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[OpNet] Prof. Dr. phys. Dr. ling. Vladimyr Hrusszerkow


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This is downright brilliant ! I have never thought of anything as overtly devious as this forum ! Now, let me see if I get this right :

1. Charismatic nova with only limited online potential offers opinion on this op-net board. Even propagating entirely contradictory views is possible, even desired. Charismatic nova only has to present self in the most outrageously profane and obscene way to appear here.

2. Charismatic nova's opinion is broadcasted over the 'net, making it accessible to a large number of mentally and socially insecure teenagers and young adults who look for a leading figure that seems not as distant as Pax or Mal. They find this idol within the forum.

3. Insecure prey presents itself to charismatic nova, who in turn takes charge of these "sheep". Herding them and feeding them controversial, infuriating or sedating propagande, charismatic nova wins their full trust and fellowship.

4. Charismatic nova has created a personal army of mindless, propagated baselines who fulfill every wish and whim of charismatic nova.

Don't YOU see how easy it is ?

Oh yeah, by the way, I'm Professor Vladimyr Hrusszerkow of the University of Moscow. I teach young, resourceful students about the dangers and pitfalls of today's global network, of the dictatorship of the international news industry and about the drawbacks of free commerce. In fact, you might say I teach them about capitalism and its evil twin brother, communism.

Seeing how well Russia, Cuba and other partly socialist/communist nations fared after the US' renewed grab for global power, and how the mysterious, godly beneficient AEON society played a vital part in this attempt, I and my students have decided to remain in hiding.

Sorry, dear police investigator (or Utopia spy, or Directive agent, or else), you won't find me waiting for you in Moscow. You will not be able to trace this line, for one of my students, a rather gifted you girl in terms of digital machinery, has cleared all tracks.

I will only say this :

When the time comes, we will be ready to open the baseline population's eyes to the REAL threat. There will be no godhood of AEON scientologists waiting to help Jane and Joe Public. There will not be the beneficient, martyrious nova showing up to save their necks. There will only be other baselines, Mary and Michael Doe, to whom to look for aid. Be ready, be aware, read the signs !

- Prof. Dr. phys. Dr. ling. Vladimyr Hrusszerkow

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