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Star Wars: Enemies of the Empire - PC Profiles


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NAME: Kayda Vayawn (aka: Kay Vonn)

Type: Jedi Padawan

Gender/Species: Female/ Human

Age: mid to late 30s 

Height: 5' 8"

Weight: 130 lbs


Kayda during the Clone wars

Backstory: Kay Vonn acknowledged the com call from the steward a heavy weight of worry creasing her brow. An Imperial Cruiser here just when her transport happened to drop out of Hyper demanding them to heave to for inspection. She could sense no disturbance in the force, no tell tale sign that it was anything but coincidence, yet she felt something was not right.

Kay, once known as Kayda Vayawn, a former Jedi Padawan and a fugitive by Imperial Order for these last twenty years, opened her pack and once again looked at it nestled amid her other belongings, a frown on her lips. She reached in to the pack her fingers brushing the hilt the sensation of it's touch bringing back a wave of memories, many painful.

When she had packed for this journey she had, without thinking, simply included the saber which had lain in the bottom of her chest in her modest dwelling untouched and unseen for since the day she had set foot on the planet. Now and not for the first time since leaving Finnare she asked her self why she had brought it.

She was only traveling to Dyvixx to acquire the necessary medical compounds needed to synthesize the drug the town required to combat the outbreak of plague which had threatened so many. It should have been simple and fast and to a point it had been. She had volunteered to make the journey for several reasons she alone had the funds to book passage, she had become somewhat of a go to to solve our problems type of person there, and most importantly it was needed. Once the plague had been confirmed the town ha appealed for aid form the imperial governor only to be ignored after all who cared about a small agricultural settlement which did produce anything for the mighty Empire. They had come to her and she had gone to Dyvixx at her own expense. Now on her way back to Finnare the transport had stopped to deliver another passenger to his destination only to find the Imperial Cruiser in a system where it shouldn't have been.

Kay started when she felt the jolt of the tractor beam grab the ship, she knew that in moments imperials would be boarding the transport, searching, but for what.

Unknowingly she had grasped the hilt and slowly she withdrew the Lightsaber from her pack. Setting the pack aside she held the saber up looking at it, feeling it's weight, how it fit perfectly in her hand. A flick and the slender purple blade ignited filling the cabin with its hum, a hum that brought it all back.

Kayda Vayawn had been Temple raised she hadn't known her family nor even what world she had hailed from having come to the Jedi Temple as an infant. Even her name had been bestowed to by the fosterors who placed her within her training clan.

Kayda was strong in the force grasping and excelling at control at an early age and both sense and Alter followed rapidly. Caution was taken so as not to over train her at a young age but she still excelled becoming the most gifted of her clan. She learned the Lightsaber forms and ten years after coming to the Temple passed her trials and was chosen by Otoka Bis a Togruta Knight, to be his Padawan learner.

For the next six years Kayda and Otoka Bis had many adventures and fought in the clone wars, they even erned a bit of Reputation. And so it was on the fateful day That Order 66 was issued by the newly declared Emperor, that Kayda's Padawanship was cut short.

Otoka and Kayda were on a mission with a company of support troops when the order came and they two Jedi were betrayed. While the fought free of the initial trap, the clone troopers pursued them. Otoka ordered Kayda to flee and go into hiding as per the orders they had received from Master Yoda via secure link. Even though it went against her nature to abandon Otoka, he was her Master and she was a Jedi, and so did as she was bid even though the guilt would way heavy on her for the rest of her life.

Kayda fled and for a time did what she could to fight the new empire, but a new threat was scouring the galaxy for Jedi and former padawans like her, a Powerful Sith Lord called Darth Vader and against this she could not fight. So finally heeding the instructions given at the close of the Clone War Kayda went into hiding. She made her way to the Planet of Finnare and taking the Name Kay Vonn settle in a remote agricultural town in a remote mountain vally. There she would remain for the next twenty years.

The door chimed. The woman stood switching off the saber and tucking it into her robes. She walked to the door and opened it.

Once again Kayda Vayawn, former Jedi Padawan, prepared to face the Empire.


Kayda today

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Name: Kel Uno
Occupation: Slicer
Legal Status: Wanted by the Empire
Age: 24
Species: Human
Force-Sensitive: No
Hair: Messy black
Eye Color: Hazel
Height: 5'7
Weight: 170 lb.
Planet of Origin: Corellia

Kel Uno's history is obscured, probably much due to his abilities as a slicer. It is however, evident that he was active as a criminal slicer on Corellia for some time before leaving the planet.

A couple years ago, Kel had to book passage off-world fast when an a successful operation went sour. Namely, certain utter idiots who shouldn't be named who were indiscreet with their earnings and then flipped desperately to the Imperials to save themselves. He wound up on Zaylee's ship as a passenger, and impressed her when he thoroughly edited the manifests on unauthorized contraband to make it totally legitimate. She offered him a job, and he accepted.

