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Mach Idol - An OVA Game

Sailor OOC

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Okay, this is the game I'm bringing a few people in for, but I'm also making the recruiting open for this as well, so that if this interests anyone here, they're welcome to join too!

The game takes place in 2090, a peace-keeping organization, the Weapons Acquisition and Regulation Agency, formed from an elite group of peacekeepers who risked everything to protect the world from nuclear annihilation in the early 21st century have been instrumental in ensuring the peace. So much so that they handle the majority of military work in the world. In the process though they've lacked a training platform to train their assets. One of the places they sorely need training in is with Aeronautics...

Meanwhile, in the 2050's a creative buisnessman, looking to keep aviation firms that used to have government contracts afloat, put an idea into reality. Developing ways to make exiting, crowd-pleasing dogfights without putting the pilots at risk. At first the initial dogfights drew light crowds, and people considered the embryonic sport nothing but a novelty, until a former pro-wrestling promoter got the man's ear. The development of personas and plotlines turned the "The ultimate adrenaline sport" into a multi-billion dollar business.

Everything you expect in a sport like this exists. Exhibition matches that are more scripted to get people interested in the fully skill dogfights of the pay-per-view. Amazing mid-air combat with mid-air escapes from rapidly disintegrating aircraft that boggle people how the pilots manage to get out, everything seen in NASCAR on the wing!

In the 2080's, the WARA came to Mach Idol as it was in a rut. It needed funding to survive a short down-turn, and the WARA needed a training ground for new pilots. With the full-fire of a Mach Idol match, without the consequence (at the time between 2050 and 2080 only 3 fatalities ever happened, and those were either tied to sabotage or one accident when the on-board computer controlling the guns malfunctioned, hitting the cockpit of an aircraft), Mach Idol signed on.

In 2090, a new team of pilots, fresh from WARA's training facility in the Hague come to the island the Mach Idol League calls home, a well stocked airfield in the Pacific, looking to find a place among the other teams of the league, and when needed, called up by the WARA to strike at the heart of a rising evil in the world, the terrorist organization simply called "DAGGER".

Meanwhile, a pilot down on her luck, needing to cover her bills on her aircraft carrier is desperate to find a young team with potential to bring home the 2091 championship cup, and the money and fame that comes with it!

We will be using the OVA system for this with these basic settings:

1: All weaknesses give their full value based on level. This will remove confusion and speed up character generation. (That means the cost change for certain weaknesses for us using the "Base 0 Rule" is not in play.)

2: We will be using the Base 0 rule... pretty much meaning all the modifiers for your Abilities and Weaknesses must total to 0.

3: This game, while having some combat will be a mix of social interaction, intrigue, and good old-fashioned fisticuffs. Providing something for all character types. Not everyone has to be a fighter, but everyone needs pilot skill, as well as take the vehicle ability enough to pay for their aircraft.

4: If anyone needs assistance with the rules, I can provide assistance at any level.

5: One thing... while there isn't any limits to the level and number of Abilities and Weaknesses to take, I advise people to pare down to their bare-bones core concept before looking at fluffing it out. This is about creating a character that "feels right" more than making a killer app.

6: You don't have to stat-out every nuance of a character, some things can be "implied" based on origin, their career, and what-not. Only if it has a meaningful influence on the game statistically, it shouldn't need a ability or weakness.

7: Players need to come up with their persona as a Mach Idol "Superstar" as well as their identity as a WARA pilot. As well as the paint-job they use in the Mach Idol League. When flying on a WARA mission the paint job is a typical military-like flat grey, but can be anything in the league.

8: The PCs have worked with each other in the past (after all they were in the same class at the WARA training grounds, and flew several simulator missions while training with their aircraft.), so at some point people will have to talk to eachother how they know each-other.

9: The theme is very much the feel of a 1980's Saturday Morning cartoon. It's wild with bigger-than-life personalities, crazy costumes, and awesome action scenes, punctuated with danger, intrigue, and maybe even a moral at the end...

Welcome to the Mach Idol League. Turn and Burn!

One note, it is advised you create a chat account here too, for dice rolls. You may use other die rolling web sites too (as they got a log).

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