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The Genesic Age: Chapter 1- Hunting the Dark

Justin OOC

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The Sun rose in the east, much as it always had.  For Director John Gaalf, head of Crisis Response and Research Division, a beareau of the United States Government, at least this much was something he could count on.   In the five years following the Cascade event, the world was overrun with change, and for at least North America, it fell to him to deal with it.

There certainly were enough Crises to deal with, just in what was occurring today.   Yet another new species of predatory dinosaur had reared its head, in the forests of Wyoming no less.   The summer was heating up as were the people.   The Dinosaurs migrate north and south just like birds.   Once this was discovered vast tracts of land that they used, following the magnetic lines, the people there were quickly relocated, those that remained at least.

Still the most pressing need of today was the formation of a new Crisis team, to deal with a disturbing threat to Seattle.   In the last week there were over a dozen attacks from various dinosaurs, including the loss of a full company of soldiers on maneuvers from the new Jasek base to the east, including their armor assets.     What was more these attacks show unprecedented coordination, as well as targeted intelligence.   Those killed were those who were essential to defense of the city, and would be first to respond to any major incursion.  

He pulled up the list of names for those who were available, and sighed.   They were not his first choices mostly.   Two snipers, a woman with a massive amount of PSTD, currently up for extended medical Leave, possibly discharge, A movie star, a Ranger, one of his three swiss army novas, and Dr. Locke.    They'd likely get along well enough, with a clear purpose.   

He sent the orders for them to assemble, having brought them all to Galland Base, near NORAD, the headquarters for the CRRD.   Within Thirty minutes, they would meet in the primary briefing room, and he would send them on their way, hopefully to deal with whatever was causing this.    He steeled himself and made his way down to the rom, where he found Dr. Locke already there, having removed the sunglasses he was almost never seen without.  

"So a new team, John?   I don't mind this of course, but don't i have more important things to be doing?"

"Not according to the residents of Seattle, Gerald.   This new team will need your expertise, none know what you do, and it will be up to you to keep them on task.  Your former service will help there, but don't bet on absolute obedience."

"Seven Novas is abit much."

"The novas we are seeing are less and less powerful on the whole, this team is among the strongest we could gather, that aren't on critical projects.    I want you to help them with their powers, those who might need it."

Gerald looked at him hard, and scowled.   "I hate babysitting."   

"You won't be, after what happened to Helena, they're there to make sure you don't lose it either."


"Was unavoidable, but still were it not for the carte blanche we generally have, you'd both have been in far greater trouble.   See them as allies, to help everyone Gerald, and things will be fine, I have faith in all of you."

it is at this point you all may arrive, detail what if anything you've been doing the last day or so  it is eight am, so plan accordingly.  Two men are already in the room, one you all know as Director Gaalf, the man in charge of CRRD, and the other had become something of a legend in his own way.


Dr. Gerald Locke


Director Gaalf


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She stood there in the middle of the practice mat the four special forces assholes, new to the base, laying on the ground one clearly unconscious the other three dazed and soundly beaten by the slight girl, barefoot wearing boxing shorts and a wife beater t-shirt. The scattered veterans all had amused faces, some of them had been where the dicks were and knew not to piss off the redhead especially if you weren't in the know.

Master Sergeant Lena Gutierrez, a small very attractive Latina woman with a temper and her own mad skills, crossed the gym and walked up to Temple a scowl on her face.

"Did you have to humiliate them like that Temple? For fucks sake girl you are in enough shit as it is, do you want to get tossed?"

"Maybe I do." the red head reaches up and undoes her hair shaking it loose to fall about her shoulders. "Maybe I'm tired of this bullshit. I am here to kill dino's not fucking talk about my feelings to assholes who have no Idea what we go through every time we leave this shithole."

She watched as the three navy wienies helped carry their comrade off the mat.

"Don't feel bad boys you didn't know i was a Nova snowflake, so this one doesn't count" She called after them over the shorter prettier woman's head.

"Temple what are you going to do if the discharge you for this kind of crap? You need to grow up."

Temple digs a beat up pack of camels and an old fashioned lighter from her back pocket, lights one and takes along drag looking at the woman in front of her. She know the older woman cares for her was attracted to her, wanted her. It wasn't an assumption, it wasn't reading the signs Temple knew because Temple could read minds.

"If i get booted Ill just go and kill dinosaurs until one of them eats me,"  Temple smiles at the NCO an silently speakes into the mind, <Unless you do it first, eat me that is.>

"Don't do that dammit, you know i don't like it when you get in my head, Fuck!" The anger flares in Lena's mind causing Temple to withdraw. "Director Gaalf wants you in the Primary Briefing right away, We will talk later"

That last was said with an undertone of anger which Temple knew meant another lecture. She still wasn't sure what to do about the older woman's interest, it had been less than amonth since her last lover had been killed and she had been slow to open up. but the feisty woman had caught her attention and it was unavoidable that Temple know how she felt. Temple herself was not at all put off by the wonam's desires while she had only had a few sexual encounters with woman since the cascade and non before she wasn't adverse to the idea, but something was holding her back. 

"Ok I'll see you later I better go see if Gaalf is tossing me out." Her voice still lingering in the air Temple takes a step and simply vanishes...

... and steps into the primary Briefing room of the Headquarters. She sees Director Gaalf and another man, Dr. Gerald Locke whom  she knows only by reputation, standing by the front of the room. neither seem overly startled by her sudden appearance in the room. She takes a drag on her camel before dropping it on the floor and rubbing it out with her bare foot.

"Sorry, hope I'm not interrupting but Sargent Gutierrez says you wanted to see me"





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The two men looked at her, Gaalf wearing an expression of exasperation.  "I have told you countless times, there is no smoking indoors, Miss Faire."  He indicated Locke, and nodded.  "This is Gerald Locke, Dr. Locke, this is Temple Faire, she is one of the more unique novas working with us.  She will be an asset in the coming mission."

