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Affiliation- Former Decepticon
Classification -Seeker
Outlier ability- Phase shift

Once he was known Dealos, one of Cybertron's most successful merchants.  His willingness to employ anyone gained him many fans among the common people, and in thanks his employees strove to keep the business healthy and flowing.    This however brought him into conflict with the Functionists, as they thought his employment of any of the classifications could give the lesser classified airs of equality, They sought to teach him a lesson.   Propaganda was put forth, ruining his business, and then charges were brought up of corruption and illegal workplace practices, as well as trafficking in restricted goods.   

A gifted organizer, They didn't want him dead, but made an example of him, much as had been done with the rogue senator Shockwave.  They eschewed the Shadowplay, but went ahead with the cranial empurata, removing his expressive face, replacing it with a cold expressionless vizor and mask.  For a bot who had been such a people person, it was an isolation far worse than what most could imagine.   

Broken, hopeless, he could only do simple courier jobs, as no one would trust on so stigmatized as he was.  It was on one of these jobs that he heard the words of the Miner from Tarn, Megatron, and they resonated within his very spark.  He finished his job, and then sought out the miner, and the two spoke of a new vision for Cybertron, and what resources Dealos had, became those of the Decepticon cause.  Using up what favors he had, he procured several caches of arms for them, under the noses of the Senate.  

Gaining leverage was something they needed to do, and in this, Dealos had some utility, as he was an outlier, an unknown one up until then, as he had the ability to "Phase shift" and move through matter and energy as though they were not there.  Activating the power consumed vast amounts of energon, but allowed him to get places few could, stealing secrets, technology, and overhearing things others didn't want known, much in the way Soundwave did for Senator Ratbat.

By the time war broke out in earnest, He had joined the ranks of the Seekers, the Elite Decepticon Aerospace Command.   Changing his name to Arsenal,  he underwent further training, and now carried a large number of weapon systems, including both blades and canon.

He often was detached from the other Seekers, though he worked with Skywarp on occasion, but garnered an impressive kill count, participating in the razing of several cities and many of cybertron's great battles.   He was a loyal decepticon, he believed in the cause, and in the end all of the events that happened with Megatron's return after the debacle on Earth, well it's best said he doesn't wish to speak on those.   He bore witness and helped to battle the undead Metrotitan.

