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[OpNet] A Personal Shout-Out to Mal's Favorite Pitbull


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I know you're out there, Geryon. I know you're watching. I know that despite all your talk about transhumanism and freeing novas from slavery that you're just as obsessed with this network as the rest of the nova population.

Know this, Geryon. I was inside your mind. I turned off all your powers without even thinking about it and I could have made your shoulders very, VERY lonesome for your head. And know this: I'm going to be watching out for you. If anything happens to any of my family, I'm going to blame you, I'm going to track you down, and then I'm going to dispense with an embalmer and stuff you personally. If I ever see your face again I'm going to stick a kitsune blast in it. I'm going to stick your brain into a house with no doors. That is the least of what I can do to you.

Get the HELL out of my life.

- The Vixen

Current Popularity Level 71%

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