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The Sideshow - Character Sheets

Sailor OOC

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Terry -Terrance Michael Harmon
Hair - Brown, short
Eyes - Blue
Hand - Right
Height - 6ft = 1.83m
Mass - 180lbs - Wiry build but more of it is muscle than fat and so increases his mass.
Terry and his twin sister Linda are the youngest children of Les and Jackie Harmon, born in Ashford Kent at the William Harvey Hospital. They have one older brother, Brian who is their elder by two years. Les was a police officer in scenes of crime,  a police photographer, he has now retired from the force after doing his 30 years service and works as a freelance events photographer, mainly weddings.  His mum Jackie worked part-time while they were growing up then went full time when the children left home. She works in administration for a national charity.
Brian has shown no psionic ability and works as a teacher in a school in Ealing, London, but does not particularly get on with the twins and there has been little contact for years. He is married to a midwife and has 3 daughters.
Growing up the twins were always close and finishing each others sentences etc and it wasn't until they were about 5 and starting primary school that it was discovered by their mother that they exhibited a rare prepuberty telepathic talent between themselves. Initially this was just through contact, but over the following few years this developed into a short range of no more than a mile. Unfortunately they used this to cheat in some school exams, but since they were actually smart enough it made little difference beyond dividing the revision time between them. Once they hit puberty it was Terry who first developed this limited telepathy into a more general form when mildly injured when clipped by a car on the way into school one day and panicked calling for his mother who had not long dropped him off. Up to this point his parents had not revealed the twins powers to anyone and they spent many hours discussing it before deciding to continue this policy. Once Terry had broadend his telepathy his sister Linda soon followed suit.
Starting secondary school and puberty triggered a rapid growth in the range if not power of Terry's abilities. The car accident, that broke an arm and bruised some ribs, was followed by some bullying. Reluctant to call on the teachers or tell his parents Terry found that he was soon healing the bruises he received before the end of the day, then before the end of the break in which he received them. Although this helped hide the bullying and was a relief to know the pain would soon go it was still painful  to begin with and the bullies weren't happy when they found out that he was more accepting and less fearful of the beatings. It was an occasion when they had obviously got unusually worked up and Terry was worried they would go too far that his teleportation first triggered and enabled him to get away from them. They never managed to get hold of him again, except the times that he set them up to get caught in the process of bullying him or others.
With these new abilitiies popping up over the course of several months Terry began actively stretching his powers to be able to do more and more things. In the meantime without some of the same stimuli Linda's abilities concentrated in her Telepathy, increasing in range and related abilities, some of which she successfully taught to Terry.
By the time he was 13 Terry had already decided he wanted to serve his country like his father, but rather than the police he was set on joining the army, starting with the army cadets and martial arts after school. Linda on the other hand became more bookish as Terry became more athletic. At this age Terry had discovered most of the core abilities that he has carried on with to the present although they have been refined, improved and expanded with those groups. As he got older he began to stand out amongst his cadet unit in all round ability, although he was still careful to reveal as little as possible of his abilities. Some it was difficult to conceal though, healing scrapes, scratches and flesh wounds in a matter of at most minutes tends to get noticed. By the time he left school with a bunch of good qualifications in which he had no real interest his cadet file had already recommended that he be fast tracked for special forces training.
With the blessing of his father,  and the reluctant agreement of his mother Terry enlisted in the Parachute regiment the day he received his final exam results, three weeks later he was off to boot camp. His sister had applied to the police and after revealing her Telepathy was assigned to run and monitor undercover officers since her telepathic contact with them could not normally be detected.
Terry didn't find boot camp to be as difficult as some of his fellow recruits, partially due to his years in the Army Cadet preparing him so that he knew what to expect and partially due to his psychic abilities reacting to help adapt his body to the demands he was putting it under. Despite not consciously using any abilities during Boot, he soon ran afoul of a DI with a hatred of all non-vanilla humans who had noticed his enhanced healing and faster than normal adjustment to the strength and stamina demands of the course. After making several failed attempts to trick Terry into using his abilities so that he could kick him out the DI in his frustration went too far and sabotaged Terry's chutes on his first parachute jump. Of course Terry's danger sense had kicked off as soon as he was handed the dodgy pack, but feeling secure in his own abilities and wanting to get some concrete evidence for charges against the DI Terry went through with the jump. Jumping from the plane at 5000ft Terry followed all the training exactly, pulling his primary chute which failed as he expected it to, getting rid of it and activating his secondary chute which also failed. Perhaps seeing Terry plummeting towards the ground finally woke the DI up to what he had done as he was white as a sheet when the plane landed a few minutes later. However, thinking fast to try to conceal his abilities still Terry during his fall had steered himself outside the landing zone so that rather than hit solid ground he landed in a lake several hundreds of yards away. In actuality he had waited until only about 30ft above the water then did a short teleport to kill his velocity so that he hit the water as from a 25ft drop rather than 5000ft. The subsequent investigation revealed the sabotage and the DI found himself on charges and then dishonourably discharged while Terry was congratulated on his quick thinking and 'miraculous' escape.
However, this was noted in some quarters and added to the suspicions about his healing rate from his Cadet instructors. Eventually someone come up with the suspicion of his having some kind of powers with psychic being the most likely of the list since many others would have shown up on the obligatory blood tests and medicals. Luckily for Terry the sabotage occurring during Jump School put it right at the end of Basic and he had passed out into the Regiment before someone came calling, in the shape of a psionic female Captain from Military Intelligence. After only a short time of being interviewed by her Terry realised that she must be able to tell when he was lying and so came clean about his abilities, or most of them at least. When questioned about why he had withheld the information his only reply was that he wanted to do the training without relying on his abilities, to prove to himself and, as far as possible, others that he could do it himself. Satisfied that he had no intention detrimental to the service he was allowed to continue with his career and training, but had a note in his record to push him through courses and assignments to end up in Special Forces as soon as practical.
A year later so him entering the trials for 22 Squadron the SAS (as the only UK Army special forces combat unit) which he passed relatively easily thanks to his continued physical and mental development during his time in the Para's. In fact he was asked to do a number of the challenges of the try outs a second time using his abilities to there fullest. 10 mile forced marches aren't much of a problem when you can 'port to the map reference for the finish. Likewise the 24 hour orientation challenge took him about 30 minutes. It would have been quicker but when one of the DI's attacked him while dazed after an Extended 'port he learnt to 'port short (or long), then move in on foot or using a short jump after checking out the target site first. Having first proved he could pass the course without his abilities he was accepted into the Unit, and then started the serious discussions of how to incorporate his abilities into the Unit's operations to everyone's advantage. This was followed by 10 years in the Regiment carrying out a wide variety of operations in countries all around the world.

