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Initiative- Long6 *rolls* 1d10: 1+7: 8

playing it as Cade shifts to the new target, but he does so calmly and coolly not rushing his shot, and squeezes off a shot with his pistol at the new threat,  which thanks to his spell does 7 agg damage, as well as halving the target's speed if the shot connects.

[Long6] 9:11 am: dex +firearms
Long6 *rolls* 12d10: 3+8+9+9+5+9+7+1+8+7+6+7: 79
[Long6] 9:11 am: 8 successes
[Long6] 9:12 am: oh wait difficulty 6--  9 successes

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[Asarasa] 1:11 pm: Defense Roll = Dex + Athletics + Totem Bonus (+1 to
Athletics), Diff 4
[Nina] 1:11 pm: as long as you are aware it should apply if you were surprised
possibly not depending on the circumstances
Asarasa *rolls* 12d10t4: 10,8,10,1,2,4,2,5,4,2,4,1.  Successes = 7.

Defense Roll: 7 Successes

[Asarasa] 1:12 pm: Initiative Roll = 1d10+10
Asarasa *rolls* 1d10: 3+10: 13

Initiative: 13

[Nina] 1:12 pm: wow 9 sux that was spectacular
Asarasa looks at his Initiative die in suspicion
[Asarasa] 1:12 pm: Nina = well, that IS what Kaitlin does.      PARKOUR!

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ok i want to get this going

i have rolled initiative for those who have not so far

Nina *rolls* 1d10: 6+7: 13 - triessa
Nina *rolls* 1d10: 5+8: 13 - akemi
Nina *rolls* 1d10: 6+5: 11 - montros

the elemental - 13

so order of action is









post the mechanical details of what you are going to do as well as any pertinent abilities or spells or speres

for magickal purposes you automatically recieve a -3 to spell difficulties due o the area and you may draw upon a combined amount of free quintessence equal to12 Quintessence


lets rumble!


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Monty will be using Mind magic to suss out the sensory points of the elemental's mind for use as targets

Mind 3, coincidental, base diff: 6, -3 for mysteeeeerious attunement

Rubio *rolls* 4d10: 9+4+10+7x3: 90
[Rubio] 8:17 pm: WHoops
[Rubio] 8:17 pm: Thought that was the difficulty syntax
[Rubio] 8:18 pm: Still, that's 4 successes at difficulty 3
[Rubio] 8:20 pm: Witness anyone?
[Jeremy] 8:20 pm: yi
[Jeremy] 8:20 pm: yo

That's 5 successes. Oh boy.

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Kaitlin is using a Prime 3 Thunder Punch Magic Trick (sidebar on p. 422) to enhance the effect of her Thunder Kick maneuver (p. 426) by perfectly aligning her jumping assault with the Elemental Thing's Pattern, using Martial Arts as a Focus/Instrument. Each success on the Arete reduces the difficulty of the Thunder Kick maneuver by 1, to a maximum reduction of 3. Will split her pool to perform her Attack and leave her some Dice to Dodge Big-Ugly.

Arete roll, using Prime 3 and modifier of the area, difficulty 3.

[Asarasa] 8:21 am: Arete Roll, Difficulty 3.
Asarasa *rolls* 3d10e3: 8,9,8.  Successes = 3 (reduces Difficulty of Thunder Kick by 3)

Kaitlin used a previous magic effect to increase her strength and reduce multiple action penalties. Just read how multiple actions work, and there aren't penalties, instead you split the lower of your Dice Pools between the two actions. For now, I'll assume then that bonuses to multiple actions just give you an additional die to split per success (though dice pools can't exceed your original Dice Pool, obviously), so at the moment, Kaitlin has 3 extra dice to split.

Her martial attack and dodge pools are both currently 13 (accounting for her specialties, totem bonus, and Enhanced Dexterity). Will use 10 dice to attack, 3 to Dodge, and the extra 3 from her previous spell to dodge (if I did this wrong, just forget the additional three dice).

