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You Owe It To Yourself To Watch This: Kung Fury

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Yes indeed. In fact, in order to make this movie the director time-traveled to the 80's and stole all the 80sness...which is why it then became the 90's...and brought it back here. He then had the movie hacked to allow it to contain even more 80s, at which point it became even more 80's than the actual 80's was.


And thus Kung Fury was born.

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Watching that really brought back memories of the "overly warm black vinyl" smell I remember fron the videotape rental stores I visited back then... Cheap lighting, tacky signs, shelves stocked with all those B-, C- and D-list movies that never made it to the silver screen... All in all, a pretty good cure for any lingering traces of 80's nostalgia.

Hail the Internet for making all that a thing of the past.

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