Having come to the end of his contract Terry was recruited for Sideshow, which he agreed to as he saw it as simply an extension of some of the work he had already been doing but this time with more deserving targets.


Strength 2
Stamina 5
Dexterity 4
Agility 5
Fighting 4
Intellect 2
Awareness 4
Presence 1 = 27 *2 = 54

Acrobatics 1
Athletics 3
Close Combat: Psi blade 1
Expertise: Special Forces 2
Expertise: Mil Intelligence 1
Insight 2
Investigation 1
Perception 1
Ranged Combat : Guns 2
Sleight of Hand 1
Stealth 4
Technology 1
Treatment 1
Vehicles 1 = 22/2 = 11

Close Attack +4
Uncanny Dodge
Precise Attack, ranged, cover
Improved Initiative
Improvised Weapon
Ranged Attack +5
Defensive Roll +3
Improved Aim
Equipment rank 4 = 20 ep
Benefit: Security Clearance = 23

Dodge = Agility = 5+4 =9
Fortitude = Stamina = 5+3 = 8
Parry = Fighting = 4+4 = 8
Toughness = Stamina = 5+0 = 5/8 (Defensive Roll)
Will = Awareness = 4+4 = 8

Running Total = 54+11+23+15 = 103 leaves 77

Comprehend, Languages, universal = 4 ranks = 8pp
Regeneration 5 = 5pp
Senses :
Mental Awareness 1pp
Danger Sense 1pp = 2

Clairsentient Array – 14pp
Scouting, Remote Sensing, Visual, Subtle, Range 6 (1800ft) = 13pp
Alt - Remote Sensing, Visual and Auditory, simultaneous, subtle, range 3 (250ft) [13pp] = 1pp

Teleport Array – Total 21pp
Teleport, Accurate, Extended range, Extended only, Range 5 (+8 = 30 miles), Increased Mass 4 (800lbs) = 19pp
Alt – Teleport, Range 5 (900ft ), Change Direction, Change Velocity, Turnabout, Increased Mass 6 (3200lbs) [19pp] = 1pp
Alt – Teleport, Attack, Increased Range - Ranged, Rank 4 (500ft), Increased Mass 7 (3 tons) [19pp] = 1pp

TK Array – 12pp
Move Object – Perception Range, Subtle, Precise, Rank 2 (200lbs) = 9pp
Tk Shield – Protection 3 [3pp] = 1pp
Tk Flight Rank 4 (30mph), Subtle [9pp] = 1pp
Psi Blade – Damage Rank 9 (+ STR?) =1pp

Telepathy Array – 15pp
Mental Communication, Range 2 (1 mile), Area, Selective, Subtle = 13pp
Alt – Mental Comms, Range 3 (State/Nationwide), Subtle = 1pp
Alt – Mind Reading, Rank 6, Cumulative, limited by Language, Subtle [13pp] = 1pp

Total = 54+11+23+15+77 = 180

Equipment = 20 points
Bag of Guns
Sniper Rifle, Ranged Damage 9, Crit 19-20, = 19 pp
Submachine gun, Ranged, Multiattack Damage 4, subtle (silencer) [13pp] = 1pp



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Julie d'Aubigny or La Maupin had a real piece of work for a dad. As the man in charge of training Louis XIV’s pages, her father would fence nonstop during the day, and hit up gambling dens, bars, and brothels in the evenings. Given the seedy circles in which he ran, it should be little surprise that his main ideas for daddy-daughter bonding time were a) teaching her how to use deadly weapons, and using said weapons to drive off any potential suitors.

