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MAGE20 - House Rules


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these are the current house we will operate under. They may change as time goes on and there may be additions.

House Rules


rolling 1s do not remove Successes.

Botches only occur if you roll a one with no successes. This means botches will be more rare but when they occurs they will mean more.

A roll of 10 on a dice indicates 2 Sux

Specialties, which in the book give two sux on a 10 rolled with that skill, now add one dice to your pool instead. specialties may be taken more than once to a total of 3 per skill.

Ability cost have been errata'd  new cost to raise an ability score is current score x 2, any ability that was bought prier to this change is grandfather but use this cost going forward.

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This is the casting modifiers page from the rule book listing all the modifiers i have changes on thing I have removed the net modifier note

so use this chart in place of the official book

Magickal Difficulty Modifiers
Activity Difficulty Modifier
Tools and Rituals
Using a personalized instrument -1
Using a unique instrument -1
Using a unique and specialized instrument -2 (total)
Working with unfamiliar instruments +2/ +1
Working without usual instruments +3
Using instruments when you don’t need to -1
Using personal item from target (sympathetic magick) -1 to -3
Appropriate Resonance (personal, instrument, ritual, or Tass) -1
Opposed Resonance (personal, instrument, ritual, or Tass) +1
Manipulating Mythic Threads/ hypernarrative -1

Time and Effort
Spending Quintessence -1 per point, max. -3
Spending extra time (per additional turn each roll; max. -3) -1
Fast-casting +1
Turning time backwards +3

General Circumstances
Researches lore about subject before using magick -1 to -3
Near a Node -1 to -3
Distant or hidden target or subject +1
Juggling several Effects at once +1 per two Effects
Mage distracted +1 to +3
Mage in conflict with Avatar +1 to +3
Domino Effect +1 per two coincidences after first; see p. 539.
Outlandish to godlike feat +1 to +3

<Maximum net modifier +3 or -3.>  this no longer applies all modifiers both positive and negative may be applied.
Minimum difficulty 3, maximum difficulty 10. If you employ the Thresholds option, max difficulty is 9; in the latter case,
extra modifiers add to threshold, requiring one additional success per +1 difficulty modifier.
Modifiers that would take the difficulty above 10 add additional successes at a one-to-one ratio; a +3 modifier to
difficulty 10, for example, would demand at least three successes.
If you use both the threshold option and modifiers that take the difficulty above 10, then each additional +1 difficulty over
9 demands an extra success. A +3 modifier to difficulty 9 would require at least three successes.

Degrees of Success
• Botch: Character makes a critical mistake, wasting the Effect and all associated efforts. Mage gets Paradox points based
upon the Spheres and level of vulgarity involved.
• Total Failure: No successes. Effect falls short. Mage can try again at +1 difficulty.
• Partial Success: Player scores roughly half of the Suggested Successes, giving imperfect results. Mage can keep
going, at +1 difficulty.
• Success: Player scores at least 100% of the Suggested Successes. Effect goes as planned.
• Extraordinary Success: Player scores at least three successes above the Suggested Successes. Mage enjoys some
bonus – extra Damage or Duration, high-quality item, loyal spirit, etc. – to be decided at Storyteller’s option based upon
nature of the Effect.

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These backgounds can be raised above 5 dots

Allies, Backup, Influence, Library, Node, Resources, Requisitions, and Spies


The following Backgrounds can be shared within a single group: Allies, Backup, Influence, Laboratory, Library, Mentor, Node, Patron, Resources, Requisitions, Spies and Wonder


If you have Pooled your points into shared backgrounds you can still use other points for personal use.in buying personal backgrounds of the same type.

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