To his credit Gerald rose and came to her, extending his hand.  "Dr. Gerald Locke, it's nice to meet you, Miss Faire."

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Casper stood a full head over the jack-hole who was presently blowing propaganda at him at how important this new job was. Then small man, from Caspers perspective who stood over 6,9”, had a very high opinion of himself and had obviously been fed enough smiles and rainbows to brainwash most people.  Casper didn’t care about much; not the money he was getting, not the people he might be saving, and absolutely not the scientific discoveries that might be had with this new species prowling around. What he did care about was that he was going to be able to track something down and kill it with prejudice. Yeah, he cared about that a lot, and the waif of a redhead he just watched beat the hell out of some poor fools from the corner of his eye.


*I bet she hasn’t had a real man in awhile.*

*Ah, crap, come to think of it she’s prolly a dike.*


Casper quietly gave up on his pornographic fantasy before it got started. Besides, the blowhard just gave him a room number to head to for mission debriefing.

*Finally, people who know talent* he thought as he walked away, and admired from afar the lithe movements of the redhead. He sighed as he thought of the last few days. This trip had cost him his plane; he and Lilly had been all over the world together and now she’s brought down by some crazy mistake of evolution. Or maybe Earth was getting back at him for all his days working for the lumber mills.

He entered the room strategically behind the redhead.

*at least she’s good eye-candy. *

He cast a grin at her and shamelessly stood several paces back keeping eye contact with her ass.

“Casper Juliens. Reporting in.”


(casper will act embarrassed and ashamed if called out on his staring. When the someone speaks to him initially, he will snap himself out of the daze and stand tall.)

Casper Juliens2.jpg

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"It's just Temple"

She shook the older mans hand as her mind slips into his only to be stopped by a mental screeching which caused her some pain like needles driven into her eyeballs. His grip was strong and firm and didn't alter as her mental probe failed. She held his hand longer than was appropriate before speaking again.

"Nice to finally meet the guy that talks to the scaly fuckers." She lets his hand drop and addresses Gaalf.

"So if I'm here for a mission I assume I'm not getting  tossed out on my ass."

She looked at her boss but in her head all she could see was an image of big red pupil-less eyes staring out of the darkness in her mind.

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Casper's entry in the midst of the greeting forced Gaalf to squash the comment he had been about to make.   "Mr. Juliens, thank you for coming.   I'll do the full briefing in a moment, once the other members are present, but suffice it to say that I feel your gifts will be needed for this mission."  He then turned to Temple.  "No, not at this time, but please try not to steamroll anyone else.   We have enough issues without the regular military hating us more than they do."

Locke looked at the newcomer, who has half a foot taller than he was, and he nodded.   "Good to meet you, Mr. Juliens.  I'm Dr. Gerald Locke, I'll be leading this team." 

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"Call me CJ."

Casper looks around the room passively and then finds a seat where he can face the doorway(s). Quietly he then begins fiddling with his gear eventually settling for spinning his battle knife between his fingers.


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large.Fiona_Warner_Fixed.jpg.c7ef6b51c99There was the sound of something not exactly small landing outside, before a girl who looked just barely out of high school and would be better suited for college life than one of hunting Dinosaurs arrived in her favorite means of travel. Jumping. There was some dust on the light blue with a grayish smoke-like pattern colored duster she wore over her tan tactical gear and greenish color clothes.

She looked dangerous. Yet when she regained her standing posture, there was a sense she didn't care much about that. Only that a job needed doing. She pulled up her goggles and looked around, whistling before walking to where everyone else was meeting. "Ey boss!" She said, looking over the others. "Damn... not here first, I thought I would beat everyone here this time. I must be slippin'"

Smirking she crossed her arms. "Sorta like leavin' Minnesota for jobs like this."

She rested her left hand on the Katana she had, most of the handle made from the tooth of a T-Rex. What was also notable was on a necklace the claw of a Velociraptor. "Oh, and Hi guys. I'm Fiona." She said with a smile.

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Keira had not been particularly surprised to get new instructions, she had heard that there were some changes and reshuffling happening with the Division in response recent events, which required the Division to respond.  She walked though the base, drawing quite a few eyes as a result, something she had gotten used to in the past few years, it was quite a bit more attention then she had gotten before the Cascade..  just the thought saddened her slightly, but she pushed off the thoughts that passed though her mind and walked into the briefing room.. then paused, stepping into the room just as some of the others were making introductions.

She was a bit surprised to discover that the director had chosen to take a personal hand in the matter, however, perhaps matters were more serious then she had thought, or something more was going on here then she had first supposed.  Unlike some of the others, she wasn't carrying any weapons or tools, other then the dress she was wearing, but she didn't need any, she was a living weapon or tool, if she needed to be.. 

"And I'm Keira, a good day to you folks."  Her voice had a pronounced Cajun accent as she  gave each person present a smile and a nod of acknowledgement, before turning her attention to the director.

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A polite knock came from the door which opened immediately after, permitting a woman to enter. She had dark brown hair, pinned back conservatively and wore a camouflaged Army uniform with her tan beret secured on the shoulder and the name "Boyde" displayed on the chest. She seemed perfectly normal, though obviously (to many) part Eskimo and she possessed a casual grace and calm, confident demeanor.

She walked up to the director and offered him a handshake..

"Staff Sergeant Abigail Boyde, reporting in, Director." she said to him.

"Doctor." she said politely, acknowledging Dr. Locke and offering him a handshake as well. "Pleased to finally meet you." she adds.

With those two greetings out of the way she then turns to look over the rest of people that had entered the room. 'This'll be fun.' she thinks to herself as walks over to each of the other people, her new team, she assumes, and offers a handshake to those who accept it, as well as offering a, "Abigail Boyde. Pleased to meet you." to each of them regardless.