This paternal embargo on genital contact backfired when our heroine found a loophole: shtupping her dad’s boss, the one guy he couldn’t challenge to a duel.

When said boss became frustrated with La Maupin’s increasingly wild ways, he arranged her marriage to a mild-mannered clerk, thinking that might settle her down. She responded in the only sensible manner, by taking an itinerant swordsman as a new lover and leaving home to wander aimlessly through France.

She earned her living through singing and dueling demonstrations, usually dressed as a man — a fashion she’d keep with for the rest of her life. She was already so skilled with the sword at this point in her life (quickly surpassing her new lover) that audiences sometimes would not believe that she was actually a woman. In fact, when one drunken onlooker proclaimed loudly that she was actually a man, she tore off her shirt, providing him ample evidence to the contrary. The heckler had no comeback.

If La Maupin had one overriding flaw, it was an allergy to boredom. In fact, she soon dumped the wandering swordsman, pronounced herself tired of men in general, and seduced a local merchant’s daughter. The merchant, desperate to separate the two, sent his daughter to a convent — but again, our heroine found a loophole. La Maupin joined the convent herself, and started hooking up with her intended in the house of God. Shortly into their convent stay, an elderly nun died (from unrelated causes, it would seem), and La Maupin reacted the same way anyone might: by disinterring the body, putting it in her lover’s room, and setting the whole convent on fire. You know, same old story.

The two ran off in the confusion, and enjoyed a long elopement. After three months, La Maupin got bored, dumped her back at her parents’ house, and ran off into the night.

For this bout of shenaniganery, La Maupin was sentenced to death. In response, she approached her first paramour (her dad’s boss), and through his influence, convinced Louis XIV to revoke her sentence. The king did so, and she took advantage of her new lease on life by running off to Paris and joining the opera.

Her behavior amped up even more when she became an opera singer — basically the rock stars of the day. In true theater major fashion, she alternately fucked and fought her way through her stage contemporaries, and audiences loved her for it. Three stories of her time in Paris:

1) Another opera singer named Dumenil started talking shit about a number of women, including La Maupin. She responded by ambushing him, pushing a sword in his face, and demanding a duel. When he refused (on the grounds that he was a wimp), she beat him with a cane, stealing his snuffbox and watch. The next day, she caught him complaining that he had been assaulted by a gang of thieves. She called him a liar and a coward, threw his watch  and snuffbox at him, and declared that she, alone, had architected his ass-beating.

2) One night, while out carousing on the town, a particularly ardent man named d’Albert began crudely hitting on her. She’d just finished singing for the crowd, and he let loose with the one-liner “I’ve listened to your chirping, but now tell me of your plumage†— a come-on which I take to be the 17th-century version of “does the carpet match the drapes?†She was, shall we say, unimpressed. In short order, she got into a fight with him and two of his buddies, won, and ran her sword clean through his shoulder. She felt a bit bad about that, so she visited her impaled victim in the hospital and hooked up with him anyway. Although the relationship only lasted a short while, they were apparently lifelong friends.

3)  She attended a royal ball (thrown either by Louis XIV or his brother) dressed as a man. She spent most of the evening courting a young woman, which earned the ire of three of the woman’s suitors. When La Maupin pushed things too far and kissed the young lady in full view of everyone, the three challenged her to a duel. She fought all of them — outside of the royal palace, mind you — and won. According to some accounts, she actually killed them. This entertained Louis XIV so much that he pardoned her from any punishment.

Actually, with the last one, she didn’t get off completely scot-free. The anti-dueling laws of the time were becoming increasingly severe, and even though the king had basically pardoned her (musing that the law governed men, but didn’t say anything about women), she still ran off to Brussels until the heat died down. While in Brussels, she (surprise) took another lover, this time the Elector of Bavaria. The two grew apart in short order. Apparently the Elector was a bit nonplussed when she stabbed herself onstage with an actual dagger. When he tried to get her to leave by bribing her with 40,000 francs, she threw the coin purse at his emissary and started swearing at him. In some versions, she also kicked him down the stairs.

After that, she returned to Paris and Until 1705, sang in new operas by Pascal Collasse, André Cardinal Destouches, and André Campra. In 1702, André Campra composed the role of Clorinde in Tancrède specifically for her bas-dessus (contralto) range. She sang for the court at Versailles on a number of occasions, and again performed in many of the Opéra's major productions. She appeared for the last time in La Vénitienne by Michel de La Barre (1705).

These final years of her career were spent in a relationship with the Madame la Marquise de Florensac, upon whose death La Maupin was inconsolable. She retired from the opera in 1705 and took refuge in a convent, probably in Provence, where she died in 1707 at the age of only 33. She has no known grave.. Her life story was thereafter reported in a number of articles, usually in the pearl-clutching, vapor-having tone a high-society woman might use to describe the bride of Satan.


She was technically married throughout all of that. Don’t worry if you forgot about it, sounds like she did too.


(the following is my creation)


And that is the story you will find in the wikii's and history books about the legendary La Maupin but it is not the whole story.


