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The Genesic Age: Character Profiles

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Personal Information:

Birth Name: Temple Louise Faire

Identity: Temple

Occupation: Former Student, Former Fast Food Worker, Trouble-Shooter

Legal Status: American

Marital Status: Single

Known Relatives: none Family Lost during the Cascade, presumed deceased


Nature: Survivor

Eruption: During the Cascade

Physical Traits

Height: 5'6”

Weight: 130 Lbs

D.O.B: April 1st , 2000

Age (apparent age): 20 (looks older or younger depending on her state of mind)

Gender: Female

Ethnic Background: Caucasian

Nationality (place of origin): American

Eye Color: Grey

Hair Color: Red

Handedness: Ambidextrous

Appearance: Slender, Well fit with wiry muscles showing on her well developed legs and arms. She is of average height with smallish perky breasts. Long red hair which she braids when in the filed. Her eyes are a haunting grey color and she has the thousand yard stare. She dresses in functional clothing only preferring loose legged trousers and tops which allow her freedom of movement. She is always armed now often wearing two pistols and a combat harness with ammo and knives. if that is inappropriate she will have a concealable knife and a collapsible baton she may also carry a concealed hold out pistol. Her state of mind often affects her appearance. When she is stable she is clean and well groomed while not a beauty by any stretch she does look pretty when she is mentally stable. However when it comes time for the mission she gets into that live or die frame of mind and things go by the way side her personal hygiene begins to suffer and in the field she lives the warriors way and after returning it takes her a week or so (or even longer if things went bad) before she finds her balance again and cleans up her act.

Powers, Skills, and Personality:

Known Powers: Telepathy and Teleportaion (what she calls Stepping)

Abilities/Special Skills: Temple is an expert in Tactical combat She is an expert marksman and skilled in both martial arts and the use of hand weapons particular large knives. She is incredibly difficult to surprise and has a reputation for having eyes in the back of her head and everywhere else for that matter.

Personality: Before the Cascade Temple was a typical Teenager with the mood swings those youthful hormones brought on She was fairly well balanced she had fun and enjoyed her life, Cheerful, outgoing, friendly; she was a joy to be around for the most part. After though she just wasn't that Temple anymore not that anyone one knew since everyone she had known was either missing or dead. No, now she was taciturn and cold, standoffish and rarely smiled except when she is training which she did almost all of her time off. She smokes cigarettes almost constantly when not in the field disregarding any  nosmoking signs and even the wishes of her superiors. She never drinks and never takes drugs not even painkillers or aspirin the do strange things to her head.


I came into the office dressed in an oh so flattering hospital gown with my ass hanging out the back. I had refused the fucking foam slippers so my feet were bare. I didn't recognize the doctor, he was a black guy looked to be in his early thirties but really I couldn't tell. He was clean shaven and his hair was cut short so I guessed he was military or at least wanted to fit in with the military guys. He wasn't a field op or he would have the tattoos on his hands and his neck, so I figured he was a rotater from one of the other safe zones.

I sat down before he invited me, sprawled very unladylike like one leg over the arm of the chair and took a long draw on the cigarette I had lit before coming in. I blew the smoke in his direction and the sadistic part of me felt glee as he scowled and looked in my direction then quickly back at his papers on the desk. I knew he was trying to resist looking up the dress but I knew he wanted to as well. That's why I did it. I masked my chuckle with another puff, he was counting numbers in his head thinking that would keep me out, stupid fucker, some idiots will believe anything

“So Miss Faire, you had an episode in the field.”

His voice pulled my out of where my head was taking stock of the minute differences in the room since I had last been here what had been moved and where, what was new, what was old, even the changes in the dust. All had been cataloged and crammed into my head mostly useless information to clog up a head already on the cusp of splitting open and releasing all of it's hidden monsters.

I just stared at him replaying the few seconds I had been examining the room to recall what he had said, it hadn't been a question but a statement . He spoke again to me.

“Are you alright Miss Faire? Do you need some water or something?”

“Temple.” I said it with no inflection no emotion just the word.

“Pardon?” he was confused, the numbers falter like they always did.

“Just Temple, no miss, no Faire, just Temple”

“Alright, Temple. Your here because you had an episode in the field...”

“No.” I sat up and put my leg down dropped the cigarette on the floor and rubbed it out with my bare foot, straightened the dress smoothing it across my knees.

“Pardon?' Again with the same surprised look and asinine question he was boring me and quick.

“I didn't have an episode in the field, I had it when I got back.. If I had had it in the field we wouldn't be having this conversation.”

I blocked him out I didn't want to know what he was thinking, what his secrets were whose pictures he masturbated too. I didn't care anymore the humor was gone. Only the coldness remained, the emptiness.

“Ok, you had the episode when you arrived. I was there, I'm sorry for the misrepresentation. Would you like to talk about it?” He shuffled the papers waiting for me I stayed silent. “I saw what was happening to you how you teleported all over the staging area banging into things, until you lost consciousness. It must have been very painful.”

They all think that i hurt when it happens yeah I'm bruised and sore but while it happens I'm so tense it's like my body is one big cramp I don feel the hits not to my body. I feel it in my head. I feel everything in my head.


My name was Temple Louise Faire, but I'm not really her anymore, she died with the rest of my family. So I'm just Temple now.