For those who look at her uniform and have military experience, the tan beret and her uniform marks her as an Army Ranger, and therefore one of the few women to become one.

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She expected a curt reply from Gaalf but that was interrupted by the arrival of the big old guy. Her hypersense cataloged him as he entered the room and his size and dimensions matched up in her brain, he had been in the Gym earlier she visualized him and his positions then and now the old fucker had been checking her out. She was about to say something when a rapid movement registered and a woman entered the room only a few seconds passed and two more came in.

The environment was changing rapidly and along with the chaos of the changing dimensions was the crowded thoughts her mind was brushing out to seek and then add in that all of them were Novas each bearing energies and auras which where challenging enough to keep straight.

She Stepped.

Casper gave gasp as the round ass he had been looking at disappeared from right in front of him and he found himself facing the Soldier chick. Sergeant Boyde had been about to offer her hand to the trashy dressed little girl when she vanished without a sound only to appear instantly at the back of the room far from everyone.

Temple closed off her mind and dug out her camels and lit one and took a big drag.

"Miss Faire..." Gaalf spoke softly but in the silence his voice carried.

Temple looked up and saw all of them staring at her, at the cigarette.

"Oh for fucks sake," she drops it and stomps it out, "it not like its going to kill any of us."


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Casper quietly observed the arrivals as he say with his chair positioned to rest his feet on an adjacent chair. When Abigail arrived and it appeared the team was rounding out he stands up and shakes her HAND when offered. Eyeballing her insignia he says; 

"I was assigned to some rangers few years back. Well trained group."

Then he says to Gaalf; "Sir, I hope we got more legs'n this, save for G.I. Jane here, I ain't got hopes for this swaree yet."

"And where'r my guns dammit, I need some time to prep."



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Sonja stopped speaking on the phone as squeezed out of her private jet and stretched to her full height with a sigh. Her customized Gulfstream Challenger G750 may have had luxurious cabin space and furnishings fitted to her size compared to a commercial airline - in which even First Class felt horribly cramped and she couldn't fit in anything smaller - but the height of the cabin wasn't much higher and she still had to crouch low. Not for the first time, she idly considered ordering an Airbus Flying Palace and seeing if she could get it modded with one of the decks taken out, but it was an expense that would take a good chunk out of even her wealth and was disgustingly decadent to boot.

"I don't know, Kevin," Sonja murmured in her phone, the Galaxy Note 9 looking no larger than a standard smartphone in her big hands, as she walked over to the idling limousine she had chartered. It wasn't too show off her status as a world famous actress and model, it simply gave her enough room to sit in the back without having to scrunch up her legs to her chest. This was only the second time she been to the headquarters of the CRRD at Galland Base - she usually worked out of the LA field office - but if she started coming here more often, she'd need to ship one of her customized cars here.

"It sounds like a gimmick to, just to keep me in the MCU.... Mmm-hmm, I know, I know, me too.... " Sonja chuckled warmly at what the person on the other end said, then continued with her informal business call. "Well, if you can assure me of that, send me the ideas the writers and storyboarders for the MCU and the comics have in mind, and if it's not gratuitous or looking like it will incite instant nerdrage, I'll give it serious consideration. I know I'm in a niche market since my... accident, but I'm not going to jump at any offer just to get work, I still have Choosers of the Slain, that hasn't changed much. Anyway, I'm at the base now and have other business to attend to. Ciao, Kevin, talk to you soon."

Sonja strode through the base with swift professionalism, stopping only briefly to exchange a greeting or sign an autograph. Her fans and admirers were legion and could be found anywhere and everywhere and she tried to thank them for their support, but she really was on the clock now. It wasn't just the great PR for both her and the CRRD that working with the Agency was earning them, she had had a reputation for being easy to work with - if you weren't another celebrity or entertainment mogul she was calling bullshit on - simply being on time was part of that.

"Excuse me Director Gaalf, ladies and gentlemen," those in the briefing room heard a distinctive rich and husky voice say as the door opened and another woman stepped in. "I do hope I haven't delayed anything."

Well, the woman didn't step into the briefing room as stoop low and squeeze herself through the door before straightening up once more, her head nearly brushing the ceiling. She seemed to naturally and instinctively strike a pose, as if to let the others take a good look and to give phantom photographers to take their shots for various blogs, celebrity sites, and tabloids.

There was a lot to see, her magnetic presence filling the room as much as her very curvaceous, very athletic, near-eight-foot stature did, looming over everyone. Her gleaming asymmetrically-cut dress fell short of her knees and seemed to be made of actual sapphire - without being fully translucent - in rippling shades of blue, indigo, and purple, but it draped and flowed like the highest quality silk. With stylish, modest heeled wedge sandals, her silvery-white hair tied back in a french-braid, and several bits of silver, steel, chrome, and platinum  jewelry at her ears, throat, and fingers, Sonja Bahaar looked both glamorous and casual.

"Not quite yet, Ms. Bahaar," John said after taking his look and taking a steadying breath. He'd been the one that suggested seeing if she'd be interested in working with the CRRD, but she still took his breath away.

"You mean I'm unfashionably on time? Pity," Sonja teased with false disappointment and smiled.

The enormous and gorgeous celebrity went around the room - carefully so the didn't knock into anything or break anything - collecting the names of her team members. She gave them all direct look and seemed to really be listening to and remembering their names, instead of absently just hearing the name and forgetting it instantly like most who meet hundreds and thousands of people as a matter of course do.

She didn't bother to introduce herself, it would just come across as a humble-brag. By this time, who didn't know who she was? She was an Oscar and Academy Award winning actress, who had played the role of Black Widow in the MCU for almost a decade. She was the Grammy winning lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist of the Viking Metal Band, Choosers of the Slain. She was an elite supermodel who graced countless magazine covers and runways and had several of her own fashion lines. And she was married to the gorgeous Cristiano Ronaldo, arguably the greatest player of his generation, and perhaps of all time, of the most popular sport in the world, football... or Soccer as North Americans still insisted on calling it.