After her lover the Madame la Marquise de Florensac , Julie as she wished to be called now retired to a convent in Provence, to live out her years in quiet contemplation. This however was not to to be.


During her last tenure at the Paris Opera she had caught the fancy of a very sinister character,one Artros St Amant. To all outward appearance Artros was an attractive aristocrat of good breeding and some wealth although no one could say with certainty where he hailed from or how his wealth was made. In truth he was a vampire and he was smitten with La Maupin. But he was also a careful Vampire and so he waited biding his time. When La Maupin retired to the convent he seized his chance after she had been there for some time he managed to lure her out of the holy ground and began a short affair which culminated in her becoming one of the undead.


With immortality at her doorstep a new world opened up for La Maupin, she took the name Alice and adopted her sires surname and the vampires went on a binge of debauchery and blood that lasted well into the 18th century. Eventually she grew bored with Artros and one night during a very erotic sex act she drained him, cut off his head, locked it in a metal box, burned his body, and set sail for America. Somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic she drop the box over board.


Alice was an evil vile vampire, she raged across America and back to Europe seeking every vice and leaving a trail of dead lovers, both male and female, along the way. Eventually she found herself in England when the last bout of boredom came and so she sought out the sideshow to offer herself an new thrill.


Alice St. Amant - PL 10

Strength 4, Stamina 0, Agility 2, Dexterity 2, Fighting 6, Intellect 1, Awareness 3, Presence 3

Accurate Attack, Benefit, Wealth 2 (indepently wealthy), Defensive Attack, Equipment 1, Fast Grab, Improved Disarm, Improved Grab, Improved Initiative, Languages 1, Power Attack

Acrobatics 2 (+4), Close Combat: Unarmed 2 (+8), Deception 2 (+5), Expertise: Opera 2 (+3), Insight 2 (+5), Intimidation 2 (+5), Investigation 2 (+3), Perception 2 (+5), Persuasion 2 (+5), Sleight of Hand 2 (+4), Stealth 4 (+6)

Children of the Night: Summon 2 (Horde, Mental Link, Multiple Minions 6: 64 minions, Type (General): Bats, Rats,or Wolves)
Form of Mist: Insubstantial 2 (Gaseous)
Spider-Climb: Movement 1 (Wall-crawling 1: -1 speed rank)
Vampire's Kiss
. . Regeneration: Regeneration 5 (Every 2 rounds; Source: Blood)
. . Weaken: Weaken 9 (Affects: Stamina, Resisted by: Fortitude, DC 19; Grab-based, Limited: Draining I Rank Per Round)
Vampiric Gaze: Cumulative Affliction 6 (mystic, 1st degree: Dazed, 2nd degree: Compelled, 3rd degree: Controlled, Resisted by: Will, DC 16; Cumulative, Increased Range 2: perception; Sense-dependent: Visual )
Vampiric Invulnerability
. . Immortality: Immortality 3 (Return after 4 days; Limited: Not when Beheaded)
. . Immunity: Immunity 30 (Fortitude Effects)
. . Protection: Protection 7 (+7 Toughness; Impervious; Limited: Not Versus Blessed, MAgical, or Silver Weapons)


Initiative +6
Grab, +8 (DC Spec 14)
Sword, +8 (DC 22)
Throw, +2 (DC 19)
Unarmed, +8 (DC 19)
Vampiric Gaze: Cumulative Affliction 6 (DC Will 16)
Weaken: Weaken 9, +6 (DC Fort 19)

Motivation: Acceptance: After Centuries of being a blood sucking monster Alice Feels the need to Not Atone for what she has done but to Fit into the modern world more to Be accepted for Who She is not What she is.
Power Loss: Vampires lose all their powers in daylight.
Quirk: Counting. If Alice Sees Identical things She must count them. Makes going into a store very Problematic.
Weakness: Vampires have a weakness (complication) to Garlic, like an allergic reaction

English, French

Dodge 5, Parry 6, Fortitude Immune, Toughness 7, Will 6

Power Points
Abilities 42 + Powers 109 + Advantages 11 + Skills 12 (24 ranks) + Defenses 6 = 180
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Name- Barnabas Bertram Wolffe
Age- 28
Height- 6'4
Mass- 105 kg
eyes- yellow
hair- black

Barney is not the nicest man around.   Far from it.   He's the one sent in when heads need bashing, when the shit hits the fan, and only the ass-kicking power of a Flame aspected werewolf  will do.   To this end the government has employed him.  Often he's called to fight and quench fires as well, as he has an innate ability to eat the flames and use them to power himself.

He's not on the best of terms with everyone, and many only know of rumors of a blazing wolf that soon shows up to crush those who cause a stir with the human population.   

Barney is a world class combatant, with near mastery of hand to hand fighting as well as great skill in ranged combat.   He tends to carry knives of all sorts within his many pocketed duster as well as a pair of handguns for the more mundane things.  Some of his favorite monsters to attack are goblins, they always use fire weapons, which have no affect on him.

in an odd turn of events, silver has no effect on him as it does on normal werewolves.   What does is gold.  Only one other person knows of this weakness as they discovered it together.  His ex, Wanda, had bought him a necklace with a pointed  cross,  it pricked his skin and burned him..  revealing this weakness to them both.   She of course believed it to be the holy symbol, while he knew it was the metal.  She left him shortly afterwards, and has devoted herself to finding a way to save him.