As a member of Zaylee Zann's crew, Kel was arrested when the Eternal Odyssey was boarded by Imperial Customs with Jedi exile Kayda Vayawn on-board as a passenger - and then promptly rescued by the band of disaffected Imperials led by Addo Mar.

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Name: Jayden "Glint" Theron
Occupation: Gun for Hire
Legal Status: Unknown
Age: 25
Species: Echani
Force-Sensitive: Yes
Hair: White
Eye Color: Silver
Height: 6'3"
Homeworld:  Eshan



In his younger years, Glint was a Youngling training to join the ranks of the Jedi. Unfortunately, his training was cut short with the advent of Order 66 and the beginning of Operation Knightfall. Thanks to the quick reactions and dedication of some of the Masters and older students, he was one of the few people who were able to escape the attack on the Jedi Temple, perpetrated by Darth Vader and the 501st Clone Battalion.

Over the intervening years, Glint has spent a lot of time on the run, never stopping in one area for more than a Gal standard year, and the places where he has spent even that long are few and far between. Thankfully, between his skill in Close Quarters Combat, and his aim with a Blaster, he was able to make his way relatively easy as a gun for hire. His exotic looks also fed into this, the Echani being well known for their abilities at close range.

After he finished his last job, he stowed away aboard a Transport freighter hoping to make his way to anew planet. Unfortunately, thanks to a misplaced Arc welder, he was discovered and was turned over to Imperial Customs, where he was incarcerated in the Brig, to await transport to a Frigate and, ultimately, an Imperial world for processing. Before he could be transferred from the Cruiser, however, the ship was highjacked by former crew in the process of defecting. In the immediate confusion of the escape, he was forgotten about.

Once everything settled down, he was discovered and released, where he was told the most outlandish story.....

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Character Name: Zaylee Zanne
Type: Starship Trader and Mechanic
Species: Human (Spacer)
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Height: 5'0'' (153cm)
Weight: 105 lbs (48kg)
Eyes: Teal
Hair: Copper Red and Gold

Physical Description
Zaylee is a tiny woman, slender yet curvy, her short coppery and gold hair typically mussed and a smudge of grease often on her cheek or clothes. With her small stature and cutely attractive face and large teal eyes, she appears younger than her true age. Usually wears a mechanic's overall with a harness for tools, under brown longcoat.



Zaylee was born on the Endless Odyssey to a family of Space Traders and raised traveling the Hyperlane Trade Routes of the Galaxy. Showing a knack for engineering and piloting from an early age, it was a life Zaylee loved and she found the Endless Odyssey more her home than any planet. On a run through the Outer Rim when Zaylee was 22, they were attacked by Pirates. They managed to fight them off, though not without a lot of damage, and Zaylee's parents died in the attack, even if the Endless Odyssey managed to survive. She managed to repair the ship enough to make it to a safe port, though the cost in parts and the lost of most of their cargo in the pirate attack nearly bankrupted her.

But Zaylee survived and continued to fly, the inheritor of the Endless Odyssey and her captain. With the Empire poking in everyone's business, trading got more difficult, but she was mostly scrupulous in her dealings and cargo, so they didn't bother her too much. On a stop at Corellia, she picked up Kel as a passenger while commissioned for a cargo run. What she didn't know was that the cargo wasn't exactly legal in Empire space.

Luckily, Kel was a handy slicer and managed to make the manifest look like something innocuous that the Empire inspectors didn't look too closely at. Kaylee took him on as crew after that. But her luck in avoiding the intrusive eye of the Empire wouldn't last, nor would her ownership of the Endless Odyssey. But she would get it back.

Zaylee is a perpetually cheerful and optimistic woman hiding a surprisingly resilient core, very protective of her crew and her ship. More at ease on a ship or a space station than on a planet, she finds wide open places uncomfortable.

Recover the Endless Odyssey and keep flying, and make enough credits to keep flying. Get some payback on the Empire for taking her ship, the only connection she has to her family.

Equipment: Heavy Blaster Pistol, Commlink, Utility Multitool, Mon Calamari Freighter, 3000 Credits

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Character Name: Arcata Kadir
Type: Former Imperial Intelligence Officer
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Height: 5'6''
Weight: 128 lbs
Eyes: Dark brown
Hair: Black





Arcata is a little on the tall side, slim of build, with smooth, regal features and striking dark eyes set on fair skin with dark hair cut to regulation shortness. Everything about her seems neat and pressed, each movement precise and considered.

Background, Personality and Stats


Arcata is a daughter of a powerful family; the Kadir are old money, who benefited hugely from their military manufacturing industrial ties and their early support of Palpatine. However, since the rise of the Empire their complacency led to slow decline of fortune and influence. They pride themselves still on service to the Empire though, and everyone in it serves at least a term in the Imperial armed forces. Of course, their wealth and prestige generally affords them favored positions regardless of merit.