Or she had been. Failing all that and her constant appearances in various Tabloids, there was the YouTube clip from a year ago on the set of the doomed live-action Cadillacs and Dinosaurs movie that had changed Sonja Bahaar's life even more than the Genesis Cascade had. It showed the rampage of parasaurolophus and most of transformation growing into a heroically proportioned giant to survive it as she spontaneously developed a new power... A new power she couldn't turn off or suppress in any way. The YouTube video has been viewed more than 2.5 billion times and counting.

"A pleasure to meet you all," Sonja said, then frowning when she looked at the chairs. She didn't trust them to handle her weight without collapsing, and she didn't think they would be comfortable for a woman of her height anyway. She cleared one of the tables and carefully perched on the corner, crossing her legs. It creaked a little, but held.

"Just a few things to assure some of you. While yes, I'm a renowned model-actress-whatever and only play a badass in movies, I have faced dinos in the field before. I may not be an expert markman or close-quarter combatant, I have trained enough, both for roles and afterward in the last year to consider myself at least competent. I can also throw a triceratops acoss a football stadium."

Sonja grinned wryly, and maybe with a hint of sheepishness. While not a muscle-bound body-builder, she was now certainly a more physically fit woman than was seen in any mainstream movie. "If you guys want to ask me anything, feel free. I probably won't be offended - trust me, if anything you say are worst than comments on the 'net, I'll applaud you. But I don't promise to answer - gotta leave the Tabloids room to speculate wildly, of course. Though if I'm the last one to arrive, keep it short. I'm sure Director Gaalf will want to tell us why we're here."

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Another one came in she just stared at the ground as her hypersense did it work and of course she was a nova and had to walk around the room so every move every word caused Temple's mind to reevaluate and calculate not only her but her relation to the room and everything in it. My god she thought this one is even bigger than the old pervert.

She looked up when she finally recognized the voice and stared into the eyes of her first girl crush a million years ago when she was someone else. Temple held her mental fingers back she didn't want to go in there didn't want to know what someone like Sonja thought of little ugly crazy Temple. What the Fuck is this....



Sonja grinned wryly, and maybe with a hint of sheepishness. While not muscle-bound body-builder, she was now certainly a more physically fit woman than was seen in any mainstream movie. "If you guys want to ask me anything, feel free. I probably won't be offended - trust me, if anything you say are worst than comments on the 'net, I'll applaud you. But I don't promise to answer - gotta leave the Tabloids room to speculate wildly, of course. Though if I'm the last one to arrive, keep it short. I'm sure Director Gaalf will want to tell us why we're here."

"How much do you fucking weigh?"

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"I almost feel like the damn mascot." Fiona thought... compared to everyone with their beauty, size, and stature Fiona didn't stand out. Not at all. She stepped next to the Ranger. "Thanks for the greeting, Abigail... everyone else seems distracted... Don't blame 'em. I'm a bit anxious to hear what the job is personally." She said, pulling out a candy bar from her vest. "Seems we got similar ways of doin' things. Just you got the trainin' and experience and I'm a bit... raw."

She takes a bite as she looks over the team, whispering. "What'cha think? I'm a bit used to workin' on my own, maybe a bit too much."

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Sonja snorted in amusement glancing down at the smaller woman dressed in boxing shorts, a wifebeater and... no shoes? Odd but whatever. Still less weird than half of Hollywood.

"That's an easy one - two hundred kilos," Sonja replied unselfconsciously, unthinkingly using the metric system due to all her time in Europe with her ex-husband and doing fashion shows. "Four hundred and forty-one pounds rather. I don't know what the big deal is with women and weight. If you look good, look healthy, what the does is matter? Always bugged the fuck out of me when designers demanded weigh-ins."

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Casper seems amused, if only for a moment, at the entrance of the Glamazon beauty. 

"Well, I certainly ain't a beauty here. And I don't know why the hell I am even here. This better be a target rich mission or I am outta here."

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"I'm the exact opposite." Fiona said. "One target, multiple targets, it's all fun to me. Just nobody get hurt."

She sighed. "T'be honest I'm not the type that's desperate for cash. Just somethin' to do. This is my job and I enjoy it. Not many can claim that distinct privilege, man. Learn t'live a little, or you'll have regrets when that heart stops beatin'." She said, looking at Sonja. "I wager though with the people we got, I think "Target Rich" might be an understatement."

"First time out and right into the dragon's den, perhaps. But let's let the boss here lay the job that needs doin' out."

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Director Gaalf smiled, which for those who knew him well, was a clear sign this was going to be bad.   "Well now that we're all here, I'll give you the details..  In the last week, there have been over a dozen coordinated attacks against the city of Seattle, culminating in the loss of a full Company of Army soldiers, and their gear, including armor assets.  Four Rangers were slain, and we have next to no details on whatever killed them.   The vehicles were torn open, as though their armor was tinfoil.  We believe there is some intelligence behind these attacks as those slain all had positions dealing with early response to incursions.  I've pulled you all together because Seattle is one of the few major metro areas that's intact at pre-cascade levels, and we must get to the bottom of these attacks.  You are given leave to do what you need to to discover the source of and halt these attacks.  If you need further weaponry, draw it from the armory.  I have transport arranged for all of you, though, Ms. Bahaar, if you wouldn't mind I wonder if we could persuade you to use your plane.  We will of course refuel the plane there and back, and for your return to LA, once things are concluded.

Satellite surveilence can't get a bead on these things, but in the files here you'll find a map for all the attack sites, which all come from the east, and from the heavily wooded areas there.  You are to work with local law enforcement and emergency responders as needed, and We have arranged for transport on the ground, and quarters for you at Jasek base, where you'll be free to plan and have access to their facilities for the duration of the mission. 