Few save his Handler know the story of his favorite nickname, Hotstreak, but most wisely have learned not to ask.   He'll tell when he wishes someone to know.




Dodge 10
Parry 10
Fortitude 10
Toughness 10
Will 10

Advantages 14
move by action
evasion 2
Ranged attack 7

Skills 14
Expertise- Occult 4
Acrobatics 2
Atheletics 2
Investigation 6
Intimidation 5
Perception  6
Persuasion 1
Technology 1
Stealth 1

immunity 9 Fire/heat (total) cold, breathing, poison, disease
Alternate form 8  Hybrid innate (transformation time standard action)
alternate power 1 Wolf
Super senses 1 Infravision
Regeneration 5  innate

Fire Mastery  Elemental control fire 10  
-Blast 10
ap 1- damage 10 area (burst)
ap 2- Energy absorption 20 fire to regeneration 20

ap 3- Damage 8 strength based Flame armament penetrating 10

ap 4 Flight 10 (Fire across the sky)

Hybrid form-  damage 8 (strength based) powerlifting 7 Senses - Magic Awareness 6, counter illusion(smell) Darkvision, Tracking 2 ultra hearing extended visual 2 extended olfactory 3 extended auditory 3 penetrates concealment-auditory

Wolf form damage 8 (strength based) speed 7 Senses 6- Magic Awareness, counter illusion(smell) Darkvision, Tracking 2 ultrahearing  extended visual 2 extended auditory 3  extended olfactory 3 penetrates concealment auditory









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Sylvia Morganshire - PL 10
Strength 12, Stamina 12, Agility 4, Dexterity 4, Fighting 8, Intellect 3, Awareness 5, Presence 5
Accurate Attack, Chokehold, Defensive Attack, Equipment 5, Fast Grab, Fearless, Interpose, Leadership
Athletics 2 (+14), Expertise: Firefighting 5 (+8), Insight 4 (+9), Perception 4 (+9), Ranged Combat: ???? 4 (+8), Treatment 7 (+10), Vehicles 4 (+8)
Enhanced Ability: Enhanced Stamina 8 (+8 STA)
Enhanced Ability: Enhanced Strength 8 (+8 STR)
Immunity: Immunity 29 (Aging, Alteration Effects, Critical Hits, Fatigue Effects, Life Support, Sensory Affliction Effects, Sleep)
Impervious Defense: Impervious Toughness 8
Stonesense: Senses 3 (Acute (Type): Touch, Ranged: Touch)
Audio Recorder, Binoculars, Camo Clothing, Cell Phone (Smartphone), Commlink, Heavy Machine Gun
Initiative +4
Grab, +8 (DC Spec 22)
Heavy Machine Gun, +4 (DC 21)
Throw, +4 (DC 27)
Unarmed, +8 (DC 27)
Made of Stone: Sylvia is very obviously make of some kind of super-tough stone. This causes problems both logistical (greater weight and density) and cosmetic (Sylvia is very obviously not normal.)
Motivations: Sylvia may never meet the gorgon who petrified her, and even if she does, she may not be able to kill her (two of the gorgons were mythically immortal) - but Sylvia doesn't care, and will purposefully seek out missions that may get her close enough to kill the creature that cursed her. She also wants to see what, if anything, can be done for the other victims of the gorgon that were recovered from the cave, and she wants to someday track down Daphne and see how she's fared in the thirty years hence.
Dodge 8, Parry 8, Fortitude 12, Toughness 12, Will 8
Power Points
Abilities 74 + Powers 72 + Advantages 12 + Skills 15 (30 ranks) + Defenses 7 = 180
Thirty years ago, there weren't a lot of women firefighters, but theere was very little that could stop Sylvia Morganshire once she set her mind to doing something.
After several years of training and field work in the New York Fire Department, Sylvia took a vacation with her then-closeted girlfriend Daphne, setting out for scenic Greece. It was their first trip together, and also their last.
Sylvia was a naturally athletic woman, and in addition to firefighting she took up spelunking and exploring. She found a series of caves in the midst of her vacation, and couldn't resist the urge to explore them. It was down there, in the dark, that Sylvia came face to face with an abundance of statues, all made of solid stone but with attendant bits of clothing and jewelry on them, rotting away - all of them with stunned or surprised expressions on their faces. Before she put two and two together, Sylvia came face to face with a scaley woman with snakes for hair, her glowing yellow eyes illuminated by torchlight, and finally found something that stopped her in her tracks.
Sylvia was not quite dead but not quite alive, frozen in place as a stone statue for what may have been forever, were it not for something she can't yet explain. As time went by, Sylvia found herself adapting - first in consciousness, slow stonelike thoughts and memories gradually returning to her, followed by her senses, as she compensated for her now-opaque eyes with some kind of "tremor-sense," gradually making out the shapes of the cave and the other statues around her. Finally, with herculean force of will, after a length of time Sylvia finds impossible to quantify, she forced herself to move.
One step became two, then ten, then a hundred, as Sylvia scrambled out of the cave, emerged into the light, and made her way past stunned and terrified onlookers to a police station.
Calls were made, and the cave was explored, and some four dozen statues were hauled out, all taken into possession by the Sideshow. Whatever curse they're all under seems irreversible - and with Sylvia as a test case, it's entirely possible they're all still alive and sentient, trapped as statues.
With her family long passed on and with no knowledge of where her girlfriend is now, Sylvia has decided to focus on work in the Sideshow, using her incredible strength, speed and immunities to hunt down creatures that hide in the dark and prey on the unsuspecting. Not even a gorgon could stop Sylvia for long - so whatever's coming better hit a lot harder than that.