Back then when I was her I was a normal kid, nothing special, I wore braces, I liked boys, I was skinny and good at sports, I played softball ran track. I liked music was a big fan of Sonja, I had all her Cds and her movies on DVD. I enjoyed dancing even though I wasn't very good at it and going to the school dances. I wasn't very smart really, but everyone thought I was. I could remember things easily especially if I read it or saw it and if I tried really hard I could recall it word for word. They call that a photographic memory. There was a kid, Tanner Burk, in my class he was a geek but he was nice I went out with him in 8th grade he was the first boy I let feel me up. He told me it wasn't really a photographic memory that it was called an eidetic memory, not that it mattered, I looked it up once, they are both the same thing. I don't know what happened to Tanner, He's probably dead most everyone I knew back then is.

My parents were just parents, mom and dad, I cant remember their names now, well I could but really they were her parents and I'm not her anymore. I had a sister she was 11 months younger than me and a brother he was five years behind me. They had names too I guess. Doesn't matter now.

I'm not feeling sorry for myself. This isn't a cry out for help, really it just doesn't matter, not now.

The braces came off when I was fifteen and I got my first and last job that summer. I went to work at the Dairy queen, started on the fry machine, then after a couple of weeks moved up to burgers. I liked working there it was fun I liked the assistant manager. He had gone to my school, graduated that summer and I think he liked me. I had fantasies about him, I think he might have asked me out even though I was a minor. I would have gone too.

But that never happened, Instead we got the cascade.

It had been in the news, cheap renewable energy had been discovered, all the world problems solved our lives would be changed forever.

Well they got that part right at least.

I was at work that day, it was around two o'clock in the afternoon. There were a couple of people having a late lunch, oilfield workers most likely. Rob, the boy I liked, was working as was Debbie Holland. She and I were the same age but not really friends. She had only started working that week and it was the first time I worked with her, I was kind of annoyed Rob was paying a lot of attention to her . She had bigger tits than me but she was chubby too, I guess I was jealous. I was watching the two of them when one of the oilfield workers let out really bad curse dropping the F bomb. As this was the dairy queen that was just not allowed everyone turned and looked at the man but what we saw wasn't him it was the huge legs and the sweeping tail, then the wall exploded.

The dinosaur just walked right into the store, glass, bricks and metal flew everywhere. The two men were tossed aside then it stepped on one crushing him it's tail sweeping the other guy back out into the parking lot where there were more of the monsters those ones dove on the man who was screaming as they tore him a apart.

I had been in the dining area supposed to have been wiping down the tables while Rob had been showing Debbie the register. When the T-Rex came through the wall I had stumbled back to the the wall by the ice cream freezers where the dilly bars and treats were kept I slid to the floor, Debbie screamed and the monster lunged taking her into its mouth only her legs sticking out Rob was knocked away into the dining area. The T-Rex raised its head and swallowed Debbie in a couple of gulps. I didn't scream I couldn't, I was having my own crisis. I could see the room and everything in it and it was in such a way that I felt everything in the room I just knew where everything was every movement of everything registered in my head I could see/feel/hear it in my very being. To this day I really cant describe how I see the world now but I just know where things are in relation to other things.

But that wasn't all, the man who was crushed and dying I could here his gurgling breath as blood filled his lungs and spurted from his mouth and I could hear his words too, his crying for his mother. Then as he died all the things in his life that he remembered all at once I experienced that with him, I died with him. And then there was Rob, my fantasy, He was screaming incoherently and I could hear his words in my head. He was crying for his mommy too, then the dinosaur ate him and his voice just cut off like the radio being turned off. That broke the spell and I screamed and closed my eyes as the monster turned towards me.

I was breathing so fast I was hyperventilating I heard sound but they were different now and I was on something soft and I wasn't being eaten. I opened my eyes and experienced the same hyper sense I had before but I wasn't in the same place i had been, but I did know where i was. I was in the safest place I could think, of my bedroom. But it was different now half the house was gone and where the wall to the outside of my room should have been was the largest tree I had ever seen covered with moss. I ran through the ruins of the house and couldn't find my family. There were dinosaurs outside I don't know what type but I could see them and hear them I was panicking by then. Then I felt it in my head my sister's fear. I ran outside and my senses were overwhelmed again but her fear and the screams and pleading were all I needed to focused and I was there. She was lying on the road trying to crawl into the cab of a truck her leg was bloody and torn. In front of her five dinosaurs I knew from the movies, off to my left our car on it's side ripped to shreds I could see blood and the bodies but they weren't important, not now, my sister was alive and hurt, I needed to help her, to save her suddenly I was in the cab, the raptors saw me and lept, I reach and grabbed Sam... Samantha ...and we were some where else.


I don't know how long I sat there my back against the lockers rocking my baby sister my best friend in my arms. They found us like that and tried to take her away from me. But I wouldn't let go of the part I had saved. The raptors had gotten to her just as I had. I think they drugged me I don't know I died when they took her away from me.

When I came out of it I was me, Temple. I was somewhere else too I had been sedated for a few days and brought to what they were calling a safe zone. They knew what I was they were calling us novas what ever brought the dinosaurs and other things back something called the Genesic Cascade did this to other people too, gave them powers like in the movies. Mostly physical shit I was one of the rarer ones they said I could actually do something really super. ha.

I ended up in Norad which was the new seat of the US government and the basic training and staging area for the Novas who were going to be the spearhead in trying to figure out what happened and to go where shit was bad. I was too young they said but I argued and fought and so they trained me I learned how to shoot and fight. I learned how to use my powers. I could communicate covertly silently and I could move instantaneously a really long way I even learned how to use the teleporting in combination with my fighting. I have PTSd. Some times bad. But they feed me pills and that helps mostly but sometimes I still have an episode. Like yesterday.


“So do you want to tell me about it?”

