you posses any training whcih would allow. level 3 diff

initiative should be rolled at this time post initiative rolls and your intentions in this thread.


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Sparx - it is definantly not a plant and you are not familiare with this animal type , however you do belive that the numenara it is holdin is a digging tool.


Initiative is as follows



The Creature

Gord, Bloom, and the slave (Gord is now an NPC)

the creature is Level 5 (diff 15)

post your actions in this thread include any modifiers you are using (training, edges, numenera etc.) as well as story elements and fluff you wish for me to include in the story thread

after we conduct the round here I will compile and post the round in the story thread

then we do the next round

any questions ask here


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Firanis will initially take a defensive standing and will mentally ask Goutro if he can tell if the creature is hostile or can be reasoned with. She fill make an verbal demand that they simple wish to pass through and not cause the creature any harm.

If the creature does not desist or still seems hostile, Firanis will use her Disintegration Beam Cypher (if it has any more uses left). Firanis is specialized in Numenera, if that applies to activating the cypher or hitting with its effects. She will also use effort (Speed or Intellect, whichever applies) to hit the creature with the Cypher, if it has any more uses left in it.

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Sparx is uncertain if it can speak or is sapient, but seeing it holding a digging tool gives her pause.

"You speak?" she says. "You understand? Look." She holds her hands up, showing that they're empty. "Won't shoot first. Won't shoot you first. You understand?"

If it does not understand and seems threatening, then Sparx will attack as indicated above.

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