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[BESM Mecha] Character thread

Justin OOC

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Character Outline: 

In a different world, Zoe Larke would have been building customized motorcycles, cars, and modern art in her garage. Since the war, however, she set her sights on a new medium: mecha.
She wound up building a mecha in her garage out of bits and pieces of scrap - burnt out parts that were no longer up to military spec, and some customization on top of them. The robot came in handy when a stray alien patrol went on a rampage in her sleepy home town, sowing as much terror as it could before it was outmaneuvered and punched to death by Zoe's prototype.
This caught the interest of the military, which waived the notion of charges against Zoe creating a military-grade weapon in exchange for her designing and piloting a mecha using more than cast-off parts. Now Zoe's ideas are about to be put to the test...
Mech Concept:
The Firefox is meant to be the fastest mecha possible, all about using speed and maneuverability to gain advantages on the battlefield. Its plasma-based cannons and explosives are meant to sabotage larger targets. The robot is not going to raze an army of a hundred different foes; it's there to bring down the ship the aliens sent them to the battlefield in.
Body: 4 (40points)
Mind: 5 (50points)
Soul: 6 (60points)
Stat Points: 150
Computers +1 (2 points)
Demolitions +2 (2 points)
Driving +4 (8 points)
Electronics +4 (8 points)
Languages +2 (2 points) (Spanish, Japanese)
Mechanics +5 (10 points)
Military Sciences +1 (2 points)
Navigation +3 (6 points)
Piloting +4 (8 points)
Swimming +2 (2 points)
Skill Points: 50
STATS (Firefox)
13m tall
30 ton mass
500 hp
200 ep
Flight 6  (5 ep a round)
armor 30
super strength 5
invisibility 4 Sight, sound  (10 energy a round)
Weapon 20 plasma canon  range 3 accurate 3 penetrating 5 piercing 5  (20 ep a shot)
Weapon 30 Magneto missile  area 5 Range 3 delayed   limit 1 shot
Senosors- Inrafred, Xray, ultraviolet, telescopic range 1 mile     Radio Range-150 miles  
Features- GPS, ejection system, Environmental sealing
Weapon Machine guns 10 range 3  autofire  limited shots 6  (means it runs out of ammo after you use it six times
Combat knife  weapon 8 muscle penetrating
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Pvt. Jamie Carr





A career soldier with over ten years in the Marines, she has a bad attitude but gets the job done. Her file is over four inches thick and full of reprimands and infractions she has held the Rank of Gunnery Sergent at least twice. Her last bout of trouble saw her busted all the way back to Private and was serving a sixteen month sentence in the brig for beating the shit out of an officer before her scheduled dishonorable discharge. When War broke out she volunteered for the Mecha program and its dirtiest jobs. Pvt. Carr is the epitome of the capable Marine who just can't take orders from assholes. She is hard drinking, hard hitting,  completely insubordinate, but when the Stuff hits the fan she is the one who goes all gung ho and kicks ass from Monday to Sunday. If She is on your side she will have your back, at least until the fighting is over, afterwards she as libel to kick your ass as wish you good morning.


Body 4

Mind 4

Soul 4



+2        +20         Attack Combat Mastery

+2        +4           Combat Techniques: Lightning Reflexes x 2

+1        +2           Divine Relationship

+1        +15         Extra Attack

+2        +8          Massive Damage (Mecha Weapons)

+2        +6          Melee Defense (Mecha)

+2        +6          Ranged Defense (One Movement Skill)

+1        +2          Skill: Computers

+1        +2          Skill: Intimidation

+2        +4          Skill: Piloting

+1        +3          Skill: Power lifting

+1        +2          Skill: Navigation

+2        +2          Skill: Wilderness Survival

+4        +4          Tough

TOTAL : +200



Melee Mech

13m tall
30 ton mass

700 hp
360 ep



Armor 30  hardened 5

Tough 20

Energy Bonus

Super strength 7

Extra defense 1

Weapon Beam Axe 15 penetrating 5 piercing 5 muscle

Flight 3

Superspeed 1

Forcefield 7


Weapon Machine guns 10 range 3  autofire  limited shots 6  (means it runs out of ammo after you use it six times
Combat knife  weapon 8 muscle penetrating

Senosors- Inrafred, Xray, ultraviolet, telescopic range 1 mile     Radio Range-150 miles  
Features- GPS, ejection system, Environmental sealing

The energy axe does 216 damage a swing and has two settings, standard which is bludgeoning and costs no ep to use,  and energy mode, which activates the penetrating and piercing, costs 40 ep a swing to use



Drawbacks The Engines for all mecha are known as Grim Cores.   They are a veritable black box, with only a few technicians trained to work on them in a given base, and when heavily damaged, they have the tendency to explode and annihilate everything within 200m.  Even those who know can work on them do not know their origin.


Autofire is incompatible with any effects that ignore armor other than penetrating/piercing.  there are no psychic weapons.  Invisible weapons must be cleared by me.

All energy weapons use the ep from the mecha, at a minimum usage of Final damage divided by 5 per shot.

All Forcefields, flight and motive powers use 10 ep per turn active, each.


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