I looked at the doctor and shrugged

“Not much to tell Someone fucked up and missed the Rex. Either the drone operator or Buckley just wasn't paying attention. It was probably sleeping leaning against the tree.”

I paused remembering the Rex coming out of the bush it wasn't an especially big one but it hit eh front of the Humvee and Todd. I closed my eyes puled out my cigarettes and lit one taking a deep puff into my lungs.

“ The Rex came out of the brush knocked the Humvee off the road. They aren't dumb animals and this one had obviously hunted a Humvee before it knew just how to peel the roof back and went for the driver. There wasn't anything we could do it was over the minute the Rex took Todd out.”

I remembered Todd. He was alive in my mind I could recall everything he ever said every kiss and touch, how he felt in my arms how he felt inside me when we made love. His smell his taste. I could never forget, it will always be there just as if it was happening even his death cause I was in his mind then too. Another death. How many more can I take.

“All I could do is mitigate our losses at that point I didn't wait for Buckley He was senior but I didn't have time I ..I did what I had to do. I hit Miranda's pack release grabbed her and stepped back to base I dropped her and went back for Gulliver. He had ditched his pack as trained and I took him. Then went back for Buckley. I got what was left of him. I knew he was dead when I grabbed him. It was my sister allover again. I hit base and I crashed. You know the rest.”

The Doctor looked at me he had been scratching his pen writing things I had registered every move of the pen So if I had wanted I could have read what he wrote without ever seeing the note pad maybe I would later. It didn't matter what he wrote all of this was a sham. They wouldn't put me out, wouldn't take me off the front. I'm the only one who can do what I do, I'm the only one who can even hope to bring them home when it goes to shit.


“I think you should perhaps take some time away fro the front Temple let your mind process the things that have happened to you. According to your records you have been doing this for almost three years now, without a real break. During that time you have had seven episodes like this one. And each is a little worse than the last. You cant keep It up its doing real harm. I'm going to recommend a six month leave, then a reevaluation. You need time to heal.”

“Sure Doc what ever you say can I go now?”

“Yes Temple you can and if you ever need to talk please come and see me.”

I got up and I even shook his hand smiling I knew that after he made his recommendation and it was rejected he would argue and in the end I would go back out there and he would be sent back to where they got him from and they would replace him with some one new. Some who  just knew how to save all of us dumb unlucky fucks.

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Personal Information:
Birth Name: Sonja Saffira Sigrun Bahaar
Identity: Sonja, S3, Valkyrie, Skadi
Nature: Gallant
Occupation: Actress, Model, Lead Singer and Guitarist of Choosers of the Slain, Fashion Designer, Songwriter, Business Woman
Legal Status: American and Icelandic Citizen with no criminal convictions
Marital Status: Divorced
Known Relatives: Oneca Bahaar (sister), Saja Bahaar (sister), Rahim Bahaar (father), Asa Yngveldurdottir-Bahaar (mother), Cristiano Ronaldo (ex-husband)
Eruption: Cascade Day

Physical Traits
Height: 8' (formerly 5'9.5'')
Weight: 441 lbs (formerly 128 lbs)
D.O.B: February 14th, 1986
Age (apparent age): 34 (early 20s)
Gender: Female
Ethnic Background: Scandinavian and Iranian
Nationality (place of origin): American
Eye Color: Indigo
Hair Color: Platinum Blond with Silver Highlights
Handedness: Left

Appearance: Sonja is a towering woman with a tautly curvaceous, powerful, well muscled figure, incredibly long, strong legs, and firm ass. Her heart-shaped face is stunning with majestic, indigo eyes, pearly teeth, enviously sculpted cheekbones, framed by a thick, silky mass of platinum blond hair with silver highlights that falls well past her broad shoulders. Her creamy, tanned skin is flawless and her abundant, yet firm, breasts are spectacular, emphasized by her tight, slender waist and defined abs.

She moves surprisingly gracefully for a woman of her immense her size. Her voice is a rich, husky alto that can reach an impressive range. She wears sophisticated and glamorously casual styles of clothing, always of the best quality and always tailored - she has the contacts and it's impossible for something to fit her stature and figure otherwise - when she doesn't bother to Manifest her own.

Her size, beauty, and obvious strength, and long experience in the entertainment industry, combine to give her a remarkable and daunting presence. Before her Jotunn-like size, Sonja commonly topped sexiest and most beautiful women lists, and her and her husband Cristiano Ronaldo were considered the most attractive couple in the world.

Powers, Skills, and Personality:
Known Powers: Sonja only known powers are her inhuman size, which grants her greater than human strength and durability and a facility with Manifestation. Many believe her great skill with acting and music is also part of her quantum expression, but it has never been conclusively proven.

Abilities/Special Skills: Sonja is a world renown and multiple award winning actress and musician, as well as being one of the highest paid models in the world... or at least she was before her latest quantum expression. She is also a very well respected songwriter and composer, who writes all the songs for her band Choosers of the Slain, as well as for others, and writes and composes scores for many of the Movies and TV Shows she has starred in. She's a canny business woman who has had great success investing her wealth in various areas, instead of just sitting on it. She is regularly regarded as one of the most imfluential women in the entertainment industry.

Known for being multilingual, fluent in a number of languages, including Farsi, Icelandic, Danish, Spanish, and French and familiar with others.

Personality: A driven and an unapologetically outspoken woman, somewhat unthinkingly vain, but rarely condescending. Works hard, and unabashedly enjoys the results of her labours, to plays hard too.