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--- The Sideshow / PL 10 ---




Name: Aynsley Evermore

Real Name: Na'Hatem

Marital Status: Single
Date of Birth: Unknown
Current Occupation: Antiquarian, Investigator, Mage

Past Occupation: Too many to list


Physical Traits

Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Mu
Age: 12,000+ (She lost count)

Apparent Age: Late 20's to early 30's
Height: 5'5"
Weight:132 lbs

Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brunette


Anysley Evermore, as she is known today, began her life on the continent of Mu in the 10th millennium BC. Her parents were both sorcerers of some skill, despite that though, they had difficulty conceiving a child until finally their daughter was born. They named her Na'Hatem and cherished the child. At a young age she demonstrated great aptitude for magic, much like her parents, and they tutored her in the arcane arts.


Then came the destruction of Mu.


As the wrath of the heavens rained down upon Mu, the ground shook and the waves crashed, bringing the tide further and further inland. The city crumbled and burned and bodies littered the ground, crushed under rubble, buried under ash, drowned by waves. Na'Hatem, now a young woman, sought out her parents, finding the body of her mother with her father crying over it at their home crumbled. Her distraught father looked up from the corpse of his wife and at his daughter, his face and anguished mask, streaked with tears. Before him stood his daughter, his only child, not a beautiful, young woman in the prime of her life as the world collapsed around her. It was then that he knew what he must do. She MUST survive this. He closed his eyes and began greatest working of magic he had ever attempted, pouring all of himself, ever last ounce of power, energy and his very life force into a final enchantment which he cast on his cherished Na'Hatem. She HAD TO survive...


Since that day Na'Hatem has not aged. Even death is nothing more than a temporary inconvenience for her. Over the millennia she has alternately marveled at the enchantment, seeing it as the greatest working of magic she as ever witnessed and viewed it as a curse.. alone for eternity...


Na'Hatem made landfall in Asia and spent the next twelve thousand years working across the continent into Europe and even some of Africa, learning about cultures, people, places and things.. holding every job imaginable.. constantly improving her arcane skills and reinventing herself every few years so as to not raise suspicion. There have been periods of death, to be sure, where she lingered too long without aging and was labeled a witch or the like and killed. The burial rites of the day sometimes delaying her return.


During the Second World War, she helped the Allies, and the Sideshow specifically, under the name Aynsley Evermore. At the conclusion of the war she served as a consultant until finally a new Sideshow Cell 13 was being reconstituted and she was approached join. She agreed and after making preparation to move back to London, she traveled there ahead for training.


She enjoyed seeing the old bunker once more. There were some changes, to be sure, but it still was familiar to her as was the face of one of her new comrades...




Aynsley Evermore / PL 10 [180pp]



---ABILITIES [38pp]---


Strength 0 / Stamina 1 / Agility 2 / Dexterity 2 / Fighting 0 / Intellect 7 / Awareness 7 / Presence 0


---SAVES [30pp]---


Fortitude 8  

Toughness 1

Dodge 12  
Parry 12  
Will 8  



---SKILLS [28pp]---


Acrobatics 0 (+2)
Athletics 0 (+0)
Close Combat 0 (+4) 1
Deception 0 (+4)
Insight 8 (+15)
Intimidate 0 (+4)
Investigation 8 (+15)
Perception 8 (+15)
Persuasion 0 (+4)
Ranged Combat 0 (+10) 2
Slight of Hand 0 (+2)
Stealth 3 (+5)
Tech 0 (+7)
Treatment 0 (+7)
Vehicles 0 (+2)

Expertise: Archeology 0 (+7)

Expertise: Anthropology 0 (+7)

Expertise: Occult 8 (+15)

Expertise: Hyperborian Earth 8 (+15)

Expertise: Magic 13 (+20) 3, 4


1 Close Attack +4

2 Ranged Attack +8

3 Skill Mastery

4 Second Chance



---ADVANTAGES [24pp]---

Ranged Attack +8

Close Attack +4

Benefit: Wealth x2 (Independently Wealthy)



Skill Mastery (Expertise: Magic)

Second Chance (Expertise: Magic)
Jack of All Trades

Improvised Tools
Eidetic Memory

Well Informed

Benefit: Cipher


Improved Initiative



---POWERS [60pp]---


Gift of Youth - Immunity 1: Aging


Gift of Life - Immortality 1 (Return after 2 weeks; Limited: Not when coin is placed in mouth)


