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Game Proposal: The Genesic Age

Justin OOC

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This is an idea I've had for quite some time, so bear with me.   What I propose is to run an aberrant game that's more fun than rules heavy, and hopefully enjoyable for everyone.

It is 2020, Five years after the Genesis Cascade.  What is the cascade? Glad you asked.  in 2015 a new type of energy was discovered, which could be the first fully clean renewable source of power for the world, capable of meeting the planets energy needs.  Unfortunately the energy's interaction with the world's various nuclear reactors.   In conjunction with them, the energy cascaded, rejuvenating the world in profound ways, barren lands became verdant savannah and marshlands.  Perhaps most shocking, life that that was long extinct returned, seemingly overnight.  Insects 100 times the size of the modern versions, massive forests and jungles overgrowing  major cities, and last and not least, the Great Dinosaurs, returning after a sixty five million year hiatus.  Of course many land mammals returned, and even birds like the dodo.  The Land, Sea, and Sky all boast new life, new dangers for what remains of humanity.   In the first year over half of humanity perished.   Research quickly lead to the reactors of the source of the cascade effect and to that end humanity has spent much effort to shut down all nuclear reactors on the planet.

While the loss of life is appalling and tragic, new hope did survive.  Technology was not lost, but much was interrupted, there were upheavals, but the United States Endures even with the loss of Washington.  This is due in part to a new development for humanity, Homo Novus.  simply put, some members of humanity, roughly 1 in every one million, have gained special superhuman powers.    Most novas as they are called are only slightly over  human norm, but each possesses gifts which help them deal with the new state of the world.

The United states was among the best prepared for this, and the worst, in some ways, and quickly began to gather up those with powers to form emergency response teams to deal with the situations that arose.  After five years, the world still turns, and many people have adapted.  Still there is much work to do to ensure humanity endures, and adapts to this new world.

In closing you the players, will be one of these crisis response teams, formed roughly six months before game start (better than a six week thread assembling you all I should think)  make the character you want to play, I will tailor the game to it.  I do intend this to be an action oriented game, so bear that in mind.  The character generation rules are standard aberrant with the following changes

starting quantum is 3, this is also the max to start.
starting pc's have 15 np to spend.
There is No taint in this game, at this time.
Aberrations may be taken as flaws.

Animal Mastery is hearby raised to a level 3 power, considering its power in this game.
I reserve the right to amend rules as I need to, to preserve game balance, and to maintain the fun of all players.

Please post interest here in this thread.

With that said, I welcome you all to Aberrant: The Genesic Age.

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I'll see about maybe revamping a version of Sonja for this, though I make no guarantees yet about how often I can post. If nothing else, you can use her as an NPC, Long. :)

This version, instead of being naturally athletically inclined or a professional athlete, would have been a world famous and acclaimed actress/model and possibly singer/musician, married to a big sports star, then later to her She-Hulk-like proportions, severely altering her career and marriage.

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So, I began considering a idea or two and a number of questions came to mind.

  • Eufiber? Neofiber? [Yes, No, Maybe?]
  • Can we take single techniques from level 3 powers as level 2 powers?
  • Is the permanent power aberration a merit or a flaw?
  • If you take aberrations as a flaws, can you also take Chimerical Aberration to alter them?
  • Strengths & weaknesses [Yes, No, Maybe]?
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nina here meet Temple Faire newest member of the  what ever we are calling this (my suggetion  GNS or Genesic Nova Squad, but i would have used a y instead of an I its more visually appealing)

Temple is a Porter and a Telepath with Mega Perception, skilled with Firearms and Martial Arts as well as Survival Skills, and she flips a pretty mean burger.



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eufiber as written? no.   I was going to borrow your manifestation version of it as it worked well for what most of us want it to do.

techniques form L3 powers still can be taken as stand alone, but that only lowers the q requirement by 1, so only those suite powers with a q-min of 4 or less qualify at this time

permanent power is more a merit than anything else to me.  There are some circumstances it might be a flaw, and I'd address those in private, case by case.

no to chimerical aberration, and no to strengths and weaknesses.

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This is Protean, she possesses body shift and mega-stamina, and I plan for her to have manifestation fairly high as well, so her appearance can change completely if she spends quantum, but when she relaxes her powers, this is what she looks like.. for now at least (until she develops  appearance alteration naturally instead of borrowing it temporarily it with body shift)



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Casper Juliens.

A no-nonsense man of few words. Likes fly small aircraft and kill things for no other reason than to say he has killed something. He does listen to orders and will generally be a 'good soldier' if directed.

Casper Juliens.jpg

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  • 2 weeks later...

I wasn't in the tower. I did not even notice that the tower was NOT a separate structure in the first read. It appeared to me a separate building. The only post saying the tower is ON top of a building is what Abigail posted after I posted.

I am confused. Do ALL of us have artistic liberties that can add to the Storytellers post?

As far as hearing you, you did say you said it out loud to everyone. If he was within a football field length Mega hearing would surely let him hear you.

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from Justins post of our arrival

Once they arrived on site, they saw the two vehicles, a pair of jeeps, shredded as if giant can openers had been taken to them.   The building had 3 holes in the walls big enough for someone to walk through, and the upper roof of the sixty foot high lookout tower was ripped off.  The ground was littered with broken masonry and glass.   Inside it still smelled of blood and fried circuitry.  All the screens and electronics were either smashed, clawed with gaping rents, or showing signs of being ripped open with teeth.  There were bloodstains on the walls, along with lines of bullet holes.  


Could have been a little clearer in the post and he did clarify in chat that it was one building


As for license i will let more experienced folks give an in depth explanation . I add some things that pertain to my character. One thing is that  alot of by play is done in chat where two or more players discuss what they are doing and then the post playing off of that. but there is a certain amount of lee way. We aren't sitting around a table so to make the story read as a story I always take whats in the previous post and use that to make mine if I think something can be added I will do so if its something with impact i will check with the storyteller first


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1, I wasn't aware that CJ could hear a pin drop at long range. We don't have posted sheets after all.

2: I was outside with Abigail, and unlike CJ I do not have super-hearing.

3: Now this is completely moot as it seems we're under attack or about to be.


Also is there RP going on in chat I'm missing out on when I'm not on? Also I'm not even clear if Temple is at the outpost where we are, or some other base with Locke.

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