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An OVA Introduction... And Game Proposal!

Sailor OOC

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Hello Everyone. This is the first of two games I wish to run that showcase the OVA system. I've been looking it over the past couple of weeks and I've gotten hooked in. This first game is to show people the system. Here is the gist:


The heroes and heroines of the story are scattered throughout all of Eternity, the vast host of Universes that stretch into infinity. The guardian of a certain universe is troubled, her brother, a rogue from her race of extra-dimensional beings, has went full evil, taking a powerful villian from one of the multitude of worlds to draw her out, away from the protection of a binding and powerful edict that prevents the two from harming each-other directly.

Seeing no other choice, the woman is forced to break the rules of her people to summon heroes and heroines from different universes to counter this threat, as the villian her brother summoned is powerful and has a habit of destroying universes.

Heading to a universe she knows has the resources and man-power to assist the heroes and heroines, she prepares to change everyone's lives. Of course her choice of heroes and heroines is odd, as she pages through comic books, manga, video games, and even movies to come up with her list...

She doesn't go half way.


We will be using the OVA system, nothing fancy to change the rules from default except for these things:

1: All weaknesses give their full value based on level. This will remove confusion and speed up character generation. (That means the cost change for certain weaknesses for us using the "Base 0 Rule" is not in play.)

2: We will be using the Base 0 rule... pretty much meaning all your Abilities and Weaknesses must total to 0.

3: This game, while having some combat will be a mix of social interaction, intrigue, and good old-fashioned fisticuffs. Providing something for all character types. Also unlike a typical comic, not everyone has to be a fighter.

4: If anyone needs assistance with the rules, I can provide assistance at any level.

5: One thing... while there isn't any limits to the level and number of Abilities and Weaknesses to take, I advise people to pare down to their bare-bones core concept before looking at fluffing it out. This is about creating a character that "feels right" more than making a killer app.

6: You don't have to stat-out every nuance of a character, some things can be "implied" based on origin, their career, and what-not. Only if it has a meaningful influence on the game statistically, it shouldn't need a ability or weakness.

7: Oh and any concept is on the table... you are getting sucked from your home universe for this after all... Oh, and if you come with a good background for your home universe I will allow your balance to be at +1 instead of 0. ;)

This game is open to everyone, and if people are getting "into the groove" I can extend the game past just introducing the system. Although the initial story should get at least 1-3 threads out of it. And if you need help, message me if you're interested but not got the game. It is rather cheap to buy.

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The system actually is a dice-pool system. You select abilities and weaknesses for your character from the book, the abilities and weaknesses of OVA are a bit like BESM, but simplified without losing detail. Some affect things like your main combat abilities, some reduce damage, some grant abilities, and some allow you to design gear or vehicles or mecha for yourself.

There are no core "stats" in this, instead the Abilities you take are things that define your character, and their ability to act in the world. Weaknesses are things your character is bad at, or problems in life they have. You can take as much, or as little as you want that defines your character concept, and for this world the abilities and weaknesses you take must total up to 0 based on the modifier.

I will post how the dice system works in a moment, gotta give my fingers a rest. ^_^ (and get food)

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Okay as for die rolling, here is how it works. You get 2d6 if you have no Ability in play. Abilities generally add to that pool. You have a target number to beat. If you roll Doubles, you add the numbers together. If any weakness or something that modifies your die pool puts you into the negatives, you still start off with 2 dice, but you must take the lowest die.

That is the basics.

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Oh, as I posted this on the OVA developer's forum, there may be others who aren't familiar with how the site works. I advise people new to RPGPost to register to use the chat (it needs a seperate account) as the chat client has it's own die roller, although I also don't mind people who use external web pages, as those have a log.

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