He's not happy with Starscream as the leader, and following Megatron's broadcast, renouncing decepticonism, he Actually went through with it, and Stood down, joinng the ranks of somewhat listless decepticons now that the war was well and truly over.   Moreover, he has begun to look for new avenues, and the invitation to join the crew of the Nova Praxis, to provide security and help Organize things appealed to his long buried past.  He accepted, and set out on this grand new adventure.
High Concept: Merchant Turned Decepticon Adrift in Postwar Reconstruction
Trouble: Loyal to a Fault
Alt-Mode: Seeker-class Cybertronian warplane
The Face of Empurata: Arsenal is an empurata sufferer, and his once-expressive face has been replaced with a visor and mask.
Outlier: Arsenal has the ability to phase-shift, able to pass through solid matter.
They Called Me Dealos: Sometimes Arsenal's past as a successful merchant is an asset as he practices the art of the deal and makes connections; other times, it's just a painful reminder of times long gone.
Forceful +3 (Arsenal's rebuilt body and wrist-mounted cannon excels in displays of force.)
Quick, Clever +2 (you have to be fast to be a Seeker, and Arsenal was always a quick thinker even when he was a merchant.)
Flashy, Cautious +1 (Grand displays and careful gestures are not his way, but in a pinch he can do them.)
Sneaky +0 (Due to the empurata, Arsenal stands out in a crowd.)
Because I Can Phase-Shift, once per session I can become immaterial and pass through solid matter.
Because I Know A 'Bot, once per session I can declare that I know a 'bot nearby that will be on friendly terms if there is sufficient justification for there to be one.
Because I Have A Wrist-Mounted Pulse Cannon, I get a +2 to Forcefully Attack when I focus fire on one target for more than one turn.
Refresh: 3. By default, Arsenal gets 3 FATE points to spend at the beginning of each adventure.
robot mode
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Seahawk: Explorer, Scout, Hunter
Seahawk was intended for a life of peaceful exploration and protecting expeditions into unexplored space, all that changed with the war as she was sent to far-flung regions of the galaxy to look for places to support the Autobot cause. Seahawk signed on early and quick as Autobot ideals fit her own, and she was willing to lay down her life for the new leader and philosopher of the Autobots. During her time in battle though she started to use her mind to try to stymie Decepticon efforts to undermine alliances with her own surprising diplomatic skill. This eventually lead to earth, where Seahawk was thrust into one of the most important conflicts of the Cybertronian Civil War. Divided between protecting humans, fighting and scouting for Autobot interests, and taking down high-threat Decepticon scouts and spies.
When the war ended, Seahawk breathed a sigh of relief. Although leaving earth has left her sad. It's skies and waters were ideal for her, she would have loved vacationing there. But it was for the better, her kind caused damage... a lot of it.
Now the potential of a voyage to ensure the fragile, young peace after the war brings Seahawk to a new phase of her life. She doesn't know what awaits her, but she knows she's ready for the task.
In Jet or Sub mode, she is a dark navy blue hull/airframe vehicle with white pinstriping in various locations, this carrys over to her robot form. Her head looks like it is in a round helmet, with a blue goggle-like visor that comes down and closes around her face when she expects combat. Her body in robot form is spindly and almost avian in some aspects.
Seahawk's Holoavatar is a test pilot named Anne, a British woman in her early 30s, average height and weight with red hair and blue eyes, some freckles. Tends to wear clothing that fits to what alt form she's piloting. A modern flightsuit and kit in jet mode, or a dive suit and gear with rebreather in sub mode. If in robot mode she is in a full, slightly sci-fi looking pressure suit when she steps out. Speaks english in the "BBC" accent, as it's how she learned the language by intercepting BBC transmissions.
Seahawk weilds a Blue-Green laser rifle that serves as a gunpod in jet and sub mode as well, the rifle is specifically calibrated for underwater combat. She also is equipped with Sea/Air missiles that can be used to hit targets in the water or in the sky. For melee she weilds a pair of twin tonfa-like nightsticks, that she can use to strike at her opponents.
High Aspect: An explorer at heart turned recon scout
Trouble: More Stubborn than Impervium
Alt Mode 1: A Streamlined and upgraded fighter jet
Alt Mode 2: An unusually high-tech Submarine
Aspect 1: Talk to them first, shoot later
Aspect 2: Always takes the high road
Careful: +2
Clever: +2
Flashy: +1
Forceful: +0
Quick: +3
Sneaky: +1
Stunt 1: Because I am a Field Mechanic, once per session I can use my mechanical know-how to negate a situational aspect that could be negated with mechanical skill.
Stunt 2: Because I'm a People Robot, I get a +2 when I Cleverly overcome obstacles when I negotiate with others.
Stunt 3: Because I'm a dead-eye shot, I get a +2 when I Carefully Attack when I use a ranged weapon.
Refresh: 3, Stress: [] [] []
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Name: Algorithim
Affiliation: Unaligned

Algorithim never had time, nor patience for war. An endeavor that directed precious resources away from research and pure science into the counterproductive aim of destroying infrastructure and people. He got his start under the Functionalist regime and did quite well. He found their rules to be idiotic, but preferred to remain aloof from politics. However, he quickly realized that this simply wasn't possible. When he was forced into weapons research by the Functionalists in the early days of the Civil War, Algorithim suffered a crisis of faith, in which he came face to face with the question of whether or not a scientist is responsible for the use his researchis put to by others. Unable to fathom the answers himself, he went in search of the only minds he would acknowledge as superior to his own; the ones who had created Cybertron in the first place.