Magical Awareness - Senses 5: Magical Awareness, Accurate, Radius, Extended


Mystic Assault (Array)

> Mystic Blast - Ranged Damage 8

> Sphere of Destruction - Ranged Damage 5: Area: Burst (30' radius sphere)

> Counterspell - Nullify 5: Broad (Magic), Simultaneous, Extended Range x1 (Short: 250', Medium: 500', Long Range: 1,000')

> Eldritch Grasp - Snare 5 (p 182) (Effect: Ranged, Cumulative Affliction, Extra Condition, Resisted by Dodge, Limited Degree, Accurate )


   "You can restrain a target with bonds of ice, glue, webbing, bands of energy, and so forth (whatever suits your descriptors). The target makes a Dodge resistance check against your effect DC. One degree of failure leaves the target hindered and vulnerable, while two results in the target becoming defenseless and immobilized. There is no additional effect for three or more degrees of failure.


   The resistance check to break out of a Snare is based on Damage (including Strength Damage) or Sleight of Hand, either breaking the effect or slipping out of it. This is part of the power’s Alternate Resistance, with no change in cost."


Mystic Shield (Array)

> Shield of Protection - Protection 7: +7 toughness, Sustained

> Shield of Life - Protection 5 + Immunity 2: No need to breathe,  Sustained


Mystic Movement (Array)

> Slip Between Worlds - Teleport 7 (1/2 mile), Change Direction, Change Velocity

> Superior Levitation - Flight 7 (250mph), Subtle x2



Spells In Development (Array) - Check Required (Expertise: Magic)

> Comprehension - Comprehension 5: Languages (Universal, Speak/Read/Write), Spirits (see and hear)

> Farseeing - Remote Sensing 3: Visual and Audio, Range 3 (250ft), Subtle x1

> Form Of Mist - Insubstantial 2: Gaseous Form 

> Invisibility - Concealment 4: ALL Visual, Precise

> Restoration - Regeneration 10




38 pp = Abilities
30 pp = Saves
28 pp = Skills (56)
24 pp = Advantages

60 pp = Powers         

180 pp

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Countess Camillie Annette Garoux of Marseille


Codename: The Countess

Age: looks like 26 (actually in her 60s)

Height: 5'10


Hair: Black, red streaks

Eyes: Silver



Lightly tanned skin, marital artists body, Upper body covered in assorted tattoos, that she gains her powers from.


A Brief History

The Garoux family has been around for centuries, and then have a long and storied history of military service, steeped in the blood of monsters, which from a very young age they are trained to kill, Camillie is no different, born in 1948 to Annette Garoux, and a military father she never knew, she was groomed to be model royalty, trained in 3 languages which she speaks flawlessly and being sent to the finest boarding schools, where she learned to dance, fence, and charm. All before the age of 16

At 16 she learned her most important skills, the skills of the family trade. Starting with the mastery of twin pistol fighting, and important skills of subterfuge, which were only refined when she joined the french navy at 18, receiving her commission, she entered officers school and the gunwitch corps as soon as she was able, being set upon by troubles during her time, with many rivals from other families attempting to sabotage her, and keep her from receiving the wards she coveted to have on her skin. And the permission to carry her own heavily modified magelocks. This of course all came to a close when during her final test, she was given nonfunctional oxygen tanks along with empty guns. Causing her to almost fail out of the program, had an investigation not occurred. In which she found who had sabotaged her, regaining her position, she graduated as a Lieutenant, and so begun her long career with the Navy

Making a name for herself as a professional commander, Camillie's mask came off when she was off duty though, and she gained another reputation, that of a terrible party girl, using her magic in many more ways than she was born to use them. Being a liability as much a liability on leave as she was an asset in the field and causing her commander’s plenty of grief when it came time for a court martial. So instead they sent her on administrative leave for a 2 month period until she returned, seemingly disciplined, due to a time with her mother that she only knows of that she will never speak of.

Returning to operations Camillie had a slew of successful missions, leading up to her selection for an unknown project, which she was to be sent to England for, as a liaison of the French navy.



Witch Fatigue- Every week Camillie requires one day of rest due to the tattoos draining effect

Garoux Curse- There is a very special griffin who is the mortal enemy of the family, and Camillie believes she is destined to kill it


Abilities (42pp)

STR 2, STA 1, AGL 4, DEX 4, FGT 4, INT 1, AWE 1, PRE 4

Defenses (30pp)

Dodge 10, Parry 10, Fortitude 10, Will 10, Toughness 1/*10

*+9 from Vest

Other Numbers

Initiative: 12, Carry Capacity: 200 lbs, Medium Size

Skills (74 Ranks, 37pp)

Acrobatics 6(+10), Athletics 8(+10), Close Combat: Pistolwhip 6(+10), Deception 6(+10),

Expertise: Magic 4(+5), Expertise: Survival 4(+5), Insight 4(+5), Intimidation 1(+5),

Investigation 9(+10), Perception 9(+10), Persuation 6(+10), Sleight of Hand 1(+5), Stealth 1(+5),