Thunder Kick, difficulty 3 (7 originally, -3 for Thunder Punch Magic Trick, -1 for Graceful Merit).

[Asarasa] 8:35 am: Thunder Punch Enhanced Thunder Kick, Difficulty 3
Asarasa *rolls* 10d10e3: 2,6,1,6,7,4,2,7,3,3.  Successes = 7

Damage is Strength +3 + Successes. Currently, her Strength is 8 from her earlier buffing spell.

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Triessa realizes with some despair that the creature is no longer alive, and is thus beyond the greatest thrust of her power. But...did it seem angry? Emotional? Perhaps it wasn't just some mindless spell. Perhaps it had volition...a vulnerable point in that wall of stone!

She gathered her will and concentrated, forming her thoughts into a jagged barb...an astral construct of gnashing teeth and grasping claws. It was an awful, destructive thing, and it made her wince a little just to imagine it. But after seeing what this thing had done to the man, she could justify it. This creature had invited great vengeance upon itself. She was merely the conduit for that.

Ugh. Justification. This was to protect herself and her friends. She'd accept the consequences.

She turned the curse loose, sending it burrowing digging seeking shredding. A whirling wheel of dissonance and anti-thought, snuffing out the light of its target's consciousness.


(Mind 3, Prime 2, 1 Quintessence to do an aggravated damage mental attack! Rolls!

[SalmonMax] 12:51 pm: arete 3...
[SalmonMax] 12:51 pm: Diff 4
[Asarasa] 12:51 pm: Ah, I see, that;s for a pure PQuintessence weapon.
SalmonMax *rolls* 3d10: 6+9+3: 18
[SalmonMax] 12:51 pm: 2 successes.)

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Aja's Initiative - Round 2
Jeremy *rolls* 1d10: 4+5: 9

On the one hand, Aja would rather much not be moving towards the giant elemental monster thing. But it was already dazed from his mental influence, and Akemi, Cade and Kaitlin were already rampaging all over it, so he conceded to Cade's request and started moving over to find the spotter and get to work.

With his Hyperfocus-enhanced awareness going, Aja began inspecting the man and his physical and mental state.

Using what Aja already has from the earlier Hyperfocus to go over Boogie.

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[Asarasa] 9:51 am: Kaitlin's Initiative Roll - Round 2
Asarasa *rolls* 1d10: 1+10: 11
Asarasa is suspicious of Kaitlin's real speed and grace.  

Kaitlin's flesh is tingling with the warping of reality within the node, and is still bewildered fighting a fucking elemental. This time, she stalks in low and quick with feral grace and slashes at the things Knee with her knife, infused with Prime magick to strike directly at its pattern (ie. Prime 2 to temporarily enhance her blade to cause Aggravated damage), then dart away once more. Splitting her pool again. Her Dice pool with her knife is only 10d10, so leaving 8 dice to strike, and 2 dice to dodge, along with 3 extra dice from her earlier buff spell for a total of 5 dice to dodge.

Arete/Spell roll, Diff. 3 (Prime 2 +3 - 3, to a minimum of 3). Using the Energy instrument to perceive and manipulate her own Life Energy and infusing into her knife to cause Aggravated damage (spending a point of personal Quintessence to power the effect [4/5q])
Asarasa *rolls* 3d10e3: 10,3,9.  Successes = 3

[Asarasa] 10:08 am: Attack Roll: 8d10, diff. 3 (4 (knife) -1 (Graceful Merit))
Asarasa *rolls* 8d10e3: 2,5,8,5,6,10,9,4.  Successes = 7

Damage is Strength (Currently 8) +1 + Attack Roll Successes + Possible extra damage from her spell to enhance her knife.

