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I am looking for 2-3 players to join an ongoing game that Asarasa and I had been running in Tandem with my now defunct Strange game. The PM game we ran was connected to the Strange but I have severed its ties and It is now a Standalone story. The First adventure of the Story can be found here http://www.rpgpost.com/topic/17806-numenara-a-world-out-of-time/

If there is interest please make a character and contact me. Those joining will be joining the story as it unfolds. New characters should have no previous connection with Asa's character Firanis, but may have known Goutro in his trader guise. New characters my have connections among themselves as you see fit.

Characters will be made using the rules in the Numanara Core rulebook and the Character Options book. If you have access to the Cypher System Core book there are additional Descriptors and Foci which may be used upon approval by me.  this pdf is a walkthrough for character creation https://www.dropbox.com/s/r7mpssf64jqwqzs/CharacterCreationWalkthrough.pdf?dl=0

All characters should be original to this game.

Submit all Character write ups to  Numenara ST in PM, include a concept/background as well as a character sheet.

This games focus will be Exploration/Discovery, Adventure/Survival, Conflict, and the solving of an Ages Old Mystery.

Those Players selected to join will receive an additional number of XP to spend to raise the Character to bring them inline with Firanis.

I am seeking 2-3 Additional Players by may take more depending on submissions.

For Questions and resources contact me via PM



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