Background: Born to an Iranian-American Banker father and an Icelandic Olympic Alpine-Skier mother, Sonja was a fortunate girl, the eldest of three daughters, growing up in luxury in Holmby Hills, Los Angeles. From an early age, Sonja showed great promise in music, starting off being classically trained on the piano, but as she grew up, her interests matured, particularly in regards to hard rock and heavy metal, much to her parents chagrin and disappointment.

Growing up in LA and with her Scandinavian and Iranian heritage combining to give her an exotic appeal, Sonja appeared in a few commercials and managed to earn some parts both small and noteworthy as a child and young teen, a natural performer who got noticed. The pretty child grew into a gorgeous teen and Sonja become a fashion model at 15 years old, as well as starring in more mature and sophisticated roles on TV and in Movies. She first got noticed in The Virgin Suicides then made an even bigger break in Lost in Translation and Mean Girls and her star kept rising from there.

By the time she was 18, she was one of the biggest models in the world, having been named a Victoria's Secret Angel and appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated, among many other magazines, and won an Oscar. Less than a year later, Sonja and four other girls, two of whom were also models, formed a band, Choosers of the Slain. A Viking Metal band, with Neoclassical and Symphonic Metal elements, at first, they were not taken seriously, believed just to be models trading on their looks instead of their musical acumen. Their looks didn't hurt, but their debut album Burning Bifrost earned rave reviews and went Platinum in under six months - these chicks could play! They won the Grammy for Best New Artist that year.

With her modeling/fashion and acting jobs, Sonja could only do limited tours with Choosers of the Slain, but they all added to keep her in the entertainment spotlight. While she was glamorous and could be vain, she was also refreshingly frank and open, and spoke candidly. This got in her in trouble with some people and certain demographics, but the majority of the public embraced her. And the tabloids loved it. She got in a feud with Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, when she made the claim that Pop music was for the musically mediocre and that anyone with an ounce of skill to write a pop song. Sonja proved it by writing and performing a Bubble Pop Dance Song, Valkyrie Jump!!!, with the help of band two hours later and releasing it on Twitter. To Sonja's disgust, it became a number one hit and got requested way more often than she ever wanted. She scoffed at Beyoncé  and others who needed 6 writers and 4 producers to make a song and mocked celebutantes who were only famous because of their parents and their sex tapes.

Sonja was connected to many men in Hollywood and the music industry over the years, by the tabloids, some of them married, even a few women, though if Sonja had dated any women, she never publicly revealed it. But when she started dating Cristiano Ronaldo, the handsome footballer, and perhaps the greatest footballer playing, if not of all time, everyone took notice. When they married almost two years later, it was the event of the year, and formed what many believed to be one of the most influential couples in the world, with their preeminence in the Entertainment and Sports Worlds and their collective endorsement deals.

Sonja began branching out into other business endeavors, starting her own fashion lines and when she saw the state of the textile industry in Bangladesh while looking for a manufacturer for her clothing line, she decided to do something about it. She got her own factory build and provided better wages and better working conditions for her workers, even providing daycare and decent worker dormitories for those who wanted to them at a subsidized price. It hurt her bottom line at first, but over time, her reputation increased, she drew more and better workers, and other clothing companies started using her factory's services, allowing her to open more factories, and overall, enhancing the economy and working conditions and the pay for women in Bangladesh overall.

Sonja's life seemed ideal, and then the Genesis Cascade struck. Sonja took a hit during that, since she had invested in research in Thorium Nuclear reactors, and for a while after the devastation, there were few looking for entertainment. But escapism was a universal thing, and a year later, the industry had recovered. Sonja found new competition in her careers, with some Novas having superhuman musical abilities and attractiveness, but experience and reputation still counted for a lot.

Some believed she had erupted as well, since she was able to compete with some known Nova actors, even winning Best Actress over them the first year the Oscars were held after the Genesis Cascade, but Sonja hadn't believed it. It was only two years later she was proven a Nova when she spontaneously Manifested new fashions for a runway show when her garments for the show were caught in a fire. Though a Nova, she was a very weak one.

Sonja's career was still going strong, even with the advent of Novas and her own status as one, until just over a year ago. She was on the set of the Cadillacs and Dinosaurs movie when the live dinosaurs round up for the movie broke out of their pen. Sonja seemed in danger of being trampled by a herd of parasaurolophus - and knowing her strongest Manifestation wouldn't be enough to save her - when she suddenly developed a new power. In a matter of moments, Sonja grew to nearly 8 feet tall, with heroically powerful physique far in excess of her former sleek tone. She was big and tough enough to resist the dinosaurs, and strong enough to subdue them with her bare hands.

Novas able to transform into other forms weren't unheard of. Unfortunately, while Sonja may have been able to take a form not unlike the myths of the Jotunn, she couldn't change back. This radically changed her life as nothing else could. Cadillacs and Dinosaurs was closed down due to the damage and wounds caused by the dinosaur rampage. She had to drop out roles in upcoming movies and modelling contracts since she obviously not longer fit the parts. She did get other promotional and modelling work, even offered bit parts in movies, but there were very niche and didn't pay nearly what she was used to.

Two months after her Jotunn transformation as she took to calling it, she and her husband Cristiano divorced. He couldn't handle a wife who was so much bigger and stronger than he was. Sonja had terrified when in a fit of frustration, she had put her fist through the engine block of his customized sportscar. And while she was hurt at the dissolution of her marriage, Sonja could privately admit it wasn't all Cristiano's fault. Being with him felt almost like being with a child, a delicate one. An unfair comparison, but there all the same. She felt stuck in a world of children.