[Nina] 9:08 am: oh go ahead and roll your defense dice diff 6 minus any
modifiers you have
[Nina] 9:08 am: minimum diff of 3
[Asarasa] 9:08 am: Kk, should be 3 with Gracefull and Ability Aptitude:
[Asarasa] 9:09 am: so Dodge, 5d10, diff3
Asarasa *rolls* 5d10e3: 6,10,3,4,1.  Successes = 4

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Long6 *rolls* 1d10: 10+7: 17
[Long6] 6:09 pm: lol

Cade takes aim again, not really wanting to let this thing get a shot off at anyone and squeezes the trigger with the practiced hand of an expert marksman, looking to put down this magical monstrosity.  "Someone, see to the guy from the car, please, he may need treatment, and certainly needs to forget this ever happened."

[Long6] 6:13 pm: attack
Long6 *rolls* 12d10: 5+5+9+5+8+8+4+4+8+2+8+5: 71  5 successes 

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Triessa is for a moment at a loss for what to do. This thing had taken her best shot, ALL their best shots, and it kept coming! What did you do with something that wouldn't stop?!

Maybe the answer was not to attack it directly?

She concentrated not on the creature, but on the earth beneath it. The concrete and asphalt of the street had been ruptured by its emergence. The soil was bare. And in it slumbered points of life. Seeds and shoots and spores, all waiting for who knew how long for their chance to grow.

It was time.

Triessa reached down to those sleeping pods and filled them with power. Grow she said to them, magic ripping through the ground at her feet and racing in fractal lines to where they were buried. A light like the sun. The warmth of spring. Grow.

Magic like this, she knew, would normally be dangerous...but she'd felt something different about this place. It seemed to accept magic easily. Perhaps something about the house? It was something to look into. Later. When the fight was done.

(OOC - Attempting to entangle the critter in trees and vines and planty goodness!)

SalmonMax *rolls* 1d10: 5+4+3: 12
[Noir] 6:29 pm: Jer - Duh
[Noir] 6:29 pm: hehe
[SalmonMax] 6:30 pm: And then, I'll just roll Arete for my spell...and Nina can decide if it works or not.    
SalmonMax *rolls* 3d10: 8+3+10: 21

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Aja blinked as all reset. That was.... remarkably benign Paradox. Well, that simplified things. He caught up with the recovering black man and cleared his throat. The man turned and Aja stared at him.

Boogie paled. Oh, crap. They're looking at him. I'm fuuuuuuuuuc--

[Mind 3 knockout effect to get him to faint - Eye Contact]

Jeremy *rolls* 3d10: 7+7+4: 18

Difficulty should be Boogies WP - 2 (3 mod - 1 for fastcasting)

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Initial Rolls in the House

[Asarasa] 9:33 am: Animal Kinship + Int, 3d10, diff. 4
Asarasa *rolls* 3d10t4: 4,5,5.  Successes = 3.

[Asarasa] 9:35 am: Occult + Int, 2d10 (No ranks in Occult, diff. 6
Asarasa *rolls* 2d10t6: 10,10.  Successes = 2.
[Asarasa] 9:36 am: :huh:

[Asarasa] 9:37 am: Esoterica + Int, 5d10, diff. 6
Asarasa *rolls* 5d10t6: 9,6,3,3,7.  Successes = 3.

Asarasa] 9:38 am: Cryptography + Int (No ranks of Cryptography, replacing
with Awareness), 3d10, diff. 6
Asarasa *rolls* 3d10t6: 7,6,7.  Successes = 3.

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Esoterica check for the house

[Rubio-Working] 12:42 pm: Bah. Int 2 + Esoterica 2
Rubio-Working *rolls* 4d10: 1+2+7+6: 16
[Rubio-Working] 12:42 pm: Sooo 2 sux

Update: Fake Occult and Fake Cryptography rolls using Awareness instead

Rubio-Working *rolls* 3d10: 8+10+9: 27
[Rubio-Working] 3:47 pm: okay second roll
Rubio-Working *rolls* 3d10: 1+3+6: 10
[Rubio-Working] 3:47 pm: Less good

There we go


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  • 5 months later...

