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Mutants & Masterminds:The Age of the Cape

Aphrodite Pandemos

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In the early 20th century there was an arms race to synthesize metahumans. Then World War II happened. People began to associate Eugenics with the Nazis. There was no way any government could get away with this in public. The United States government shut down their metahuman programs and any others caught doing it were brought up on war crimes. Bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki - the biggest eugenics camps outside of Germany you ever saw - and everyone went on with their daily lives.

Sixty years later, a government whistleblower found the hidden files of the WWII metahuman projects. Instead of releasing it to the public, he thought he found a goldmine. In secret he used the knowledge to make chemicals and concoctions to give people superpowers. He sold them in black market auction houses for millions. Thus the metahuman was born not out of necessity, but greed.

Of course, the people who got it first were almost always bored rich people who wanted a little bit of thrill in their life. Getting superpowers, so decadent! Nine times out of ten they used their new superpowers for some extreme sports or, in most cases, to buck the laws. In the early days you heard of costumed and/or painted robberies and kill sprees for every super awesome stunt. Luckily a few smart metahumans were able to replicate the formula and started giving it to altruistic people. Those who would defend against the villainous genetic freaks.

Thus began the Age of the Cape.


The year is 2015. Very little has happened in the way of change, except for people in costumes running around with superpowers. BY THE WAY, I am not saying all rich people are evil. I'm just saying that the early adopters were the unscrupulous kind who would buy superpowers on the black market for fun. Some of the people who got it for free weren't the best of people either.

The City will be San Diego. Close to almost everything fun in the tristate area and right on the border!

If you have any other questions or suggestions about the setting, please ask them here.


We're going with Mutants and Masterminds Third Edition. That's the vibe I got when asked in chat.

You will be Power Level 10. I am giving you 210 points. At least 90 points must be spent on your prepowered self. In fact, please send me your 90 point self along with your 210 points self.

If you want to be of higher power level you can drop 15 points for one power level up to 2 times. Meaning the most you can be is PL12, 180 points.

I expect your powers to be genetic somehow. Psionics is OK, but no magic, deities or aliens or anything that doesn't come from your DNA. You can have gadgets, but don't make them the whole of your character. No battle suits, but if you're a smarty type metahuman you can make a few gadgets that help you along. The game is more what your body can do for you not being assisted by technology ;)

I will be taking the first four I approve. This is not first come first serve.

Again, any questions or suggestions go in the thread.

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So, no battle suits, constructs or mages, mostly superhuman physical and/or mental/psychic, or do some of the more unusual, such as energy controllers and super human martial artists exist?

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Martial artist are possible, I'd think. Nothing too genetically out there. Yeah, blasts and flights are less common, but not unheard of. If you have a good explanation about how your body is letting out that much energy, go for it.

EDIT: This is Beautiful Dreamer, forgetting to change subaccounts. Blah.

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After hitting a roadblock i have changed my Cape lol


Kate Cook is a Student at The University of California - San Diego where she is studying Sociology. She is also a star Athlete and an assistant head Cheerleader. She is in training for Olympic tryouts. She is a happy cheerful and loving young woman who donates her time willingly mind you to a variety of causes, some would probably call her a goody two shoes, but thats not an accurate discription. she is just a very driven woman with a strong personal moral center and a desire to help the less fortunate and make our world a better place.


However Kate may be a good person but she isn't a prude and she does like to have fun Very recently she went to a party/rave and someone dosed her with powerup juice. The results are pretty spectacular. The genetic changes increase her physical abilities into the superhuman range giving her limited Bio kinetic, Telekinetic, and gravikinetic powers which all operate on her subconscious levels giving her super strength, Invulnerability and the power of flight among others. Not a big nerd but she is a big fan of the supergirl tv show and suddenly finding herself with he superpowers of her TV heroin she adopted the persona of supergirl and knowing that with great powers comes great responsibility she dons the Cape and sets out to make the world a better place.








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