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"Thats too heavy."

At that poit Gaalf started talking, Temple listened with everyone else and as soon as he finishe before anyone els spoke she brushed past her childhood idle savoreing teh electric feel of that touch fireworks shooting off in her head. Witha Deep Breath she spoke.

"I'm not sure its such a good idea to send me in with these." She sweeps her arm back encompassing the other novas in general. "It's gonna be a circus and you know i don't handle that kind of shit very well. Fuck, I don't even think I can carry those two, He's in the maybe column , her no way."

She shrugs her shoulders and looks a Locke then back at Gaalf.

"Besides the baselines need me more, they don't have any superpowers."

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Fiona looked to Gaalf. "If we're dealing with a pack, and that's the only way I'd see this turning into a bloodbath for our armed forces, My ability to bounce in and out of areas quick while getting recon can help. If they're coming out of the forests, the trees would become by greatest allies. Is there any evidence that whatever is attacking is using the ground, and has there been any tracks left behind?"

She crossed her arms in front of her, leaning against a wall. "I'll need ammo more than weaponry. But I'll need good radios, supplies to be on my own for at least a couple days without foraging, making sure that kit is waterproofed to begin with if the conditions are rainy over there. That and outside of getting something to hide my scent, and borrowing a proper camo poncho to use as a lean-to or rain kit, and a flare gun with some flares and people willing to babysit a radio in case I spot something... I'm good."

"I'm not saying to send me off alone, mind you, if you got a problem with that. If people can keep up with my style of moving, even better. To be honest we'll need to know what we're dealing with, and without risking a large number of us."

"Of course with using as few of us so if something bad does happen it doesn't lessen our abilities to handle this either."

"Anyone got something to add? I'm not a detective type to deal with people... I watch critters."

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Gaalf looked to Temple, and to Fiona.  "You're both going because you have essential talents to make this work.  You can both cover a great deal of distance quickly, and Temple, I was looking more to partner you with Abigail, or Dr.Locke.   Fiona, Snipers operate in pairs for a reason.  I do not want you all working alone, at least in pairs.  Ms. Bahaar will handle dealing with the press, and any civilian authority issues.   Dr. Locke is in charge, and will provide subject support to the best of his abilities."

"This isn't a perfect team, but with the way these attacks have progressed, i don't have time to pull one together.  You are the people I have access to, who I feel can best do this.   If you feel you can't fine, but now's the time to back out."


Locke looked at them and could only agree.  This was a grabbag at best, and yet, he had a feeling they'd pull this off.  "We can handle who is actually going to do what, and where, when we're on the ground.   I'm used to having next to nothing to go on in my ops, so it's par for the course."

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"Well if I'm supposed to have a partner then who?" She said scratching her head. "And Locke, I'm in agreement, that's why we have to have a gameplan, indeed. At least then we got something to fall back on."

She grinned. "You coming with us? It sounds like you've got some experience with this sorta stuff."

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Casper shakes his head in disgust. Then he slightly smiles slightly.

"Dontcha date put me in front of media unless you want the Triad, Mr Jones, or any other third world government unless you want to turn this whole op into a circus."

He stands and looks at all the team. 

"If it has a trigger, I can shoot it. If I can put my hands on it, I can crush it. I am not overly fast on my feet but I mostly don't haveta be if ya know what mean."

He winks silly at Fiona. "Hell. You get me a big gun like my Vicky and have someone cover my back, you won't need another team."


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"it seems our first order of business is with withdraw what gear we think we will need from the armory and quartermaster. I trust that most of you know what to requisition, and I can assist those that are unsure. Anything else I assume we can draw from Jasek Base as our need requires." Abigail said and then looked to Dr. Locke.

"Any specific suggestions you can offer, aside from our normal kit, based on what you know so far Doctor?" she asked and waited for any response before continuing.

"Doctor, after we speak to the locals I would suggest that we make a trip out to the sight of the most recent attack and make out own inspection. There may be something that you or one of us might see that can help shed some light on these attacks." she offered to the Doctor, clearly acknowledging him as the lead.

She then stood and pushed her chair back into place where she had found it.

"If there is nothing else, I suggest we make our perpetrations to depart, whatever they may be. I can guide anybody to the armory and quartermaster who is unfamiliar with the base or may need assistance." she adds.

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Sonja gave Temple a nonplussed look, a faint grin tugging at her lips. It wasn't the first time she'd been told she was too heavy - she'd always been curvier than most supermodels - but she hadn't been expecting it from this girl. Maybe I'm too much for her strength, in case I need to be carried out by hand for some reason.

The enormous woman glanced around the room, considering the members of her new team - the big man, though still a foot shorter than her, made her purse her lips in amusement, looking and sounding a great deal like Ron Perlman - then nodded at the Director as she waved a dismissive hand. Her plane was an ultra-long range model that had room for eighteen in luxurious comfort, but it was most efficient with eight passengers or less.

"Using my plane is fine, John," Sonja replied airily. "They've been waiting for my call anyway about when and where to file the next flight plan." She got the details and clearances for the flight to Jasek Base and texted the information to her flight crew. Then she carefully stood up from her table-seat and offered Abigail a grateful grin.

"I'll take you up on the offer to assist us get outfitted, Abigail," Sonja said with smooth familiarity, then paused "Or do you prefer Ms. Boyde or Staff Sergeant Boyde? I have a sword and a heavy firearm customized to my... stature. And I don't need any kevlar armour."

Sonja smirked as she ran a hand down her dress and the material simply... flowed into a one-piece body suit - including gloves and boots - of some glossy black material that looked almost like flexible obsidian, trimmed with bioluminescent strips of pale blue. It looked a good deal like the outfit she wore when playing Black Widow on the silver screen, actually.