Cade's initative
Long6 *rolls* 1d10: 10: 10 +7  =17


Long6 *rolls* 2d10: 2+6: 8 no successes

After the gunshot he will begin driving evasively, trying to get some distance between them and the mysterious attacker.

drive check
Long6 *rolls* 6d10: 4+9+2+7+4+10: 36 3 successes

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I thought initiative was a single die plus your Wits + Dexterity?


Welcome! You have entered [Lobby] at 3:33 pm
/backtime 5
[Kaoleth] 3:33 pm: And back now. Shower has got.
[Rubio] 3:39 pm: Bargle
Rubio *rolls* 1d10: 3: 3
[Rubio] 3:45 pm: Guh. Initiative of 8

Once his turn rolls around, Montrose will attempt to break through the mental shielding that sprang up when he tried to investigate.


[Rubio] 3:48 pm: Now for some Arete Action
Rubio *rolls* 4d10: 10+2+5+5: 22

Depending on the difficulty, that's probably only 1 success

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Triessa! Final init is 10 (3 rolled + 7 wits+dex) and successes on the awareness are 3 if you reroll 10s...or 2 if you do not.

[SalmonMax] 5:12 pm: Someone remind me to spend Mage exp after this fight. (>_&lt   
[SalmonMax] 5:13 pm: Init!
[SalmonMax] 5:15 pm: Oh, I did init wrong. lol
SalmonMax *rolls* 1d10: 3: 3
[SalmonMax] 5:13 pm: And awareness
SalmonMax *rolls* 7d10: 7+1+3+6+1+10+2: 30
[IronLady] 5:13 pm: Well, yeah. gotta use my mad demo expert skills
[SalmonMax] 5:13 pm: I think 10s get a reroll..
SalmonMax *rolls* 1d10: 10: 10
[SalmonMax] 5:14 pm: Oh dear
SalmonMax *rolls* 1d10: 4: 4
[SalmonMax] 5:14 pm: Ok then

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those of you who get 4 or more sux on your awarness roll can see the car. it is a older model caddy black or dark blue in the night it is difficult to tell. it is driving about 20 yards behind you without head lights. you can not tell how many people are in the car in fact with out vison enhancement you cant even see anyone due to the darkness and distance. you can see the flashes of gun fire from one or to guns on the passenger side. the gun fire is automatic fire.

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[Asarasa] 8:34 am: Mage Initiative: 1d10 + [Dex + Wits]
Asarasa *rolls* 1d10: 6+10: 16

[Asarasa] 8:37 am: Wits + Awareness Roll, diff 7
Asarasa *rolls* 4d10t7: 2,2,8,7.  Successes = 2.

After soak, Kaitlin took 1 Health Level of Damage.

Making a yowl of pain that sounds suspiciously feline, Kaitlin ducks low in her seat, one hand reaching over her shoulder to see how bad her wound is and trying to get a look at their pursuers/attackers in the side mirror.

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a lot of you have not told me what you are doing this round.

I have posted here what you see if you get 4 or more sux on your awareness checks.

I need initiative for cade as well as an awarness roll

i need actions from Aja and triessa

thank you


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The range is close enough that you should be able to sense them with life 1 or better.  to shoot a targeted spell (one you have to roll to hit) lets say a magic missile :P you would need at least 3 sux on your life roll to target them. If you are trying to use non-physical magic such as altering there lungs so they need to breathe water you would need correspondence 2 as well.

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Okay, so a direct magical 'attack' with Life magic would require Space too...which I don't got yet. That's definitely one I want to spend exp on when I get a chance. :)

I don't think I have magic that could do a targeted attack...but what about a mental attack with Mind magic? Would the Life sense be enough to target that?

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the initiative order is as follows



The pursuers





take a last look and let me know if you change actions or anything The only person so far who can see the other car is Aja, how ever it is a free action so you may try each round. I will conduct round 1 tomorrow so if you need to change anything do it now


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