At loose ends - most of her businesses able to function with little oversight, Sonja started on renovating her residences to accommodate her new stature and work on new music with the Choosers of the Slain, her voice hadn't changed much beyond getting a bit deeper and even more husky, though her instruments felt like toys in her hands.

When the American Government came to her about joining a rapid response team to deal with dinosaurs and other emergencies, Sonja agreed, though with some reservations - after all, despite her size and strength, she was just an actress - she only played Black Widow in a movie, she didn't have her skills. But it was certainly something where she could put her size and strength to use. And the Agency was practically salivating at getting such a high profile celebrity to work with them.


Business Ventures

Bahaar Bazaar - Feel Good. Look Good/Casual Comfort, Glamorous Sensibility - Everyday Glamour style clothing line, expanded into footwear, leatherwear, businesswear, and some accessories, including sunglasses. Known for relatively high - but not luxury - prices, but very comfortable and long-lasting/durable, with a mix-and-match sensibility so only a few pieces are needed to provided a greater number of outfits.

Houriglass Intimates - For Every Size, A Fit - Sleepwear and underwear in all sorts of sexy and colorful styles, from flirty to sophisticated. Available in a huge variety of sizes, catering to all types of bodies. Has added swimwear and sportswear lines. Doesn't have a huge profit margin, but enjoys high popularity and satisfaction ratings

BeeMii - Shape Given Form - An acronym of Body Map Imagining Innovations, a small tech company Sonja provided start-up capital for. They specialize in body mapping and movement tracking technology. Applications have gone into the fashion/garment industry for specialized sizing and the movie and video game industry to enhance motion capture techniques, as well in other areas.


The List of Sonja's TV and Movie Roles and Albums is incomplete and will be added to over time. I'm also willing hear suggestions for movies and shows she's been in, either Real-World ones, or made-up ones for Genesic Age


1999 - The Virgin Suicides (Lux Lisbon)
2000 - Almost Famous (Polexia Aphrodisia)
2001 - Ghost World (Enid)
2002 - Spider-Man (Mary Jane Watson)
2003 - Lost in Translation (Charlotte)
2004 - Mean Girls (Cady Heron)
2004 - Spider-Man 2 (Mary Jane Watson)
2005 - Sin City (Nancy Callahan)
2005 - Layer Cake (Tammy)
2006 - The Devil Wears Prada (Andy Sachs)
2007 - Spider-Man 3 (Mary Jane Watson)
2009 - The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (Lisbeth Salander)
2009 - The Girl Who Played With Fire (Lisbeth Salander)
2009 - The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets' Nest (Lisbeth Salander)
2010 - Iron Man 2 (Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow)
2010 - Blue Valentine (Cynthia 'Cindy' Heller)
2011 - Sucker Punch (Babydoll)
2012 - The Avengers (Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow)
2012 - The Hunger Games (Katniss Everdeen)
2013 - Blue is the Warmest Colour (Emma)
2013 - The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (Katniss Everdeen)
2014 - Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow)
2014 - Gone Girl (Amy)
2014 - The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 (Katniss Everdeen)
2015 - Avengers: Age of Ultron (Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow)
2015 - Mad Max: Fury Road (Imperator Furiosa)
2015 - Janis: Little Girl Blue (Janis Joplin)
2015 - The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 2 (Katniss Everdeen)
2015 - Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Rey)
2016 - Captain America: Civil War (Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow)
2016 - Hail, Caesar! (Dahlia Swan)
2017 - Black Widow: Homecoming (Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow)
2017 - Star Wars VIII (Rey)
2018 - Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 (Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow)
2018 - Bridezilla (Alex Spitze)
2019 - Avengers: Infinity War Part 2 (Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow)
2019 - Star Wars IX (Rey)


2016 - Wicked [FX Miniseries] (Galinda)

Voice Work

2008 - Kung Fu Panda (Tigress)
2011 - Kung Fu Panda 2 (Tigress)
2015 - Fallout 4 (Voice of Female Protagonist)
2016 - Kung Fu Panda 3 (Tigress)
2017 - Fallout 5 (Voice of Female Protagonist)
2019 - Fallout 6 (Voice of Female Protagonist)

Albums and Songs with Choosers of the Slain
Sonja Bahaar - Vocals, Lead Guitar, Songwriter (Iranian-Icelander American, 8', Platinum Blonde, Indigo Eyes)
Vendela Lindstrom - Rhythm Guitar, Backup Vocals (Swedish, 5'11'', Blonde, Blue Eyes)
Deirdre Frederiksen - Bass Guitar, Cello, Backup Vocals (Irish-Norwegian, 5'10', Strawberry Blonde, Blue Eyes)
Aikko Valli - Drums, Songwriter (Korean-Finnish, 5'8'', Black hair, Grey-Blue Eyes)
Kjersten Vestergaard - Keyboards, Violin (Danish, 6'1'', Blonde, Blue-Green eyes)

2004 - Choosers of the Slain
2008 - Burning Bifrost
2011 - Yggdrasil is Falling
2017 - Norns by the Road

News and Tabloid Stories

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Staff Sergeant Abigail Boyde (75th Ranger Regiment, 2nd Battalion)
Series: The Genesic Age

Occupation: Army Ranger
Rank: Staff Sergeant
Legal Status: American Citizen with no criminal convictions
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Arthur Boyde (Father, MIA), Elisabeth Boyde (Mother)
Date of Birth: June 18th, 1995 (Father's Day)


Physical Traits

Gender: Female
Ethnic Background: Caucasian & Eskimo
Age: 25
Apparent Age: Mid to Late Twenties
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 145 lbs
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown
Handedness: Right

Appearance: Being part Eskimo, Abigail's mixed heritage is fairly obvious to most in her face and eyes (though she did get some height from her father's side). She is very fit and possesses a solid, athletic build thanks to the rigorous physical training of the Rangers. She is attractive, though it is hindered by her somewhat "tomboy-ish" dress. She has charismatic personality, which not only aids her in leading and inspiring others, but also allows her to bond quickly with those around her. Her dark brown hair is generally pinned up when on duty and tied back the rest of the time. When off-duty she tends to dress in jeans and shirts to the point that her fellow Rangers cannot seem to recall her ever wearing a dress or even skirt.