"I have something better. But I can use an expert's help in selecting other gear I should be carrying, and this is only my second time at Galland," Sonja admitted easily. She was a top talent in several areas, but this wasn't one of them. She told Director Gaalf and the others which airport her personal business jet was at then added, "I have a limo to take me back. A few more can fit in with me, but I assume whoever can't can find their way there?"

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Keira listened to the rest of the group and then shrugged slightly.  "It doesn't matter where you put me, or who you pair me with, I can manage just about any task you give me,  I don't need armor, what I'm wearing can produce better armor and more comfortable armor then anything you can provide, short of a actual tank." She shrugged and she was wearing what appeared to be some sort of armor rather then the dress she had entered wearing.  "If you need me to do anything, I've got enough of ability to alter my shape and appearance to do it..  and I can handle myself in a fight..."

OCC: Face is wrong, but this is how she altered her garment to appear, armor wise.

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Casper shakes his head in disgust. Then he slightly smiles slightly.

"Dontcha date put me in front of media unless you want the Triad, Mr Jones, or any other third world government unless you want to turn this whole op into a circus."

He stands and looks at all the team. 

"If it has a trigger, I can shoot it. If I can put my hands on it, I can crush it. I am not overly fast on my feet but I mostly don't haveta be if ya know what mean."

He winks silly at Fiona. "Hell. You get me a big gun like my Vicky and have someone cover my back, you won't need another team."


"Well my Sniper is Anti-Materiel. I call her Rosie." She said with a smile. "I'm sure they've got something just as nasty."

"How about we compromise. We watch each other's backs out there and we split the difference at the bar when we're done?" She said with a grin. "And whoever gets the most kills covers the tab." She said, starting to leave the room. "Pretty much gang, these guys gave us our walkin' orders to figure out and sort out this... time to get ourselves sorted out too, I guess."

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Temple, to the ire of Director Gaalf lights up a camal.

"Where's the limo? I'll grab my shit and meet you there."

She stands looks over and Dr. Locke a flash of memory, Red eyes in the dark.

"I suggest even if you have alternate travel means that we all take the superstars plane. We can make plans during the flight."

Then she simply isn't there anymore.

Temple TPs back to the gym to collect her gear then goes and waits at the limo. She will be sitting on the hood smoking when the others arrive. She will be dressed in Camo Cargo Pants, comfortable Hiking boots, a Halter top with a small backpack and a large gun case on the ground beside the limo. She will if asked by Sonja refrain from smoking in the car, anyone else she will ignore, except for maybe the Sergeant.

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A quick trip to the Armory saw the group load up on what weapons and gear they felt they might need to face this unknown threat, and once crated, it was transported to the Airfield and loaded in the plane, by the time they got clearance for their flightplan and boarded the private jet.   The Flight was short enough, solidifying some elements of the plan before landing At the small Airfield at Jasek Base.   The Base Commander, General James Stane, met them on the tarmac.    An older man, he looked as though he would soon retire, and who had just seen to much.  Still, he carried himself as a man of purpose, dispensing with pleasantries and quickly showing them to the base administration building, while arranging the loading and unloading of their gear, and billets for the flight crew, near them in the Officer's Barracks.  

Once in yet another briefing room, this one displaying maps of the Western Seaboard, and another of the Seattle area, with a number of pins, obviously indicating the various attacks.  "This base has plenty of vacancies, it's built to house a full division, but at current we have just over two combat battalions, and one Engineer battalion on base, So there's plenty of room for everyone.   The fences are electrified, and motion and heat sensors are spaced around the perimeter.   We are fairly secure within this base, but once you leave, we cannot guarantee it."  This last admission seemed to weigh heavily on him.   "I have fought these resurgent animal species since the Cascade, and Never have I seen this level of coordination, or brutality in the slaying of my soldiers.   My staff has been ordered to cooperate fully with CRRD onsite.   I hate to put you all on the spot like this, but where would you like to begin?   The Media is having a field day,  but thankfully there have been no civilian deaths, but it is only a matter of time."

(general Stane)



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She listened carefully to what the general had to say, before responding sympathetically and with respect for his dead.  "I am sorry to hear that general, it's always hard to lose people."  She paused a moment.  "I don't know about anyone else, but I'd like to see whatever  you have on the attacks, as well as some maps of the area and location where you've been having the most trouble.  And a look a the resurgent species would also be useful, as well as anything you know about them so far, if possible."

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Abigail obliges Sonja and directs her to the armory where she helps her withdraw gear before they all board the plane for the Jasek Base. During the flight she is friendly and makes and effortto get to know her new teammates and clarifies for Sonja and the others that they can call her whatever they feel most comfortable with, be it Abigail, Boyde, Mr. Boyde, Sergeant. She also makes a point of trying to gauge their level of training, familiarity with firearms, general hunting/survival experience and overall combat experience, if any.

Abigail has little problem working with civilians and taking orders from Dr. Locke. Her primary concern is the safety of the team, a responsibility she naturally takes upon herself as a Staff Sergeant. For those who inquire she will relay that she is from rural Alaska and part Eskimo. She has been in the army for 7 years, having enlisted at 18, and when the Army Ranger School opened to women she sought to follow in the footsteps of her father, who was also a Ranger. She took time to prepare herself mental and physically instead of trying to be one of the first women signed up. That decision served her well, as the women in the first few classes all washed out. She signed up, fully passed the course and became one of the first female Army Rangers, and before her eruption too. Her eruption came later, on a training exercise when some dinos made it into the area and attacked.

She will also explain that she was not happy about being assigned to the CRRD, mostly because it meant leaving the squad of Rangers she command behind. She was close to her men and took her responsibility as their commander in the field very seriously. She is not bitter about being reassigned though. Orders are orders and she enlisted to serve her country. If this is where it is felt she can best serve her country, then she will do so with the same dedication.