Swindling the Functionalists out of a jump-capable starship, Algorithim set forth into the galaxy to hunt the many rumors for seeds of truth. In the process he discovered countless worlds, met aliens, and gathered so much data he couldn't hold it all in his own head, forcing him to develop a means of storing some of his own memories in databanks onboard his ship. All along the path, he was confronted by beings who had been harmed by other Cybertronians, reminding him of the chaos raging in the world he'd tried to leave behind.

Finally though the war came to an end. With trepidation, Algorithim used most of his hoard of energon to fuel the titanic quantum leap back into Cybertronian space. His long isolation had given him some habits that others found offputting, as well as his sometimes questionable practices, rapidly giving him a reputation as a crackpot. Despite this reputation, he was invited to join the expedition by Rodimus to find the Knights of Cybertron, in recognition of his long experience seeking old Cybertronian myths and legends. He declined however, citing that he had lived in the past long enough...he was now in pursuit of the future.

And yet, for all that, he still seems to be seeking something from the oldest and most ancient records of Cybertron. Not the Knights though...but what else could there be?

Algorithim is a lanky, angular robot whose design reflects the age he was built in. Lacking the sleek sweeps and cool stylings of the newer transformers, he's blocky and utilitarian. His coloration is shades of grey against a white trim; as boring as he can be. His head has a set of radiators along the cranium to help dissipate the heat his prodigious quantum brain generates, giving him the visual impression of a crazy hairdo.

His altmode is as boring and utilitarian as his robot form. He turns into a sturdy, boxy, six-wheeled vehicle that has a robotic arm on a turret, and a large antennae and sensor array on the top of the back end. It's the size of a terrestrial automobile, but is geared for power and offroad movement, not speed. In this mode Algorithim enjoys access to enhanced communications gear capable of reaching into orbit, and an advanced sensor suite that can take and analyze samples as well as locate and track energy and radiation. His brain is allocated additional power as well, giving him the improved cognition needed to take advantage of these abilities. His

Science Rover form is durable, but is not a combat vehicle.

The old scientist doesn't have a 'weapon' per se, but his multifunction electromagnetic array can emit laser light of sufficient power to be destructive. It is, he maintains, a TOOL however, not a weapon. How many laser rifles can measure range, composition, and even take core samples? None! The fact he can just as easily take a 'sample' from someone's armored hide is merely a technicality.


In altmode, his turreted arm is clumsier than his robot-mode hands, but also quite a bit stronger, and is capable of inflicting damage.

Rumors that he's also building a weather-altering LIGHTNING GUN are just that; rumors. Silence.

High Concept: A Well-Meaning Scientist on a Madcap Journey of Discovery
Aspect 1 - Knows so much he can't remember it all.
Aspect 2 - I wonder what THIS Is.
Aspect 3 - Must Find the Truth, Whatever the Cost.
Altmode - Science Rover!
Trouble - Everyone Thinks I'm a Mad Scientist.

- Careful +2
- Clever +3
- Flashy +2
- Forceful +1
- Quick +0
- Sneaky +1

- My Advanced Sensor Suite allows me to Scan For Anomalies (+2 Bonus to Cleverly Create Advantage when studying environments)
- My Vast Databanks mean I can Consult the Archives (+2 Bonus to Carefully Overcome an obstacle when there's time to search for the needed information)
- When threatened, my Quantum Brain develops a Predictive Model Defense (+2 Bonus to Cleverly Defend when opponent has been studied for 1 round taking no other action)

Refresh 3

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Name: Redline
Affiliation: Former Decepticon

Classification: Failed Combiner, now Triplechanger



Redline is the result of both success and failure...


In an attempt to gain an upperhand in the war, the Decepticons tried to recreate the success of the Constructicons and their combiner form, Devastator with a new team. Redline's team was meant to rapidly infiltrate enemy lines to scout the enemy and when the time was right, combine to mount a massive attack in the enemy's rear area. As such, and taking notes from Ravage, the team was sleek, fast and built for stealth.