Technology 4(+5), Treatment 4(+5), Vehicles 1(+5)

Advantages (22pp)

Languages {Native: French, English, Arabic, Latin, Russian} 3

Security Clearance {French Navy} 2

Status {Captain} 2

Wealth 3

Evasion 1

Improved Initiative 2 (+8)

Inspire 2


Luck 1

Move By Action

Prone Fighting

Quick Draw

Ranged Attack 2/6

Powers (3pp)

(1) Tattoo of The Marksman (Enhanced Trait: Ranged Attack +4 (+6 Total), limited to Firearms, Move Action to Activate) (Magic)

(1) Tattoo of Eternity (Immunity: Aging) (Magic)

(1) Tattoo of Beauty (Enhanced Trait: Attractive 2 (+5 to Deception/Persuation), Move Action to Activate) (Magic)

Devices (42pp)

[14pp] Enchanted Gun Witch Naval Duty Uniform (Removable (Indestructible)

•Clothing Shift (Feature 2) (Magic)

•Dolphin’s Grace (Swimming 6 (30 MPH/500 ft per round), Alternate Effect) (Magic)

â—¦Prodigious Leap (Leaping 6 (500ft @ 120mph), DC 10 Acrobatics Check required) (Magic)

•Environmental Ward (Immunity 7 (All Environments, Disease, Poison) (Magic)

[14pp] Enchanted Gun Witch Naval Tactical Vest (Removable, Indestructible)

•Aegis Warded Fabric (Protection 9: +9 Toughess)) (Magic)

•Clothing Shift (Feature 2) (Magic)

•Dimensional Pocket (Feature 3 - 400 pound Limit) (Magic)

•Inflatable Life Preserver (Feature 1) (Mechanical, Magic)

•Variable Camoflauge (Enhanced Trait 3: +6 Stealth, Activation 2: Standard Action) (Technology, Magic)

[14pp] Paired Enchanted M1911 Longslides (Removable, Indestructible)

•Dragon’s Breath (Ranged Damage 10 (DC 25 Toughness), Split (2 Targets), 2 Alternate Effects) (Magic)

◦Dragon’s Shout (Cone Area Affliction 10 (60 feet (DC 20 Dodge Save), Will Save (DC 20), Split (2 Targets), First Degree: Dazed, Second Degree: Stunned, Third Degree: Incapacitated) (Magic)

â—¦Hard Barrel Pistolwhip (Damage 10 (DC 25 Toughness) (Bludgeoning)

Equipment (30EP, 6PP)

(4ep) 5 No-Damage Smoke Grenades

(1ep) Six Person Tent

(2ep) Six Person Life Raft

(1ep) Parachute

(1ep) Binoculars

(1ep) Flashlight

(1ep) GPS Receiver

(1ep) Multitool

(1ep) Night Vision Goggles

(1ep) SCUBA Gear

(15ep) Medium Machine Gun (Ranged Damage 5, Ballistic/Multi Attack)

Abilities: 42

Defenses: 30

Skills: 37

Advantages: 22 (Equipment not included)

Powers: 3

Devices: 42

Equipment: 6

Total: 182








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Sorry for the wait


name: May Yoshida

Age: 24


May Yoshida is a Japanese American woman from San Fransisco. Her family has had kitsune blood for at least four generations, her Great Great Grandmother is unsure as she was a orphan. Since then at least one person a generation turned out to have inherit said gift. May herself is the third child and second in her generation to turn out to a be kitsune, the other being her older brother Ken.

May grew up wanting to do good with her powers once she figured out how to use them. For a time she worked as a vigilante of sorts. Her actions attracted the attention of Sideshow and after a few attempts they managed to track her down and offer her a position in one of their cells. May Agreed and joined in short notice.

In combat, May likes to fool with their enemy's perception with her illusion powers, and then send fire at them with her flame abilities or have her allies do the work if that's not a options (flammable shit anyone?). Outside, May is friendly, and a bit of a prankster to her friends.




Strength 2, Stamina 3, Agility 3, Dexterity 3, Fighting 2, Intellect 4, Awareness 4, Presence 3

Henshin!: Alternate Form 5, Human Disguises: Morph 4
(45 points)
kitsunebi: Element Control 4 [Fire], Flame Immunity: Immunity 4
(4 points)
Illusionary power:
Illusionary power: Illusion 9
(36 points)
Were-Regeneration: Regeneration 12
(6 points)"


Ultimate Effort, Connected, Contacts, Languages 4

Acrobatics 4 (+7), Athletics 4 (+6), Deception 6 (+9), Insight 6 (+10), Intimidation (+3), Investigation 4 (+8), Perception 2 (+6), Persuasion 6 (+9), Stealth 4 (+7), Technology 2 (+6), Treatment 2 (+6)

Initiative +3

Dodge 7, Parry 2
Toughness 3 (Def Roll 0), Fortitude 6, Will 8

Power Points
Abilities 48 + Powers 91 + Advantages 7 + Skills 23 + Defenses 11 = Total 180

"Doing Good- Motivation
Dogs- Phobia"

Design Notes
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