"I have fought these resurgent animal species since the Cascade, and Never have I seen this level of coordination, or brutality in the slaying of my soldiers.   My staff has been ordered to cooperate fully with CRRD onsite.   I hate to put you all on the spot like this, but where would you like to begin?   The Media is having a field day,  but thankfully there have been no civilian deaths, but it is only a matter of time."

After saluting and greeting the general and then listening to his knowledge of the attacks, Abigail turns to Dr. Locke.

"Whenever the PR is done, or possibly concurrently if you prefer, I would recommend we investigate the site of the latest attack. It is best to start with the freshest info.  Inspecting an older site may be misleading in case their tactics have been evolving." she recommends to him.

"I will see about unpacking our gear, get those not involved with the PR suited up if you think we will be heading out soon, and then look over the requested data the General may provide." she added.

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Casper grabs his firearms and ammo greedily and without bias; he is like the kid in the proverbial candy store. He comments the quartermaster on the well kept armory and will compliment his team on their choice of weaponry, usually with a short story of his particular experience with a given weapon. It is not hard to detect the minor level of bullshit thrown in here and there. He doesn’t do it to impress anyone, he just seems like a wannabe storyteller.

On the flight over, Casper will reveal to the surprise of everyone, that he is “pretty damn good” with guns and hand to hand. He doesn’t call himself a sniper but he can provide that role if he has to. “I’d much rather be in the mix of it all, little bit of head crushing and neck snapping with some long range cranial evacuations thrown in here and there.”


Once we all land at the forward base, He will attentively listen to everyone’s input then offer his words of wisdom.

“ I would like to see the site of the most recent attack as well.  I might be able to pick up a scent or something. It would be nice if one us could track the beasts. “

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Having a full load of ammo for her rifle and her pistol, the flares for a flare pistol, a couple smoke grenades, some scent suppressing sprays, rations, a couple radios, a first aid kit, getting her rain kit, and getting her kevlar checked for flaws was nice, although the plane flight to the base made her a little nervous on take-off and landing. Getting a large water container was last on her agenda before taking off. Flying low enough for a potential Argentavis or Pterodactyl to make a surprise appearance would be a problem. Not to mention bug collisions wouldn't be fun for a pilot these days.

Her nerves calmed by making it to the airbase though was a good thing. Knowing she was stepping into yet another briefing room told her more info was coming her way, and seeing the map with the known kills was telling with the concentration on the east side of Seattle. In the forests. Seeing the aging General backing operations on keeping Seattle safe gave Fiona some confidence he knew a few things about the crisis.

"General, what sort of info have you gotten from any survivors in how they were attacked? Were they attacked from the air, or the ground? And were there any tracks left behind and was there any photos of said tracks? One last thing... are there clusters of these kills? It might suggest a hunting ground for whatever is doing the kills."

She adjusted her tactical vest. "Quite honestly I'm not the talking type so if Casper's up for it, I'm ready to do some initial scouting of the area. The sooner we make the area safe, the better."

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She adjusted her tactical vest. "Quite honestly I'm not the talking type so if Casper's up for it, I'm ready to do some initial scouting of the area. The sooner we make the area safe, the better."

"The sooner we stop talking, the sooner I can make something bleed."

Casper sling the HMG meant for a tripod over his shoulder and secures the assault rifle and 2 pistols in easily accessible positions. A grin crosses his face.

"Lead the way"

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"Shh... calm down, there's still stuff I need to know about this and what everyone else's plan is. I can dig the want to get out there to dispense some justice and keep our position on top of the food chain, but damn... let's not go out there blind." Fiona said, smiling. "Besides don't you want a couple more minutes in the air conditioning? Maybe grab a bite to eat? Last civilized food for a while. Stay frosty."

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"I have details on all the known RS in the area, and it is quite a menagerie, but I've seen what those look like, when they attack, and none of the scenes look like that, still I'll have our profiles on them prepared for you all.  The latest attack was about Five Mile southeast of the base one of our early warning stations was attacked,  the equipment was all smashed, and the bodies mutilated."

Dr. Locke nodded.  "I see.  Well, if you don't mind showing us, we'd like to go to the station, get a look around and start tackling this crisis.   Can you arrange transport for us, and our gear, just to be safe?"  The general nodded and made a couple phonecalls, for the data, and for the transport.  Within ten minutes both were there, two large trucks, along with their gear, which aside from two small cases that were sealed by two incredibly advanced locks, was unpacked and distributed, leaving the team looking like they were going to war,save Dr. Locke and Keira.  The general and Locke rode in his Humvee, and everyone else got into the trucks.   a squad of soldiers went along, mostly to guard the transports as the novas looked around.  Though not that far, the trip took twenty minutes, due to the lack of real roads out to the station, giving them time to peruse the information on the various resurgent species.  

Once they arrived on site, they saw the two vehicles, a pair of jeeps, shredded as if giant can openers had been taken to them.   The building had 3 holes in the walls big enough for someone to walk through, and the upper roof of the sixty foot high lookout tower was ripped off.  The ground was littered with broken masonry and glass.   Inside it still smelled of blood and fried circuitry.  All the screens and electronics were either smashed, clawed with gaping rents, or showing signs of being ripped open with teeth.  There were bloodstains on the walls, along with lines of bullet holes.  

"Only six people here, I'm glad they fought back some, but they didn't get far.  The security cameras were all destroyed, as well as the communication relay.  As i said, unprecedented knowledge of how to strike and coordination."

[spoiler}  okay guys have some fun here.  It looks like this was done by large and smaller animals.  The bodies are gone, but the bloodstains give a good idea where the people fell.  


the following are some known species in the area.