The team was close, much akin to a family, with Redline's own Conjunx Endura, Nightstrike, being part of the team. They worked extremely well together, thinking fast and acting faster. It was the best feeling Redline ever had. A feeling of belonging, being part of a greater whole. And then that feeling was even surpassed when the time for the test of their combiner form finally came. To the cheers of the decepticons witnessing it, the team did indeed combine. It was then that Redline felt a new sense of closeness and untiy. When combined, she and her teammates ceased being individuals and all came together to form something greater than any of them. The connection was so close, so intimate. Even in the midst of a war, Redline felt so at peace, losing herself into the combiner.


Then it all came crashing down... literally.


After being combined for scant minutes something went terribly wrong. The combined form was convulsing, wracked with an epic cascade failure of some sort. What consciousness Redline had grasped at teammates consciousnesses, and especially Nightstrike's, in a mixture of fear and love, and held her close, trying to protect her and wisk them away from the danger. That reflex turned out to have saved Redline's life. She was the only one of her team to survive the failure.


When she came to once again she was alone and in pain, both mental and physical. Something had happened to her brain module, spark, and transformation cog as the result of the accident. Parts of the sparks of the others were within her. She could hear them whisper and feel echos of them. Most shocking of all though, she had somehow absorbed Nightstrike's altmode, making her a triplechanger. She has survived, but was so alone now, haunted by the whispers of the others and knowing that she would never feel that level of unity... of completeness... again.


So many questions plagued her...


"Was it my fault?"


"If I hadn't tried to save them, could they have gotten out of the combiner safely on their own?"


"Did I just kill my team.. and the one I love?"


The guilt, anguish and loss threatened to cripple her. She had survived. She was always a survivor. But this time her survival came at what cost? Redline did the only thing she could do. She would find a way to rejoin them or simply end the pain. She could not bring herself to extinguish her spark on her own, so she threw herself into her work, volunteering for the most dangerous missions and taking needless risks with daring, high speed tactics. She might not be able to extinguish her own spark, but she certainly did not value it much. It was as if she was trying to get herself killed. Unfortunately for her, she was a survivor and always had been. No matter how reckless she was or how hard she tried to get herself killed, Redline always made it back.


Then almost the worst thing possible happened. The War ended. Gone were the dangerous missions that held the promise of possible death.

Unsure of what to do with herself, Redline signed up to join the crew of the Nova Praxis. The mission to the far off Unfolded Nebula station held the best chance for real danger. She figured she would ether die along the way... or maybe find a way to live...


Redline is a sleek and curvy robot. Virtually everything about her oozes speed and danger. Her coloration is of black and grays, again akin to Ravage, with highlights of  red or glowing red.


Her primary altmode is sleek and powerful cybertornian muscle car. One massive wheel in middle of the rear chassis grips the road or terrain and pushes the vehicle while two front wheels, each on long arms extend past the cockpit and can articulate to a limited degree, allowing for a variety of stances and increased maneuverability.


Redline's secondary altmode, the one she absorbed from Nightstrike, is of a cybertronian VTOL gunship. It is sleek and black, highlighted with hints of red, much like her ground mode. Articulating thrusters extend from either side of the fuselage, assisting with hovering or adding extra speed for high-speed flight.



Redline carries a dual-barreled blaster which is she rather proficient with for firefights, while for melee combat blade extend from her forearms.


Redline's primary altmode is fast, tough and maneuverable, facts which she uses to sideswipe, evade pursuers and cause others to crash. Other weapon systems possible.


Her gunship altmode carries significant firepower, including an articulated, nose-mounted gun with additional fixed guns (which become her hand held dual blaster) and missile pods on either side of the fuselage.


High Concept - Infiltration Expert Chasing a Lost Feeling of Unity


Trouble - Has Survivor's Guilt.


Altmode -  Cybertronian muscle car.