In the case of Arcata, her merit actually caused her to leave the Imperial Army. Educated, perceptive, and with an uncanny knack for blaster weapons, she quickly attracted the attention of the Inquisitors as operative material. The loyalty tests were passed without issue...she was a child of the Empire, dedicated to the security and well-being of it's people and a believer in the Emperor and creed.

However, operatives face many tests to their loyalties. They must often infiltrate the enemy, which places them in perfect position to relay valuable intelligence, or disrupt operations...but also runs the risk of beginning to empathize with them. The Inquisition knows this, and trains their operatives to resist such things...but such training does not always work.

In particular, as Arcata was exposed ever more to the ugly underbelly of the Empire...in the wretched slums where the nonhumans were forced to live, far from the clean white apartments and floating cities of the rich and wealthy...the more she began to feel doubts. Could they be blamed for conspiring? For rebelling? When the benefits of the Empire were so often denied them? The more questions she asked, the more she realized needed to be asked. Worst of all was the hunt for traitors...men and women of the Empire who had been deemed disloyal. Their crimes so often seemed trivial, or worse, not crimes at all. Was the Empire so fragile that the idle speculations of an academian meant his career must be shattered? Was the truth of its light so easily shrouded that the mutterings of poor miners required a brutal crackdown with arrests and summary executions?

In the end, she felt that the Empire was a noble endeavor that was in the process of going tragically wrong. The Emperor had delegated too much, and corruption was sinking in around the edges. His vision was being perverted. Faced with the choice of joining a corrupt system to try to change it from within, or simply saving herself and trying to live her ideals on her own in a place that that corruption couldn't easily destroy her...she chose what at the time seemed like the easy way out. She would leave the Empire behind, finding a new life for herself in which she embraced its ideals for herself.

She would be branded a traitor by those who didn't know better, and those who were the true traitors...but she was no rebel. It would give her time to consider. To think and plan. The Empire needed reform, not revolt. Perhaps she would find a way, working from outside, to find the Emperor and tell him what was happening.

But that was the future. For now, she simply needed to get away. And for that she needed help. In her training operations, she noted some discrepancies in a few transactions which, when she traced them, led her to a veteran stormtrooper named Mar. His record was...interesting to say the least. Without informing her superiors, Arcata tracked him and confronted him with the evidence she'd found, trying to blackmail him into doing her bidding.

Mar quickly turned the tables though, correctly guessing that she was operating without the knowledge or approval of the Inquisition and was thus just as vulnerable as him to claims of disloyalty. However, when she relented and let him know what she wanted, he decided to help.


Despite her conflicts over the Empire's actions, Arcata remains a member of the Imperial aristocracy in many ways. She accepts the inconveniences of normal life for other beings as crosses of martyrdom that show her strength and resolve, and is constantly vying for the upper hand in any social interaction. She values skill over brute force, respects competence and power, and is distrusting of the motives of aliens and any unknown quantity. However, she also places great value on the lives and livelihoods of innocent civilians who are not part of the games of power and genuinely wishes to do her part to keep them safe. This moral code is what drove her to go underground, hoping to combat the corruption of the Empire from outside.



Blaster 8D (knack)
Dodge 5D
* Energy Weapons 6D
Melee Combat 4D+1
* Vibroblades 5D+1

Languages 4D+1
Law Enforcement
* - Imperial 6D
Streetwise 5D
Willpower 5D

Communications 3D+2

Con 5D
Search 4D+1
Sneak 4D+2

* - Martial Arts 5D


Move: 10/12

Cash 10


Light Repeating Blaster 8D 7D dmg, 3-30/150/300 rng, 25 shot clip (modded +1d6 damage)

Blaster Carbine 8D atk, 5D dmg, 3-25/50/250 rng, 100 shot clip

Blaster Pistol, 8D atk, 4D dmg
Holdout Blaster, 8D atk, 3D dmg
Vibroblade, 5D+1 atk, 5D dmg


Imperial Operative armor: +1 Physical, +2 Energy (full body), +2 Physical, +1D+1 Energy (torso only)

Blast Vest: +1d6 physical, +1 energy (torso); special- can be worn over Operative Armor; replaces its Physical damage resistance only

Blast Helmet: +1d6 physical, +1 energy (head)

Synthrope Dispenser

Stealth Jetpack (10 charges, 200 meters travel per charge, -10 to hearing checks)

Adaptive Poncho (+1d6 stealth, +2d6 if 35 meters or more away)


Recording rod

Glowrod (2)

Breath Mask

Dampening Aerosol (3 charges, 1cumeter/charge, -1D from blaster bolts passing through it.)

Experience spending: 48/50

Blaster: 26 +2D

Dodge 4 +1pip

Streetwise 4 +1pip

Martial Arts 8 +1D

Communications 6 +2pip


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