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Softwary things update


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Got the mapping UI and functionality ready for beta testing.

The link is in my sig.

This means I will get to go back to the character system soon(ish {depending on how many bugs are found and how difficult their resolution is});

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Do we have any people who enjoy (or at least don't loathe) data entry?

Merits are a complicated beast to encode, I get the feeling I'm going to have to do it all myself (unless we have or get any other JSON familiar people).

But werewolf Gifts can be data entried. I've created a google spread sheet with all of the Spirit and Wolf Gift names and the facet renown for each. What I will need to stick in, over the coming days, is the action, duration, cost(s), pools.

I can't offer anything beyond my eternal gratitude but if anyone wants to help I won't turn it away. Data Entry is my personal hell.

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