Smilodon, Utahraptor, troodon, Tyranosaurus, Allosaurus, Triceratops, Pteranadon, Dimorphodon, stegosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Edmontonia, deinonychus, megatherium, mastodon,  monoclonius, torosaurus, apatasaurus, seismosaurus


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Abigail looks over the data like she has done before a mission so many times before, taking mental notes and raising some questions in her mind that hopefully an inspection of the site might shed light on. She then sets closes the folder in her hand and looks to the other novas.

"If I could have your attention for a moment?" she asks, waiting for the attention of the other novas.

"I know that we come from various backgrounds, and that some of us are more comfortable working alone, but that is not an option any more. We are a team now and for at least however long this takes, and we need to work as one, supporting and leaning on each other. You are my teammates now and can depend on me to never fail you, to shoulder more than my share of any task, to never leave a comrade behind, and to lay down my life for that of my teammate. This is my solemn pledge to each and every one of you and I hope I can depend on all of you for the same, because the dinos do not take captives and they show no quarter." Abigail says sincerely trying to build up a sense of camaraderie, while expressing her dedication to the team, their safety and the mission and raises her hand, offering a fistbump of acknowledgement.

"I think it would do good for everybody to see everything, if you can stomach it. Who knows what has been missed and what one of us might notice with senses beyond the norm." she suggests.

Abigail then turns to CJ and Fiona, speaking to them,

"Fiona and CJ, when you are done taking a look for yourself, see if you can get up into the tower if it is still serviceable or even a tree if your are more comfortable with that, to provide us some overwatch and take a look around, that would be greatly appriciated. With sharper sense you may notice something, a trail they made on approach or withdrawal or who knows what, that might have escaped the notice of others. I am sure you know this, but make sure to keep a low profile and try not to skyline (silhouette) yourself up there. If you are worried about being spotted entering the tower, I can help with that. And CJ, if you can pick up a scent, then next round is on me."

Abigail then says to Temple, "Temple, with the Doc out here in the field with us for the moment, try and keep an eye on him and be ready to get him out of here in all hell breaks loose."

"Right now this site is not secure, so do not go anywhere alone. For all we know, they may be watching us, like a lion watches a watering hole. Stay sharp and let the rest of us know if you spot something." she says.


Abigail's Rapport roll for her speech trying to build up some sense of team, camaraderie and expressing her sincerity and dedication to the team.

[Noir] 1:11 pm: Abigail will spend a willpower on the roll too. This is very important to her
Noir *rolls* 6d10t7: 10,3,2,6,8,5.  Successes = 2.
[Noir] 1:11 pm: 2 successes +1 from Willpower = 3 successes total

(witnessed by Long and Nina)

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Temple was shaking inside, arguments flinging back and forth in her head as she tried to control herself amid the chaos around her. Two many people we shouldn't be risking  lives like this ...its the fucking military....Locke should know better..... these people are just begging to die.... I can't fucking save them all.....

Then The Sergant spoke up and gave her something to lock onto she steadied as she listened.

After the Sarge finished her speech and giving instructions, Temple, feeling better now spoke up.

“I know I can come off as a bit nuts, believe me I have reasons. But I take my job seriously. I don't work well with other novas,” she glances at the Sarge and Sonja, “as a thing we tend to have really big ego's. But when we are out there I want each of you to know that I will have your back. But I need your help to do it. You all know I'm what they call a teleporter, but I also am a mind reader. And for me to function I'm going to have to be able to read your minds without a fight.”


She takes a deep breath.


“My main jobs are secure communication and to get us out if shit goes south, and I need to be able to get in and out of your minds unobstructed so I can do that. With baselines it isn't a thing, they never even know I'm there unless I want them to know. But Nova's are different, While I could probably get in with out you ever knowing I'm there I want you to trust me Like Sarge said we are a team now. So I'm going to need access. I will promise each of you two things what ever I scan off of you will be safe with me I don't read and tell. And two if the shit goes south and I need to pull you out I will do everything I can to get you away, but some time it doesn't go in our favor and if I cant get you out, I promise you I wont let you die alone. I will be there with you until the end”


She closes her eyes a moment as she relives all at once the 37 lives that she failed to save and whose dying moments are forever in her head along with their lives.


“So everyone ok with that?”


Later as they arrived and she got off the truck as fast as she could and shouted at the General and Locke.

"HEY! Everyone needs to just stay still for thirty seconds please."

Her look at Dr. Locke as if asking silently are you going to back me. Locke for his part had expected something like this from the volatile young woman nod and spoke in a low tone to the general.

"Alright everyone hold your positions!" The gruff voice of the General froze the soldiers in place.

At Locke's nod Temple moved a few yards from the truck and slowly began turning in place opening her senses and her mind to the area. As she turned she mapped the area in perfect 3-d holographic detail, every building every tree, bush and pieces of debris. every measurement the distances from claw mark to ground the number of prints in the ground and each ones perfect measurements all committed to her perfect memory and re-callable. after a little mor ethan the requested thirty seconds she stopped turning.

"Alright I have it all."

She walked over to join the General and Dr. Locke. And began thumbing thru the files provided on the local species.


She will use her Holographic awareness to completely map the area in absolute 3d holographic detail this will give her the ability to recall in exact detail any environmental evidence. with her recall and this 3d record she should be able to get a fairly accurate count of the number of animals involved on the ground and from the material given to the should be able to  identify them through track/foot comparisons. Awareness roll = 1 success

“General, Dr., I'm pretty sure we are dealing with a Tyrannosaur and two additional man sized Raptor like monsters, Not verifying species cause I'm ot seeing anything that corresponds in these files exactly, but im pretty sure they are in the raptor family.”


She gives a heavy sigh and points to the tower.

“That, I don't know about. Claws are raptor like which doesn't indicate any known flying monster. And well unless the monster is a nova I don't see how it could have jumped up there."

Addressing the General directly.

"General if you have any outlying sites still manned and active I need to go to them asap so i can map them and effect rescues if needed. Also I suggest sending the baseline troops back to base."

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