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Seems like a reasonable place to look for connections:


Are there any other character from or associated with the Khoi, San, Nguni, Sotho-Tswana, Venda, or Tsonga peoples? (Assuming approval) mine will be one of the Khoikhoi around the time of the Kat River settlement in the early-to-mid the 19th century. Also interested in connections with those involved in the 6th and 7th Xhosa Wars (on either side). Contact me via PM if you want to make for some ties (friendly, hostile, or mixed).

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Hi Peoples, 


I am looking to play a  Lancea Sanctum member of the "Farm" who's sire embraced him while is was a Revenant at the farm, but currently not sold on my clan yet.


I would like a PC sire if I could find one, embrace story is pretty important to the concept (chosen from the Farm Revenant Stables).


Ren Leahy 

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