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MAGE 20 - The Tomorrow Unknown - A Quiet Moment


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The little girl sat cross legged on the blackened burned bricks, the frame of the building hiding the burned and blasted skeletal remains of the buildings surrounding hers. The sun shown down dim and red but still providing enough light for her to see by. Scattered about her on the floor were dozens of dolls and she was dressing and undressing them in clothes she conjured from nothing. She herself was wearing what amounted to a hospital gown. Standing behind her was an immense Thing shrouded and horrifying yet it seemed to be guarding and protecting her. She was 7 years old but had been sitting here far far longer than that.


The Avatar


A whisper of wind and a tall thin man dressed in shadow stepped from nowhere and smiled when he saw the girl, she of course could not see him all the better for his purpose. He looked at the ancient avatar and mustering his might, in this place he need fear no Paradox, he prepared to subdue and enslave this power when a voice came from his left.


“Hello Micah, fancy meeting you here.â€


The voice was conversational but it froze Micah in his tracks, he lowered his hands and slowly turned to look at the man sitting in an easy chair that hadn't been there when he arrived. The man also tall and thin, blond haired and dressed in comfortable evening clothes of a century past was holding a comic book which wouldn't be written for many many years to come. That man closed the book and placed it in his lap folding his hands on top of it.


“Anselem, this is mine, you have no business interfering here.â€


“It's Anson now, I've moved beyond the old ways thought it was time for a change. And I do have business here, after all you were about to molest my apprentice. Isn't she a bit young for you?â€


Micah looked at the fellow mage and former associate now rival.


“You're apprentice? Shes been like this for almost 15 years, how could she be anyone's apprentice?â€


The mage now called Anson chuckled much to Micah's annoyance, raised his hands palms up as he shrugged.


“Really you of all people are asking me that?â€


He stands up and the chair turns back into the charred ruin it has always been in this place, the creation of the girls quiet mind.


“She will be my Apprentice, has been my apprentice, and is my apprentice. And that means Micah, you need to leave, now.â€


Micah moves back placing himself in a position where he can keep both the mage and the girl and the Avatar in front of him.


“She is one of us Anselem.... Anson what ever your calling yourself now. She belongs with us not you.â€


His power surges as he prepares to unleash his formidable wrath on the other mage, but he stops short when he sees the Avatar turn feels its gaze penetrate him feels its Power, a Power older than any he has ever encountered, literally absorb his leaving him drained and vulnerable. His nerves afire as pain burns through him. It starts at the tips of his fingers fist they blacken and crack then they crumble as the black spreads flowing up his arm consuming him.


“Really Micah, what did you think would happen? Your in her reality, not yours, not mine.†He shakes his head at the mage he once called friend. “Fool.â€



Micah can't speak the black has spread to his chest He cant even scream as he turns to dust.



In a sidewalk cafe in Paris a tall thin man dressed in black enjoys his breakfast when he feels a powerful vibration in the ether the medium of magick. The power is irresistible  he knows that the mere possession of it will catapult him to the leadership of the organization a thing he has coveted for decades. He begins to lift his cup to drink as  without thought he sends his spirit to the locked away source, crossing the space and time in an instant, then hesitates his coffee cup half way to his lips. The cup tumbles from his hand as he gasps and clutches his chest. He falls to the ground. People rush to help him even a young medical student but he cannot be revived. An autopsy later shows that he died of sudden organ failure as all his major organs failed at once.



Anson watched the building burn,his arm draped protectively around the shoulders of the young woman at his side. The firefighters and citizens fought the fire to no avail the papers would revel tomorrow that at least 27 patients had perished along with one staff member. There was no record of the girl left. She would be assumed to have perished along with the rest. He noticed that her hospital gown was gone replaced by a dress she had seen one of the other women watching the men fightthe fire wearing. Anson took her hand and led her away into a shadowy ally. “Your free of that place now. I think you will like your new home. It's hot but I think it will do wonders for your health.†She just looked at him as he led her to a wall. With a piece of chalk he traced the outline of a door onto the wall then he opened it and she could see the beautiful house house through the open door she looked up at his face.


“Can I do that?â€


These were the first words she had spoken in 15 years, since her parents had committed her to the asylum.



“Oh yes Mia, this and so much more, I will teach you everything.â€


The mages stepped through the door leaving behind a historic fire and a blank wall.

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