Aspect 1 - I Absorbed a Second Altmode from my Conjunx Endura, Nightstrike (VTOL Cybertronian jet)
Redline is now a triplechanger with Nightstrike's altmode.


Aspect 2 - I Can Hear The Others Sometimes:

Redline can pay a FATE point to get bonus advice from an echo of their spark patterns.

Alternatively, she can get a FATE point if she winds up distracted or overwhelmed by them.


Aspect 3 -  *This Aspect Left Undefined*



- Flashy +3

Redline is constantly reckless with dangerous, over-the-top tactics and maneuvers

- Sneaky & Clever +2

Redline is stealthy and a fast thinker with a devious streak

- Quick & Forceful +1

Redline is nimble (though more built for flat out speed) and a competent warrior

- Careful +0

Redline was never careful to begin with, and even less so since the accident




-Because I Have a Dual-Barrel Blaster, I get a +2 to Cleverly Attack when attacking a target I've had a chance to study.

-Because I Have Precision Handling, I get a +2 to Flashily Overcome obstacles when using my altmode to execute flashy, daredevil stunts.

-Because I Have Stealth Coating, I get a +2 to Sneakily Overcome obstacles when visual stealth is a factor.


Refresh 3



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Name: High Lift

High Concept:   Explorer Diplomat

Trouble: Curious of other life forms

Other Aspects:  Advocate for other species,  Glad the War is Bloody over,  Ooooh!  What does this Do!?

Quick +3,

Forceful +1

Flashy +2

Clever +2  

Careful +1,

Sneaky +0

Altmode: Space Shuttle


Because I am fond of exploring, I get +2 to clever when learning about new locals

Because I am fond of learning about new races, I easily can make successful first contact with other species





High Lift was a explorer tasked with making successful first contact with sentient races prior to the Great War.   When the War Began she Joined the Autobots, albheit reluctantly as she did not want to fight others all to much.  Instead her talents were turned to wards recon.    When the war ended she was just glad she can get back to doing what she was built for  and loved to do, especially with her current spaceshuttle Alt Mode being faster than it was before.  Joining the crew is something of dream job as they will be exploring the stars and meeting all sorts of lifeforms.  


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Affiliation- Former Decepticon
Classification - Predacon

Background- When Megatron discovered the Predacon Raker and realized she was a Point One Percenter his first instinct had been to send her to join the Decepticon Justice Division, but upon realizing that she shared many traits with Ravage most notably her loyalty and her willingness to follow orders at all cost he decided to keep her close. She served him loyally almost religously as a bodyguard and as a personal bounty hunter.


She has gone through several upgrades and she is now sleek and deadly in combat. She favors Melee weilding to viscious energy blades or her enhanced claws when in altmode. In her alt mode the energy blade reconfigure inot a gun which is stored between her shoulders and pops up on s swivel mount for 360 firing and and her claws are enhanced for rending.


When the war ended and Megatron renounced Decepticoism she never questioned him or his motives and has remained steadfastly loyal to him through out everything.




High Concept: I always get my 'Bot

Trouble: Follows Orders to the letter, even if they are bad orders.

Alt-Mode: Black Panther


Point-One-Percenter: Raker posses a Superspark which allows feats of strength when Desperately needed .

Wanted: Dead or Alive: As Megatrons personal bounty hunter she has an uncanny ability to track and corner her prey.

Hard to clean up after: High energy weapons and laser blades do leave a mess...




Quick +3

Forceful +2

Clever +2

Flashy +1

Careful +1

Sneaky +0



Because I weild two Blades or  Rake with Claws in altmode, I get a +2 when I Forcefully attack a single Target savaging them mercilessly (same target for more than one round)

Because I am a Panther in AltMode, I get a +2 when I Flashily bypass obstacles in a chase that would slow or stop anyone else.

Because I am an uncanny Hunter once per game session I can always pickup a clue that gets me closer to my prey.



Refresh: 3




robot mode


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