Known Powers:

1) Sensory Obscurement: Abigail posses the ability to render herself visually undetectable. This ability she can also extend to conceal her scent and even the sounds she makes (allowing her fire un-silenced weapons without a sound). She as demonstated the ability to extend this concealment to another person she is touching. She refers to this ability as "Going Missing" due to a long stand Alaskan term for people who just seem to vanish into the vast wilderness without a trace.

2) Resistance to Injury: Highly resistant to most small arms fire as well armed and unarmed attacks.

3) Rapid Healing: Abigail can heal and an extremely rapid rate, recovering from serious wounds in seconds.

4) Enhanced Coordination, Balance & Speed: Since eruption, Abigail posses a level of dexterity exceeding human capability. This enhanced her already considerable natural reflexes as well as allowing her to complete most physical tasks and an extremely accelerated rate, (such as field stripping, cleaning and reassembling her weapon in seconds and typing up lengthy reports in under a minute).

Abilities/Special Skills: Abigail is one of the first women to ever pass the rigorous testing and schools to become a full-fledged Army Ranger and posses all the skills that entails. As such, she is an excellent marksman familiar with all NATO and Warsaw Pact small arms as well as domestic civilian arms (including bows and crossbows), skilled in several forms of close quarter combat (both armed and unarmed), is a fully trained paratrooper and a skilled hunter and survivalist (in a multitude of terrains).

Personality:  Abigail is generally calm and level-headed, handling stress well. She is sometimes quiet, but when she is being gregarious she can be very warm and friendly.

Background: Abigail was born and raised in rural Alaska. Her father, an Army Ranger, taught her to shoot, trap, hunt and fish like many kids in rural Alaska do. Beyond those practical skills, her parents also taught her about leadership, respect, self-reliance and honor. Though her parents actually discouraged her from enlisting, they were both very proud that their daughter chose to serve her country. Abigail did well in the army, the skills her father taught her and the discipline her parents instilled in her served her well, allowing her to be one of the first women to become an Army Ranger and reach the rank of Staff Sergeant in under seven years.

Abigail's eruption took place during a training exercise near the edge of the safe zone. Apparently the area was not as secure as they believed. A small group of dinos made it into the area of their exercise and caught them off guard. Through the course of the fight she found their claws barely scratched her, and when they did draw blood, the wounds seemed to heal up before her eyes. Her shooting became much for accurate and fluid and, much to the surprise of Abigail and her fellow soldiers, she found herself literally turning invisible. Her invisibility did not just mask her visually, but also seemed to confound the dinos by making her scent and sometimes even the very sounds she made.

After the incident she was assigned to a Crisis Response Team where she could put her new-found abilities to good work.

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Name:  Keira Isolde Smythe
Code Name: Protean
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Cajun
Birthday: March 12, 1990 
New Orleans, Louisiana
Eye Color: Orange/gold
Hair Color: Auburn (usually, it shifts at times, it is always wild, as in the picture, and grows back to at least shoulder length if cut)
Handedness: Right


Born in Louisiana, in about 1990, she was 25 during the genesis cascade, and her home was buried underwater during that year. She survived, mostly because of her natural capability to adapt and survive in any environment, but it caused other changes as well.  Her family had lived in the Louisiana bayou  for a number of generations, well off, she herself was studying in collage, but had returned home for a visit when the waters flowed in from the gulf and buried much of the US.

Living in the bayou made one fairly adaptable to the weather, but it was no match for being drowned, and for a moment it seemed as though she and her family were dead, though they were inside at the time, the house was not designed to be waterproof.  The energies of the genesis cascade, however, had altered her, though she did not realize it at first.

Developing gills, she might have been able to save some of her family if it had not been for some of the other things that also came with the cascade, such as ancient underwater dinosuars returning..  including creatures similar to alligators much larger and more dangerous then the ones that had been native to the area..

Keira eventually walked out of the sea where the Appalachian mountains had halted the rise of the waters, wearing nothing more then her skin.  Embarrassment caused her to become aware of her ability to manifest whatever she desired to wear, something she has further explored and developed since that day, to the point she can do some amazing things with it.

She ended up with the Crisis Research & Response Division, determined to help others survive in this transformed world and they began to study how she had changed, all aspects of her mind and body had improved, but her internal biochemistry had also changed significantly as well.   Her body and mind is about as close to perfect as possible, genetically it as though she had taken on the best of all possible genetics and discarded most of the worst..  studies of her dna have shown a shifting structure that has scientists rather amazed, especially once she developed the ability to consciously alter her body to any situation.

She was eventually tagged with the code name Protean, as she has developed just about any physical body trait one can imagine, even if just temporary.  Claws, gills, wings, pheromones, ultra-light bones, tentacles, prehensile tail or hair, acidic blood, web spinners, pseudo-pods, poison fangs, infrared vision, etc.  Making her something of a swiss army knife within the Division, since her abilities could be useful in any situation regardless.  This, together with her considerable social capabilities, has given a good degree of backing and influence within the Division.

