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Aberrant: Strengths, Weaknesses and Extras!!


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Recently discovered the Weakness/Strength "build kit" from the Aberrant: Player's Guide. I am loving some revamped powers. Anyone have some really cool powers that they've done, share them here please. Here is one from me. Healing Factor, there is already regeneration as an enhancement, so the regrowth of limbs is covered, but to get more healing, you'd need the Healing Quantum Power, but with some alterations.



Reduce range, to self (-1)

Reduce Multiple actions to once per turn (-1)

Reduce Healing Dice by one (-1)


Apply the Burn Extra to the power. (Heals 1/2 as much, for [power rating] turns, after the first)

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"Death Factor"
Quantum Power "Healing" instead of healing, it does damage.
-5 dmg dice (5 weak levels) [This makes 5,  the max bashing damage possible and makes lethal damage impossible]
Multiple actions reduced to 1 use/turn (1 weak levels)
Range reduced to self (1)
Area of 5m (1 strength levels)
Permanent (3 strength levels)
Burning (half damage) for (power rating) turns (3 weak levels spent on this)

Death Factor
Level: 3
Dice Pool: N/A
Range: Self
Area: 5m radius
Duration: Permanent
Effect: Causes one bashing damage per dot per turn.
Multiple Actions: No, limited to one use per turn.

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PBAoE Quantum Bolt

reducing range to self; 5 pts
+2 dmg dice

Area (3 pts of weakness)

Level: 2
Dice Pool: N/A
Range: Self
Area: (Quantum + Power Rating) x 5m
Effect: [Quantum x 2] + (Power Rating x 4) + 2, Lethal levels of damage
Multiple actions: Yes
Description: Point Blank Area of Effect "bomb"

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