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[OpNet] To my brother humans, the teragen

Sandy Davis

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You know, I got to thinking, why would the teragen think being human is such a bad thing.And it struck me, they fear that not inspite of all of their powers are tehy still human.They fear becuase of all the power they are the peragon what humans can do with an open mind.

So they fear that they in fact more human than humans,and they can't live with that, so they say they are something else.

Aftter all, if they transeded humanity so much, then why woudl they care about things like earth, or humans?Do humans hold some love for the land of apes....So I say this, teragen, you are my bothers and sisters, just as you are the brothers and sisters to every other human on this earth, all 6,000,000,000 plus of them

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