Psychologically, she still has flashbacks to the flooding, and the moment she was drowning, as well as the loss of her family.  She still likes swimming, especially since she can do it much better these days, but going underwater sometimes brings back those moments.  She has some sorrow as a result of the loss, but it's been five years, she's had some time to heal.


Compassionate and sympathetic, despite the losses she's experienced, she remains open and concerned about other people, is protective and gentle with children, and far more patient then one might expect.  She's also drawn to and due to certain hormonal imbalances particularly vulnerable to seduction by those she finds attractive, though she tries hard to keep control of that aspect of her life, it's not always easy for her to do.


Raw Potential:  She possesses some remarkable capabilities, it is as though body and mind have pushed to the edges of human perfection, she has acute vision and hearing, a photographic memory and apparently is a natural human calculator, and has considerable natural sex appeal.  While she's not quite as capable as some other novas, she stands equal to the best of normal humans in raw talent within every field (a matter that has caused some degree of jealousy at times).  Physically she's naturally athletic and graceful, mentally she's alert to her surroundings, tends to be rational and cunning with regards to her intellect.  Socially she's persuasive, has a sympathetic ear and has an alluring beauty. 

Skills: She's pursued skills as an athlete and martial artist, since her transformation, she's also taken active control over her manifestation ability, which she is stronly attuned too, she can weave her manifested garments in a thousand different ways, much like she can alter her body.. mixing the two together in a single whole makes her all the more formidable.  She's also very insightful into other peoples feelings, has a degree in psychology and can move though social situations almost as well as physical ones.

Powers: Adaptive subconscious alteration to her physical traits, amazing conscious ability to shift DNA in amazing ways that should be impossible to suit her desires, ability to manifest and control her own attire to extreme degrees.  Superhuman degrees of Stamina, seemingly unflagging degrees of energy.


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Personal Information
Identity: James Edith Walker
Current Identity: J.E. Walker
Internet ID: LadyMarine88
Occupation: former Marine, former construction worker, CRRD contractor
Marital Status: Single
Living Relatives:  Oscar Sylvester Walker (nephew)
Allegiance(s): U.S. Government, CRRD, remaining family
Rank at discharge: Gunnery Sergeant


Physical Traits
Weight: 130 lbs
Height: 5’6”
Apparent age: late twenties
Age: 32
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Handedness: Right


Appearance and Personality
Personality: James has been shaped by her unusual first name, as well as her military family upbringing. Her father, mother, and their siblings are all military, most of them Navy. A number of her cousins went Navy, and it’s a joke in the family that those who couldn’t hack it as sailors went into the Marines instead. James hasn’t found the joke very funny since she went Marine, but she tolerated it with good humor. She has a generally good sense of humor, though grief has blunted it. Losing every member of her family save her ten-year-old nephew has taken much of her contentment away. She still tries to see the good in everything, and is, at heart, an optimist. Even the loss of the lower part of her right leg couldn’t kill that belief, and since erupting, she’s found it easier to deal with that handicap.

Philosophy: James believes in the inherent good of people, and the Genesic crisis has only reinforced that for her. She’s seen some awful behavior during the devastation, but she’s seen great heroics, too. She has faith in people and government, even if she doesn’t agree with them every time.

Appearance: Blonde and blue-eyed, James is definitely cute. She feels a little self-conscious about her missing foot/lower leg, so she usually wears pants to cover the prosthetic. She exercises a lot so that she doesn’t lose mobility, so she keeps very fit -- probably more fit than when she had all her limbs.

Born to a Navy family, it was a foregone conclusion that James would join the Navy. She was even named for her deceased grandfather, and her mother’s aunt who raised her, both career Navy. In a fit of rebellion, she went Marine.

It proved to be a life-changing decision, and not for the normal reasons. After completing basic, she went into the K9 unit and was trained in antiterrorism. James went to Afghanistan with Marshall, her canine partner. They did a full tour in Afghanistan then one in Iraq, then came back to Afghanistan. The two of them were there for the Genesis Cascade. They watched the area turn into a rainforest, even the steep slopes of the mountains. The power structure in the region was destabilized by the climate change and warlords arose when the government faltered. The U.S. started a strategic withdrawal.

Her team was one of the last to leave. As they were doing a security sweep of a car when the IED onboard detonated. Marshall was killed and James lost her leg. She returned home and recuperated, then was honorably discharged from her injury.

Her skills and injury made getting a job next to impossible. She managed to find a job pushing paper at the VA, filing completed forms with the government. James admits that she became depressed and put on a bit of weight.

Then she found the raptors.

Her car broke down Halloween night 2014. James tried to stay in her car, but an allosaurus attacked it. While she scrambled away, a pack of raptors attacked it, as they were unwittingly too close to the nest. James hid in the nest itself as the pack was killed by the allosaurus. It feasted on the parents and then went after her.

James pulled her firearm out and tried to fight the creature. Her bullets ricocheted and did no damage. She knew she was dead but she kept trying. Her heart and head pounded as it came at her, jaws agape. In defiance, James punched it -- and the allosaurus’s head snapped around sharply. With inhuman speed and force, she drove the already wounded dinosaur off.

When she caught her breath, she realized that most of the raptor eggs had been crushed. Two survived, and on impulse James took them. She wasn’t sure what she was doing, and she really wasn’t sure when they hatched the next morning. She could tell they imprinted on her immediately, and something in their huge eyes convinced her to go get some steak from the fridge instead of her .45.

She named one Marshall and the other Semper Fi. Without consciously deciding to, she raised them and trained them. They were a pleasant distraction from the strangeness in her life: the sudden weight loss, her increased physical prowess, and even her ability to compensate for her leg. She started running again, with Marshall and Semp tagging along with her. Caring for them required her to stay close to home, so she wasn’t at the fateful family reunion that granted her custody of her nephew. Two T-rexes, working in concert, attacked the park the reunion was in, killing everyone but the boy, who hid in a culvert.

With Oscar in her life, James had to come clean. He was put into foster care for a time, until she was able to convince the authorities that Marshall and Semp were loyal to her. There was some adjustment on all sides when Oscar came home but they’ve managed to become something akin to a family.

To support her new life, James applied for and received a position with CRRD.

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Personal Information
Identity: Jeacques DuFresne
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Student


Physical Traits
Weight: ~160lbs
Height: 6'3"
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Red/Brown
Handedness: Right


Appearance and Personality
Personality: In his early twenties, Jacques a relatively quiet man. Extremely focused on his studies and bettering himself, he can sometimes come across as standoffish. He dislikes being talked down to and will argue viciously with people he perceives as patronising him, a holdover from the fact that in any given room, he is probably the smartest individual there. However, once he has decided that he likes someone, he will defend them against all comers.

Appearance: Green Eyes with Reddish/brown hair and with a scar bisecting his left eye, as a human he was fairly striking. Since erupting, his good looks have been carried to an almost inhuman level, inspiring a sense of awe in all those who meet him.


Jeacues DuFresne was born to a French Expatriate Thomas DuFresne and American Mother Caroline O'Brien in Texas.

With an above average intelligence, he has excelled at most every scholarly pursuit he has thus far turned his hand to. Before the Cascade, he had been intending to go to college in order to study and pursue a Law degree, but once the Cascade hit, his Father contracted some form of Virus, ultimately leading to his death. He changed his mind, instead deciding to pursue a career in medicine, in the hopes of categorising and hopefully curing some of the new diseases and the like that had cropped up with the return of the Dinosaurs and the general chaos they caused.

For the first time in years, he has been academically challenged. He has relished it and has thrown himself into proceeding with a fervour. His only complaint thus far is that there are not enough hours in the day. Though with his almost chronic insomnia, that is less of an issue than he might lead you to believe. To help him feel more awake at these times, he has been known to consume vast quantities of coffee.  He volunteers to help out in the labs above and beyond what is required by his course, and has made a name for himself as a dedicated student, though many reccomend that he rests more often, lest it begin to impact on his work.


3 Months after the Cascade


The Smell of Antiseptic washed over him and below it, the faintest hint of rot. He repressed a shudder. He hated hospitals. The receptionist nodded to him and his mother as they passed. This last month they had become almost a fixture in the area. He wouldn’t be surprised if he could navigate the way blindfolded, now.

The hospital was, unsurprisingly, overcrowded. The Cascade, is what they were calling it. The Single greatest fuckup in human history, more like. The new energy source reacted with the old Nuclear Generators. It turbocharged the world giving it a new lease on life. It also gave it one hell of a case of roid rage.

Seemingly everything in the new world was out to kill them. And the damned dino’s were just the tip of the Iceberg. New bacterium and viruses evolved, seemingly overnight. Stuff that humans had no inherent immunity to.  Millions dead and with casualty lists still pouring in.

They reached their destination. It was impressive, what they’d managed to rig up on such short notice. For those special cases. Hermetically sealed with a decontamination chamber attached. Single occupant. Only known outbreak of this particular strain of..... whatever it was. He scratched at the gauze covering his left eye. A nervous tic he’d developed at some point. He hated this.

The sole occupant looked up and smiled. He had to fight not to flinch. Blood and something yellow stained his teeth. The occupant wheezed out a laugh, before beginning, in stuttering, almost breathless, French,

“Sorry to startle you. My condition has taken a turn for the worse, it seems.” He had to pause a moment, coughing into a handful of tissues. The sound was repulsive.

“How have you been? I was worried when you didn’t come the last few days....”

There’s no rebuke in the words, but he can’t help but hear recrimination in them. He knows that. But his guilt makes the words burn. He fights down a flush of shame.

“Sorry, Dad.” He begins, putting everything he can into keeping that smile stapled to his face. He tells his story, how Dino’s got into the enclave. How he managed to get behind some bars, and how his falling over ensured he only got the gash on his face, rather than leaving him with his guts sprawling on the floor. A millimetre, they had said. Just a millimetre further and it probably would have taken the eye right out of his head. Even now, whenever he thought of it, his focus sharpened to an almost painful clarity. Felt like his bones were dipped in ice water. Adrenaline was a hell of a drug, apparently.

The conversation goes on and, eventually, as it always does, his mother asks about progress. The answer is not good. Even if they manage to whip something up at this stage, he’s too far gone. The hope remains that they will at least be able to continue studying him to prevent it from happening to anyone else.

At this stage, he has to excuse himself, almost fleeing to the Bathroom. It feels like he’s swallowing around a golf ball and he can feel the burn in the corner of his eyes. He can’t let his father see him like this. He will not. He comes to a conclusion, there. If he cannot help his father, he will at least follow his wishes and try to make his death mean something. Prevent something like this happening to some other family, somewhere else. A deep breath in, and out. Ok. He thinks he has control now. He can go back. Have to make the last of the time count as much as possible. He catches a glimpse of himself in the mirror and with a snarl, puts his fist through it.

..... Maybe a few more minutes.

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